Starship Isabella Ch. 07

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Gen Four Deflorations

Ana was standing at the kitchen sink sliding a rather large cucumber in and out of her sopping pussy and diddling her clit. She had been washing vegetables for this evening’s salad when she started thinking about the kid’s upcoming defloration ceremonies. She recalled two deflorations specifically that were important to her. Sophia’s ceremony, over 18 years ago, and Jake’s just two weeks ago.

She specifically remembered Sophia’s because it had been her urging her parents to give Utopianism a try. She felt a closeness to young Sophia because of that and had seen her blossom from a naive teen girl to a beautiful, loving woman. The defloration happened only a week before their long trip to distribute the embryos to the rest of the Confederation. Due to Allen’s death, they’d skipped quite a few planets on the first round. The kids were just babies back then, a little less than a year old. Sally had gone with them on that trip, playing nanny and wet nurse to the kids for over a year. Ana still missed Sally. She’d stayed behind on one of the Utopian planets they visited. She married a nice man on the Utopian planet of Heaven, and had even had 2 more kids by him!

Sophia adored her daddy and was excited when her mother, Dawn, had explained what her new life as a woman would entail. OnFather’s Day, the Maxwell adults and other friends from the Stellardyne facility had gathered at the Community Center to witness Sophia’s initiation into adulthood. There had been no pain and no blood on Sophia’s defloration, and she came like a freight train on her Daddy’s cock. Rob and Brad were surprised by that, but only Ana knew the truth, Sophia’s mother had helped her lose her physical virginity with a small dildo on Sophia’s eighteenth birthday as her father watched. Ed had really hurt Dawn when he took her virginity when they were at the University of Texas together, and Ed didn’t want that for his daughter. Dawn had confided in Ana, but she never told anyone though.

Jade had introduced her son ,Jake, to sexual intercourse two weeks ago in a ceremony at the Community Center as well. These ceremonies between mothers and sons weren’t technically deflorations, but were called that anyway. All of the Maxwell adults watched as Jake fucked the living daylights out of his mother. His dad had been coaching him for two weeks before the event. Jade was impressed with her son’s sexual abilities and looked forward to a lifetime of loving fun with her son. Jake was dating a sweet girl who lived on Valhalla, a nearby planet in the local cluster. Everyone was going to witness his girlfriend Olivia’s defloration in two weeks.

Ana and Rob’s daughter, Samantha, was turning eighteen in two days, as were Gabby’s twins. Only Abigail, Gia’s daughter was already eighteen. She had decided to wait until her siblings were eighteen before she had her defloration ceremony.. They would all share that special day together. Only when they all became adults could the family go back to its carefree way of living. Utopian societies strictly limited the amount of sexual activity that minors could be exposed to. It had been difficult to keep certain aspects of the family’s sexual relationships hidden from the youngest members of the household, but Abigail kept the family’s secrets.

The home’s computer butler notified Ana that Brad was outside the door. Had it been any of the minor children, Ana would’ve pulled the cucumber from her pussy and continued to wash it in the sink. Brad walked into the family’s house and saw Ana at the sink, using the cucumber as a dildo.

“Hey Mom,” Brad said as he cupped Ana’s breasts from behind and kissed her neck as she continued to pound her needy cunt with the long, thick vegetable. Ana loved it when Brad called her Mom. He had first called her Mom when he talked to rogue Fleet Captain who’d traitorously thrown in with the pirates while pursuing Isabella on their first embryo delivery to Eden. Even though incest was no longer illegal, it was still taboo on most planets. The extra naughtiness factor always got Ana’s sex drive in high gear. The thought of having sex with her grandchildren within the week had gotten her extra horney.

“I need a big, fat cock Brad,” Ana said, bending over and spreading her legs to give Brad access to her bare pussy. Brad pulled the cucumber out of his mother-in-law’s pussy and tasted her juices from it before putting it back in the sink.

Even in their late fifties, both Ana and Gia were still stunningly beautiful women. Nutritious food, fresh air and daily exercise kept the women on Eden healthy and beautiful. Daily sex and their exercises kept their pussies juicy and ready for any opportunity to make love. Brad slid his cock into Ana’s hot, tight fuck hole.

“Oh Brad!” Ana gasped as Brad’s thick cock parted her nether lips and stretched her well toned vagina. As always, Ana appreciated Brad’s thick cock. It stretched her pussy illegal bahis in a way that pleased her immensely.

