Stanley Steamer Ch. 04: Jeri , Pam

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Disclaimers: This vacuous stroker is total fiction except for some real places. All sexual actors are quite over 18 and avoid condoms. Tags: clusterfuck, cousins, brother-sister, bisexual, pregnant, multiracial, steam engine, Rancho Relaxo. If you object to any such, stop reading. Details may be incorrect. Views expressed may not be the author’s. Read the first three chapters first. Enjoy!


Stanley Steamer 04: Jeri & Pam

Stan steams a cousin and a sister





The studio gave me a few days off so I punched my Subaru into high gear and drove to Stan’s rocky Rancho Relaxo. The San Boogaloo er I mean San Bernardino freeway traffic was its usual shitty flow so I took the scenic cutoff by the base of the Boogaloo mountains, above Redlands, through Mentone and down to Yucaipa. I saw the signs: KEEP MENTONE BEAUTIFUL, CARRY A ROCK TO REDLANDS. There are nothing but rocks around there.

I anonymously waved at Lorna and Mariana as I passed the redskin casino-resort where my friends worked and lived, then waved again at the iconic Cabazon dinosaurs, old as the hills. I slid through narrow Whitewater Pass’s two-mile-deep cut in the Coast Ranges and climbed steep Morongo grade to Yucca Valley.

An old-timer once told me of driving up that grade long, long ago, before it was paved.

“So I’m driving and I see a fast-rising cloud of dust up ahead of me and I wonder, who the hell was fool enough to drive that fast here? So I sped up, and I caught him, and I found I’d been chasing… myself!”

He may have been out too long in the desert sun.

I made it through Yucca Valley and up to Flamingo Heights – Stan says to beware the vicious desert flamingos – and out the dirt track to boulder-bounded Rancho Relaxo. I drove slow, of course, and my Subaru did not make much noise.

I rounded the last mega-boulder and arrived in front of Stan’s big rock-sheltered ‘cabin’. The door was rolled shut to the steel barn lodging Heidi and Tilly, his steam buggies. A motorbike and a Camry I knew as Lorna’s were parked out front. I pulled in beside them.

The ironwood front door swung open silently on well-oiled hinges. I heard soft animal noises from down his hallway, from his open bedroom door. I tiptoed to the doorway.

Inside was a naked trio. Stan and Lorna nestled against a rather pregnant Asian woman, nursing her bloated breasts. Stan’s hands rubbed her bulging belly while Lorna glad-handed the moaning woman’s pussy.

“Oh yes, that’s nice,” she grated. “Now, you know what…”

Stan slid a pillow under her butt. He lifted and spread the woman’s legs and easily mounted her. She groaned as he lazily slid in. Lorna swung a leg over the woman’s head and settled her pale pussy onto that open Asian mouth. Stan, stroking slowly, leaned forward to suckle Lorna’s Scandinavian marvels. Lorna’s hands fondled her cunt-licker’s breasts and belly.

I could not help myself. Rubbing my own crotch and tits, sure, but I could have been quieter. I could not help myself. I groaned a little but not little enough.

My cousin Stan un-mouthed my friend Lorna’s boob and turned his face to me.

“Hiya, cuz. C’mon on in and join the fun, or just watch, or whatever.” He resumed nursing.

I decided to join the fun. I never turn down such an invitation. I quickly stripped.

Lorna repositioned herself, swinging around with her back to Stan but still riding the pregnant Asian woman’s tongue.

“Right here, Jeri. We’ve done this before.”

Yes, we had, and not too long before. I knelt before my friend, the friend I had shared my cousin Stan with not so long ago. I kissed her mouth, her neck, her wonderful breasts, until she pushed me back a little and sucked my boobs. Our hands felt each other. The Asian woman’s fingers moved around and inside my pussy. I felt wonderful.

Stan fucked faster into the woman. She groaned louder and then shook in a quiet climax. Lorna shook along with her and sucked my left boob harder. Stan slowed and pulled out. He looked over Lorna’s quivering shoulder, into my eyes, and asked, “Ready for more?”

Lorna rolled off the Asian woman’s face.

“Okay, you can sit on Babs now. Oh by the way, Jeri, meet Babs.”

The Asian woman and I smiled at each other.

“Mucho gusts, hello,” we murmured. Then she gestured, and I climbed on.

“Like this,” Lorna said, laying back, her calves off the bed, with her head almost butting against Babs’. “Yes, just like this.”

Lorna pulled me down so we could suckle each other. I felt Stan move behind me – he must be just above Babs’ bulging boobs – and my cousin’s long cock entered me. Oh fuck! And Babs licked my pussy. Oh fuck oh fuck! And I sucked Lorna’s boobs, and she sucked mine, and I rubbed her pussy and thighs, and Stan sped up until he was slamming into me, his scrotum bouncing off Babs’ chin, and I was just so fucking overloaded, too much sensation, too much pleasure, oh fuck fuck fuck!

