Special Delivery

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As a teenager delivering pizza, I’d heard all the ‘stories’, which for the most part was all they were; about the delivery boys showing up at someone’s door only to be met by a young, attractive, very naked woman. In the short period of time that I actually delivered pizza, I never once experienced anything even remotely close to something like that.

Years later, now working as a postal carrier, I’d heard the urban legends of the same type of stories, though usually on a much grander scale. Once again, during the five-year period that I spent delivering the mail, I never once encountered any such thing. Oh sure, I’d seen a few scantily clad women working out in their yards, some of which even made an effort to say hello, greeting me warmly as I handed them their mail. But the truth was, I never saw a naked woman, even in passing. Nor did anyone really flirt, or proposition me as I concluded my appointed rounds.

“Neither rain, nor sleet nor snow….nor a sexy, bare-assed naked beauty will keep me from my appointed rounds.” I mused to myself as I enjoyed a beautifully warm summer day delivering the mail.

I’d recently been given a new route as the regular guy had retired. In a way, it was almost like being given a promotion, as it was a much easier route to deliver than those I had been doing. It was also in a much higher classed, upper neighborhood where everyone seemed to own BMW’s, Jaguars, or Cadillac’s.

I’d only been delivering this new area for a couple of weeks, just getting familiarized with everything when I had my very first ‘experience’, though some might say it really didn’t count. The way I figured it though, anything that resulted in my seeing something I wasn’t supposed to, counted. Even if it wasn’t a direct come-on or “urban legend” flirtation.

Nearing the end of my day’s deliveries, I had one last grouping of homes to deliver to. Parking my delivery van at the bottom of the street as I always did, I’d make my way up the long circular row of expensive homes, eventually working my way back to the van where I’d usually end my day well within the allotted time given me to have done so.

Just as I reached the halfway point in this semi-circular delivery, I’d started up the rather long walk towards the porch of a home that would easily have fit three of mine inside it. Two fairly tall hedgerows framed either side of the walkway as I approached. Because of that, I was totally unaware that anyone was working outside in the yard until I reached the mailbox near the door. Obviously, ‘she’ heard me as I passed by, standing up, addressing me as I did. Startled slightly, I spun towards the sound of her voice, dropping a couple of the catalogs I’d been carrying.

“Oh god! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you!” she said apologetically.

She was tall for a woman, taller than I was anyway by a couple of inches or so. She had long brown hair, though at the moment it was all twisted into a knot on top of her head. Almost immediately I took in the fact that she was wearing a pair of Levi short’s that had been purposely cut, almost a little too short, revealing a pair of very long, shapely legs. But it was her bountiful breasts that I really had trouble keeping my eyes off of. She wore a loose fitting blouse, obviously something she felt comfortable wearing while working out in the yard. With one more button undone than was probably necessary, exposing a great deal of rather tempting cleavage. I wondered briefly if it had come undone by itself, with her unaware that had. Or…that she for whatever reason, enjoyed purposely showing off those magnificent full breasts. I decided on the latter.

I laughed at her comment to me. “No problem. It’s the dogs sneaking up on me from behind that I have to worry about. Not the women.”

Somehow that didn’t come out the way I’d intended it to. She laughed causing me to blush slightly. As she did, I saw one of the magazine’s I had dropped, suddenly flipping a bunch of pages as a mild breeze blew through it. Several of those loose post-card things suddenly began tumbling out and blowing across the yard. As I stooped over to retrieve them along with the magazine, she did the same. When she did, I got my very first “this one counts” view down her blouse at those lovely breasts. Braless, those twin beauties hung there briefly before my eyes. Gazing at those soft slopes, each capped with a slightly darker patch of skin hinting at even more lovely looking nipples, I had to force myself to look away in an effort to actually retrieve the magazines.

When I did, I caught her looking at me. She had to have known what I’d been looking at as I felt my face redden even more deeply. Having somehow snared the magazine, I automatically held it out to her. Looking at it as I did, she let out a brief laugh. Flustered enough as it was, I looked at it myself and saw that it was opened to a rather racy advertisement of a woman standing there wearing a sheer, lacy bra. About all I could do was look stupid and grin.

“Thank you,” she said taking it from me. web tasarım “Sure is a hot one isn’t it?”

