Spying on Sister had Great Rewards

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Group Sex

Work was slow that Friday before the holiday weekend, and my senior manager decided to call it a day and sent us all home early, which I thought was great since I had planned on going out to the lake with some friends on a three-day camping trip, and I would be able to get out their earlier than I had anticipated. So, I headed home to pack up my gear.

At 24 years old, I had yet to move out of my Parents house. I graduated from college at the end of the fall semester and had started a new job but was trying to get some of my debt paid down and some savings built up before trying to buy a place of my own. Fortunately, my new job paid well, and I was making good progress, but I was still a few months out from my goal, so thankfully my Mom and Dad were more than willing to keep me home a bit longer.

My younger sister, Tonya, now age 19, had just finished her first year at the local university, on a gymnastics scholarship, and still lived at home. Her and I had always got along particularly good together, and of course me being her big brother, I always looked out for her especially against any guys that would try and take advantage of how sweet she was.

Tonya was the type of girl that loved and got along with everyone, making her immensely popular around her peers. She was also an incredibly beautiful girl, standing only about 4’11” tall, with blonde hair, blue eyes and always in great shape athletically from doing her gymnastics.

When I got home, to get my gear, I always park along our street because our driveway just cannot fit 4 cars and even though Dad and Mom were both working, I parked out there just out of habit. I noticed an unfamiliar vehicle in the driveway behind Tonya’s car, and just figured one of her friends from school had stopped by, as I headed into the house.

When I came in the side door through the kitchen, I did not see anyone around and as I headed down the hall towards my bedroom, I heard what sounded like sex noises coming from Tonya’s room. I stopped and listened for a moment trying to figure out if she was in there watching porn or making one with the moaning that was emanating from her partially opened door.

Nope, that was not a porn as I could also hear her bed creaking. I did not want to interrupt anything, so I tiptoed as quietly as possible towards my room, knowing that I would have to pass her room on the way. Her door was open just a few inches from what I could tell as I got closer to it, so getting past it without being noticed would be a cinch.

Now I do not know why I turned and looked while slinking by, but I did, and what I saw blew me away. There laying back on the bed was my sweet little sister getting her blonde hairy pussy destroyed by a very dark-skinned black guy. I froze in my tracks, unable to take my eyes off them! Tonya’s head was back, and her eyes closed as she moaned out her pleasure.

I could hear her saying through her moans, “Oh God, yes! Fuck me, Donte! Fuck my little pussy so good with that big cock of yours! Fuck yes!”

Then he said, “Ah yeah, T! You like that big dick don’t ya?”

I never in a million years thought that my little sweetheart sister would ever talk like that, but then again, I never imagined her having sex either. I watched this man pound into her, seeing his cock disappear in her over and over. Tonya’s little body began to spasm and writhe out of control and in the next moment she screamed out her intense orgasm as Donte kept on fucking her little cunt.

While Tonya was still going through her climax, Donte quickly followed, driving his cock all the way in her, and yelling out, “Oh YEAH, I’M CUMMING GIRL! OH, FUCK YESSSSSSS!”

I could see his ass making jerking motions as he pumped his semen into her, her cries of pleasure still filling the air as I watched her wrap herself around him. I was still unable to move from my viewing point as I saw him kissing her through their post orgasm bliss, until he finally moved off her, and pulled his long thin prick out of her, dragging a cum filled condom with it. Well at least they protected themselves.

They looked at each other and smiled, then kissed some more with Tonya staying on her back, with her legs spread, giving me a perfect view of her wide opened, very well fucked cunt. Her blonde pubic hair stopped at the top of her open slit, leaving her labia completely shaved. Her very pronounced inner labia blossomed out around her opening like rose petals greeting the morning sun. My God what a gorgeous pussy my little sister had!

Tonya then moved to get up off the bed, and just as I thought she would look towards the door, I made a quiet dash for my room and silently closed the door. When I sat down on the bed, thinking about what I had just seen, I suddenly realized that I had gotten a hard on, and it was pressing full force against the front of my trousers.

