Son’s Exposure Pt. 02

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I couldn’t help but think about what I had done the day before. What had happened. I sat on my bed and just kept running it over in my head and couldn’t help but get turned on by it. Since I had let my Father catch me jerking off and then allowing him the visual ecstasy of my own teenage climax, well I couldn’t stop fantasizing. Laying there the next morning I just kept picturing him standing behind me stroking that large cock, watching me stroke my own young meat around in my hand. I felt confused and not sure how to take all this information in. Did my own Father have a secret sexual desire for me, or was it just a momentary lapse of judgment due to unbridled lust? Either way I couldn’t help but lay there in bed rubbing myself to the idea.

So, I just did the first thing that comes to any teenaged boys mind and slipped off my shorts and stroked my smooth hairless cock with enthusiasm. My thoughts drifting deeper into the taboo of the whole thing. I could hear everyone downstairs shuffling around in the kitchen. But I found myself imagining my Dad putting his hands on me and fondling my hard six inches in his big muscular hand. Maybe even probing my tight virgin asshole. I wasn’t sure, it was all new to me. And no one had ever fooled around back there. Back to my daydreaming, I’d then rub his cock through his pants, begging for him to take it out for me. Oh, jesus I started cumming already just from the thought of it! What was wrong with me? I loved sleeping with girls and loved pussy. But I couldn’t get over the fantasy of doing something with my Father. This weekend would be the family cookout at my house. And maybe, just maybe I could explore this a little more.

Should I be entertaining these thoughts though? I mean he was my Father after all and it could really screw things up between us. Not to mention, there was the possibility he would recoil at the idea of doing anything with me. His youngest son. I had to find out what this meant. I felt like a crazed horny lunatic anytime it popped into my head, which was often.

The weekend finally arrived after a grueling couple of days of anticipation. Everyone would start arriving soon and I had plans not so much to spend time with family but find out if one of them wanted me. I figured I’d go for a bit of a swim. The cousins always enjoyed swimming once they arrived and then all of us kids would eat later. I showered up and shut the door to my room and grabbed my swim trunks from the dresser. I thought about wearing my swimming briefs, the ones I wear for swimming competitions, but I thought it too much. I opted instead for a pair of my regular swimming shorts. Well I say regular but they are still rather small and tight fitting.

Once I got them on I checked myself out in the mirror and egotistically admired my body in the reflection. From my clean short cut hair, down to my strong shoulders and toned arms, and further down to my hard abs. They weren’t especially defined, but just enough for me. And finally, my toned thigh muscles and calves. And to be honest, I hadn’t really given my ass much thought before but now I was noticing the tight roundness of it. The little bounce it gave way to when I flipped my fingers across the bottom half. I was jetted out of my moment of mirror admiration when I heard a knock at my door.

“Patrick, are you in there son?” My Dad’s voice shot through my door and straight to me ears.

“Yeah Dad, you can come in!” I thought to myself that he could do a lot more.

“Hey pal, I just wanted to check in on you and let you know everyone will be here soon.” He continued. “and I see by your shorts you already plan on swimming.”

“You guessed it Dad, haha.” I was nervous but excited. Yet still confused. I could barely get stranded teens porno the words out.

“Patrick, do you think those shorts are going to be alright?” He uttered the words calmly as he stepped towards me.

Before I could get a word out he had stepped right in front of me examining my trunks. I could feel his eyes piercing through the fabric, maybe in hopes of seeing an outline of my dick. After looking over them a brief second he put his hand out and tugged on them a little. The waistband nudged just slightly off my waist for a split second and then nestled back into place. I was doing everything I could to keep my dick from getting hard, but I could feel the blood rushing to my shaft. And as if that wasn’t enough, he placed two fingers in the waist band and from the side, ran his fingers from back to front. His fingers gliding across my smooth skin. They came to rest just above my growing dick. And just when I thought I was about to pass out from excitement.

“Well Pat my boy, it looks like you might need a new pair soon.” He patted my thigh and headed for the door. “I’m going to get the grill started soon, I’ll see you out there.”

“Sure Dad!” Was all I could muster. My mouth was too dry for anything else.

