Still Meek After All These Years

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For 50 year old Diane Lombardo, the drab apartment she had moved into after being kicked to the curb by her now ex-husband Rocky was a few steps down in terms of class, but being away from the abusive brute made up for the step down in quality. As for the aspect of being alone for the first time since Diane was a teenager, that problem was fixed when she was pretty much adopted by the younger woman down the hall who came to Diane’s rescue when she had issues while moving in.

That younger woman, 23 year old Kate Foley, was almost the complete opposite of her new neighbor in every way. Kate was a warehouse worker who looked the part with her Amazon-like body and aggressive personality. Her short black hair was styled to make her look hard and Kate’s makeup collection included a single lip gloss she bought long ago and rarely used.

Diane, on the other hand, was dainty and decidedly feminine, a look that her husband had insisted on and she had maintained even though they were no more. Her blonde hair was also cut short but styled to accentuate her pixie look, and her waif-ish body made her look like a teen instead of a middle aged woman. Diane had been an office worker all her adult life and was used to having a man around the house to make the decisions and the occasional repair, so when issues arose as she moved into the apartment close to Kate’s she was clueless.

“Helpless and hopeless,” Kate had mumbled to herself after being asked to help in yet another minor issue Diane had no idea how to handle, but there was something about coming to the aid of a damsel in distress that appealed to the younger woman.

So that was how the relationship started, with the lonely now-single Diane depending on her neighbor for help and guidance, and it was Kate that picked up the signals the divorcee was sending out even if the middle aged woman wasn’t even aware she was sending them.


“I’ll give you credit Diane,” Kate said in between bites of dinner. “You can cook.”

“I’m so glad you like it Kate,” Diane said of her chicken parm that her guest was devouring. “Wasn’t much, but dinner was the least I could do considering how much you’ve done for me since I moved in.”

“I’ll bet you could have done most of the things I did yourself,” Kate replied. “But that doesn’t mean you should stop asking me to help. I kind of like coming to your rescue.”

“Yeah. Boy, we’re a lot drier tonight than we were last weekend,” Diane noted, referring to Kate’s rugby game that she had attended and sat through despite the driving rain it was played in. “I was surprised they even kept you playing.”

“You don’t notice it after a while, but you didn’t have to sit through it like you did.”

“I was afraid you were going to get hurt the way those other women were crashing into you,” Diane related. “But then when I saw most of them bounced off you I started to enjoy it. I was even bragging on you. Told that guy with the golf umbrella after you scored that one time that you were my friend. Guess he thought I was wacky the way I was cheering and stomping on the bleachers.”

“Well, you are wacky sometimes,” Kate conceded as she finished her meal, and after pushing away from the table she inquired, “After we do the dishes…”

“You aren’t going to go home, are you?” Diane asked with a concerned look.

“You aren’t still afraid asshole will come after you are you?”

“I don’t think so but he was weird that way, and I don’t want to get beat up anymore.”

“That won’t happen when I’m around to see it.”

“So you’ll stay around for a while?”

“Well, we have had a lot of wine, and I don’t want to get in an accident going home,” Kate joked, since the chances of her having a mishap walking down the hall were slim, and as Diane’s giggle filled the room she finished her thought. “What I was going to ask is what you wanted to do. You must be tired after working all day and then making dinner.”

“I’m fine. Please stay. We can watch a movie if you want,” Diane suggested.

“Or you could regale me with some more of your stories of the past,” Kate replied.

“More like horror stories,” Diane noted.

“There were some dirty stories in there too,” Kate reminded her hostess.

“I can’t believe I told you all that stuff,” Diane said as they cleared the table. “Must have been the wine talking.”

“You don’t seem to mind talking about it,” Kate said, and although she was tempted to say that although the parts of her past that involved her miserable ex-husband revolted her she thought that Diane told her much of the stories as a way to get her interested in some bizarre way. “I liked some of them.”

“I just don’t want you to think I’m some kind of pervert,” Diane kidded as they assumed their positions at the sink, with Diane drying as Kate washed, and before they started Kate shed her hoodie.

“Too late for that, Peter Pan,” Kate retorted, calling her by the name of the character the younger woman thought Diane resembled.

“Hey, I remember this shirt,” Diane chirped gaziemir escort bayan as she looked at the woman next to her. “You were wearing that the first day I moved in.”

