Something Just a Little Different

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Kathy and I were relaxing at home last Sunday, and Kathy kept texting and giggling at someone on her phone. This in itself wasn’t unusual, but I could tell by the shininess of her pussy she was having a pretty good conversation. What was odd was she kept glancing at the clock on the wall. She hadn’t mentioned anyone stopping by, and as everyone knows, we never keep anything secret. It isn’t unusual for one or both of us to fuck someone else, sometimes part of the fun is watching or just knowing the fun the other is having. Our only golden rule is that it is never secret, we always know when the other is getting fucked. If it just “happens” as a spur of the moment thing, we tell the other as soon as possible. I can’t tell you how many texts I have received from Kathy that she just fucked someone, especially while I am at work. So I just figured she was sexting someone, maybe getting something set up for later in the week.

Seeing her pussy glow made me hard, and I started jerking off. I thought about just going over and eating her pussy, licking her sweet juices while she sexted, but just as I was about to go down on her, she looked at me and asked me to go grab her a wine cooler. I thought we had some left from our party last night, but when I got to the fridge, there wasn’t any there. I walked outside and checked the outside cooler, but it too was empty. So I went back inside and told her I couldn’t find any. She asked me to please run to the store and get some if I couldn’t find any, and to please get berry flavor. Granted I was a bit annoyed because by now I was salivating at the thought of my tongue deep in her pussy, but being the good husband, I agreed and told her I would be back in 15 minutes.

Driving to the store I continued to stroke my cock, unable to get her shiny pussy out of my mind. I pulled into the back corner of the store lot, slipped on some clothes, and hurried into the store to make my purchase. I didn’t care who saw my raging hard on, if they weren’t careful I would pull them into a storeroom and give them a good fucking first. I was in that kind of mood. The store was pretty empty, and although the check out lady glanced at my cock and smiled, she didn’t say anything to give me an opening, so I grabbed my sack and headed back to the car.

I climbed in and quickly stripped my clothes back off. I was horny as shit and knew I needed to keep calm so I didn’t get pulled over for speeding or anything so I pulled a dildo out of the center console, quickly lubed it with the KY I kept in with it, and pushed my seat all the way back I lifted up the steering wheel to its highest position, and slid my ass down off the ankara escort bayanlar seat cushion. Hiking my ass in the air, I slid the dildo underneath me and slid it slowly into my ass. I felt my ass puckering as it slid in, and my ass tingled as it was calling for more. With the dildo about two inches inside me, I held it in place as I sat up and back in the drivers seat, then lowered myself down until it was buried deep inside me. This would be enough to tide me over until I got home.

I pulled into the drive and parked the car. I saw Kathy come out and was holding something behind her back. Opening the car door, I made a show of the dildo sliding out of my ass, and quickly wiped it down and replaced it in the console. I grabbed her drinks and started toward her noticing her nipples were hard and pussy still shining. I jerked my aching cock until we met close to the door. She kissed me, pressing her nipples hard into my chest. Then she told me to lean down just a little. Quickly she slipped a blindfold over my eyes telling me she didn’t want me to see the surprise she had inside for me. She grabbed me by the cock and guided me inside the house. I felt her take the wine coolers and heard her place them on the counter. then pulling on my cock, she led me into our living room.

She told me to get on my knees and put my hands behind me. I felt a pair of handcuffs being snapped around my wrists and then her moving in front of me. I felt her hands grab my head and push my face into her pussy, and I gladly started licking her tasty juices.I wanted so badly to stroke my cock, it was aching and stretched fully erect, so fucking hard but the handcuffs made that impossible.

I felt her pull away from me and lay down on the floor next to me. I knelt there wondering what it was she was going to tell me to do. It was exciting, this was the first time she had ever played dominatrix with me. I had seen her with some of her lovers but never with the me.

All of a sudden there was movement in front of me, and I felt a cock slap my across my face. The I felt it wiggling around my lips and I opened my mouth to allow the hard cock to enter my mouth. I didn’t know who was there, but I suddenly realized why Kathy had sent me to the store, and why she had been so wet texting her friends. I felt her slap my ass and tell me to suck that cock. My ass stung but it was a good feeling, and I happily sucked hard on the cock.

Another slap on the ass and the cock slid out of my mouth. I felt movement in front of me and with anther slap on my ass another cock was slid in my mouth. This cock wasn’t quite as big around but was a little longer. ankara esmer escortlar I opened my throat to take it all in. After a minute of sucking, another slap on the ass and another cock. This continued for what seemed a half hour, and I could count 5 distinctly different cocks. All this time my cock was aching for attention, it was sore from being stiff for so long, and my ass had begun to ache to be filled by at least one of the cocks that I knew was nice and hard in front of me. But with my hands cuffed behind me I couldn’t even stroke my cock.

