Statement of Truth

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“But I don’t understand. Yesterday you said I couldn’t have any money at all,” DeShawn said leaning toward his mother.

Brenda recognized the truth in the statement. “I-I guess I just thought about it and realized that I should give you money” his mother replied “I guess.”

DeShawn sat back in his seat. He smiled.

“Mom, are you really busy,” DeShawn asked his mother noting that her face shouted exhaustion.

Brenda looked up at her son, “Yeah baby I am kinda ti…”

“Oh, ok, I was just gonna ask if you would help me again. It would only take a few minutes,” he looked down sadly “but I guess I understand.”

The mother sighed to herself. She could take a few minutes to help her son with his latest invention she figured. Yesterday had been pretty easy and whatever he was doing she wanted to be supportive. After all, all she had to do was follow a light pattern on his computer screen.

“Ok D, I’ll do it” she said with no energy.

DeShawn was ecstatic. The 19 year old had been working on his plan for nearly a year. The induction should go easily seeing as she had been induced before and she was obviously tired. Today was the day he really began this experiment. Yesterday had emboldened him. His mother sat down thinking one way and got up acting completely opposite of that thought. They had a conversation in which she had expressed that he needed a job if he wanted money and she was unwilling to give him any more until he did so. After she had gone through his experiment though she was perfectly willing to give him money upon request.

Honestly, he had not expected it to work so well. The light induction pattern worked perfectly. The progressive statements combined perfectly at the end of the progression to produce a different and seemingly native thought pattern in his mother. He had two separate thoughts that each built to create an if then statement that his mother prior to the process had not believed. Each path built on a statement that was true to the mother and by getting her to accept a statement that progressed from that statement he was able to have her accept statements that were a slight leap of logic so that if he set the statements up carefully he could get her to accept statements she initially would have completely disagreed with.

Brenda sat down and went through the induction process. DeShawn was as nervous as he had been the night before. He had no plan for what happens if the induction doesn’t hold or she does not accept the statements or any of the successor statements. When the induction process was over two statements appeared on the screen one on the left side and one on the right.

DeShawn is a good boy.

People feel guilty when they have not done all they could do in a given situation.

“Yes” Brenda stated flatly.

DeShawn clicked enter, the lights sequenced and the next set of statements appeared on the screen. He was less nervous now that the first set had gone fine.

DeShawn and Brenda slowly progressed through twenty two statements culminating in one final statement in the center of the screen.

DeShawn did an incredibly selfless act for me and I am feeling guilty because I can’t remember it and so I have done nothing to acknowledge it.

DeShawn waited. He looked at his mother.

“Yes” she stated…again, flatly.

DeShawn’s eyes lit up. All sorts of ideas flooded his brain. He began the exit process.

When the process was done it took a moment for the fog to lift from Brenda. She sat still for about two minutes before her head cleared.

“How did it go this time,” she asked curious that illegal bahis it seemed like she had just sat down “what did we just do anyway?

“It went great mom. Just great” he chuckled to himself “do you really want me to explain this stuff you usually glaze over when I start.”

That was true. DeShawn would start and she would usually be lost by the third sentence…if it took that long. She had asked the question more to show interest than anything else. She looked at DeShawn, shook her head and laughed, “no…I guess I don’t.”

“Oh, hey mom I think I want to go hang out for a little while do you have twenty dollars” deShawn asked offhandedly.

“For you baby, of course I do,” she was eager to give the money now as she reached in her pocket for it “go have fun.”

“Thanks mom” DeShawn said happy that the prior day’s statement held.

Brenda got up to leave and was hit by a feeling of guilt for not doing enough for this wonderful son of hers. She knew he had done something huge and she didn’t even remember it. She knew that he deserved some kind of payment or reward and she hadn’t given it. And he said nothing about it. What an incredible boy. That made the guilt even more powerful. She reached in her pocket and fished out another twenty.

“DeShawn, I want you to take this too” she handed the money to her son.