I felt my cousin speed up, slow down, grunt, and bahis firmaları cum into me, washing my willing womb with DNA we shared one-eighth of. This cannot be incest! Babs licked more insistently. I came and came and came, oh fuck. I know I leaked into Babs’ mouth. She licked more gently, softly slurping me, oh so perfectly, oh fuck…

We disentangled a bit. Babs was not through with me. She pulled me to sit on her mouth and continued slurping me. We fondled each other. My cousin Stan was not through with Lorna. He laid back and pulled her into a 69. She moaned as she sucked him back to hardness and he licked her to insanity. They stroked each other.

Lorna groaned. I groaned. We fell over individually.

“That was great,” Babs said, “but I must return to campus. The usual useless faculty meeting. Hey Stanley, thanks for everything!” She did not try to leave the bed yet.

“That was great,” Lorna said, “but I took enough time off – I need to get back to the rez for an editor’s meeting. But holy fuck, this was fun!” She twitched a little but also did not rise.

Lorna had revived my cousin Stan. His long hard-on was prominent.

“Be like that, then,” Stan said. He licked Babs’ pussy, kissed her bulging belly, slurped her bulging breasts, and kissed her mouth. He looked into her Asian (Korean, I learned later) face and sang an old Dylan song, “If you gotta go, go now, or else you gotta stay all night.”

He turned to Lorna, kissed her pussy, her marvelous breasts, her wide mouth. That lasted awhile. Lorna clung to him. He did not quite fuck her again. He asked, “See ya soon?”

Babs giggled at Lorna’s blush. I think Lorna was in love with my cousin, but so was I, and I was first, dammit! Lorna helped Babs off the bed. They dressed.

Stan was not done with me. “Time to fuck, cuz, and this will take awhile because I’m pretty well drained now. I hope you’re in no hurry.”

He kissed my pussy and navel and boobs and throat and mouth. He pulled me into missionary position. His manhood poured into me. We fucked. With an audience.

“That’s it girl, plant your heels on his buns and PUSH,” offered Babs.

“Good thing you’re a friend,” Lorna said, “or I’d be SO jealous.”

“Ta-ta,” they echoed, and left. Stan kept fucking me. And fucking. And deep kissing. We played tonsil-tag and hide-the-sausage and breath-holds and thigh-clenches and spider-wraps. Fun games, especially with this man I love so much, this cousin I love so much, oh fuck, what am I doing>

“Stan,” I whispered, “I want your babies.”

“Shhh,” he said, and fucked me harder.

It seemed like forever. I was lost in an orgasmic haze. Stan fucked and fucked and finally came into me again, splashing his steaming molten love into me, oh fuck, oh fuck.

My arms and legs still spider-wrapped this man, this cousin, this lover. He stayed inside me. We rolled sideways so he would not crush me – not that I would mind being crushed.

“I love you,” I whispered. “I’ve always loved you. I really do want to have your babies.”

“Oh Jeri, Jeri,” he said softly. “You have your life and I have mine. Your studio work that keeps you down below. My systems work that takes me elsewhere. Distance romances don’t work. We’ve seen it. Roger ran his busy machine shop while financial whiz Fran was in the air and conferencing three weeks out of four. We know how badly that ended.”

“I don’t care,” I said. “Wherever you go, however long you’re gone, I’ll be there with our babies. I’ll drown in you, every minute you’re back, every microsecond. I only want you.”

“Would that be a good way to raise kids?”

“I… I… oh fuck, Stan, I’m just…”

“And you know I love making love with wonderful women. Lorna wants me, but we have separate lives. You know others close to me. I won’t be your model monogamous hubby.”

“I don’t care. I don’t care if you give them all babies Tell me about them or don’t; I don’t care. Fuck them with me around or not. I have no problem there. You know that. I just want .you in me as much as possible. I want to be yours. Not your one-and-only; just yours when I can be.”

We lay together face to face. We held tight. We kissed. We kissed for a long, long time.

“Jeri, my loving cousin, fathering is a responsibility. It’s not just you popping-out kids to raise on your own. I won’t be there to raise them with you. I can’t shirk my responsibility.”

“The studio cut me loose for a few days. Can I stay here with you?” I almost begged.

He signed. “I have a firm date with Lorna tomorrow. We’ll be on the road for a few days, hitting tribal offices up and down the state – publications stuff. You can come along but I can’t guarantee that I’ll get you back when your break ends. Can you handle that?”

“Yes yes yes! Just let me be with you!”

I guess I was pretty far gone. Was I going crazy?