Finally I heard Kathy tell someone to take off my blindfold, and as I blinked I made out all the people in the room. Carl was sucking off George while Nate and Kenny were sucking each other in a 69. Kathy had Tina licking her pussy while Carol and Kaitlyn each had one of her nipples. Carol was getting her pussy licked by Nancy and Tina had Brenda eating her out. I could see Kathy had laid the key to the handcuffs on the ground beside her. In front of me was Gina, our tranny friend who was one of my favorite fucks. Not only did she have a very large cock, her boobs were close in size to Kathy’s. Not quite 44 DD but definitely close. Tittie fucking her was awesome.

I leaned forward and sucked on Gina’s cock while watching Kathy get pleasured. I saw her body quiver over and over as she cummed. I am not sure how Kathy arranged for all this to happen in the short time I was gone but I’ll be damned if my rock hard cock cared even a little bit. It just wanted attention, and ached to be played with.

Gina pulled her cock out of my mouth and went over to Tina. Tina looked up at her and smiled, quickly grabbing the key off the floor and moving toward me. Gina slid into Tina’s old spot and quickly stuck her hard cock into Kathy’s pussy. Tina came over to me and pushed her pussy in my face as she leaned over me to unlock the cuffs. With my hands finally free, I quickly grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy into my face to the point I almost couldn’t breath. My hands played with her ass as my tongue flicked and slid in and out of her pussy.

Tina pushed me back and quickly climbed on top of me. She grabbed my cock and slid her pussy down onto my cock. Nate and Kenny suddenly appeared and Nate moved to where he could stick his cock in my mouth. He always said I gave the best blow jobs, something I really take pride in. To me there is no better feel than a hard cock in your mouth. I felt my ass get wet with lube, and felt Kenny slide his cock into my ass. I saw the hunger in Tina’s eyes as she watched and rode my cock. She loves watching me get fucked while I suck a cock, sincan grup yapan escortlar and everyone is more than happy to provide her the visual as she fucks me.

One by one the guys switched positions, letting me suck them super hard then fucking my ass. My ass was dripping with cum as they each took turns exploding deep inside me. I lost count of how many times Tina shivered in orgasm. I am sure her nipples were are sore as my cock was.

Once the guys had finished abusing my ass I rolled Tina onto her hands and knees and started fucking her doggy style. I watched Kathy’s eyes glaze over as she watched, knowing that this was Kathy’s favorite position to fuck. I heard her tell Gina to fuck her like that, and watched them switch positions. Gina’s boobs swayed while she fucked Kathy.

I glanced around the room and noticed people had paired off and were following our lead. I started sliding Tina over toward Kathy as best I could, but it took a few minutes to get there. I wanted to suck on Gina’s boobs while she fucked my wife, and I saw Kathy didn’t waste any time sticking her tongue down Tina’s throat either. I was only able to suck her boobs a couple minutes until Gina started cumming deep inside Kathy. My own cock started pulsing and I filled Tina’s pussy with a hot load of my own cum. We all collapsed onto the floor exhausted.

All around we heard the sounds of panting, heavy breathing, as everyone tried to recover. Finally Kathy rolled over to me and took my cock in her mouth. I managed to maneuver into a 69 so I could do what I have been aching to do, taste her sweet pussy.I quickly licked away what left of Gina’s cum and tongued her pussy. We worked each other into a frenzy and I moved to fuck her doggy style. She deserved that after setting this day up. I looked around and everyone was masturbating as they watched us fuck. Kathy and I put on one hell of a show for them, moving into multiple positions, but only changing after Kathy would cum in the one we were in. We finally came back around to doggy style so I grabbed the lube as she moved around. I quickly lubed my cock, squirted a little in my hand. Once she was in place in front of me I spread the lube on her ass and slid my cock in right behind. It didn’t take either one of us very long, when feeling her quiver in orgasm I gave a final quick deep thrust and exploded deep inside her.

Everyone was exhausted and people started to fall asleep. I turned on TV just for noise but it wasn’t long until I looked around and everyone was out. My own eyes were getting heavy and before I knew it I was out. An hour and a half later I woke up and found everyone had already left and Kathy was watching a home improvement show. I smiled at her and she gave my hand a quick squeeze, her eyes saying thank you while no words were spoken. We passed the rest of the evening quietly snuggled into each other, and after one more quick good night fuck we drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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