Oh my gosh, I thought to myself, am I turned on from seeing my little sister get fucked? I had seen her naked countless times on accident over the years but being a batıkent escort pretty liberal minded family that we were, none of us were ever ashamed of our bodies, and those were accidental naked flashes, nothing even close to this, and seeing her getting her pussy pounded like that, while she moaned in pleasure, well that just sent me over the edge.

I could not help myself, so I pulled my cock out of its confines and started stroking myself off. I looked down at my prick and compared it to Donte’s, in my mind. He had me beat in length, as mine was only about 8 inches long, but I definitely had the fatter cock between us. Wait, why I did care about his cock size? It is not like I was going to be fucking my own sister any time soon.

I laughed at myself for a moment then went back to stroking. I may not be going to fuck her, but it did not stop me from thinking about her getting fucked and wishing I could have been in his spot driving my dick inside her. I only stroked my prick for a few minutes before I was blowing a load all over the front of my shirt, sending several jets of cum nearly up to my chin.

I laid back on the bed, still breathing heavy, as cum still oozed from me, thinking about Tonya, but then feeling a little guilty for spying on her. I sighed to myself, then got up and cleaned the cum off me before changing into my camping clothes as I heard our front door close, and a vehicle start up. Donte must have left, and that was probably a good thing since it was getting close to the time Mom would be coming home from work.

I grabbed my backpack and headed out of my bedroom, but just as I went out of my bedroom door, Tonya was coming back down the hallway, still naked from her illicit sexual encounter with Donte. She saw me and her face turned white as a sheet, her mouth about hit the floor, and her eyes got huge! She made a mad dash to her bedroom, partially closing her door but peeking her head out to say something to me.

“Donnie! Oh my God! When did you get home?”

I could not help but laugh a little at her horrified look then said, “I’ve been home long enough to see more than I ever wanted to see of my little sister, that’s for sure!” I shook my head at her and continued down the hallway, to get ready to leave.

Tonya came running out of her room a moment later, now wearing a robe, and caught up to me as I turned towards her. She looked like she was scared for her life and said, “Donnie, please don’t tell Mom and Dad that I had a guy here! Oh God, I am sorry you saw that, too! You must think I am a total ho bag now.” Tonya then buried her face into her hands and started crying.

I felt bad for laughing, and quickly moved to comfort her, wrapping my arms around her, and saying, “It’s okay Sis, I’m not going to tell Mom and Dad anything. Now stop crying and do not worry, I do not think you are a ho, although, I never expected my sister to sound like a porn star, either.” I guess I could not help but throw that in there, but that only made her cry harder, so I added, “Tonya, stop, it’s okay. You’re an adult and do adult things, so just stop worrying about what I think okay?” I gave her another tight hug then pulled back from her.

She looked at me then back down, wiping her tears away and said, “I know, I just worry about disappointing you more than anything, Donnie. You’ve always been the best brother ever and I don’t know, I just don’t want to risk you not caring about me anymore.”

That made me a little mad and I quickly admonished her saying, “Okay, now that’s enough, Tonya! I would never stop loving or caring about you for any reason, and especially not for having sex with someone for crying out loud! We’re okay, Tonya, now get in there and shower before Mom gets home and spray some air freshener so Mom doesn’t smell sex.”

Tonya blushed and nodded, gave me a half smile, then put her head into my chest and hugged me, saying, “Thanks, Donnie. I love you and have fun on your camping trip. We’ll talk more when you get back.” She turned and headed back into her room, and I headed out the door, to finish loading up my camping gear into my Jeep.

I had looked forward to this camping trip for weeks now, and could not wait to hit the wilderness, with only the gear that I could carry. My friends and I set up our camp and made some food, but my head was elsewhere. In fact, for the rest of the weekend, as much as I tried to fill my thoughts with the outdoors and good conversation with them, those thoughts would turn back to Tonya.

It is a good thing we each had our own personal tents, because each night before going to sleep, I had a good jerk off session thinking about her, and the more I thought about Tonya fucking that guy, the more I wanted to be the one to fuck her beautiful little hot pussy. My God, I really wanted to fuck my own sister.

By the time I had gotten home, that Monday afternoon, I was exhausted from all the hiking and from not getting much sleep. I stowed my camping gear back in the garage, then beşevler escort grabbed my duffle bag and headed into the house. The side door opened into a small mudroom, then into the laundry room, so I stopped there to toss my clothes into the wash machine, along with a couple of small towels that I had used for jerking off.