“I didn’t really dress for dinner,” Kate said of the sweatshirt with ripped off sleeves, but that was a fib because she had worn the raggedy thing precisely because she remembered it had gotten Diane’s attention that day.

The faded crimson shirt exposed all of Kate’s arms, their muscular condition due to the weight lifting Kate regularly did and the physical sports she competed in, and just like the first time Diane seemed drawn to them and reached over with her wet hand.

“Ouch. Did you get that from rugby?” the middle aged woman asked as she lightly touched the yellowish/purple bruise, and when Kate acknowledged that it had Diane asked, “Does it hurt?”

“Yeah, but you can kiss it and make it better,” Kate kidded and she was only a little surprised when the diminutive blonde beside her did just that.

“Omigod! Did I just do that?” Diane blushed. “That’s it for me and wine.”

“It feels better if that’s any consolation,” Kate replied. “Now let’s retreat to the living room. Bring the box of wine to save us running back and forth. You’re amusing when you’re tipsy.”

“Okay,” Diane said, and as Kate headed out of the kitchen she glanced back and saw something out of the corner of her eye, and it was what Kate saw that had her fighting a laugh all the way.

It had been just a flick of her wrist, sending the wine that was left in Diane’s glass into the sink, but it was just another piece of evidence that the young woman had been collecting in her mind. Her new neighbor was a puzzle but the more time they spent together the more Kate realized that Diane wanted her but would never make the first move.

This was probably the way it had been with the petite blonde and her hulking ex-husband. This Rocky character likely did force Diane to do things that were not very conventional, but that didn’t mean she didn’t want them to happen. Diane just needed to be “forced” into them. She wanted to be nasty – to do sexual things that her church group would be appalled at – but the middle aged woman needed to have these vulgarities imposed upon her. This was why Diane had been telling Kate about all these things she did at Rocky’s command, the stories often salacious and recited in a shy and ashamed way that seemed designed to get Kate’s attention and reaction.

This had amused the young dyke, these awkward attempts to get her to make a move on her, and while so far as getting her interest they had worked it was clear that if this relationship would ever go anywhere, Kate Foley would have to make the first move.


“So,” Kate said as she leaned back into the corner of the sofa, her right hand holding her glass of wine while her left arm was draped over the back of the couch.

“What stories are you going to share with me tonight?”

“I dunno. I get tired of talking about those horrible days,” Diane told her new friend as she looked over at Kate from the side. “I’d like to hear about your life.”

“My life?” Kate snorted while enjoying the way the middle aged woman was trying to be subtle checking her out, although exactly what interested the pixie the most was hard to tell because her blue eyes darted from Kate’s bicep and to the open side of her sweatshirt where she seemed to try and fail not looking at either the side of her breast or at her unshaven armpit. “Not as interesting as yours I’m afraid. What you see with me is what you get. Penny for your thoughts.”


“I was just wondering what you were staring at,” Kate asked. “Not that I mind. Just curious.”

“Sorry,” Diane replied awkwardly. “Sometimes I just sort of zone out. Mainly I’m just so glad I moved in here and got you as a neighbor.”

“I seem to remember you telling me about something your ex used to make you do,” Kate innocently offered.

“That doesn’t narrow it down much,” Diane shrugged.

“Something about him buying you this scout’s uniform and making you wear it?”

“I told you about that?”

“Obviously. How else would I know about it?” Kate replied. “After you mentioned unpacking it I told you that I would love to see you wear it and you said you would model it for me.”

“I did?” Diane asked. “I dunno. Brings back painful memories.”

“Really? Then why didn’t you just throw it away before you moved?”

Diane started to answer but instead closed her mouth and after a moment gave a resigned shrug. As for Kate, she put yet another check mark in her analysis of the older woman. She didn’t throw it out because despite her protestations to the contrary she enjoyed it, most likely as much as her perverted ex had, and she was hoping that it might have an effect on her as well.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to, I was just figuring that since you wore it for a guy you hated you might… hey, it’s getting late anyway,” Kate said as she made escort gaziemir a move to suggest she was going to leave.

“Wait. Okay, as long as you promise not to laugh,” Diane said while getting up and hurrying to the bedroom. “Boy I must be drunk to do this. Just don’t leave.”