The two were notified when Gia and Rob’s daughter, Abigail, arrived home from the grocery store, Brad and Ana continued to fuck. Gia and Abbie, watched Brad pound his long, thick cock into Ana’s pussy from behind. Gia helped Abbie sit on the kitchen counter and Gia began to eat her daughter’s cunt.

Watching intently as Brad drove his thick cock into one of her mothers, Abbie began to fantasize that it was her getting fucked by her Daddy’s thick fuck stick. Abbie came quickly on her mother’s tongue, flooding Gia’s mouth with her sweet cream. Like Gia, Ana and Gabby, Abbie was excited by the idea of making love to her family members. By the end of the week, she would lose her virginity to her daddy just as her sisters Joalice and Samantha would, while Mike would lose his virginity to his mother.

“You’re home early,” Gia said to her nephew as Ana shuddered in another orgasm.

“We sold out by ten-thirty,” Brad replied. “Even with Mike on the other pit, we still can’t make enough brisket and ribs to keep up with demand.

“Well I hope you at least saved some ribs for your family,” Gia told Brad.

Ana came again on her stepson’s cock. Ana’s cunt was beginning to work on Brad’s strong thick cock. Even after nearly 20 years, Brad still couldn’t hold back his imminent ejaculations with members of his own family.

“How are you holding out?” Gia asked.

“It won’t be long, maybe a minute,” Brad told her.

“Brad’s about to cum,” Gia told her daughter.

“Don’t cum yet Daddy. I want to taste it again,” Abbie told Brad.

Abbie knelt on the cushioned workstation on the floor in front of the sink, eager to taste another load of cum from Brad. As soon as Brad pulled out of Ana, he offered his sloppy cock to Abbie.

Abbie reverently took Brad’s cock into her mouth, savoring the flavor of Ana’s pussy cream on Brad’s stiff pole. “I can’t hold on much longer Baby,” Brad warned his niece

“I’m ready Daddy, fill my mouth with your cum,”

Gabby and Ana looked on proudly as Brad pumped stream after stream of his thick semen into their daughters waiting mouth. After showing Brad his cum, Abbie swallowed every drop and opened her mouth again to show him that her mouth was empty. Like her adult relatives, Abbie loved cum. So far, she had only sucked two cocks, her fathers and Brad’s. Abbie simply loved cum and craved it constantly since her first taste of her daddy’s sperm.

Brad helped Abbie to her feet and she kissed him passionately..

“Thank you Daddy,” Abbie said. “I can’t wait until my defloration ceremony,” Abigail told one of the family’s fathers.

For people outside the family, relationships between everyone had become complicated. Officially, since Gia was his father’s sister and one of Rob’s two wives, Gia was Brad’s aunt and stepmom. Abbie, Gia’s daughter, was both Brad’s step-sister and his niece. Ana was Gabby’s mother, so her daughter Samantha was Gabby’s sister, and Brad’s niece. Joalice and Mike were Brad and Gabby’s children, so Sam was Joalice and Mike’s aunt. For Rob, Sam was his daughter, Joalice and Mike were his grandchildren and Abbie was his daughter and his great niece.

To simplify things, The adults considered Abigail, Joalice, Mike and Samantha to all be siblings, sisters and brothers. Rob and Brad considered all of the girls to be their daughters and Mike to be their son. The men were both referred to as Daddy or Dad by all the kids. Gabby, Ana and Gia also considered the kids to be their daughter’s and son as well. Ana, Gia and Gabby were sometimes called Mommy or Mom. These titles simplified things for everyone, All the Gen4 kids had 2 moms and 2 dads.

Abbie left the kitchen and went back to her room to write down today’s experience in her daily journal. She kept a log of every time she had any type of adult relations with their parents. There were dozens of entries already, starting with her mother and fathers who had taught her about sex and how to kiss like an adult. There were entries on all of the times the women in the family had eaten her cunt and every time she;d eaten theirs. She had recorded in detail how she first reacted to a burst of cum filling her mouth and her struggle to keep it all in her mouth without spilling any. Brad and her daddy had big loads. Abbie made this to remember her first experiences in becoming a woman and to share the information to Sam and Joalice when they became adults.

“I think it’s sweet that Abigail is postponing her defloration ceremony until her siblings turn eighteen and can join her ” Ana told Gia.