He took it looking at the expression on his mother’s face which he understood to mean that it was the least she could do. Brenda left the room unsatisfied she knew the extra twenty was not enough.

Brenda was stunned. She knew in the back of her mind, if she was honest, that DeShawn probably had seen porn. Maybe he even liked it. To find it so haphazardly hidden was stunning though. His magazine was on his night table with just a book covering it and the book wasn’t even large enough to keep it hidden.

She sat on her son’s bed and pulled the magazine from its hiding place. It was a milf magazine. She started thumbing through the magazine but soon realized that several pages were stuck together. Just before the pages joined was an article title page: Good Mom, Bad Son. The article had an image of an older woman standing in a kitchen looking back at a younger man (her son) seated at a kitchen table with a mischievous look on his face. She couldn’t see any other pictures from the article because the were all stuck together.

Brenda felt uneasy.

She continued through the magazine until she found a similar situation where the article was about an apparent mother son combination and the pages were stuck together. Brenda’s stomach felt sick. Not only was DeShawn looking at porn but he seemed to key in on a very particular type and that was mother and son porn.

Questions began to race through her head even as it began to spin. The room seemed to close in on her. What was driving this? Was DeShawn fascinated with images of this type of porn? Did this mean that he thought about this sort of thing? Wanted it?

Brenda had to get out of this room. She tossed the magazine back on the nightstand and stood to leave. As she began to leave something pink caught her eye. Brenda turned toward the pink object on DeShawn’s bed and discovered that it was a pair of panties – hers. She picked them up and her stomach flipped as she realized they were wet, dripping wet and that the liquid that coated them was her son’s cum.

The room spun again. How could he? Where did all that cum come from? Did he use those panties multiple time? Was he able to do that on one attempt? Did he think about her when he did it?

That thought did it. Brenda’s feet began moving before illegal bahis siteleri she realized why she was running. She was on her knees at the toilet with barely a second left. Everything that she had eaten was now floating in pinkish brown chunks in the toilet.

“Mom,” DeShawn called out excitedly as he entered the house.

Brenda sat in the dark of the living room. She sat forward on the couch. Her hands gripped the cushion tightly. She was preparing herself for what she had to say to DeShawn.

“Mom,” he looked at his mother studying her face “are you ok. I was hoping you could help me with my experiment again.”

As much as she needed to speak to DeShawn the sense that she owed the boy took over and she resigned herself to do so after she helped him. After all, he had done so much to help her. She owed him at least this little bit of help.

“Of course baby,” the mother stood “we need to talk when we finish though.”

“Of course mom,” DeShawn smiled a crooked smile “more than happy to.”

DeShawn was sure that his mother was fully inducted and so decided to check on his little present from this morning. He was pretty sure from the disturbed look on her face that she had found it but decided to check to make sure. He was not disappointed when he found the magazine askew. He returned to his mother’s side.

“Part of me keeps saying don’t do this mom,” DeShawn was talking more to himself than his entranced mother “but another part of me wants you so bad and I can have you now.”

He began typing. Statement one read: DeShawn is a pervert. Statement two read: My guilt for not knowing what wonderful thing DeShawn did for me is growing stronger. After a moment to think the experiences of that morning led the mother to agree with statement one and the experiences of the last few days led to her agreeing to statement two.

After some work DeShawn had his mother agree that first DeShawn’s perversion represented a desire so deep that it was basically a need and second a good mother took care of her son’s needs especially if he did amazing things for her.

DeShawn constructed his final compound sentence and waited. His breathing was heavy. He wasn’t sure even with the prep and Brenda agreeing all the way to this step that she would be able to accept the conclusion he was drawing for her.

A good mother would take care of DeShawn’s needs, even his perverted ones, and since he is so wonderful to me I should at least give him blow jobs to help with his desire.

The statements sat on the screen. It was so bold that it scared DeShawn so much that he looked around to see if his sister might have come in. His heart pounded.

