Sneak In and Screw Me

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This was the first piece of erotica I wrote.

It’s a little vanilla, unlike some of my other stories, and I’ve left it largely open ended.

It symbolizes a time in my own sexuality and relationship, so I have fond memories reading over this representation of teen attraction and experimentation.

It’s not as haughty as it could be, possibly not as well written, and not as developed as others; but it is what it is and I’m happy with it.

* * * *

I fumbled to reach for the bed in the dark, wearing only a singlet and panties. My best friend, Lucy, was still down stairs partying away at her 19th. I went upstairs to the spare bedroom to sleep. I quickly brushed my teeth, flattened my hair and was now safely tucked up in bed. I pulled the blankets up around my ears and closed my eyes, welcoming the darkness and drifting slowly off to sleep.

“Calli? Calli?” I opened my eyes and the door was peering open, light flooding in from outside. I didn’t immediately recognize the voice, and groggily searched for the bedside lamp.

“Here.” I whispered back half dazed. The voice was thick and warm, and distinctively male. It could have been anyone of the 15 or so males which were downstairs, partying and drinking cheap booze.

“Oh good,” the mysterious voice continued as the door opened carefully, a black silhouette stepping inside. I flicked the bedside lamp on to see Alex, probably the hottest guy in our grade, but also the most well-meaning too.

He was wearing his jeans low on his waist and a tight navy tee shirt that highlighted his toned chest. His hair was ashy black, a few weeks overdue for a haircut, which hung down over his eyes. Pushing his hand back through his locks, mussing it down into place, he smiled warmly at me, as he always does, before sauntering over to the edge of the bed. I scooted myself back so I was sitting up; careful to make sure the blanket covered my essentials. His eyes grinned as they touched mine, deep brown eyes edged with full, thick lashes. The ends of his lips curled into a loose, genuine smile, with just the tips of his teeth shining through. His mouth always held my attention. So many emotions he showed with his mouth, and the slightest movement of his lips could mean a change in his mood completely.

“You wanted something, Alex?” I asked with a yawn. He was always so kind-hearted, thrown in with a little innocent flirt and he made the perfect combination for fantasies.

“Are you feeling okay? You left kind of suddenly.” Concern touched his deep, dark, never-ending brown eyes. His concern for others never ceased to amaze me, and his eyes drew me in. They were wide, amatory, and were entirely fixated on me. I held the totality of his attention, and felt it would take a landslide to initiate a distraction for him.

“Oh yeah. I’m fine. Just tired.” I blushed for his concern for me, feeling like a fool for my reaction. How could his attention affect me like this? Surely I was tougher to impress than with just a gesture of kindness from a sexy face. I saw Alex physically relax, and his rare, shy smile crept across his face. He paused for a moment and ran his long, slender fingers through the mop of ashy hair on top of his head, but it fell back into place as soon as he retreated, obscuring his eyes.

“Good to hear,” he nudged a little further forward, “not much of a party animal huh?”

“Not particularly. I’ve had enough partying for a while now.” I shrugged, trying not to visibly notice his hand resting on my foot through the blankets.

“Oh, but your birthday is next week. And I really wanted to give you your present at your party.” He looked up through those black lashes, a hint of something devilish playing in his eyes.

“No party. Sorry.” I stuttered out, hardly believing the conviction of my own words. What was wrong with me? He was just touching my foot. Get it together girl!

“Mmm, I guess I will have to give you your present now then.” Something wicked flashed across Alex’s face and his full, swollen lips parted.

Man he was hot.

His lips, full and moist remained parted to allow his tongue to slowly crawl out of his mouth and trace over his bottom, then top lip.

My senses picked up and I was suddenly very much awake and standing to attention. Alex leaned in so we were about a head apart and I let the blanket pool around my waist. I felt my breathing deepen and his cool, sweet breath was gently tickling my skin. All of the hairs on my body raised and my cheeks flushed. I averted my eyes from his, and looked down to Alex’s arm supporting his weight above me. It was flexed and firm and I desperately wanted to reach out and touch his muscled body with my own fingers.

“So Cal, what will it be? Do you want your present now, or on your birthday?” He teased, smacking his lips together and running his tongue between them once more. All of my senses were alert, ready and raring to go.

