Stan and Wendy Part 3

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and this will be part 3, thank “Wendy” for talking me into trying to wright these stories if you enjoyed them, and for this 3rd part i was going to stop at part 2.

Wendy and i had just finish taking each others virginity and were laying in her bed cuddling, and dozing off. This was amazing, her plump, warm, soft body cuddled about against mine as my arm wrapped around her waist holding her to me.

I woke up to some screaming “WHAT IS GOING ON” i slowly opened my eyes and felt Wendy’s body still snug against mine. I looked over at her bedroom door way to see her mother staring at us, her eyes glaring at me and her hands in fist at her sides. Wendy and I were naked and exposed, I kept my eyes on her as Wendy softly moaned my name and her mothers eyes just kept staring me down. I guess Wendy then opens her cause she shot up and grabbed the nearest item to cover her self, which of course it was my jeans. I sat up with her keeping my arm around her waist. Wendy’s mother just went off. i don’t recall most of it, i have a feeling my eye glazed over. All i could think about was how amazing Wendy is.

“What the hell are you doing Wendy?” yelled her mother. Wendy just sat there, finding my hand then lacing our fingers. After what seemed like a day of awkward silents Wendy told her mother she loved me and had for a few weeks now. I was surprised she said that. Wendy’s mother kept yelling about how it was stupid and how i must of tricked Wendy and all i wanted was what just happened. She was wrong i didn’t just want Wendy for sex she is someone i have alot in common with and could be myself around. Normally i am very anti social and don’t talk or do much. With Wendy i open up and laugh and have fun.

After about half an hour of this Wendy finally stood up and started to get dressed. I watched Wendy’s mother as i got up and got dressed. Her eyes watched me, i saw the smallest small smile on her face as i stood up and her eyes went down my body and she saw my soft cock, her face when right back to hate for me but i saw the smile.When i was dressed i looked at Wendy and smiled then she grabbed my hand and walked me past her mother. I followed closely as she lead me to the kitchen with her mother behind us. Wendy start to cook dinner. I don’t know when that conversation happened but i guess it did. I was having dinner here. We ate in almost complete silence the only sound was the dog and cats begging for table scraps.

When dinner was done i stood up and gathered the dishes and started to do them. Her mother looked shocked that i was doing this with out being told. Wendy didn’t have a dish washer so i had to do more then rinse them off. Wendy had her arms around me the entire time with her head resting on my back. I thought “was this what its like to live with someone you love?” as i did the dishes up then put them in the dish rack to dry. I turned around to Wendy and i being alone so she got on her tipsy toes and kissed my lips softly, I returned the kiss then asked her where her mother went. Wendy told me to her bed room. I thought i should talk to her to make sure she wasn’t going to chain Wendy up and never let me see her again.

I left Wendy in the kitchen then headed upstairs to her mothers bed room. I knocked on her half opened door and i heard come in. She was changing into looser cloths for the night, not realizing it was me, she turned around as her bar was sliding off. Her breast were smaller then Wendy’s and sagged alittle but they still looked great for her age. She was a women in her late 50s, she was short like Wendy, not even an inch taller, but skinny as a twig. i quickly turned away and said sorry, the image of her breast were stuck in my mind and i felt myself start to get hard. i started to head down the hall back to the steps when i heard “wait” so i stopped and waited. I felt her hand on my shoulder so i turned around. She was still topless and she was smiling. My pants instantly got tighter and i felt my heart race. She pulled me by my shirt back into her room. then yelled at me. “How could you do that to my daughter?” then she leaned in and kissed my lips. “she is only 16” she yelled again then kissed down my chin to my neck.

I was in complete shock not sure what was going on. She yelled again “If i catch you again i will make sure you go away forever” then she kissed down my collar bone tell she hit my shirt. “that should give us some time” she whispered as her hands went to my belt and found my zipper. Her fingers unzipped my jeans then went in and unbuttoned my boxers. I felt her cold hands work there way into my boxers then her fingers trying to wrap around my hardening cock, She looked up at me and grinned. “My god” is all she could say as she pulled my cock out of my boxers and jeans. Her eyes looked down between us and then they got really wide. She pulled me back to her bed by my cock then sat down, she was now eye level with it. She looked up at me with a huge grin, i don’t think i did anything i was just in shock she still had her hand on my cock. She licked the end of it then slid it in her mouth. To my surprise she got the head in her tiny mouth and then some. i felt her teeth grazing my cock as she tried to fit it all in, I felt the head of my cock hit the sakarya escort back of her throat, alittle more then half was in her mouth, she sucked and swallowed all she could. God it felt amazing as she kept swallowing. She gagged alot but it didn’t stop her from sucking and swallowing. it took no time at all before i completely filled her mouth with my sperm. She leaned back letting my cock out of her mouth and coughed abit but didn’t lose a drop of sperm as finished swallowing and looked up at me.