Brenda jerked slightly. She seemed to be struggling with the statement. DeShawn grew more nervous. He started to wonder what happened if she rejected the statement or it was so far that she broke her induction. What would he do then? How would he explain what was on the screen? Fear consumed him and his confidence broke. DeShawn reached for the keyboard to kill the program just as his mother answered – yes.

Yes! It was what he had hoped for. Yes! It was a dream come true. Yes! Was he really only moments away from his own mother taking him in her mouth?

DeShawn quickly ended the program and waited for the fog to lift from Brenda’s mind.

“Baby, did things go alright this time,” the confused mother asked.

“Well, I think so,” he answered without any enthusiasm in his voice “I mean you are my mom so there are some things I can’t check because it just wouldn’t be right.”

That statement felt much deeper than the words canlı bahis siteleri he had said. It also made her feel a twinge of guilt for not being able to help her son – again.

“It’s ok though. I will figure it out,” DeShawn was laying it on thick now “what did you want to talk about earlier?”

Brenda wasn’t so ready to switch gears like that and the growing guilt for not being more helpful combined with a newly forming thought as she thought about what she needed to address him about caused her to stutter, “I, uh, I…”

“Mom, are you ok,” DeShawn questioned.

Brenda was stunned by the notion becoming more clear by the second that she should suck off DeShawn. It was unnerving. She had to get this out quickly before she thought any other crazy thoughts. “I found your porn and my panties,” she blurted out.

“Oh, mom, I’m sorry I didn’t mean for you to see that,” DeShawn countered.

Brenda for her part was taken back that he did not try to deny what she had presented him. “Wait, you-you don’t even try to deny it or explain it you are only sorry I found it,”she questioned.

DeShawn knew that to this point the program had not failed when he had gotten her to agree to something and so he pressed his luck to see if that held true now. “Mom, I can’t deny my need. I know you are probably disgusted by it. You probably think I am a pervert or something but I really need it and those magazines are the closest I am ever going to get.”

Brenda felt like she was hit by a truck. DeShawn wasn’t doing something bad he was acting on a real need and she had let him deal with that need in such an inadequate way. She needed to help her son. He needed her and when she needed him he was there for her. She needed to be there for him. On her knees.

Where did that thought come from?

She needed to be there for him. Stroking his erection.

Why was this making more and more sense?

She needed to be there for him. Sucking his hardness.

This was not what a mother should do.

She needed to be there for him. Swallowing his load.

Of course it was what a mother should do if her son truly needed it.

Brenda stepped toward DeShawn and knelt before him. She looked up to see her son’s look of surprise. His shorts came down easily. DeShawn’s hardness sprang forward almost hitting his mother in the chin. She grabbed it with her right hand and began stroking.

“I am glad I can help you baby,” she said just before engulfing his erection.

DeShawn’s knees buckled but he steadied himself.

“Ooohhgh ma, I’m not gonna last long,” he exclaimed the sensation and novelty of it causing him to near orgasm almost immeadiately.

Brenda sucked harder and stroked faster in response. She could feel the spasms traveling through the column of hard flesh.

DeShawn closed his eyes – tight. He felt the tip of his dick like it was on fire as a torrent of cum exploded forth from it. Things went black momentarily. When his vision cleared he realized that he was no longer standing. He must have stumbled back into the chair he had there during the experiment. His dick was still mostly hard but it had begun to deflate. Cum still dribbled from the tip.

Brenda was still on her knees but she sat back on her heels now. She wiped cum off of her face and sucked it off of her fingers.

“Wow mom,” DeShawn said genuinely excited “that was so good.”

Brenda despite knowing deep inside that this was taboo felt good at hearing those words. She knew how to help DeShawn now. She just had to keep right on sucking his dick and everything would be fine.

DeShawn on the other hand now realized that his mother would soon belong to him completely. His dick started to stiffen. He met his mother’s eyes with his own and led her gaze back to his rapidly inflating member. She smiled and began to crawl towards him.

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