“That depends what it is.” I murmured back, peering through my lashes pendik escort up at him, daring him silently. I mustered every bit of courage from deep within myself, pushing away the fumbling mess that got hot from a foot touch.

I wanted Alex.

Fuck I wanted him.

Now I just needed to make sure he knew that too, and make sure I stopped playing damsel-waiting-to-be-ravaged-frozen-from-a-mans-touch.

“Mmm, how about we start with this,” he groaned, closing the distance between us. His forehead rested on mine as his fingers twisted through my hair, cupping my cheek. My heart pumped harder, and I swallowed, gulping hard.

Damn it damsel go die!

“Don’t be shy Calli. Not for what I have planned for you,” he breathed onto my lips, pressing his own against mine.

I pushed mine back, quivering but with a little more confidence than I expected, and soon enough, after melding myself into the kiss, the damsel was banished and my poise returned.

I lifted my hand, and ran it up the arm that was supporting Alex to his broad, muscled shoulders. I sighed as the rest of my body turned to molten lava while touching Alex’s chiseled body. I felt Alex’s lips curl in playful smirk, chuckling deep in his throat as I traced his body.

“I’m all yours,” he groaned into my mouth, pulling away to swiftly remove his tight navy shirt.

“Oh,” I blinked a few times, making sure my vision was a focused as it could be.

“Wow.” I sighed, catching my first glimpse of Alex shirtless and completely mine. He was toned, muscled and so damn sexy. There was a smattering of chest hair on his broad chest which I quickly reached forward to touch. I felt his steady heart beat and the slow rise and fall with each breath as my fingers splayed over his chest. I made little circles with my fingertips matting his soft hair together, taking comfort in his hot skin beneath mine.

Alex watched me bemusedly, but patiently, as I traced my hands up and down his perfectly sculpted body, pausing to rest them on his firm abdominal muscles.

He had serious v cut abs and I squirmed out from under the blanket so I was on my knees, pressing my chest against him. He was also kneeling, and slumped considerably so we were more or less the same height. Alex was a good foot taller than me, and his entire toned, damned sexy body was now mine. He bit his bottom lip and placed his hands on my waist, slowly tracing them down my back, over my panties to my exposed ass cheeks, he gave me a gentle squeeze, sighing appreciatively, placing a chaste kiss on my forehead.

I felt the rare burn between my thighs and wrapped my arms around his glorious body, burying my face in his toned neck. Alex wrapped his around me and inhaled deeply into my hair. I ran my hands up and down his sculpted back, relishing in those hugely muscled biceps cradling me to him.

“Kiss me.” He purred softly against my head, continuing with his deep, full breaths.

I didn’t hesitate and pressed my lips against his neck. I felt his blood pulsating beneath his skin, and a low guttural rumble formulated deep in his throat. He moaned as I continued, gently parting my lips and running my tongue over his flawless, tight skin.

“Oh that’s so good.” He continued to growl, and subtly moved his large hands inside the bottom of my singlet. I shivered in response and he held me tighter to his magnificent body. I didn’t stop kissing him, just pushed my chest slightly harder to him, crushing my breasts against him as hard as I could manage. I moved my lips down so I was kissing the tops of his pectorals, and the low growl in his chest was vibrating, tickling my tongue.

Alex reached further up my singlet, lifting it above my head, and tossed it to the floor beside us. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back to gaze at my naked chest. A huge, sexy smile spread across his face and his eyes blazed with desire.

“Man your hot Cal,” he noted approvingly, pressing his naked chest against mine.

“Likewise,” I grinned back relishing in our naked chests breathing together, moving perfectly in synchronization.

“Lay down, I’m going be everything you’ve ever wanted.”

Alex pushed me back down to the bed, parting my legs while doing so, so he was lying on top of me, between my thighs. He smiled sweetly at me and pushed a strand of hair behind my ear and kissed me passionately. His lips crushed against mine and his expert tongue explored my mouth. The apex of my thighs burned with white hot, insatiable desire and I felt my underwear moisten with warm sticky wetness. Alex was hard now too, and I felt him press against me, right there. I gyrated my hips against him to feel his wonderful hardness rub against me, creating a unique, insanely pleasurable sensation.

“Mmm, I’ll take those panties off soon enough. Don’t worry, Cal,” he teased gently in my ear, before taking my ear lobe between his lips, sucking lightly.