I was still looking at the advertisement. “Yeah…I guess you could say that,” I replied, realizing she was talking about the weather and not the photo I’d been staring at. She laughed, this time making it obvious that she knew I hadn’t been discussing the weather.

“It is amazing how far they’ve come in advertising. It hasn’t been that long since they couldn’t even show a woman wearing a bra on TV.”

Feeling foolish, I continued to look stupid, still grinning. That, and glance towards her breasts as I did. Another button had come undone, and now I could see the edge of one of those dark nipples’s winking at me.

“Well, I’d better get going,” I said nervously beginning to turn away.

“Sure you wouldn’t like something cold to drink first?” she offered.

I had a cold bottle of water waiting for me back in the van. I watched as she removed a handkerchief from her back pocket, using it to dab at the glistening sheen of perspiration that had gathered between her breasts.

“I need to finish my route first,” I told her evasively, having no intention of returning.

I was forty-five minutes ahead of schedule. At worst, it would take me another fifteen minutes to finish. She smiled, her breasts heaved with each breath, even they seemed to be smiling at me.

“By the way…my names Samantha, though everyone calls me Sam.”

“Nice to meet you Samantha…Sam,” I corrected. “Call me Brian”.

I remembered looking at her mail. Everything had been addressed to an “S. Davis”. I wondered if the “S” stood for “Samantha, or Sam”.

“I’m recently divorced,” she said, answering my unasked question.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be…he was a real shit. He got what he deserved,” she added with a wicked smile on her face. “That’s what I got for being a good little wife. Well…no more,” she said with finality in her voice, though I considered her comment, wondering if there was some hidden meaning behind it.

“You like iced tea? Lemonade?”

“Either one would be great,” I told her, though I was thinking I might need something a little stronger, like a Long Island iced tea as nervous as I was feeling at the moment.

“See you in a few then?” she questioned, pressing for my commitment.

“Sure. I’ll be back just as soon as I can finish up.”

“Good. Just come around back,” Sam told me. “I’ll be out on the patio with our drinks.”

Glancing at my watch, I literally sprinted the remainder of my deliveries, finishing in record-breaking time. I felt a little silly pulling my mail truck into her driveway, but figured I wouldn’t be there all that long. And anyone seeing it parked there would merely assume I was making a special delivery of some sort.

Walking around back as she’d instructed me to do, I was surprised to see her waiting for me. Not that she was, but that she had changed clothes, now wearing an even more revealing bikini. The fact that there was a beautiful, rather large pool didn’t make seeing her in that attire any easier. I felt awkward as hell, especially sitting next to her in my Postal Carrier uniform.

“Would you like to go for a swim?” she asked.

I was tempted. Tempted as hell. And even not having any swim trunks obviously, didn’t register with me at the time.

“Ah…no thanks. Maybe another time,” I replied sheepishly.

“Was she coming on to me? Or was she simply being nice?” I thought silently. At the moment, I really had no idea for sure what she was doing.

She asked me about myself. How long had I been at the Post Office? Did I like it? Was I married? Any kids etc. I answered all of her questions truthfully; surprised she seemed genuinely interested in me.

“Coming up on six years now,” I said. “Some days better than others.” I’d said smiling. “No…not married, though I had been engaged once.” Which basically answered the kids question without really responding.

Sam shifted in her chair, extending her legs a little. The movement of which drew my attention to them briefly of course. As she did, I saw the material of her bikini bottoms tightly clinging to her crotch, outlining in ways that made all rationalization of what I was staring at seem unimportant. Clearly outlined, wonderfully defined, her neither lips looked puffy, swollen…forming a perfect ‘V’ with the briefest outline of her pubic hair pressing against the thin material of her bright red bikini bottoms.

I had hardly touched my drink really. She’d made iced tea. I hated iced tea, but wasn’t about to tell her that.

“It really is a hot one?” Isn’t it?” Sam said standing up. My eyes followed her movement as she walked over towards the pool. “Sure you don’t care to join me?” she asked almost teasingly.

I smiled, nodding my head “no”. I expected that she would in all likelihood walk around to the other side of the pool at the far end where the diving board was. Which she did. I sat there preparing to watch her, secretly admiring web tasarım ankara those sun-tanned, incredibly long legs and that heart-shaped ass, made even more so by the bright red material of her swim wear.