The road trip went well, all three of us in Stan’s stealthy, beautiful, silent Heidi, the VW-ZEE steam-powered Karmann Ghia on a Porsche racing chassis. We visited kaçak iddaa many tribal offices and talked with many Indians (the owners) and many Italians and Jews (the managers). We laughed a lot and fucked a lot. I was late returning to the studio but we worked that out.

I went back to work. Stan went back east somewhere, alone. “The usual shoddy business,” he said casually before I dropped him for the airport shuttle. I missed him, those days, days that stretched out. And the studio had me booked.

He flew back on my free weekend. I took him to Rancho Relaxo and fucked him to death.

Then came the call from his big sister, my cousin Pam.

We were actually clothed for some perverted reason that mid-morning, and tending to various stuff. Stan’s landline phone rang.

“Funny farm; quack quack.” That was how he said hello.

“Oh, hi Sis, what’s the… umm, what… you mean… oh no, that’s… sure, I’ll be by. And what…” He mouthed to me: Girl With Problem. “And of course… ain’t it always like that? Okay, just hang on. I’ll be there in fortyfive. Right. Love ya, Sis. Hey, stop that! I’m coming! Yeah… bye.”

And then to himself, “Oh shit. Well, gotta be done.”

He looked at me. “Your wonderful cousin, my big sister Pam out in Twentynine Palms, needs shelter for awhile. And I’ve got another road trip coming up. I guess she’ll have the place to herself.”

He shook his head. “I can’t explain. You want to stay now? I don’t know how Pam will be.”

“If you don’t want me gone, I’d rather stay, okay?” I said. I followed him to the door.

“Fine with me. Stay out of trouble.” He strode to the big steel barn, keyed the rollup door open, and ran sweet steamy Heidi out, her strong ragtop still up. He keyed the barn shut, hopped into that pearl-grey beauty, and vanished in a cloud of near-silence.

I heard motor noise and gravel clatter about two hours later. Heidi rolled in quietly. An inevitable Subaru followed; that was the engine I heard. Both parked in front of the barn.

Note: Subarus are inevitable with sensible mountain and desert folk and other dirt-roaders because all-wheel-drive and good seals and cheap. But let us continue.

Pam was more beautiful than ever in her sundress. Not as tall as Stan, not as rangy or craggy or weathered, but obviously of our genepool: lean, lanky, and dark-haired. She did not look happy. She saw me at the fieldstone cabin’s front door. She looked no happier but tried to smile.

“Pam!” I ran to her, hugged her. “Pam, what’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry, cuz – I can’t talk to you about it. It’s lousy shit.”

Stan reached us. Time for a group hug! And then, what to do?

“Let’s get your stuff, Sis.” We all fetched luggage from the Subaru. Inside we went.

“Take the room next to my office.” They would be close.

The guest rooms were as bare and functional as monks’ cells but much better than many hostels. Pam’s bags were quickly arranged.

“Attitude adjustment time,” Stan proclaimed, mixing large doses of tequila in cold-brewed mocha. He poured tumblers. I saw him slip more tequila and a small pill into the glass he handed Pam.

His wide book- and artifact-lined great room held impossibly comfortable soft leather club chairs, a love seat, and a wide sofa. I thought we would huddle together on the sofa, but Stan and Pam each took a chair, so I did too.

Nobody spoke. Stan and I sipped. Pam slugged, and again. She broke the silence.

“I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t have to, but-“

“Stop it, Sis. Of course you’re welcome forever. We’ll get through this.”

“But damn, I can’t even… there’s so much… and…”

She sniffled. Stan and I sat, waiting. She finished her loaded drink, stared at a wall, and then looked at me.

“Oh Jeri, I wish I could… but no, I can’t get you involved. You need to stay safe.”

Safe? Was my accomplished cousin in danger? Stan broke in.

“Don’t worry about safety. That can be fixed. You just need context.”

“Oh damn, I… I’m feeling worn out. This was heavier than… can I go to bed now?”

She was definitely wobbly. I hopped up. “Can I help?”

“Uhhh…” she mumbled.

Stan and I held her elbows, guiding her to her bed. Stan unlaced her sneakers. I slipped the lemon sundress over her head. She was gorgeous in her orange thong and bikini top. We straightened her on the bed. I threw a light sheet over her. She was snoring already.

We closed her door and returned to our slightly-sipped tumblers.

“What the fuck?” I said. “And the drink-“

“She needed calming, fast. As for her situation, I really can’t say much. Something about Bill and trouble at the base. It’s all Need-To-Know – and you don’t WANT to need that. Sorry.”

Pam’s husband Bill was a Navy doctor at the Marine Corps base out in Twentynine Palms. Locals call it Twentynine Stumps, drunken tourists having knocked down the palm trees, leaving only stumps. Sure. Most just call it Twentynine. Anyway, it was just them, no kids.

