Staying at My Aunt’s Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Sheila came home late, but that was to be expected considering her high school football team won the big game earlier today against their cross-town rivals. She was still dressed in her cheerleader outfit with the little “C” on it that denoted her role as captain. I smiled every time I saw her dressed in the outfit because it reminded me of Patricia, my old girlfriend. Patty was the captain of our cheerleading squad when we were in high school.

Sheila and Patty had very similar personalities. They were both outgoing, friendly and natural leaders, yet physically they were opposite sides of the spectrum. Patty was strawberry blond, medium height and wisp thin. Sheila was dark haired, shorter and built quite nicely.

She was also more of a gymnast than Patty. She did all kinds of flips and handstands when she cheered during basketball season. I once heard her complain to her mother that her chest was too large and interfered with her cheering. Aunt Debbie nodded in understanding, but didn’t give her daughter a lot of sympathy. Sheila was big, but not in comparison to Aunt Deb.

“Good game?” Uncle Karl asked as Sheila flopped down onto the couch.

“We crushed them!” Sheila said gleefully. She took the rivalry very seriously.

“You got lucky,” I teased. “That interception in the second quarter was big.”

“We won thirty one to ten. That’s not luck!” Sheila replied. I couldn’t help myself. I laughed.

“How was the party afterward?” Aunt Deb asked with a raised eyebrow. It was pretty obvious that Sheila was a bit tipsy.

“Fine,” Sheila replied a bit too quickly. Her mother nodded knowingly. Uncle Karl didn’t seem to notice Sheila’s state. He was a nice guy, but generally pretty clueless. I made a shame-shame motion from behind her parent’s back. Sheila stuck her tongue at me and I laughed again.

“Very mature,” I teased.

“You know, you are eighteen now,” Aunt Deb sighed. Sheila turned eighteen less than a month before.

“And he’s twenty-two!” Sheila snapped, pointing at me.

“You two have been at each other for months,” aunt Deb groaned. “Don’t you think it’s time for you both to grow up?”

I looked at my aunt’s expression and tried to judge just how annoyed she felt. I didn’t want to seriously upset her. Money was tight and Aunt Deb was kind enough to allow me to spend my last year of college at her house instead of my having to pay for an apartment. The guys I roomed with the year before graduated and I couldn’t find a place half as cheap. My own parents lived hours away.

“I’m going to bed,” Sheila said, ignoring her mother’s question. It wasn’t long before Aunt Deb and Uncle Karl also retired for the night. I stayed up and watched a pretty brainless movie.

It ended and I shut the television, got a drink and used the bathroom. I made my way up the stairs quietly because I didn’t want to wake anyone. The hall was already dark. I stubbed my toe on the last step and cursed silently. I was standing there rubbing my throbbing toe when I heard a moan.

‘Go for it Uncle Karl!’ I thought with a grin, but then frowned when I realized the sound came from Sheila’s room, not my aunt and uncle’s. I wondered for a moment if my cousin Sheila drank more than I originally thought. The moan sounded passionate to me, but I could have been wrong. Sheila could be feeling ill from the alcohol.

I moved to her door and opened it slowly. I looked in and found my cousin playing with herself. I had fully intended on disappearing silently if it was passion and not pain that caused Sheila’s moan, but it was more difficult then I expected.

Sheila was lying on the bed with her skirt thrust up. Her underwear lay in a ball at the foot of the bed. Her legs were splayed open as her fingers danced across her slightly jutting illegal bahis clit. She had thick, shapely legs and her large breasts were free from the confines of her bunched varsity cheerleading sweater.

Her nipples stood out as she bit her lip, trying to stop from moaning aloud. She was failing badly. Her dark hair, which she wore in a ponytail all day, lay splayed across the pillow.

I didn’t know what to do. Actually, I knew exactly what I was supposed to do, but I just couldn’t get my body to listen. It didn’t matter a moment later because Sheila looked up and noticed me. Yet, instead of stopping, she just smiled and continued to rub her clit.

I entered her room fully and shut the door behind me. Sheila’s smile grew wider, but she didn’t say anything. Her fingers started moving faster as they worked her pussy. I groaned quietly and untied my sweats. Sheila raised an eyebrow. I shrugged and pulled my cock out. I began stroking it as I watched her. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but there was no way I was going to leave until we both came.

Sheila grew serious for the first time. She stared at my cock and drove two fingers deep into her pussy. I slowly moved closer to the bed. I expected her to turn away as I grew near, but she didn’t. She bit her bottom lip, but still she didn’t turn away. If anything, she drove her fingers deeper.