Just as I started putting the clothes in there, Tonya came bouncing in, with a smile on her face and gave me a big hug, saying, “Hey there Donnie, how was the trip?”

I finished putting the clothes in, added the detergent, closed the lid and said, “Hi ya, Sis. Ah it was okay.”

She looked perplexed and asked, “Just, okay? Did something happen?”

I replied, “Nah, we did a lot of hiking, and I did not get a lot of sleep. I had too much stuff on my mind to sleep good.”

Tonya nodded then paused before finishing, “Ah, I see, well Mom is in the kitchen making dinner so again, welcome home.” She patted me on the arm then bounced back out.

I went into the kitchen and Mom saw me and said, “Hi Donnie, you’re just in time. Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes. Did you have a good time?”

“Hi Mom,” I said as I gave her a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, then finished, “Yeah it was fun. Where’s Dad?”

“He had to leave earlier to go out of town on business. They did not need him on location until tomorrow afternoon, but he hates flying across country only to get off the plane and go to work immediately,” Mom said.

“Okay, well I’m going to go take a shower and get some clean clothes on, so I’ll be back out in a bit,” I said to her then headed into my room.

After getting into my room and stripping down, I realized that I had started the wash machine already, and I wanted to hurry up and add these clothes that I had just taken off, so instead of putting a robe on, I opened the door, popped my head out and called for Tonya.

Tonya came out of her room, and I asked her, “Hey Sis, can you go throw these in the machine for me? I forgot that I wanted to wash them, too.”

“Sure, no problem,” she said as she took them, but then wrinkled her nose and jokingly said, “Ewww these are stinky.”

So, I jokingly threw it back at her and whispered with a grin, “Well at least they don’t smell like sex.”

Tonya’s mouth fell open and she blushed about 6 shades of red, standing there unable to move with my clothes in her hand. I laughed a little and said, “Thanks, Sis.” I then closed the door and went into my bathroom to shower. I could not help but chuckle some more at the burn I just got in on her, as I began scrubbing down.

That evening as I was sitting outside on the patio, enjoying the cool night air, and sipping on a beer, I heard the sliding door open, and Tonya come out. She came over and sat beside me in one of the other lounge chairs before saying, “Do you mind if I join you?”

I shook my head and said, “Nah, I don’t mind at all, Sis. Where’s Mom? She coming out, too?”

Tonya replied, “No, she said she was going to bed since she has to work in the morning. What about you? Don’t you have to work, too?”

“Yeah, but I’ll be up for a bit, yet,” I said before drinking down the last of my beer.

Tonya looked at me then down at the patio then looked back at me as if she were going to say something but was hesitating. I looked at her as if I were waiting and she just said, “I’m really sorry again for you having to see me like that on Friday, Donnie. I still can’t help but be embarrassed by it, and you reminding me about it today did not help.”

Yeah, I did give her a good burn but then felt a little bad about it. I said, “Tonya, it’s really okay. Again, that is not something I expected to see when I came home, but shit happens, you know? You’re an adult now, and the only thing that matters is that you are protecting yourself.” I paused then finished, “Is that guy your boyfriend?”

Tonya shook her head and said, “No, he’s just a guy that I met at college. We are just friends with benefits. He and I are taking the same major, so we did a lot of studying together, amongst other things and YES, I am protecting myself. I’ve been on birth control for a couple of years now, and I always use condoms.”

“Wait, how long have you been having sex now, Tonya,” I hesitantly asked.

Tonya looked at me with a grin and said, “Do you really want to know that Donnie, and if I tell you, you have to promise again not to think bad of me.”

I cocked my head to the side, pursed my lips together and said, “I’m not going to think bad of you, dammit, just tell me.”

Tonya looked down at the ground and said with a bashful grin, “Well let’s just say it’s been a couple of years and a number of guys.”

I was a little shocked to hear her say that, because I never knew her to be overtly sexual. Tonya was just a sweet outgoing girl that had a lot of friends, but apparently some of those friends were getting a little more than just her smile.

