Sodomy Bandits

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I am taking a little trip and head down I-10 from Houston. I hit the leg leading into Beaumont and my dog is in need of a walk. There is still plenty of daylight so I figure the next rest stop I come to will be a good place to stretch.

I pull in and see an 18 wheeler up ahead but no one else around. I stay back a bit from the truck and choose to let the dog roam a bit on the leash while I sit on top of the picnic table. A truck pulls in and I only notice that it looks like two guys in it. I turn back to my dog and ignore them. Suddenly my dog is running toward the front of the table. I hop off the table to gather her up and continue on my trip when a guy that must have gotten out of the truck comes up behind me. Making me a bit nervous I look around to see his friend relieving himself and turn back to the other gentleman. He is holding my friendly dog and talking to her.

“You don’t mind do you?”

“No, it is okay but we need to get going.”
“Where are you headed,” he ask?

I ignore the question and try to take my dog back from him but he turns away as I grab the dog.

“How bad do you want to see this dog again?”

I look at him and tell him, “this is not funny, give me back my dog.”

“Not till you do all we ask of you, understood?”

My dog is licking this guy which is rare not to have a reaction when they sense your fear.

I meekly ask “what I must do.”

He grins and says, “you will remove all undergarments.”

I am wearing a skirt and reach up and remove the panties. The top has to come off to take off the bra. It is getting a bit dark now and I am afraid because I have seen his face.

“Oh hell, take off the skirt too! Nice he says as he walks around me.”

He walks off with my clothes and lays them in a pile at the base of a tree. Next he ties my dog up there and gets it to lay on my clothes. I want to bolt but not leave my dog with these men. The friend has joined him and tells me to bend over the concrete table putting my face down on it.

I have to stand on my toes to do this. He walks up and spreads my legs then runs his hand between my legs. “Nice, I like shaved pussy.” The other comes around front and grabs my hands to hold me down and shoves what appears to be my panties into my mouth.

The other spreads my cheeks and they both say at the same time, “we are the sodomizing bandits, we sodomize an ass till it begs for more.” Did you understand what we will be doing here tonight.

I try to move my head up and çeşme escort down and they tell me, “good.”

Thank goodness I hear him snap on a rubber then spread my cheeks again and shove in roughly without lubrication. I wince a bit but the movement is moving my clit against the concrete table. Though I am afraid, I begin to feel the warmth spreading through me. I actually am enjoying the rough anal sex. He pulls out and then other moves to the rear and goes at my already wet hole. They alternate for a while and reach down and tell me I am awfully wet to be resisting.

“If we did not know better we would say you have cum a few times tonight.” I hear a car pulling in and want to hide myself. They wave at some friends and invite them over for some fun too. They tell them the rule is only anal sex is allowed because they are the sodomy bandits. They all give high fives and someone goes down between my legs and rubs the clit till I cum then they shove another cock into me, then another. I am exhausted and yet have had the most extraordinary orgasm of all.

“You like this don’t you someone ask?”

I want to shake my head no but they shove their fingers into my cunt and feel the warmth and know I am lying.

“How much more can you take?”

“As much as you want to give me,” I say when they pull the panties out of my mouth. I can’t believe I just said that. It is dark and I can’t make out faces now. I think there are at least 5 of them.

They turn me over and fuck me and one is unloading cum on my face and mouth. Next, they call me a roadside whore and slap me a bit. One turns me back over and begins using his leather belt on me. I am crying and begging them to stop. What will you do if we stop?

“Nothing unless you want me to do something more”

“Good girl they say and each pats me on the head.”

One says he wants oral before they leave. I just open my mouth and wait for the cock but it doesn’t come. It is gone as well as the rest heading to their cars. I slowly get up, sore and skinned on my back as well as my tits from the movement back and forth on the rough concrete table. I move over to my clothes and gather them up and dress. I untie my dog and head to the car hurting.

I get in it and decided to let it go, and burst into tears. The humiliation of the whole episode and the fact that I enjoyed it. I may have ask for this tonight and I did cum so didn’t I enjoy being treated like that. I hug my dog and ease past the 18 wheeler who still sits there, I guess sleeping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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