The middle aged woman closed the door and fished out the aged uniform before she took off her clothes and put on the loose fitting short sleeved white blouse, tucking it under the waistband of her green skirt and then topping it off with knee high white socks and the green sash. It was a real scout uniform complete with some badges on the sash, and while Rocky had told her he got it at a second hand store, like everything else her ex said Diane never knew what the truth was.

Checking herself in the mirror and noting that there were a few more wrinkles around her eyes these days, the middle aged woman dabbed some makeup there and then took a deep breath and rejoined her new friend, quite possibly her only friend in this her new life.

“Ooh, look at you sweetheart,” Kate exclaimed while Diane blushed and pawed the carpet. “Come closer and let me get a better look at you.”

Diane came over to the couch where her neighbor was beckoning her, doing a little pirouette and enjoying Kate’s gushing over her.

“Did you bring any samples of the cookies you’re selling?” Kate asked.

“No, but I used to have boxes of Samoas and Thin Mints when Rocky had me wear this. He said he liked to make it realistic because it made him hot.”

“Did that bother you Diane?” Kate asked, and after she shrugged Kate asked, “Does it bother you that I think you really look the part?”

“I dunno.”

“Well why don’t you sit down next to me,” Kate suggested. “I think your ex was a real dirt bag and maybe a closet pedophile but I have to admit, I like to play too.”

“You do?” Diane mumbled as she sat down beside Kate, jumping when the young woman put her hand on her leg between the socks and the skirt, and rubbed the soft skin lightly.

“Of course,” Kate assured her older friend as he moved her hand even so lightly, nudging the skirt up above her knee.

“That’s funny,” Diane noted. “Rocky used to do that too.”

“I don’t care about what that piece of crap did to you,” Kate snapped.

“Sorry,” Diane sniffed.

“Now where were we? Oh yeah,” Kate resumed as she put her hand back on her older neighbor’s knee, and as she rubbed softly upwards and continued to make the skirt go up as well Kate’s palm felt the faintest of down on Diane’s pale thigh. “Do you like this?”

“Yes ma’am,” Diane replied, playing her part as she always had, but something clicked inside of Kate and she stopped.

“You know, I appreciate you putting this on for me,” Kate began but Diane interrupted.

“I know I look stupid.”

“No, that’s not it. Not it at all,'” Kate corrected. “You look adorable, and to be honest you look the part so well it spooks me. Remember that first day we met and when you told me how old you were I suggested that I couldn’t tell whether you were 50 or 15?”

“Yeah. I understood, but I couldn’t tell whether it was an insult or a compliment,” Diane responded.

“It was a compliment. Nothing wrong with looking younger than you are in our culture. I know I look older than 23.”

“Maybe, but you’re pretty,” Diane said with a bit of a blush. “If you wanted to, I bet you…”

“Could look prettier? More feminine?” Kate chuckled. “I’ve heard that before – in fact you sound like my mother – but I like the way I look just as I am and I love the way you look everyday. This?”

“I can take it off,” Diane suggested but when she started to rise her neighbor’s hand stopped her.

“Or I could take it off for you,” Kate replied. “I remember during one of your stories – and please let’s not mention his name again – but you said that he brought in girls a couple of times and would watch while you and the other girl were together.”

“Yeah. I pretty much always did what he said,” Diane admitted. “Then he got mad at me because he said I was liking it too much so that ended. I guess I did enjoy it but I think it was because the girls were so much nicer to me than he was. They didn’t put me down or make fun of me.”

“So now here you are out in the world on your own.”

“Yeah, sort of, but I don’t know where I would be without you. It was embarrassing to realize how little I know about some things. Some things? Almost everything.”

“You like that though don’t you? Being taken care of?” Kate asked and then took the uniform’s sash in hand and lifted it off Diane.

“I guess.”

“But you aren’t quite the innocent you claim to be about everything, are you? Kate asked before going to the top button of the woman’s blouse. “What is happening between us now? This is what you wanted since we met. Am I right?”

“Not at first,” Diane said while looking down and watching her top button get freed. “In the beginning I just thought that you were just gaziemir escort a really nice girl – which you are.”

“But then?”

“I started to like you. Really like you,” Diane explained as another button came free. “But I never thought that you would think of me like – that.”

