Spicy Summer

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It all happened this summer! I never thought on my sister in law as a woman. She was always for me a sister, but everything changed on my holiday!

My wife and me planned to go on a beach after her sister told us that she, and her husband, were about to go to a rented house on the beach. They showed us the picture with that place and it was like in a dream. Let me tell you about my wife…she is 26 years old, a gorgeous brunette, long legs and an amazing round ass, shaped body since she use to work it on gym. Her sister is a red head, very generous big breast, same shaped body and legs you can’t noticed how sexy they are. She is older than my wife, 32 years old, and married with a tall man, working on his private security business. We took my car, since it was a big 4×4 Land Rover, and sine my wife’s sister was having car problems, she sat on front next to me.

She had a summer vaporous dress and you could see easy see her lingerie. By the way she sat there, I couldn’t notice her sexy exposed legs and at some point she caught my eyes checking her. Like she wanted to tease me more, she raised a bit more her dress and let me see more.

We got to the house and first days we were just swimming, sat on sun and had wonderful time enjoying summer. After couple days of sun it starts to rain so we had to stay on the house, since the sea was also very whirling. It was boring first to watch TV together, eating pop-corn or playing cards. My wife was the first who bring the idea to play strip poker, since it wasn’t so fun to play on chips. We all got fun when all of us start to lose, until we got to remain only on boxers and women had their top too.

My brother in law said at some point that it’s not fair for ladies to have their bra on, and when my wife lost, her sister told her she have to remove her bra. I saw my brother-in-law looking at her breast but I wasn’t jealous on that. I looked also at my sister-in-law’s cleavage which exposed a very hot pair of breast. It was soon her turn to get rid on her bra and it start to get me hard not to stare at her beautiful breast. She had very sexy round nipples, hard and pink like raspberry, and she had that sweet perfume of peaches that start to arouse me. It was starting to get very sexual tensed situation and after we had nothing to remove, my wife’s sister came with the proposal to play on punishments. It started to be very fun when again my wife lost and her sister had to give her the punishment.

She told her to write on the wall, with her ass, numbers from one to ten. The way she moved it was like she had a striping dance and I saw how my brother in law glanced lusting on her. Then my brother in law lost and my wife had to give him the punishment. She told him to have a striptease dance and she put a slow music. He first moved like a professional striper actually, and then he moved to his wife and danced like he gave her a lap dance. Soon after that he moved to my wife and gave her the same treat. I saw how turned on she was and at some point he even pushed his obvious hard bulge to my wife’s bare breast. When the music stop he got back to his seat and he winked to my wife. Again my wife lost and brother in law had the biggest hand on poker.

He told my wife she has to massage his wife’s tits until the music stop. She did that and we all laughed seeing her with the head between her sister’s beautiful tits and massaging with her hands those round fruits. She wanted to have more and she even took a nipple on her mouth and played like she was sucking like a baby. I noticed how her sister loved that treat and the atmosphere got tensed. Then brother in law lost and his wife dare to him to give the same treat to my wife. He didn’t hesitate and got on his knees in front of my wife and buried his head between her breast and his hands escort buca grab her breast and rub slowly her nipples with his palm. He got with his mouth on her nipples and sucked them very thirsty and did not hide how much he liked. His wife was laughed hard and told him to offer the same treat to the left breast too. I saw that my wife loved his attention too, but I wasn’t angry for this situation, actually it turned me on. It was obviously the sexual arouse was getting us all.

When I lost next my wife gave me the dare to be folded on my eyes and to recognize only sucking the nipples I would get, which ones is hers and which one is her sister’s. My mouth was drooling anticipating the flavor I want to feel from those sexy round breast of my sister in law. I noticed how sexy she was during those sunny days before and how wild is in bed, hearing her and her husband in their room having sex.

Then I got it first a sweet small nipple soft and getting very fast erect. It was my wife’s one and the next was one the same. It didn’t took me too much to see that was the other nipple of her. The third one was a bigger hard nipple, the perfume was for sure my sister in law’s one, and the circle around it was swollen and bigger. I gave him a long loud suck and then I licked with my tongue the large circle. I took my time to do more of that and took in my mouth as much as I could her breast and sucked like a crazy. My wife said : hey…enough!

