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It was a beautiful spring day on my way over to you place I couldn’t help but notice the ladies were not covered up, after the long winter cold, but short skirts and heels.

Pulled up at your place and knocked, you said to come in, so I did as usual you weren’t ready, but I think you do this on purpose because you like to tease me. You said there was wine in the fridge.

Got a glass and from were I was sitting I could see your movements, you door was ajar. You had finished your hair and make up and holding up outfits in front of a long mirror, some I had not seen because of the long winter. You finally decided on one and began to put on your lingerie, a pink pushup bra and pink tap panties. I really liked the show when you put the stockings on, you sat on the bed, you would stick one leg up and slowly pull the stocking up your shapely leg, straightening the seam almost caressing your leg until it was finally fitted. My man hood was starting to twitch from the show you were kaçak bahis siteleri putting on. You disappeared for a few minutes then you came thru the door. Dressed in a pink one piece out fit with a low cut neck line, that was lined with ruffles. You were carrying your black “Catch me fuck me heels”.

You came to me and kissed me deeply, your perfume was striking not pungent but just right. You took my glass finished the wine and said lets go.

Our Café was set on the river; I had reserved a table on the riverside so we could have a little privacy but still could see the people rowing up and down the river. We were looking at the menu and all the sudden I feel your foot sliding up my leg gently pushing on my manhood. With a start the waitress was on the scene, you didn’t stop but sat there with, the cat that just ate the canary smile. I could hardly get my mind on the order, butt I did and she left, and returned with our wine. You stopped your teasing and we canlı bahis siteleri had our lunch. It was not a warm day but little beads of sweat formed on my forehead. Your on a roll, you had been tracing your lips with your finger the gently sucked on you index finger. I asked you to stop as we were finished and were going to leave. You reluctantly did and we walked to the street.

I had decided, before I picked you up, that I was going to take you shopping, so I directed you to Meyers Department store. We walked to the ladies section and I steered you to the lingerie section was a busy day and could not get any one to help. We went from rack to rack to rack you would stop and whisper in and kiss my ear all the while fondling my manhood that by now is a raging hard on. You whisper in my ear to follow you to the dressing room. When we get in and lock the door you sit on the bench. Our lips joined in a deep French kiss, our tongues stabbing, lips sucking. I feel your yasal bahis siteleri hand unzip my pants and pull my cock free of its confines.

I had worked you dress up to your waist and because you love nest was very wet my cock slipped in easily the heat was tremendous your pussy was milking my cock squeezing then releasing. You could sense I was about to cum and you pushed me away and took my cock in your mouth sucking. I couldn’t stand this much longer you beautiful eyes were looking at me in mine, your sensuous lips griping me, your tongue licking me. I had the most mind blowing orgasm you sucked and licked me clean and put my now withering penis back in my pants zipping me up and gave me a little pat and a kiss on the zipper.

Out of nowhere there was a loud knock on the door, the women on the other side said we had better leave or she was going to call security. You stood up and when we opened the door the clerk in the hall had been listening because her clothes were in disarray. We brushed by her giggling and laughing like to school kids. I made the statement ” we won’t be able to come back to that section for awhile” you laughed and said there was always the men’s section . With that we spilled into the street almost skipping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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