“Thank you” she said as she stood up. With out thinking i pushed her down on to the bad and then laid over her, kissing down her neck to her collar bone then down her chest. I kissed down her tiny breast to her nipple and sucked on it. She moaned softly. I tried nibbling on her nipple and she moaned louder so i pulled on it tell it slipped out of my teeth then watched it slowly retract back to her chest. She moaned louder then grabbed a pillow to over her face. I sucked and rubbed my tongue against her nipple for a minute or so then switched focus to her other nipple and she went crazy, her hip wiggled and her back arched. I finished then sat back up and looked down at her. she was breathing hard like Wendy had been earlier today. I watched her catch her breathing then she sat up next to me.

“Fuck Stan no one has done that for me in years” she told me, then stood up and slide what was left clothing wise on her off and straddled onto my lap. Her pussy was unshaven but neatly trimmed. I felt her hand try to wrap around my cock again. ‘Still hard? good” then she sat down guiding my cock inside her pussy. She wasn’t any where near as tight as Wendy but my cock still pushed against the walls of her pussy. She buried her head in my shoulder and tried not to moan as she sank down on my cock. She slide up and down about half the length of my cock slowly letting more of me inside of her each time she came down. i was getting close to cumming but i was trying to hold off. i felt my cock hit something and she jumped up really quick and grinned. She said “Your longer then i thought” as she slowly lowered herself back down. I didnt hit that something this time. She stayed there for a second so i flexed my cock inside her and she moaned loud again but got her mouth on my shoulder and bit down on it. I reached around her and put my hands on her ass, each cheek fit in the palm of my hand with room to spare. I felt i wasn’t all the way in her and she could sit down alittle more. I flexed my cock again and she got really tight around my cock and shook in my lap, her arms wrapped around my neck and moaned into my shoulder. She relaxed and forgot about how deep i was, She sank farther down into my lap and i felt my cock push against that something. I flexed my cock again and started to thrust in and out f her, before long i couldn’t hold back anymore, I pushed deep inside her and came. She moaned and i felt her get tight again and she shook in my lap again. My sperm filled her entire pussy up. Her eyes went wide then stood up and looked at me.

“O my god what did i just do?” she asked herself. I looked her up and down, her pussy was oozing my sperm and her juices out. I looked down at my cock which was finally soft but my jeans where coated in the juices from both of us. She saw it and couldn’t help herself, she knelled down and started to suck and lick my jeans then my cock, getting any cum left on it. She then looked up at me grinning. Then her grin turned to worry and she got red then ran to the bathroom that was attached to her bedroom. I got up and put my cock back in my jeans and boxers. I started to walk away when she came out and she told me to wait again so i did.

“Take her home with you tonight, don’t tell her about this, don’t ever hurt her, make sure she is happy, and love her with your heart Stan.” she told me then got on her tipsy toes and kissed me gently with her hand running against my cheek. “your an amazing kid Stan, I am glad she found you” then she turned around and shut the bathroom door slowly, biting her lip and looking at my crotch tell the last second.

I walked down stairs and took Wendy in my arms, she smiled but then glared at me. I leaned down and kissed her passionately but she pulled away. “What took so long?” she asked me with a angry tone, i told her it wasn’t easy convincing her mother that i really loved her. She leaned up and kissed my ear then whispered “I can smell her on you” then she pushed me away and ran up stairs. I followed her, to my surprise she didn’t run to her room but her mothers. She stormed in to catch her mother spread across her queen bed rubbing her pussy. Wendy’s mother jumped then quickly cover herself.

“I hate you, why would you have sex with him after you knew i really liked him?” Wendy went off. She had tears in her eyes and looked like she would kill her mother if she had a weapon. Her mother just laid there under the blanket not responding. Wendy was breathing hard and wasn’t calming down, I wrapped my arms around her carefully.

“I didn’t know what was going on and i don’t think she did either.” i whispered to Wendy she pushed me off.