“She’s a very thoughtful girl. She doesn’t want her sisters and Mike to miss her big day, just as she doesn’t want to miss theirs,” Gia responded. “Sam’s been asking Abbie a lot of questions about sex lately, but so far, she hasn’t told her anything a seventeen year old shouldn’t know about,” illegal bahis siteleri Gia said.

“It’s best that you and her father answer all those questions,” Ana said. “Thankfully I had my Daddy to teach me,” she said, kissing Gia.

“I wish that Allen was here to teach her too,” Gia said, sighing deeply, missing her late husband. Allen would’ve loved to be here to see his grandchildren become adults. “Rob’s been a great father to her though and I couldn’t ask for a better husband. I’ve loved him all my life,” Gia told Ana.

The Maxwell family shared a relaxing dinner and enjoyed each other’s company. Ana almost choked when Samantha commented on how good the sliced cucumber tasted and asked if her mother was using a special type of dressing on the salad. Brad and Gia just smiled and agreed that the salad was very tasty. After dinner, they went out onto the patio and watched the firepit as everyone relaxed with a glass of wine. Even Samantha, Joalice and Mike were allowed a single glass while they sat between their mothers and sister, Abigail.

When the family was ready for bed, they all went to their separate rooms. Sam and Abbie shared a room with Joalice and Mike. The parents each had their own room. The orgy bed was a thing of the past now, and would be until the deflorations and family trip to Earth were over. After they returned to Eden they would move to a house in the adult only section of town and the family’s sexual play would continue.

The next day was great as usual, especially after Daniel, Jade and Jake came over for the BBQ. Jade had been Gabby’s best friend forever and was married to Daniel, but their import export business kept them off Eden for months at a time. The family was one of the major players in interplanetary trade.

“Have you found a house in the adult section you want to move into?” Jade asked Gabby.

“There aren’t any left,” Gabby told her friend. “Most of the Gen 4 kids are becoming adults now and moving into the established homes. It looks like we’ll have to build,” Gabby said.

“Same here,” Jade told her friend. “Daniel and I are planning to retire soon. Jake and our Board of managers can handle the business. We won’t be travelling all over the galaxy any more. Wouldn’t it be great if we could build side by side like our parents dad?” Jade asked.

“Do you think that your mom could arrange that?” Gabby asked Jade. “That would be great if we could.”

“I’m pretty sure that we could,” Jade replied. “That way we can all be like we were before we had kids,” Jade said. There was no orgy that night as there had been many times in the past. After the deflorations, they would begin again. Gabby couldn’t wait to fuck Jake and Jade felt the same way about Mike. It would be like the old days.

The dawn broke bright and clear on the morning of the kids birthday. Ana, Gia and Gabby woke the children with kisses and breakfast in bed. Gabby had gathered and stored several loads of semen from Brad and Rob. She used this, in addition to several special ingredients including cheese from Sally’s extra breast milk to make the girls omelets. The girls knew what the ingredients were, but Mike had no idea. They made Mike a regular omelet from chicken eggs, not knowing how he would react to eating another man’s cum.

As the girls ate the omelets, they commented on how good they tasted. They made Gabby promise that she would make them again some time. Mike tasted the girl’s omelet, but did not like it at all. Gabby, Ana and Gia vowed to never tell Mike what was in them.

All of the kids were excited when their parents told them all about the privileges and responsibilities of being A Utopian adult, including sex. Sam was especially excited. She’d always had questions about sex, but all any adult, or even Abbie would tell her was the biological aspects. Now she knew that she would be having sex with all of her parents and siblings!

The girls’ eyes grew wide as their moms answered the most basic questions about what They would experience as a woman. It was the same talk that Abigail had gotten only weeks before. Ana explained all about sex within the family and the community. By the time Ana had answered her daughter’s question, Sam was pushing her fingers into her virgin cunt. Without hesitation, Ana positioned her face between her daughter’s legs and

performed cunnilingus. Samantha screamed in ecstasy as her mother licked and sucked her virgin pussy to its very first orgasm.

Joalice begged her mother to do that to her and Gabby ate her daughter’s pussy and asshole out until she too screamed in ecstasy. Abigail smiled knowingly at each of the girls when she heard her sisters scream. Mike looked at his mother when he heard his sister and Gabby couldn’t resist as she saw her son’s substantial cock standing rigidly out from his body. As soon as Joalice finished cumming, she devoured her son’s inexperienced cock.