“Pam thinks she can keep kaçak bahis a job at Palms Ambulance. She’ll switch from field paramedic to dispatching and conferring from the Yucca Valley station. And she can make runs that won’t take her out by the base. She’ll probably be at the station more than she is here. But she’ll be out of… that situation.” Stan looked pensive.

“It’s strange shit. I don’t like strange shit.” He slugged his drink. “Nothing for it now. We might as well relax. You’d better take a room while she’s here. Let’s not freak her out any more than already. Or maybe you should go home until this blows over.”

“No. No. I’m here with you, with her. We’re blood. We stand by each other.”





I can’t tell anyone about it, really I can’t. I can tell Stan a little, but oh shit, if I say too much and if NCIS, Navy cops, come around… He can’t tell what he doesn’t know. Neither can you. So you and he will never know, not if I can help it.

I was shaking when I got off the phone with Stan. I had already packed my bags, my most precious stuff, but nothing of the marriage – that was toxic. I had to be gone before Bill returned or else it would be worse.

Stan was here almost instantly, it seemed. His quiet car Heidi can really make time! I hugged him a lot and cried a lot and just held him. Damn, my big little brother felt good! I told him what I could. It was not much but that was the limit.

We loaded my bags in my car. I closed and locked the house door. It was nice, on-base housing befitting Bill’s rank. Would I ever see this place again?

Guards at the main gate saluted as we drove out, Stan in the lead. Would our base passes be revoked after this? Would worse happen? Have I pulled Stan too far into my mess?

Stan led me down the main roads to Rancho Relaxo. We drove slow on his dirt road. I was not lost in a dust cloud.

I think I was glad to see cousin Jeri there. We hugged. We lugged my stuff inside. Stan made us drinks. Mine was extra strong, I know, and that is ALL that I know. I passed out.

I woke in a comfortable bed in one of Stan’s small guest rooms. I saw the rooms years ago but never had opportunity or need to stay over. This was a first. Light crept in the little curtained window in the fieldstone wall. Evening or morning?

I was undressed to my orange undies. I saw a light robe on a hook on the door. I had to pee. That robe was for me. I made myself decent and walked into a quiet house. An old analog clock in the guest bathroom showed around 7:00, but AM or PM?

Sandals now on my feet, I walked out the front door. Shadows said the sun was setting, so unless I had lost a whole day, I was only out for… seven hours? Good drink, Stan!

I shuffled outside and glanced around the mega-boulder-lined compound. I saw Stan’s horseless watering rank, of course. Clothes were piled on a rock nearby. Stan and Jeri were partially submerged. Jeri saw me and waved. Her bare breasts waved too.

“Hey cuz, glad you’re up! Come on in for a dunk while the water’s still warm!”

I was still woozy from Stan’s knockout brew. I fuzzily thought, “If she can be naked in there, so can I.” I added my scant coverings to the piled clothes and climbed the blocky steps up the tank’s side. Ooooh, the warm water felt nice on all of me! I totally submerged, then rose and squeegeed my long dark hair. No need to shake like a dog. Drops fell from my nipples. That felt good, too.

My naked brother and cousin pulled me to them. We hugged in the water. This felt REALLY good, even though they were my naked little brother and cousin. Our faces nuzzled.

Somehow we rearranged. Stan sat with his legs spread, water almost to his shoulders. Jeri and I knelt straddling his outstretched legs, not quite humping his thighs, the water at our breast level. We held tight, our faces together, breathing in sync, not quite kissing. Not quite. Damn, these were my naked brother and cousin!

“It’s okay, Sis,” Stan said, almost into my mouth. Jeri’s mouth was so close.

“It’s okay, you can stay here as long as you want, forever if you want. I checked around and started some actions while you were down. We’ll need to think of further moves. We should do that this evening. You’ll need to de-stress for that. Let the past slide off you.”

We loosened a little. Stan and Jeri slowly stroked my arms and shoulders and neck and back. This felt GREAT! I felt so loved. I almost felt safe. Uh-oh. Thinking of safety made me tense up. Oh shit.

Stan pulled our faces close again. “That doesn’t help. Let it go. Think about right here, right now, only the three of us in our bubble. Only what you feel here, now, with us.”

“You know we’re here for you,” Jeri said. “Whatever happens, you’ll never lose us.”

We nuzzled again. I felt better. The water started to chill but I was warm with my family. Then our three mouths lightly touched lips and we breathed as one. All for one. One for all. It was true. I almost cried for joy.

But the water WAS cooling. “Enough,” Stan said. “Enough soaking is enough. Ladies, get your pretty butts off my legs so we can escape before we become prunes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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