One hand came up to caress my left breast as the other held his body maltepe escort away from me. My nipples were instantly hard and Alex pulled and twisted them, making me gasp and moan. He moved his lips down to my neck and held me firmly to the bed as he continued the onslaught of my breasts, changing between the two.

“You have such lovely breasts Calli,” he breathed against my neck before scooting down the bed a little further. His chin lay gently between my breasts as he cupped each one in his hands. He kissed my sternum, pulling and grabbing and rubbing my breasts as he pleased.

“And you do such lovely things to them.” I moaned in return. I felt him chuckle before closing his mouth around my left, then right nipple. He massaged one breast while sucking the other, swapping between the two. The burn continued between my thighs, convulsing and constricting, all the while getting wetter and wetter.

Alex flicked my nipples with his tongue, gave them one last almighty suck and moved further down my body. I ran my fingers through his hair as he kissed and licked my abdomen, gently sucking and biting every so often. His hands consumed and searched my body, feeling every square inch, searching every part of my skin. I squirmed a little under his touch, but remained as still as possible to gain the most pleasure.

“Now keep still for me Cal, I’m going to eat your delicious pussy.” Alex looked up at me, almost asking permission before hooking one long slender finger into each side of my panties.

“I’ll try.” I choked back, hardly believing what he had said. I burned, ached and throbbed with desire, wanting, needing him inside me. Alex took his time, and agonizingly pulled down my panties, exposing me, leaving me completely vulnerable.

I hooked my fingers in his hair, which was hanging freely, grazing my most sensitive regions and watched him inspect me. His eyes were wild, and filled with desire as he explored me visually. It felt so intimate, almost pornographic to have him watch me so closely.

“I can’t wait to feel how wet you are. I can see it already,” he breathed on my pubic hair. Alex parted my legs are far as they would go almost violently, and stood up from the bed. His eyes darted around the room looking for something before settling at the desk. My school uniform was strewn haphazardly over the back of the desk chair, to which Alex made his way over to. He picked up my school tie and long sock, before he sauntered back to me, naked and exposed on the bed.

I watched curiously, as he fastened the tie and sock to separate ankles, then each ankle to the bed posts. My legs were as far apart as they could go on the verge of hurting. I blushed, still eyeing Alex and his perfect body. His fingers moved with ease tying me down, and deftly tied perfect knots. I watched as he stepped back, inspecting me with a satisfied grin, before making his way around to my side of the bed.

“I want you to see me. It doesn’t seem fair gazing upon this glorious body when you don’t get anything out of it. Look at me.”

Alex knelt on the edge of the bed, his growing erection pointing in my direction. I didn’t need to be asked twice and smiled up at him before focusing my attention back to his dick.

I slipped my finger down the front of his pants, pulling him closer to me. I kissed his happy trail lavishly and he shivered in response. I chuckled at his reaction before unfastening his belt, then pulling down his fly. I moved my hands around to his firm backside and grabbed the top of his jeans and underwear. With one swift tug I had them down, and he sprang free.

I appreciated any man who took the time to properly groom his nether regions, and was glad to see Alex had trimmed neatly any unnecessary hair. I wrapped my hand around his silky hardness and planted one brief kiss on the very tip. Alex moaned happily before standing to completely remove his jeans. He started to move away but I grabbed him before he went too far. I took hold of his cock again, looking him dead in the eye as I pushed my lips down and around his erection.

I swear he nearly chocked, clearly not expecting anything of the sort, but enjoying it nonetheless.

I wrapped my hand around his shaft once again, and with my mouth, pumped up and down over his dick.

“Fuck, Calli, you’re good,” he dropped his bottom lip, letting his head hang back, as he placed his hand on top of my head.

It was an intimate gesture, rather than a possessive one. He wanted to feel how I moved over his cock, rather than dictate my efforts. I played with his balls with my free hand, careful not to caress too forcefully, and I felt him relax into the rhythm I was providing.

When I felt him tense up I stopped. I didn’t want him coming yet. I wanted more from tonight than to just give good head, so I pulled back from his dick and gave him a wink.

“You’re looking mighty fine,” I mused as he opened his eyes, bringing the room back into focus.