And I heard very loud laughed. Then after I got unfolded I told her the first two were hers and the last one was not sure but I guess it was her sister. She lied and said all three were hers, and I lost, and everyone was agree with her. When sister in law’s lose next her husband told her to show me that I was wrong and to get from me a breast massage and a “special attention” for the next song. She got in front of me, and sat on the table letting me to offer her “punishment”. I said with an innocent look it’s not my punishment cause I wasn’t loose, but I got right next having both hands on her breast. I gave her soft squeeze and massage, caressing her hard nipples and then I put my mouth on them and licking her nipples then I took one in my mouth and suck it. I recognize the same beautiful nipple I sucked before and I took my time to caress better her delicious breasts.

My wife said if I like them, and laughed too but I didn’t stop feeling my sister in law getting pleased of that attention. She even took her tits in her hand and offered one by one to my mouth. I was really hard and I wanted so much to put my hard cock between those beautiful pairs of heaven, but I realized about that situation. I couldn’t stop my moves and sucking one nipple I let my hands go down and grab her round ass. The music stop and we got back to the game. It was obvious that it was a very far gone situation and my wife said we have to have a limit, looking to me with that look: “stop that, and do not get carried away…”. The cards were split and she lose with her hand. This time it was my turn to have a dare for her and she had to draw the same numbers from one to ten, but this time on her brother in law’s lap.

She gave me a devilish look and got her place in his lap. He was very pleased about that and even his wife choose a song for that special draw. Having her ass in his lap she start to draw, and I saw many times she was like drawing wrong the numbers and moved again. She had a yellow pair of panty and we all could easy see the wet spot formed but no ones said a thing about that. When she finished, I saw how hard was my brother in law and for a bit I am sure I saw the head of his cock outside from his pants. He was for sure very close to cum, and moving his hard on under the table, and adjusting his voice he said…that was fun, and smiled. buca escort bayan His wife gave him a punch in his arm like joking and looking to her hand she said with a big smile she is served. She had a full house and she already told my wife she have prepared the dare for the loser.

My wife had four of a kind and asked her sister that she have to sit in my lap for the rest of the night, thinking that would punish me as well, being a real tease for both. My brother in law looked to his wife and told her that he is having serious pains in his pants cause my wife drawing. Sister in law sat slowly on my lap, and turning her face to me asked me if she is heavy and it’s uncomfortable for me. The way she sat on my lap she could feel easy the hard on and she told me to adjust to her to sit as comfortable for both. I arranged my cock to get right between her ass checks and she sat and felt that and said…yes, that is very good and smiled.

Brother in law broke the silence and said: all right everyone, you all know this is far beyond limits but I am sure it’s fun for all of us. He looked at me and to my wife and said…you know, we all got horny in here so what about if we move on and have a decision. The silent was on again and then my wife said: we can have fun, together, but here is the condition. There would be no sexual contact, the pants stays on but we can tease each others until finish, and we should make some rules. My sister in law was moving all this time on the music beat and made my cock serious tension. She said too: we can not kiss, cause that would be out limit, but we can have the fun we had until now. No penetration but we can simulate the sex. I said a big OK and brother in law said: can we simulate oral sex? We all look to each others and then decided: ok, but pants remain on.

We got on the living room, on the couch and I saw my wife sitting on his lap and he was starting to massage her breast, looking to her eyes. Then my sister in law got between my legs and simulate oral sex, and moving her hand on my obviously shaped cock, she pressed it’s head and that made it pop out under the boxer strap. She got close to it and I felt a bit her tongue touching it. It was pre-cum formed there and then she moved her head up and sneaked her lips and tongue and took it for a second between her lips. On the other side of the couch, my brother in law stand between my wife’s opened legs and I saw well how he licked with his long tongue the slit formed on her panty. She was enjoying cause I saw the closed eyes and the way she bite her lips. After my sister in law played with her tongue on my shaft she took a look to her husband then she sneaked her hand under my pants and gave me few strokes and licked her lips.