Abbie had taken Rob’s cock in her mouth and canlı bahis siteleri began to suck her daddy’s cock like he had taught her how to do it. Brad brushed the bulbous tip of his swollen cock against Joalice’s parted lips as she watched her sister suck cock. She naturally parted her lips and engulfed her daddy’s cock in her mouth as well. Brad looked down at his daughter and his wife, marvelling at how beautiful his wife and children were as they enjoyed the benefits of being Utopian.

The kid’s birthday party that afternoon was an adults only affair and a big success. Hundreds of adult friends of the family attended. All of the ‘siblings’ had a great time talking and dancing with their friends to the hits that were currently popular in the Galaxy. Brad and Gabby smiled when anyone asked how they liked the “music”, but they both just smiled and tolerated the noise as generations of parents had before.

The food was outstanding, as always at events such as these, with dozens of different cuisines represented at the potluck offerings. Even Hokulani and her parents were there with Kai to present authentic Hawaiian dishes. As long as the canned meat, Spam, had been around, the Hawaiians still loved it centuries later and made delicious dishes with it. As the party wound down, everybody pitched in to clean the Community Hall and went their separate ways.

The Maxwells had booked the public bathhouse and onsen for the night. After all of the children had gone home for the night, they started their family and friends onsen party. The onsen was something they’d built after their visit to the Japanese influenced Tengoku. The Maxwells walked into the bathhouse and met their closest friends there. Ed, Dawn, Sophie and her husband Daniel were there, as were Bess and Jack Ibokwe. Hokulani and Kai. Jade, Daniel, and Jake were there as usual. Rich, Holly, Courtney and Savannah were all there too..

“How does this Japanese bathing work Daddy?” Sam asked her father.

“I wash you and you wash me. We can wash each other’s bodies all over.” Rob told his daughter.

“Everything?” Sam asked.

“Everything,” Rob answered.

Sam looked wide eyed at Rob, whose cock was already beginning to inflate. Rob sat behind his daughter and used the thick soapy lather to wash Sam’s shoulders, back and arms. Sam had pressed her naked breasts into her dad many times in the past two years when she greeted him in the traditional way, and Rob and the rest of her family had touched her breasts in casual contact in the course of growing up in a household of nudists. When Rob began soaping her breasts in the bath, however, it felt so much better. Sam leaned back against her daddy and enjoyed the touch of his hands on her modest sized breasts. Sam’s breasts were not as large as her sister Abigail’s, but they were a nice handful and Rob relished the opportunity to touch and squeeze them in a way that was definitely not routine contact.

Rob was very gentle and sensuous as he washed Sam between her legs. This was only the second time in her life that someone had touched her there in a sexual manner, the first time being this morning with her Mom and Gia. Sam became flushed and started panting hard as her father probed her virgin cunt with his delicate fingers and soaped her tender asshole. Sam came hard on her daddy’s fingers. Rob held her tightly from behind as she recovered from her climax.

Only after recovering did Samantha become aware of what was going on around her. She wasn’t the only one cumming as their partners washed them gently. Joalice was being washed by Brad, Jake was being washed by his mom, while Abigail was being washed by Jake’s father. Ana and Gia were soaping up with Bess and Jack while Rich and Holly washed one of their many adult friends and they too were orgasming on their fingers.

Next, it was time for the women to wash the men. Rob just sighed, watching his youngest daughter take his hard cock in her hands. Samantha stroked her soapy hand the length of his cock while using her other hand to soap his balls. Rob felt her hand leave his balls and go down to wash his asshole. Samantha was surprised at how much power over her father she possessed as she stroked his cock. She could cause him to moan in pleasure or gasp in alarm as she manipulated his balls.

Rob warned her when his ejaculation was near and she jerked him even faster now, excited by the idea of watching her daddy shoot his load onto her body. After Rob shot his load onto Sam and the washroom floor, Samantha rinsed the soap off his body and used the spray to wash the sperm into the drain. It was okay to cum in the bath house, as the sexual fluids could be easily cleaned, but the onsen was a different story. No sex was allowed, it was for relaxation only.

“I really enjoyed bathing with you,” Rob told Sam as they lowered themselves into the hot clear waters of the onsen. Abigail, Mike and Joalice joined their sister. They talked together, Abigail telling her sisters about their previous encounters with their parents. After a nice long soak in the steaming waters of the onsen with lots of sensuous touching between friends and family, Everyone went home relaxed and sleepy, even the kids.

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