I felt a sensation on my inner thigh and realized that my dick hadn’t had any dry problems. I had precum oozing out onto my leg. Jesus Christ, had that been close. I was sure he was going to notice my semi growing. Though I hadn’t missed the ever so light outline of his cock through his khaki shorts. If you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t have noticed. But I was looking, and I hoped I could get a closer look sooner rather than later. Good God, what was I thinking? My Father, who loves and sleeps with my Mother. How could I ever? The taboo lust was too much. Negative thoughts only existed for a brief second before his massive cock came into my mind.

After I had collected my thoughts I headed downstairs. Mom was in the kitchen making up some small snack foods for everyone and my brother was in the living room watching a sports game. Sports aside from swimming had never really been my thing. I could see through the kitchen window, Dad laying out the meats and preparing the grill. Lucky enough for me, it was by the pool.

“Honey! Patrick sweety?” Mom had interrupted my naughty thoughts.

“Yeah Mom, what’s up?” I wanted to hurry out to the pool.

“Would you like some small honey ham sandwiches to hold you over until lunch hun?” Mom said sweetly. Always looking out for me.

“You know what Mom, I think I’m going to pass. I’m about to swim some before lunch.” My gaze out of the bay window hardly broken by Mom’s question. I had an appetite for something else.

I grabbed my towel from the laundry room heading out to the back patio and headed out the door. The hot sun felt so good on my skin. It felt like I was already toasty. I waved to Dad, who seemed mildly intrigued when he saw me bounce out of the house in my little shorts. I didn’t make it obvious that I was staring at him, or even that my attention was more focused on him than the pool. I laid my towel out on the patio chair and turned to face away from my Dad. Now was the time I’d start laying out my plan. I slightly bent over the chair, pretending to have a little trouble getting the towel over the chair. I glanced off to my side, not directly looking at my Dad.. And sure, enough I could see him out of the corner of my eye looking my direction. I stretched my arms and legs a little bit, don’t want a cramp you know. And headed over to the water’s edge. Just as I had dipped a toe in, I heard my Dad holler to me.

“Hey Pat, it’s a really hot one out today. student sex parties porno Maybe you’d better put some sunscreen on!”

“Uh yeah sure Dad, I guess you’re right.” I said hesitantly. I mean why would I put on sunscreen and then jump in the water?

“Here, while I’m waiting for the fire to build up, I’ll rub, or put some on you.” He said with a glimmer in his eye. “I mean you wouldn’t want to burn that smooth skin, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re right.” I stammered.

It had hit me that what he really wanted to do was rub some lotion on my body. Was he really going to be so flagrant, right here, right in sight of the kitchen bay window? But I didn’t argue. I wanted to see what it would be like to feel those strong hands rubbing my body, even if it was just my shoulders and back. He casually walked over to me. All towering 6 feet of him. He was wearing those short khaki shorts with a blue tank top. I could see the muscles on him arm glittering in the sunlight. God oh God was I getting hot. My heart rate picked up quickly as he got to me. I straddled the long end of the patio chair with my legs, making sure to face away from him. Just in case my boyish dick tried anything funny.

I heard the squeeze of the bottle and then the coolness of the lotion on my shoulders as he started to rub it in. He ran it around my shoulders and down my back. There wasn’t anything abnormal about the whole thing. Then he asked me to lay on my stomach so he could get the full length of my back. So, I obliged and laid out face down. My young tight ass staring back up at him. He slowly ran his hands down my lower back and let his fingers trace a path under the waistband of my trunks ever so slightly. I felt an immediate tingle in my dick and could feel myself getting hard. I couldn’t believe he was practically running his hand along the top of my ass. The meat of it just barely under his fingers. Before I could get too excited, he switched to my legs. Again, just the usual rubbing of my legs up and down getting as much sunscreen on as possible. But his grip tightened as he moved both his hands up my legs, over my toned thighs and stopping just below the hem of my shorts. It felt like a tease. I was in heaven feeling his strong hands caress my legs. He moved them back down, and then back up. Only this time, his fingers went well up the opening of my shorts, groping my upper thigh. His fingers just inches away from my now rock hard dick.

“Hey babe! I think we should get the meat on!” Mom’s sudden appearance at the door startled my Dad. As if he knew he had been doing something he shouldn’t of.

“Ok darling, I’m on it!” He shouted back as he ripped his hands from my legs as quickly as he could.