What I didn’t expect, now watching, as she reached around behind herself, undoing the bikini top still heading towards the diving board. Sam nonchalantly tossed it off to one side. Though I couldn’t as yet see her breasts, I knew that momentarily, I was about to. The thought of which caused my cock to lurch excitedly inside my pants. Sam wasn’t through shocking me though. When she reached the end of the pool, finally turning, allowing me to see those twin treasures, she once again stopped before climbing the three-step ladder to the board. Bending over, she shimmied out of the bottoms, tossing them somewhere behind her, and then stepped up onto the diving board. I took a rather long pull on the iced tea, not even tasting it as I sat there staring at her.

She ‘posed’ momentarily on the end of the board, bouncing slightly, which in turn bounced her tits wonderfully.

“I hate wearing a wet suit,” she informed me, calling out to me across the length of the yard as though that explained everything.

“Why bother even wearing one?” I asked myself, continuing to see her testing the bounce on the board, which in turn allowed me to enjoy the bounce of her chest once again.

Satisfied, she took a few steps backwards, stopped, running forward, hitting the end of the board perfectly. For a brief moment, she hung suspended mid-air, looking much like a beautiful bird having just taken flight, now spreading her wings. As gravity took over, she descended into the pool making hardly a ripple as she entered the water. Just seeing her incredibly beautiful nude form slicing through water the way she did was breathtaking in itself. Before I knew what I was doing, I had stood and was clapping as she swam over towards my end of the pool.

“That was incredible!” I exclaimed as I offered her my hand, helping her up and out of the water. She took it, smiling at me.

“Thank you. I used to be on the diving team in college,” she informed me. “Though it has been a few years since I was.”

“Could have fooled me,” I told her. “You did that perfectly.”

I was still holding her hand even though she had stepped completely out of the pool by this time. Glancing over towards the table, I followed her gaze, realizing she was looking at the folded towels she had placed there. I let go of her hand as she walked towards it, picking one of them up and began drying her hair. I was somewhat surprised she hadn’t used one in which to cover herself with. Not wanting to appear too obvious about my looking at her, I quickly made my way back to my seat and my near empty glass of iced tea.

“Would you like another?” she asked.


“Why don’t you follow me inside while I make some more then?” she asked, turning, heading back inside the house without waiting for a response from me.

Without a further word, I obediently did so. Watching that gorgeous naked ass as she entered the house reminded me that I was “aroused”, and I quickly glanced down, horrified to discover not only a very obvious bulge protruding from in front of my slacks, but an equally obvious ‘wet-spot’ pointing directly to the accusing area.

“Fuck!” I said softly, catching myself, wondering as I did if I’d said it a little too loudly.

And I had.

“Something wrong?”

I thought I detected a hint of a snicker in her tone of voice as I hurriedly caught up to her, placing myself purposely behind the counter as she walked around the opposite side of it finally facing me.

Not knowing what else to say to even attempt to hide the obvious…I lied.

“I must have spilled some of my iced-tea,” I told her feeling my face turning crimson.

Knowing full well where the supposed spill was, I watched in abject horror, mixed with a little nervous delight as Sam raised herself up on the counter, bracing her arms, pushing upwards to peer over the edge of it down towards me. She was grinning of course. Which didn’t help matters. Though seeing those near perfect breasts suddenly swaying too and froe in front of me helped a little.

“How bad?” she questioned, looking.

“Not real bad…I’ll live,” I said glibly.

“Maybe you’d better take them off so I can rinse them out before they stain,” she said seriously. “Tea stains are a lot harder to get out than people realize. Though other types of stains are no problem at all,” she said looking at me directly a hint of a knowing smile spreading across her face.

“Did she know? Was I that stupid to think that she didn’t?”

“No really…I’ll be fine,” I countered.

Samantha however procured a clean washcloth, immediately wetting it and then coming from around her side of the counter.

“Well at least let me rub it a little.”

“What did you say?” I half stammered.

“Rub the spot out a little,” she completed, just then reaching me.

Before I could even say another word in protest, she was dabbing at the spot in a circular motion with the cloth.

“This should help.”

“Yeah…help make it worse.” I said to myself. Which of course it did. The ‘spot’ not only got bigger as she applied tap water to it, but so did the bulge in my pants.