“Now you know, but keep in mind I’m nothing like you. I suppose I have my sweeter moments but there’s another side of me,” Kate explained before stopping the unbuttoning of the uniform blouse and instead took the top and ripped it open, sending the buttons bouncing around the room and leaving the aging blonde open-mouthed.

“You won’t need this prop anymore anyway,” Kate explained as she pulled the remnants of the blouse off a shocked Diane and cast it aside before putting her hands on the woman’s collarbones and moving them down over her bra, lightly squeezing what was mostly padding while watching her reaction. “You alright? You want me to stop? To leave? You look like you’re ready to pass out.”

“No,” the woman whispered. “Just nervous.”

“No need to be,” Kate said as she looked at the woman’s hands which had gone on top of her own. “Lower your hands.”

Diane took a deep breath and with great reluctance put her hands down on her lap while the dyke undid the single hook in front which was under the pink flower, and as the harness opened up Kate’s hands took the place of the foundation, cupping the small breasts in her palms and gently kneading the lemon-sized orbs while the pointy pink nipples surged under the affection. Diane brought her hands up onto Kate’s hands again but this time instead of trying to get them off of her breasts, now she helped squeeze them.

“Wish I got implants like Rocky want…” Diane started to say but stopped when she saw the dirty look Kate gave her.

“Sensitive, aren’t they?” the dyke noted, and after the diminutive blonde nodded Kate asked, “Would you rather I rip the rest of your clothes off here or should we go to your bedroom?”

“Bed,” Diane replied breathlessly, and with that decided the rugged brunette pulled her hostess to her feet and held her by the back of the neck as they went down the hall and into the room, where Kate kicked the door closed behind them and pressed the older woman against the wall.

“I’ve been waiting to do this from the moment I first set eyes on you,” Kate hissed before kissing the older woman hard, and as they kissed Kate reached down and under the scout skirt, pushing her hand up between Diane’s legs and into the moist cotton. “Panties? You naughty girl. And did you soil yourself?”

“Yes. I mean no. I don’t know,” the petite blonde whimpered as the stronger woman lifted her up a bit with her hand and Kate chuckled to herself when she realized Diane was trying to sit on her lap while she was standing up.

Kate roughly yanked the skirt off while continuing to kiss Diane, smothering her mouth and neck with a whole lot of affection. When she was having trouble pulling down the wet panties with one hand she broke off the kiss and grabbed the undies with both hands to get them off, and after she straightened up held the panties up to her own face.

“Damn, I thought women dried up when they aged,” Kate snickered as she squeezed the soggy fabric before briefly pushing them into the blonde’s face. “Smells like a woman in heat, doesn’t it?”

Kate nudged her hostess over to the bed and reached over to turn on the light. As the illumination filled the room the older woman recoiled and tried to cover herself at first before the dyke admonished her. Now standing there naked Diane’s body looked even more petite than Kate had imagined, and the woman was trembling as she stood there by the side of the bed.

“The light,” Diane asked softly while shrugging her shoulders.

“Why? You don’t want to look at me?”

“No. Omigod no. It’s just that…”

“The light stays on. Hell, if I looked like you I wouldn’t even wear clothes,” Kate opined as she grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and began to lift it up before Diane took a step towards her.

“Can I?” the timid woman asked as Kate came up to her, and so Diane raised the sweatshirt up and over the dyke’s head, even folding the ratty garment as she looked in awe at Kate’s upper torso.

“I’ve never seen a woman who looks like you before. You’re so powerful – so erotic looking.” Diane said as she put her hands on Kate’s broad shoulders and moved them down her arms, gingerly trying to avoid the fading bruises from the rugby game.

“They don’t hurt, and even if they did, who cares? Nothing wrong with a little pain,” Kate suggested as she watched Diane’s shaking hands come to her breasts, the round globes sitting like cannonballs on her chest, but as the woman’s tiny fingers began to trace the plump crimson nipples Kate put her hands on the woman’s shoulders and moved her down to her knees.

“Don’t take offense because you didn’t make my panties wet like yours,” Kate said as she stood with hands on her hips and watched the older woman fumble with the button on her slacks, but after Diane finally managed to unbutton them and pulled them down Kate’s powerful thighs she understood because there was nothing under the slacks except for a wild untamed jungle of curls, the pungent aroma that emanated from the dense bush hitting the blonde as she knelt before it.

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