Smart Girls Rule Ch. 04

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“Hi Dad!”

“Hi sweetheart, I am back here in the kitchen. Wow, do you look cute in that little yellow sundress. Come here and give daddy a little sugar.”

“Good Grief, your going ancient on me Dad,” as she slipped her tight little body into my arms for a needed hugging and kissing. “With mom as your mistress I hope you will still have some time left for ‘lil ol me’.”

“Don’t fret my coquette. You are the best thing that ever happened to me darling. Lets move into the living room – here plant it on the couch next to me.”

“So Dad, I take it mom fucked you silly, silly enough for you to let her move back this weekend. Do you really think you can handle her temperament?”

“Rita, we lived together comfortably for almost 20 years. When she took off in midlife crisis, she really experienced the world, and now it appears she is sated and honestly wants to come home to settle down. I believe I owe it to her because I still have feelings for her. Over the years we have kept in touch, and occasionally comforted one another. I guess we never became strangers.”

“Ok Dad, you have the right to be un-cool. Now fill me in on the fucking!”

“Instead let me fill you in about the time I met Jean. I was a shy man about 20 that was formed by our relentless society; bad girls only, give it to the guys that always want it. Then I met Judy at the time, an experienced 45-year-old woman that opened my eyes to the fact that all girls want it, and that the good girls are the ones that give back pleasure in return, when they get it.”

“When Judy was about 14 years old is when her hormones started raging. Her mother, fearing the worst, put her on the pill to “help control her menstrual cycle.” She eventually learned to play ‘doctor’ with her brothers – very seriously, and when she was ready, used them for full sexual exploration and expression. At 20 she was in college when her mother left home, and her dad was really down in the dumps.”

“One night she wore a short nightie, gave daddy a big kiss and went to bed. When dad was asleep she entered his bedroom and climbed into bed with him. She started playing with his cock, until he started to wake up to discover his daughter nursing his hardon with her mouth.

After the shock – with the typical “you shouldn’t be doing that Judy.” She quickly straddled him and started rubbing her soaking pussy against his cock saying, “we both need this, so blame me for abusing you Dad.”

She bent over while still undulating with her pussy, and started an intimate a tongue duel, only to feel her dad’s huge cock head slide inside her cunt – up to the entrance of her womb. A couple of thrusts and he was inside for a real thrill. She cried out for daddy to cum in her, and when he did she screamed out her love for him.”

“I met Judy at a bar (where I was playing accompaniment for a close friend) and she sat beside me during a break. We started talking a bit, and then she boldly laid her hand on my leg, actually on my cock!”

“Oh goodness, I am terribly sorry, forgive me Marvin, it was just an accident.” She claimed.

“Don’t worry about it Judy, I will just take it as a compliment. I play here with the hope of excitement like this.”

“I love your direct honesty Marvin, when you are through, brazzers porno would you like to come home with me? My husband would probably like to meet you!”

“Whoa, honey, I am not suicidal. Maybe when your husband is away would be a better time?”

“My husband is an older gentleman. We love each other, and he wants the best for me, so he will not disturb us at all. He is voyeuristic enough to enjoy me being sexually sated in a manner he can no longer perform. You will be able to spend the night, and if you feel uncomfortable, bring your friend along – we already know each other.”

“Rita, it was wonderful and wild! Richard and I were in separate rooms where she spent her time sequentially draining us, while her retired truck driver husband acted like a waiter with refreshments, and encouragements, being a total voyeur!

Because of my staying power, she became my mistress for about 2 years. And that is when Jean came along and pried me away from my ‘despotism’.”

“Oh shut up Daddy, you just made me so hot I can’t stand it. I am so wet now that I just have to beg you for relief.”

“A man gotta do what a man hasta do! Come lean over the arm of the couch, that’s it dear. Now I will lift the hem of your little dress, and admire how well you fill out your little cotton panties.”

“Here they go down your legs, now spread them a bit. Thank you. Oh, you are very wet dripping with honey, and I just can’t resist giving you a couple of licks.”

After a few swipes of my tongue Rita starts shaking with impatience.

“Dad, I really need you inside me, please stop – and fuck me instead.”

My cock enters her torrid morass without any resistance, and she starts happily grunting as I seriously start humping. The intensity of both of us is increasing as her orgasm approaches, Rita starts rotating her pussy and we complete ourselves just when we hear…”

“What the hell is going on in here?”

Oh shit, Jean is here unexpectedly!

My cock is pulling a string of cum out of Rita’s cunt as I turn and face Jean. “Hey bitch, where the hell were you raised, don’t you know you should call first!”

Rita standing up, letting her skirt fall into place, turns to face her mom, “uh, Daddy and I were just fooling around, and I guess we got carried away!”

“Yah sure, I know fucking when I see fucking! You bastard, I kinda knew you would be influenced by your old girl friend Judy that got caught by her mom – with her brothers cum dribbling out of her pussy onto her thighs. So tell me, how long were you guys involved with incest?”

“It’s been a secret Dad and I shared since I entered college! Hey, as consenting adults there is no injured party here, and it really is none of your damn business.”

“Sure Rita, Marvin and you committing incest and adultery, while married to me, is no big deal?”

“Adultery? You should talk Mom! You were out fucking every opportunity for advancement. How many cocks were in your cunt before you broke Dad’s heart by running off for lifestyle improvements? He was really hurt with the divorce. I look at it as I was the only correspondent in your marriage, and the reason it happened was neglect on your part.”

“Stop this right now ladies! Jean, why are you clip4sale porno here to begin with?”

“Okay, your right! Lets keep the honesty going Marvin. I was driving by and I saw another car in your driveway. I had a key to let myself in with the hope of catching you with another woman. My thought was to catch you off guard, with the chance of talking you into a 3 way – for the purpose of strengthening my relationship as your mistress, while adding dimension to your sex life.”