Once he was kartal escort steady on his feet again, he sauntered back to the end of the bed, climbing between my legs. Alex, still flushed, slipped his hands under my backside, squeezing firmly, a little more affected with desire than he was before. I felt him blow cool air onto my burning hot privates and press his lips onto my short pubic hair. I sighed contentedly as he kissed there for a moment, before pushing his face right between my legs. I shrieked, as his slippery tongue slithered into me, separating me, making my insides exposed.

Alex positioned his hands so both were on my waist, firmly holding me in place. I tried to squirm away from the intensely pleasurable feeling, but he had me secure and unable to move. Alex rubbed his tongue against my clit, flicking it backwards and forwards, sucking very carefully and driving me wild.

He moved his arm so one hand was splayed just above my pubic hair, pinning me down, as the other slid up my thigh. Alex continued to assault my privates as his finger subtly reached up, until it was finally inside me, he stoked me with one finger, then two, while gently humming on my clit. His fingers made a ‘come here’ motion inside me and soon began to move in and out faster and harder.

My ankles were pulling against the restraints, but Alex pinned me down, his brilliant mouth tearing apart my privates.

I started to moan louder as he pulled his face up from my pussy. He was pumping so hard into me, and used his other hand to palm my clit, oscillating against it with such intensity I was sure I would be sore in the morning.

I just watched him.

His muscles constricting and tensing, being used solely to pleasure me; that alone was nearly enough to make me scream.

So it didn’t take long before I was calling out his name as I surrendered to the pressure in my body.

I heard Alex chuckle as I lay still, eyes closed, enjoying the moment for as long as I could. He removed his fingers discretely, but it still made me wince. Alex deftly undid my ankle restraints and pulled me into his lap on the bed.

“You taste so good Calli,” he crooned against my hair, flattening it with his hand.

“We’re not finished yet,” I responded devilishly, peering up at him through my lashes. He cocked his head to his side, questioning me, and I sat up, looking over his still very hard erection.

“Now you get something for all your hard work.” I raised an eye brow as Alex’s face went red. I pushed him down, so he was lying comfortably on the bed, his erection bobbing nicely in front of me. I leaned down, placed him in my mouth for a brief moment to cover his cock with saliva, then sat up and threw one leg over him, effectively straddling him. Alex was staring at me, wide eyed and damn sexy. His brown eyes bore in to mine with wicked desire. I reached for his hands and he gave them readily. I used them to balance as I slowly eased myself onto him, swallowing him, engulfing his huge dick inside me.

“Oh, God,” he gulped, closing his eyes briefly, when they opened, they were new, animistic, lustful eyes.

Alex’s whole demeanor changed and his jaw set hard as I carefully raised myself back up from him. I continued in this deathly slow onslaught, watching Alex tense and flex every glorious muscle on his body. His hands squeezed mine tighter and he suddenly sat up, wrapping an arm around my waist, securing my chest to his. He used the other hand to massage my breast that had been bobbing in front of him, teasing him.

His hands were different than before, stronger, harder. He didn’t massage my breasts tenderly as he had down when he first crept in here, now he assaulted them; used them for his pleasure not mine. It was the biggest turn on in the world watching him get off, and use my body how he wanted. Alex wasn’t gentle anymore; he was here to have what he wanted.

Alex held onto my waist, digging his fingers into my skin before slamming me down while thrusting up at the same time. I gasped and winced at the sudden pain, but Alex just held on tighter. He did this three more times, each time I yelped loudly at the pain of his nails in my waist, fingers clenching my breast and cock being thrust into me deeper than it ever had before.

Before I knew what was happening, Alex had flipped me over, so he was on top of me, dominating me, riveting my body. He began pounding into me, thrusting deeper and harder and faster. My body accommodated him, and I was surprised that the pain soon subsided; replaced with a more intense, passionate, insatiable pleasure spreading throughout my body.

I bit my lip, taking my mind off the hurt that was happening between my legs so I could focus on the pleasure, the intense, burning pleasure. Alex was growling deep in his chest and pumping hard and fast into me. I screamed out as the pleasure grew, as well as the pain.

Alex began to moan and his breathing became haphazard and irregular. Our bodies were moving as one, contorted and passionate and just as I thought I was coming again, Alex stopped. He pulled out of me and grabbed my waist. He flipped me over, angling my hips upwards with one commanding hand as the other pushed my head into my pillow.

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