“She did the same thing to my sister, anytime she brought a guy home mom here fucked him’ Wendy sakarya escort bayan shouted at her mother.

Her mother just laid there then replied “that was years ago and i thought i had gotten past it.” she had a tear run down her cheek, she knew it was wrong but i guess was addicted to younger men. Wendy just glared at her full of hate.

I leaned over to Wendy again and whispered “Your the one i want hun, i gave my virginity to you not her.” She seemed to cool off a bit then turned to me. As soon as she turned towards me i kissed her with all my heart and wrapped my arms around her lower back, She melted in my arms as i kept kissing her, our tongues slowly slid out of our own mouths and into the others. We slowly pulled away from each other smiling from ear to ear.

we both said i love you to each other at the same time then i bent down and picked her up my her hips, her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck. She held my tightly as i carried her to her mothers bed and then kissed her passionately yet eagerly, I didn’t care if her mother was still there or not and i don’t think Wendy even knew where she was anymore, her eyes closed as i kissed down her body and slid her shirt off. I kissed her around each breast teasing her nibbles before i kissed each one once and sucked on them shortly before sliding down her body and sliding down her skirt to my surprise she didn’t put panties on. I kissed her pussy and slid my tongue down her pussy lips then back up and kissed her clit. She moaned my name then grabbed my hair and held on as i started to suck and lick her clit. She moaned my name louder and louder, her legs wrapped around my head. I licked down her pussy then pushed my tongue inside her already soaking hole. She cried out my name as she pulled on my hair. i slid my tongue in and out of her slow and gently, then i felt her get hotter inside, I shoved my tongue even deeper inside her pussy, licking her insides wildly then i felt liquid flow from her, she screamed my name in pleasure, i licked up all her juices i could with a smile on my face.

I looked up at her breathing heavy again but smiling as she laid there. I looked over her mother who was still in the bed, rubbing and fingering her pussy moaning my name too. I slowly crawled up Wendy and kissed her lips softly then smiles as i felt her hands slide my shirt up and off, i kissed her again as her hand unbutton my jeans then unzip them, her legs pulled my jeans down then i kicked them off. I finally pulled away from the kiss and looked into her eyes, she just looked right back as my hand softly went down her cheek. She reached down one last time and slid my boxers down like she did my jeans, then she reached down and slowly wrapped her tiny hand around my soft cock.

She slowly started to rub my cock up and down, I slowly pumped my hips towards her hand and smiled as i looked at her eyes which was focused on my cock so i looked over at her mother who was staring at it too, watching me get hard in her daughters hand. Her eyes couldn’t leave my cock and neither could Wendy’s eyes. Her mother bit her lip and just laid next to us naked. I quickly got hard from Wendy’s tiny hand and then aligned it with her small pussy. Wendy slowly guided my cock inside her and she let out a loud moan as i pushed my cock inside her tight pussy. her inner walls squeezing my cock as i slide inside her, the farther i went in the louder she was. I pushed myself all the way inside her and flexed my cock a few times for her. She instantly wrapped her arms around my neck and started to get extremely hot inside and breath heavy as i kept flexing my cock, then she yelled she was cumming. She came all over my cock, then i slowly slid out of her and what looked like water was spilling on the bed, i was almost all the way out of her but i slid my self gently back inside her and gently made love with Wendy for the second time. She kept squirming below me moaning my name ever second of it.

After 15 minutes of this slow love making i heard Wendy’s mother scream my name, i kept my eyes on Wendy’s the entire time. i slid my self in and out of her tell her pussy squeezed really tight then pushed my self deep inside her and came with her, making her pussy tighten up even more and her juices completely soaking my cock and her mothers bed. I looked in to her eyes and smiled as i pulled out of her slowly, She was having issues breathing but i knew she was fine. her eyes where open and looking into mine and she was smiling.

I slowly rolled off her to the center of the bed and collapsed there. i closed my eyes and smiles as i felt Wendy’s head lay on my chest then her leg went over mine and wrapped around it. I slid my arm under her side and around her back, pulling her in close. I couldn’t be happier to have this amazing girl in my life.

Next thing i knew there was another head on my chest and another leg over my other leg, i opened my eyes to see Wendy’s mother on me too. i tried to ignore her but she made it hard when her hand gently tickled my inner thigh.

She looked up at me and smiled “She is asleep and will before abit” she whisper to me. I looked at Wendy then closed my eyes and cuddled up her. Her mother ran her fingers escort sakarya up my soft cock and wrapped her hand around it and started to rub it slowly.