I moved slowly until my dick was only a couple of inches away from her mouth. Her lust filled gaze met mine and I smiled and shrugged. Sheila grinned and opened her mouth wide. Without further thought I slipped my cock into my cousin’s mouth.

She stopped fingering herself and concentrated on my dick. She cupped my balls and worked at taking my entire length down her throat. It was no easy task, but eventually she succeeded. Sheila paused when her nose was buried in my pubic hair and her chin rubbed against my balls. Her eyes met mine in triumph. Finally, she started bobbing back and forth. Unable to resist for long, I blew my load in her mouth. My cousin swallowed it all.

Without further ado, she went back to fingering herself. I grabbed her hand and stopped her. She looked up in surprise. I grinned, looked at her pussy and licked my lips. My cousin’s eyebrows went up for a moment, but then she nodded and lay back. I dove for her pussy.

She was soaked and my tongue only made it worse. Sheila started moaning moments after I started. It got so bad after a few minutes that she stuffed her pillow in her own mouth. I concentrated on her clit and she screamed into the pillow as she came…and came…and came. My face was soaked with her cum.

She fainted on the bed when she was done. I pulled my clothes back on and then covered her with the sheet. Sheila’s eyes were closed and she had a heavenly smile. I leaned over and kissed her briefly. I felt her tongue brush my lips as I pulled away. I was tempted to kiss her again, but she was half asleep and I had already pushed my luck far enough.

I woke up the next morning and wondered for a few moments if it was all a dream. However, when I joined everyone for breakfast, Sheila grinned at me knowingly and all doubt disappeared.

Aunt Deb was cooking and chatting without really paying attention. I found myself looked at her differently today. The night before opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities.

Everyone said my aunt was a knockout in her youth, but as I looked at her, I realized that she was still pretty hot. Her chest was noticeably larger than Sheila’s C or D cup, and her ass was also bigger.

Sheila’s ass was round and tight from cheerleading and gymnastics. Aunt Deb’s was round, thick and meaty from the extra weight she carried. Oddly enough, her waist was still narrow. Her hips flared out nicely.

Sheila caught me looking at illegal bahis siteleri her mom’s ass and grinned. I shrugged and she shook her head.

It took me a while to fall asleep that night. I was tempted to go to Sheila’s room, but I decided that the night before should be a one-time occurrence. I should have consulted my cousin however, because I barely fell asleep before she woke me. It was an amazing way to wake up. My cousin was using her tongue on my cock.

Sheila was naked and as soon as she knew I was awake, she spun around and planted her pussy on my mouth. We stayed in the sixty-nine position for at least a half-hour. She came multiple times. I came once after the first few minutes. She patiently licked my cock and balls back to life.

Sheila came again one more time and then rolled off of me. She slowly jerked at my cock as she leaned over me and kissed me full on the mouth. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and I groaned. She was one hot young woman!

I pinched her nipples gently. It was her turn to moan. Without a word she suddenly rolled over onto her hands and knees. I hesitated, not believing what she wanted me, her cousin, to do. She reached beneath herself and spread her pussy lips. Her pussy was pink, wet and throbbing with her desire. I realized that I wanted her badly and nothing was going to change that. I climbed up behind her and pushed my cock in before I could change my mind. She came almost at once, but I was able to hold off.

I kept on pumping in and out of her until she met each of my thrusts with a backward motion. She screamed into her pillow as she came hard. My own cum boiled and I pulled out and sprayed all over her ass and back.

I glanced up afterward just in time to see my Aunt Deb standing in the doorway. She must have heard Sheila’s screaming into the pillow. She was obviously standing there for some time. She turned red and quickly shut the door when she realized that I noticed her. Yet, not before I saw her fingers working under her waistband.

Sheila was oblivious to the whole thing. She got up without a word once she recovered and went back to her room. I fell asleep wondering what tomorrow would bring. I didn’t have long to wait.

I opened my eyes to my aunt Debbie standing in front of me with her arms crossed.

“Well, we’re alone and we need to talk,” she said. Uncle Karl was at work and Sheila was at school. I didn’t have any classes until the afternoon.

“What about?” I asked, trying to stay cool, but aunt Debbie was pulling no punches.

“You can’t keep fucking Sheila, she’s your cousin!” she snapped.

“Talk to her,” I sighed.