“Really…you should let me remove these.”

Almost immediately, she began doing so before I could respond. Somehow I’d swallowed my tongue. As I felt her undoing my belt buckle, unzipping my pants, my erection sprang free like a cobra preparing to strike.

“Oh god!” I exclaimed in embarrassment.

“Well! What do we have here?” I heard her ask. But before I could say anything, I felt her velvet mouth suddenly encompass my shaft.

In one fluid motion, Sam engulfed me, drawing my hot-throbbing prick deeply between those smoothly sucking lips. I felt her hand cupping my balls, kneading them as softly as bread-dough as she fondled me, sucking me simultaneously. I next heard her giggle around my cock as my knees buckled.

“Would you like to come with me?” she asked.

Once again I wondered if I’d heard her right. Though at this point it really wouldn’t have made any difference either way. As it was, I merely nodded my head yes to whichever question she’d actually asked me.

Standing up, releasing my prick with her mouth, she exchanged it for her hand however, leading me down the hall towards what I could only suppose was her bedroom. Which it was of course.

Sam crawled up into the spacious four-poster bed, beckoning to me. “Why don’t you take off your clothes?” she mewed suggestively. And of course, I did that too.

In seconds, I was beside her on the bed where we found ourselves in a side by side, ’69’ position. As her mouth once again claimed my penis and began teasing it with tiny little nips and suckings, I probed her equally wet glistening split with the tip of my tongue, hearing a very satisfied moan as it escaped her lips, caressing my prick while I in turn tickled her clit with my tongue, amazed at how slick and juicy she was. Capturing her clit with my lips, sucking it like an extended nipple, I placed my finger between the lips of her femininity, feeling them adhere to it, sticking to it like glue. Her nectar was not only sweet to the taste, but frothy rich as my finger played in it, causing erotic, sensual squishy sounds to begin emanating from between her lips.

I probed her with my index finger, feeling her quim sucking my finger inside, like her mouth was currently doing to my prick. Her juices continued to flow freely, running down the inside of her thigh, soaking not only my face, but the sheets beneath us. Soon, her ass was smeared in this rich coating and I began to gently toy with the tiny puckered opening I found there. Tentatively at first, “testing the waters” so to speak, I then included my middle finger as I pressed it gingerly against that opening. I felt her stiffen slightly as she became aware of my explorations. The fact that she didn’t warn me off, allowing me my ‘play’, I continued.

“Oh god…that feels good,” she moaned softly around my cock.

“I’ll say,” I said simply, the flat of my tongue still probing inside her. What she was doing to my prick had forced me to concentrate more fully on what I was doing. The sensation of her lips as she licked, sucked, and caressed my straining shaft was driving me insane with desire and lust for this woman.

A moment later I felt my middle finger slip easily inside her up to the first knuckle. I remained there, teasing the inside of her ass, sucking her clit even more urgently than I had been until I felt her tiny contraction relax slightly. When it did, I pressed inside her a little deeper until my entire middle finger slid inside the opening of her ass. Here, I left it, unmoving for a moment until she could again find herself becoming used to the unexpected intrusion of her virginal ass.

Now I probed her pussy more deeply, more exploratory with my index finger until the sensation of having two fingers situated side by side, separated by only the thinnest membrane of tissue, finally registered within her mind.

“Oh fuck…that feels nice!”

I grinned, licking her clit, sucking it as my fingers began to dance together in perfect harmony with one another. I felt Samantha tense, but it wasn’t a concerned tenseness that seized her, but one of mind-blowing surprise and wonder at the sensation that now accosted her as I began my double fingering of both openings simultaneously.

“Oh Brian! Brian! Please…Oh God, please don’t stop!” she urged me passionately.

I wasn’t about to of course; I could feel her pussy suddenly liquefy even more than it had been already. The fact that her orgasm was upon her before she’d anticipated it to be was a pleasured surprise…for both of us.

“Oh my God! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she repeated over and over again. I felt both her cunt, and anal muscles contract as her orgasm ripped through her. As her cry of ecstasy came, I had also captured her clit with my lips, sucking it furiously. Samantha froze as though solid, her back arched, her knees locked as she clenched in a massive seizure of petrified joy.

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