I took this opportunity to jump up quickly and make a dive for the pool.

“Thanks, Dad. I should be covered!” Was all I said diving into the pool.

I didn’t want to let on that I knew what he was doing. Everything had to appear innocent enough. Hopefully he nor mom noticed my raging hard on creating a tight tend at the front of my shorts. The water felt great on my skin. I had been so hot, not only from the sun but my Father’s touch. The taboo of the whole thing. I mean it wasn’t like I was unfamiliar with my Dad’s hands. He had always helped my muscles relax after a swim competition. If I had a headache, he’d rub something on my head. But it was always so innocent. But this time, well I felt insane pleasure with every stroke of his finger across my skin. My dick tingled with wanted anticipation when he went under my waistband. I swam around for a bit, stealing glances at my Dad prepping the meats on the grill. That outline in his shorts was a bit more noticeable submissive cuckolds porno now. I assume I had something to do with that. It gave me pleasure and a devilish smile.

I decided to have a little fun, it was such a nice day and I’d been so turned on. So, with just the two of us being out there, I swam up to the side of the pool where he was cooking. In doing this he couldn’t see my bottom half. I slowly and cautiously peeled off my trunks. With every inch of my ass being exposed to the cool water, the more sensual I felt. But hard boyish dick was freed from its prison. If he could have seen me, oh boy. Just as I got my shorts down around my thighs I felt a rush of water pressure. The jets, the jets on the side of the pull. Oh yes, this was going to happen. I casually backed myself up to the jet, making sure to expose as much of my ass to it as possible. I bent a little and nestled my asshole firmly against the jet. Oh the feeling was amazing! I hadn’t felt anything like it before. All the little nerves in my asshole were coming alive with pleasure I’d not known. I accidently let out a little moan.

“Oh mhmmmm!” My eyes shut.

“Are you doing alright Patrick?” I heard my Father bellow out at me. Unaware of what his boy was doing.

“Oh just find Dad, just perfect!” I was even more turned on talking to him while half naked and getting my asshole massaged by the jet.

I was about to just kick off my shorts completely when two of my cousins appeared on the back patio, swim ready, and jumped into the pool. I quickly pulled my shorts up and swam out to the middle. Trying my best to appear normal and happy to see them. When in reality they were keeping me from my little game. The funny thing about all this was that I’d never known playing with my ass could give me so much pleasure. Perhaps I should explore this some more and find out just how much pleasure my ass could give me. I was excited.

The rest of the day went pretty well. Everyone had a great time, as did I. Even though I didn’t get to continue my games. But to end my day I had decided to try something new. And while sitting in my room, with the door locked this time, I pulled out the rather large hotdog I had saved from dinner. I quickly ripped off my shorts and played the video back of my dad jerking off to me and put it on replay, grabbed the bottle of lotion I kept in my room and lathered up my asshole. I was new to all this and wasn’t sure what to expect.

I applied a little to my fingers and placed my index finger against my opening. The muscles were constricted and so I applied a little bit of pressure. The pain was immediate. But I just kept pressing as I watched the video of my Dad stroking his large cock. Before I knew it, I was in up to the knuckle and in one thrust pressed the rest of my finger into my ass. God did it feel amazing once I got past the pain. I went for a second finger, then a third. I was on such a high of lust I had gotten three fingers in my ass and started pumping furiously while I stroked my dick. The sensation was amazing. Feelings I’d never felt before. The sound of my wet fingers banging my ass drove me wild. Without thought I grabbed the hotdog I had taken from the dinner table and took firm hold of it and began pressing it against my ass. My fingers had loosened everything up. The head of it popped in, and then I slid the length of it into my virgin asshole.

God what a feeling it was! Before I knew it, I was having the orgasm of my life. I couldn’t stop cumming. I rolled from side to side as I drove the hotdog deeper into my ass, moaning with pleasure. The climax subsided and I whipped up some of the cum off my stomach and put it to my lips. I admit, it didn’t taste bad. It was hot in a naughty sort of way. And with the hotdog meat still in my ass, the tip just barely hanging out, I licked up the rest of my cum to my waiting mouth. If this was what it was like to get fucked, then I knew what I had to do. What I wanted and what I needed. My Father had to be the one to take my anal virginity from my cute little ass. But how could I make this happen?

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