“Mom, you’ve converted your bitchiness into a worthwhile direction! I am impressed.”

“Ladies, it appears we now have a big family secret here. Can we keep it without jealousy or anger screwing it up? If you guys are comfortable with this life style, lets go up to my bedroom and seal the deal.”

“I’m in, and I can still see your sealing iron poking out. Damn, you’re a wonderful randy bastard! And Rita, although you are a bit nympho, will you leave enough space for me?”

“Yes Mom, I feel as if a load has been lifted, almost a religious experience to be accepted as an approved sex partner for my lover. Your orgasm will be my orgasm! And I will work my ass off for both.”

“Up the stairs for the games to begin. Oh Jean, seeing Rita’s panties on the couch, does it bring back memories?”

“Yes it does, was there something special about them Marvin?”

“The time you found them on the couch years ago, was the evening Rita became a woman by seducing me! Her first time.”

“Lets keep the tradition going then, here come my panties, right along side Rita’s.”

“Now that we have shucked our clothes Dad, let me fluff you while you eat Mom’s pussy.”

“Rita, I kinda object to the concept of ‘age before beauty’.”

“Mom, with Daddy’s cum already dripping out of my pussy, are you calling me old?”

“Oh Marvin that’s it, your tongue against my cunt feels so good, Ooh, you devil, you flicked my ass now that you know I am sensitive there.”

“God Mom, with Dad’s cock down my throat, I almost gagged at that remark. Where was I Dad, let me give your cock my special tongue swirl. Mm.”

As I feel my throbbing prick literally in a cock wash.

“Dad, you’re getting hard enough. When Mom’s cunt is good and juicy, I want to watch you insert your prick into her, and then give her a good fucking to start off. Oh, your ‘going for the gold’ by placing her legs on your shoulders.”

“That’s beautiful Dad, with just the head of your cock in her pussy teasing, her lips are splaying luridly – uh, golly now you’re up to your balls!”

“I just love the sight of your testicles dangling from Mom’s cunt.”

“Oh, shit, give it to me Marvin, you got me so hot. Fuck me like you did Rita. Your short cock can’t reach my womb, but I can really feel it invading my hungry pussy.”

“Oh, you changed your angle and now your prick is rubbing my clit, marvelous. Ooo , give it to me!”

Jean is now twitching and straining for release, Rita is frustrated because she can’t help with the stimulation of either parent; however is totally thrilled with Mom’s legs twitching, and hips churning while Dad is thrusting deeply in spasms as he ejaculates into her pussy.

Mom’s legs are then lowered to the bed, with them colette porno still spread, after Dad rolls off her like a beached whale with a harpoon stuck straight in the air.

Rita then dives into her mom’s reddened pussy, totally aroused with the white sperm dripping, only to start licking it up. Rolling her tongue over mom’s clit to maintain its mini erection Rita feverishly poked her tongue in and out, fucking her mother while enjoying her moans of pleasure.

Dad is up now and coming in behind Rita. Rita is so wet when his tongue swirls in the lubricity of her cunt; she makes her demand.

“Come on Dad, stuff your cock into me. I’m your little girl so don’t spare the rod. Fuck me Daddy, uh, that’s it, spoil me rotten!”

“This is great Dad! Mom I love you, watch Daddy fuck me. Your little girl is all grown up, Oh god, Dad you are really getting into me!”

“Don’t stop uh, fill my pussy! Oy, I can’t control myself oh, Daddy cum into me. I want to feel you all the way. [Pant pant], I am losing it!”

“That’s the girl, cum for Daddy. Uh, I can’t handle your spasming pussy – here I am sweetheart, as deep as possible.”

I shoot gob after gob of sperm deep into my daughter’s receptive cunt, to mix with her massive vaginal secretions.

Rita and I roll to our side, and then onto my back with my cock still imbedded in her pussy. Jean gets off the bed, lines herself up and crawls up between our legs to target her tongue onto Rita’s exposed clitoris. Rita’s animal sounds are arousing me, reenergizing my cock within her.

My palms are being spiked by nipples that I am busy tweaking, Jean starts licking the sperm infested junction of our genitals, increasing both our heat. She then looks at her daughter’s happy face, and rosy cheeks realizing we do have a happy family at last.

The sight of my cock sliding in and out of our daughter’s pussy haunts Jean. As our humping gets more intense, my cock accidentally pops out only to be devoured by Jean who gives it a couple of sucks and then guides it back home, into her daughters thrashing cunt.

After a few interludes like that Rita and I are feverishly grinding our organs together until blinding passion overcomes us both – as we simultaneously cum together.

Watching the final throes of orgasmic pleasure, Rita’s scarlet pussy drenched in sperm for a beautiful cream pie, Jean with a big smile basking on her face in expressions of freshly fucked beauty.

I panting, almost passed out in pleasure as my cock lurches from Rita’s pussy in a spray of mixed cum.

Jean, after enjoying the exotic view, announces that she will spend the night with me – even though she will be packing up for this weekend’s move tomorrow.

“Its okay with me Mom just don’t wear him out – or kill him. Now the only problem of keeping our secret will be Mike.”

“Now that I am hip in our situation, I think I can handle that situation Rita. Does Mike like to fuck?”

“Your kidding Mom. Men have terminal boners! Look how fast dad surrendered to your little pussy.”

“Mike has been fucked over by our society’s warped morals; however, he has large equipment and uses it well. The only problem would be convincing him of the philosophic normality of it. From the beginning of time, intercourse was best accomplished with consenting, loving creatures – with mankind messing up nature.”

“Then he will be my pigeon Rita, that is if you don’t mind me seducing him. That way we will have love, life, security, happiness, and more sex! Isn’t that what life is all about?”

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