She sat next to my wife and spread her legs. I got on my knees and slowly kissed her tights. My wife start to play with her sister nipple while being pleased by her “lover”. I did the same treat to her sister, licking and having a very good part to taste from her wet black panty. It was a lacy pair and after got wet it could see the silhouette of her beautiful sweet pussy. It tasted like peaches, maybe cause the perfume covered her body. While I licked the wet heaven I took a look to my wife’s partner and saw him holding apart her panty and licking directly her pussy. She didn’t stop him and just moan slowly. I did the same and remove apart my sister panty and gave a big licking to that entrance. It was heaven, it tasted different than my wife, and it was extremely wet. I licked all the juices I could have and then I let my tongue goes inside her pussy, she was very warm and so smooth. Shaved pussy she had got like a real lunch for my hungry mouth and the I start to suck slowly her clit, letting it to start going to tension. Then I let a buca escort finger goes inside her and moving slowly I start to combine her inner pleasure with her clit stimulation. She was soon having an orgasm and I saw then my wife screaming loud yeah!

She cum and her partner was drinking the honey she offer. It followed her sister long moan and my mouth got flooded with heaven cream. Both sisters look each other and had a big laughed. Then putting their pants back on looked to us and said…well, I guess you have to have a happy end to, right. My wife asked her brother to sit on the couch.

Then she climb on his lap and start to move like before, drawing numbers and letters. He was telling her…was that an eight, a nine, this is an z…an s? oh a f…an u… c…k…?! go one… my sister asked me to sit on the couch too. Then she sat with her ass on my lap and start to move like before we had. The round ass o had before and the wet pants she wear made my pants get wet too. I wanted to feel her pussy with my cock so I tried my luck. I told her I need to move my position and she rises her ass a bit, that made me the possibility to pull away my boxers and grab out my hard cock. I looked on my left side and there my wife continued to draw letters.

He understand what she wrote there cause it was silent just small moaning and the music. When my sister sat down, this time only the fabric of her panty were separating our genitals to contact. She pushed her hips higher and when she move down the cock pushed to her pussy and only the panty stop not to get inside. She turned her head to me and her look was saying no… then she keep doing that and we were actually dry fucking, and my cock head was getting a bit every time inside her pussy. I got a hand between her legs and start to massage her pussy trough the panty. She closed her eyes and let my hand caress her entrance. At some point I slowly moved apart the panty and massage her pussy. She turned to me and showed me the finger like a no, but when I start to massage her clit she moved her head on back and moan loud.

On my left side my wife breast were sucked hard by her partner and they were not drawing anymore, just moving like they were fucking. By the way I saw, the panty were on. I slowly pushed a finger inside my sister in law and start to fuck her with my finger but keep moving my hips up to her entrance. I put two fingers inside and she didn’t say a word. O was close to cum but I wanted to feel her inside so I tried my luck. I pulled out my fingers and arranging my cock I start to guide it’s head to her heaven gate. She thought it was fingers but when I pushed in slowly my cock disappeared inside her. She turned her head to me and told me on my ear…no, we can not do it, and I keep pushing faster and she told me I should have a condom at least.

It was too late cause I exploded inside her and feeling the hot strings inside her, she moan so loud having another orgasm. Looking on my left side I saw my wife standing on knees and having cum on her face, and wank brother in law’s cock. She looked at me and told me….sorry but I couldn’t resist, and smiled. Her partner said sorry too, while I was still having my cock burry in my sister in law’s cunt. My wife licked her cum from her lips and me, moving slowly, I pull out my cock and pull on my boxers she couldn’t see. But when my sister in law rise up to go to bathroom I saw how cum was dripping under her panty. We all agree it was a fun night but it needs to end, so we get to our bedrooms when we start having sex with our wives.

My wife didn’t washed her face, just used a towel, and I felt arousing that. Next morning my sister in law came to me and told me in silent she is not on pills. After this trip, we both got worried cause her period was late, and when it come, we both were relief about it and decided next time, to have a condom with us. The days were come brought fun again!

It’s funny to wait to come the period for two wonderful ladies…he he!

This is just the first experience I had with my sister in law, but it’s more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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