“See, I can tell you are already having bad ankara escort thoughts, Donnie. I probably should not have said anything. Girls always get the bad end of the stick when it comes to enjoying sex. Men are studs when they have sex, but girls are sluts if they do, right? Besides, I did not just go out and fuck people that I did not know, the people I was with were longtime friends and we were great friends before we started having sex.”

I felt like Tonya was suddenly having to defend her actions to me and that’s not what I wanted at all, so I said, “Tonya, just stop already. I have already told you that finding this out changes nothing about how I look at you, but please, you must excuse me for being a little shocked, okay? It is all good, though, believe me. To be completely honest, I am still trying to come to grasp with the fact that every time I think about seeing you like that, I get an erection and have to jerk off. No pun intended but that is hardest part I am dealing with.”

Tonya looked at with a startled surprised expression when I said that and instantly, I kicked myself for doing so, as she then turned away from me. I thought it best if I just shut my mouth at that point, because it was apparent that I may have just fucked up, so I stood up and said, “Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have said that part.” Before she could respond, I headed in the house and into my bedroom, closing the door behind me.

I laid down on the bed, cursing myself for getting diarrhea of the mouth, and buried my face into the pillow, but just as I started the third round of calling myself a dumbass, I heard a soft tap on my bedroom door. When I looked up, the handle turned and the door slowly opened, as Tonya poked her head in.

She looked at me with a serious look on her face and said in a whisper, “Donnie, we need to talk about this, can I come in?”

I nodded and sat up as Tonya came over and sat on the bed. She looked at me and asked, “Okay, I’m a little confused, why would you get aroused seeing me like that? Donnie, you’ve seen me naked countless times growing up, so I just don’t understand.”

“Tonya, yeah I’ve seen you naked, but I never saw you having sex before and I never saw your pussy all spread like you were after you were done. That is the only way I can explain it. Look, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have told you,” I said feeling even more embarrassed than I did earlier.

Tonya reached out, putting her small hand on my arm, and said, “It’s okay, Donnie, don’t be embarrassed about it, because to be honest, I’m flattered for reasons I can’t explain either.”

We were both quiet for a few moments, then Tonya just blurted out, “So tell me again about how much seeing me having sex turned you on again?”

I looked up at Tonya, and she had a slight grin on her face as she looked me dead in the eyes, then winked at me. She was straight forward, but I was not sure where she was going with her question, so I just threw caution to the wind and said the first thing that came to my mind, “Well let’s just say, that when I jerked off, I came in about 10 seconds.”

I kept eye contact with her, and her grin turned into a bigger smile, then she said, “Yeah, I’d say you were. I bet that was a big mess, huh?”

Tonya giggled and playfully hit me on the arm, as I smiled and nodded back at her, not wanting to say anything more for fear of over-stepping the line of mere brother-sister banter.

Tonya, however, did not seem to care about that line as she stood up and said with a shit eating grin, “Hmmm, that would have been something to see.”

She bent over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, giggled and darted out of the room before I could fully digest what she just said. It took a minute to sink in, but when it did, I just sat there shaking my head, smiled to myself, and then realized that my cock had gotten hard.

That brazen little shit knew exactly what she was doing. Tonya purposely put the additional thoughts in my head that she would have liked to have seen me jerk off.

Okay, Sis, I am going to call on the cards that you just left on the table and raise you. I sat back on my bed, pulled my rigid member from its confines, and started stroking it to full pulsating splendor.

I stroked it for several minutes, replaying what she had said, and filled it with the visions of her wet open pussy. I felt my orgasm building fast, so I grabbed my phone and clicked the camera on to take a video of what I was doing. The camera view was filled with my thick cock as I stroked it and I made sure to get several awfully close angles so every vein that bulged out of it would be seen.

Then when I felt the rush of my climax make its way up, I pulled the phone back just a bit so everything would be seen, as the spasms hit and the cum began to jet from my cock. Rope after rope of semen squirted from my bulbous purple head and onto my abs.

I kept the video going until I squeezed out the last pearly drop of sperm from me, then turned the camera to my face and said in a whisper, “Tonya, that was for you.”

Before I could change my mind, I hit the share button and sent it to her. Little Sis do not put ideas in my head, you just might get what you want, I thought to myself. I then quickly cleaned up, stripped down, shut off the light and got into bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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