I didn’t want to wake Wendy up but at the same time i didn’t want to get caught with her mothers hand around my slowly hardening cock. I slid out of the bed and made sure Wendy stayed asleep. I grabbed my boxers and went to put them on when her mother stopped me. at this point i was tired and out of cum, i didn’t want to have sex with Wendy’s mother but she wanted to have sex with me, she slid to the end of the bed and spread her pussy lip.

“Come eat me out like you did my daughter” she told me. I said no and turned around for the door. She stood up and followed me to the Kitchen. She really wanted me to do anything with her, she bent over ever thing she could, kept bending over in front of me to pet the dog or cat or to pick something up she just set aside. I sat down at the kitchen table and she came over and sat on the table in front of me. I thought about it for a second then just stared at her pussy. She slowly started to rub her pussy as i watched. She moaned my name as she fingered her self. My cock slowly started to get hard so i stood up and rubbed the tip of my cock against her wet pussy lips. She moaned again then tried to pull me into her. i stepped away and watched her follow me. Her hand grabbing at me cock as her other hand rubbed her breast. She kept telling me how wet her pussy was and only my cock could satisfy it. I finally couldnt resist this horny begging woman. I took her and pushed her up against the nearest wall. Pictures of their family and friends littered the wall. I picked her up, sliding her up the wall, she grinned then i slid my self inside her then she moaned and wrapped her legs and arms tightly around me.

I slid my cock in and out of her faster and harder then i was with Wendy. I was just having sex with her mother, where with Wendy i was making love. I pounded her pussy, making her back and ass pound against the wall, causing the pictures to shake. She was digging her nails into my back as i fucked her. I let her down when she was done and she instantly cleaned my cock of with just her tongue. I still wasn’t close to cumming so i lead her back to the kitchen. I slid the tip of my cock up and down her pussy lips slightly pushing then part like i was going to slip it in again. She moaned then i heard her say “fuck me as hard as you can Stan i want that massive cock until me in half.” i looked at her back and ran my hand up it slowly then stopped sliding my cock up and down her slit and pulled away then pushed the head of my cock up against her asshole.

“Not there” she yelled as i slid just the head of my cock inside her asshole. She cried in pain and clinched her asshole around my cock and tried to push it out.I pushed my cock up her asshole slowly. She cried in pain every second of it. I got my entire cock inside her ass. She had tears of pain rolling down her face but she was trying to be quite. I left my cock in her ass like that for 5 minutes before she squeezed her ass on her own and looked back at me smiling. I slowly started to slide out of her as she stayed bend over the table. I slid all the way to the head of my cock then i slid back in. I did repeated this for another 5 minutes. I started going faster and harder and she started to moan in pleasure. I felt her ass tighten around my cock every now and then but i wasn’t sure why.

a good half an hour of my dick pleasuring her ass she told me to stop, but i didn’t want to just yet. I couldn’t cum because i didn’t have any sperm left but i could keep doing this so i did. I started pounding her ass like i did with her against the wall, the table she was bent over moved back and forth with me thrusting in to her. she cried out in pleasure over and over again. i pulled out of her and was breathing heavy.

“Suck your ass off my cock” i commanded her. She tried to stand up but her legs gave out and she collapsed to the floor. I watched her lay on the floor breathing heavy and trying to move her legs. I walked up to her head and knelled down above her then sat down with my legs on both sides of her. She rolled over and took my cock into her mouth, she sucked on the tip and then looked up at me and took my cock out of her mouth. “Don’t stop slut” i commanded, she instantly looked down at my cock made a gagging face at it then took it in her mouth and sucked the head again then took what she could into her mouth and sucked and swallowed away. I watched her slowly start to enjoy it more and more. I pushed my cock down her throat and she gagged and almost threw up on my cock so i pulled out and had her suck the length of it as i pulled it out of her.

“your the first one to go into my 58 year old ass, but you made me feel like i was 20 again. Thank you Stan, now go back to my daughter.” she then laid there still trying to get feeling back in her legs. I stood up and looked down at her then looked at the doorway to go back upstairs to see Wendy crying. I had no idea how long she was there but i don’t think any time was good. She ran upstairs and locked her door to her room.

That’s all for this part. Once again sorry if this has bad grammar or spelling i am not great at it but am trying and i am told that’s what counts. I have a feeling if you all like this i will finish the night. this is true events of my life just different names.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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