“You do what I say or I’ll tell your uncle Karl!” Aunt Deb hissed angrily. She was dressed in a nightshirt and robe, which was opened slightly. I could see her hardened nipples through her shirt.

I knew the right and smart thing to do was just shut up and agree to whatever she asked, but I couldn’t. Not because she was wrong, but because I wanted her. I decided to risk it all. I pulled the sheet down and exposed my hardening cock.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she shrieked in surprise. I started slowly jerking myself off as I grinned.

“Just what it looks like.”

“Stop it this instant!” she ordered.

“Why should I? I saw you doing it last night,” I said, stilling grinning. She turned red, but didn’t leave.

“Aunt Deb, why don’t you take off your robe?” I asked. She looked stunned.

“You’re a sick young man! I have no intention of fucking my nephew, no matter how demented he is!” she said in disgust, but her eyes never left my cock. I don’t think she realized it, but she was biting her bottom lip. She stood there staring for a few minutes silently.

“You know, I love to eat pussy. I bet yours canlı bahis siteleri is especially tasty,” I said as if discussing the weather. She didn’t respond at all. My aunt just continued to watch me stroke my cock.

I used one hand to pull her to me by the tie of her robe. She moved as if in a trance. I undid the tie and reached under her nightshirt. I gently pinched her nipples. My aunt moaned loudly. I pulled her into the bed on top of me.

“We can’t…” she began, but my mouth covered hers and silenced her. I grabbed my aunt’s ass and rubbed my cock against her pelvic bone. She moaned once again and her tongue slipped into my mouth. We made out for a few minutes before the tip of my cock found her pussy.

“You wouldn’t dare!” she said in shock. In answer, I pushed the head of my cock into her. She was clenching her muscles. I couldn’t push my cock in any further, at least not without hurting her. She was biting her lip in confusion and her eyes were looking far away. I reached between us and quickly messaged her clit. She groaned and then relaxed her muscles. She slid down the rest of my cock.

Her tits were now hanging in my face. I buried my face between them as Aunt Deb slowly began to ride my cock. I glanced up once and saw that her eyes were glazed in lust as she started panting. I kissed her deeply before focusing on her breasts once more. Aunt Deb picked up the pace.

I felt her cum once, but she didn’t even slow down. She kept right on riding me. She was nearing another orgasm a few minutes later, but instead of letting it happen, I rolled us around. I was on top now.

Once comfortable, I pulled out and slammed back into her. Aunt Deb gasped and let out a moan. It didn’t take long to bring her to the brink once more. I picked up speed until her moans meshed together into one constant groan. I slammed into her one last time and she came. I pulled out and joined her, spraying my cum all over her big ass. I lay panting when we were done while she rolled out from under me. A few moments later she tried to leave the bed, but I wasn’t done with her yet.

“I told you I love to eat pussy,” I said as I pulled her back down on her hands and knees and thrust my tongue in her pussy from behind. She tried to get away, but I held her hips steady. She stopped fighting and started moaning again. I moved my tongue from her pussy to her ass just as she seemed about to cum again.

“You sick fuck!” she cried out, but my tongue shoved up her ass didn’t stop her from cumming again. If anything she seemed to cum harder. In the middle of her orgasm I got on my knees and thrust the head of my cock into her ass. She cried out and tried to get away. She fell face forward on the bed, but I followed her, keeping the head of my cock in her.

She tried to push me away with her hands, but I grabbed them as I pushed my cock deeper into her ass. I moved slowing until she started visibly enjoying my actions, then I slammed into her big ass.

“You bastard!” My aunt gasped in pain/pleasure. I held her by her wrists as I rammed in and out of her from behind. She continued to curse me out between moans and sobs. I watched the globes of her ass shiver and shake with each thrust.

She must have liked what I was doing because she came first and bucked like a bronco. I had to let go of hers arms or risk dislocating them. She lay on the bed barely moving when she was done. I continued to fuck her ass for a few moments, but it wasn’t any fun with her just laying there. I rolled off of her and caught my breath. I was surprised a few moments later when my aunt Deb, without any prompting, took hold of my cock and started sucking it.

She was a talented cocksucker and had me close to cumming very quickly. I lost myself to her talented mouth. I reached up and held her hair as I pumped my cock in and out. It didn’t take long for me to groan loudly as I spewed my cum into my aunt’s mouth. She swallowed it all, wiped her mouth and quickly slipped out of the room. I smiled to myself as I fell asleep exhausted.

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