Sometimes You Get Lucky Ch. 03

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I’ll never forget the wide eyed look of wonder and fear in Yulia’s eyes as she got herself seeded for the first time.

I wasn’t sure how’d she react after having a recreational fuck turn into a procreational fuck but as I lay on top of her with my cock softening in her pussy she gave me a very warm and tender kiss.

“That was chudovyy!” She said with a smile. It means ‘wonderful’.

After a while I rolled off of her and lay next to her with a leg draped over one of hers. She looked up at the ceiling with a slight smile as I took some more time to fondle and study her perfect white tits. Her nipples were small and set on a perfect silver dollar size circle of darker skin.

There was not a single flaw on her chest. Not one. That made me curious and soon she let me roll her around so I could examine her from head to foot. I didn’t find anything…no moles, birthmarks, or even a childhood scar. That led me back to studying the front of her body again and now my gaze drifted from her perfect tits to the flawless skin of her belly.

Jordan had been similarly perfect before the baby and afterwards her body bore a latticework of stretch marks when her belly swelled with my child and her tits swelled with milk. I’d left my mark on Jordan no different than if I had branded her and now I was staring at yet another perfect belly.

My cock turned to steel and I found myself aching to bury it into Yulia again.

I kissed her nipples and steadily worked my legs between hers.

Not feeling terribly patient I poked my hardness against her sperm-soaked pussy and felt it yield. She gave a satisfied moan as I slipped into her again and this time I noticed as her hips rose to meet mine.

With my first load of cum already delivered I was fucking Yulia at a slower pace to prolong the experience for both of us. I’d pull out and then slowly, ever so slowly slide myself back into her again. I loved hearing her moan in my ear and when she spread her legs for me I happily obliged and fucked her as deep as I could.

We kept at it and I was determined to keep it together until she went off.

I loved kissing her pale pendik escort skin and feeling her soft hands running all over me. It was hard to believe that I had just met her and here we were fucking and she was responding to me as if we’d been lovers for years! I loved how she answered my every motion with one of her own and the experience was almost spiritual.

When she started softly speaking Ukrainian in my ear I knew she was getting close. Now I punctuated each slow thrust with a deep plunge and a grind, holding it a moment before I withdrew and did it all over again. I loved how she loved my grinding and then tried to hold me inside of her as I’d pull back.

Her utterings started to be interrupted by sobs and little gulps of breath. I felt myself starting to sweat with our mutual exertions and then I felt a tremor run through her.

That did it for me and I stopped trying to control myself! I pounded away at her and she rewarded me by grabbing my cock with her pussy and squeezing on me in the most amazing way! I’d never felt this with a woman before and it set me off.

She spread her legs to the limit as my cock hosed down her pussy with cum. I don’t know where it came from but it seemed like I was giving her even more than I had earlier. It almost hurt like I was trying to shoot my balls through my cock!

And then I just collapsed onto her while trying not to smother her.

We lay there covered in each others fluids and the sheets were clearly a mess. I smiled because I don’t think I’d ever been happier.

I heard her say something but didn’t understand it.

“Hmmm?” I asked.

“I didn’t expect all of this” she said breathlessly, “Are you going to keep me now or was this just you having fun?”

I got up on my arms and looked at her beautiful face. She had this look that told me she was prepared to be deeply hurt by whatever I was about to say next.

“Yulia, I know we just met and I know you wanted something else from me but I think I’d love for you to be part of my life. Are you willing to try that?”

A slight smile came across her face, “Yes, I would!”

She ran maltepe escort her fingers on my cheek and said, “Jordan was crazy to ever leave you.”

I couldn’t believe it but I was falling in love with Yulia. I hadn’t even met her just a few hours before and now I never wanted to let her go.

Exhausted, we didn’t bother to change the sheets and the two of us slept very peacefully that first night.

The next morning things were different, to say the least.

Yulia and I took a shower together and then got ourselves dressed. She insisted on making breakfast for me and that meant letting her out of the guest suite. Somehow I didn’t mind.

She was magic in the kitchen! In no time at all she made these potato pancakes that she called ‘deruni’ and she was quite adamant that I was only allowed to watch her cook. At least she didn’t mind that I made the coffee.

Afterwards she wanted to go for a walk. That meant letting her get dressed and that meant putting shoes and socks on her pretty feet. That was a hard choice for me but I said yes.

We walked the neighborhood for a good hour or so and she told me about her family. Alcohol abuse was fairly typical for Ukrainians she said, but her father had gone the extra step where he was lost to his addiction. Her mother wasn’t far off from that same place. Yulia cried a little when she explained she’d tried to date a couple boys/men from within her community only to find the same problems with them that she had at home. When she’d talked to Jordan and heard about me she told me that she just wanted to get away from her past and to just indulge herself in a way that women in her culture would never consider.

We stopped for a little bit near a fountain.

“I wasn’t expecting you to try to give me a baby.”

I’ll admit to smiling inside when she said this. I was just going to be a fun time for her right up until shit got real.

“You told me you wanted me to treat you the same way I treated Jordan and that means having my baby. You want to be dominated, yes? Well there is no better way to dominate a woman than to have her barefoot and pregnant.”

She kartal escort looked up at me. “You want me barefoot and pregnant?”

I smiled. “All the time. And I think I want to see you barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen cooking for me and our children.”

That just seemed to make her melt and she hugged me.

When we got home she excused herself to go downstairs and when she came back upstairs she was dressed in the fleece lounger and I couldn’t help but notice that she was barefoot. She didn’t say a word as she walked past me to the kitchen.

“Baz?” Can you come help me in the kitchen?” her voice had a playful sound to it.

I responded to her summons and saw her standing at the sink.

“I am in the kitchen and I am barefoot. Maybe you can help me with the other thing?”

She pulled up the lounger just enough to show me her bare ass. I kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants. My cock was already making a tent of my boxers and they came off next.

I guided her hands to the sink and then pulled up her lounger to see her beautiful pale ass. I cupped her ass in my hands and gave her a little lift. She held herself up on the edge of the sink as I got myself behind her. I swabbed my cock between her pussy lips and it was only a couple swipes of it before I found my mark and slid into her.

This was no lovemaking. This was a kitchen quickie and we both understood that the point was to put a baby in her belly.

After that moment we were fucking at least two and three times a day. I’d fuck her in the morning and fuck her again when I got home and then sometimes she’d wake me up in the middle of the night and we’d fuck some more.

She missed her period and it was no surprise to either of us.

The neighbors got used to seeing us together and once in a while it had to be explained about the age difference. As her belly grew I sometimes noticed the disapproving looks from the neighborhood women but those were offset by the approving looks of their husbands.

We got married a few months after our son was born and not long after that she was pregnant with our daughter. Maybe there will be a third baby someday? Maybe someday soon?

In any case we have become quite domesticated and all of my kinks are now quite satisfied. Still, I do have a functioning guest suite if anyone wants to spend some time there.

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