Slum Cum: Sheila’s Debt

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Sheila Fox was a fat, dark brown, jovial woman in her mid-thirties. She had a firm looking pair of big boobs, and nice, shapely plump lips which were always quick with a smile that would also light up her big, shiny black eyes that looked like water reflecting light — as a result, her girlishly pretty face always seemed to bear a look of excitement or awe. Her hair, worn in an emerging afro style was also shiny. Everything about her glowed, even her smooth chocolate skin.

Sheila worked — when she did — as a domestic maid and had a much older, sugar daddy of sorts, with whom she shared an infant daughter. He was a married man in his mid-fifties and appeared to have a few dollars, by ghetto standards. He would roll up in the afternoons on his red Honda P 50 motor scooter to visit her and would stay for a few hours, or occasionally, overnight.

Sheila lived next door to me in one of the four tiny bottom flat apartments with her daughter and an older female cousin and her son. How they all shared the one bedroom, especially when the sugar daddy, Mr. Munro slept over, was stuff for the imagination. Her apartment was next to ours, snuggled between the two end apartments, all the walls of which stopped short about two feet from the wooden ceiling in the first half and about one foot in the bedrooms, which meant persons could climb over from the walls from one apartment to the other, and it was not unusual to see little and not so little kids climbing up and peeping over or passing comic books or other stuff to their playmates in this type of apartments which were quite common in the neighbourhood.

Two wooden bathroom stalls were in the yard alongside the house in line with the first and last apartment and two wooden pit toilets were a little further down to the back of the yard. These were shared by the bottom flat dwellers. The other side of the house held similar amenities for the top dwellers, that is, the landlord and his family who took up one half of the flat and tenants in two apartments similar to those downstairs.

One Monday morning, Sheila, who was between maid jobs at the moment, borrowed three dollars from me with a promise to pay me back that weekend when Munro came by. In those days, the mid-sixties, three dollars could feed a small, poor family for two or three days. After three weekends passed and I hadn’t received my money I casually let her know that I would like to have it, because there was something I needed to do. She said she wouldn’t have the money until that weekend. I saw her in the yard just outside her door early Saturday morning and before I could ask she summoned me to her and informed me that she couldn’t pay me until month-end which was two weeks away.

I was a bit annoyed, feeling that she was just playing me, but my anger fizzled away as I looked at her standing before me in a sheer, light blue, armless, knee length nightie that hugged her bulky figure closely. Two stout, dark nipples poked against the front of the V-cut top of her nightie, and glancing down I could see her red panties. I felt slight movement in my pants as I looked at her, letting my eyes linger a bit on the nipples. I think she noticed where my eyes had hovered, for she gave me a little twisted smile that seemed to message, ‘I saw that’. When she turned and walked up the three flights of steps to her door, her fat ass rolling with each step, I also noticed that one leg of the panties had slipped a good way over her big bottom and was lodged in the crack. That sight caused the movement in my pants to significantly increase, and I plumb forgot everything about my three dollars.

By the time the payback date came around I’d already come to the conclusion that she couldn’t afford to or simply had no intention of giving me the money she owed me. She and Munro had exchanged heated words one evening and I hadn’t seen him around going on three weeks. I decided to let the money go; she’d always been nice to me since she moved into the yard four years ago when I was still a kid in school, and now I was close to nineteen, still showed friendly warmth towards me. But I couldn’t help thinking that I could use the debt to my advantage. I’d recently started noticing the subtle but undeniable sexuality in Sheila. There was something sexually daring in the slow, purposeful way she moved her plump, round body, and the casual way in which she slightly tilted and raised her head when talking, always accompanied by a teasing sort of smile and flashing black eyes.

There was a simmering passion inside that corpulent body that always seemed to be sending out a challenge to anybody looking at it. I’d been toying with the idea of fucking her, but lacked the courage and experience to approach the older woman in a sexual manner. I worried about the consequences if she took offence to my advances. People in a big yard environment were known for their hot tempers and loud outbursts, and it didn’t pay to have your dirty secrets known — they never let you forget.

Anyhow, pendik escort a week past month end I gathered enough courage to set the ball rolling, hoping it would roll in the direction that would lead to me fucking Sheila’s fat pussy. I was tired of only jerking off to images of her succulent, fat body inside my head. I wanted the real thing. It was mid-morning and the sun was on the other side of the house. Sheila was sitting in the shade over a tub of laundry positioned under one of the two stand pipes in the yard, where the tenants usually did their laundry. Her fat legs were spread wide to accommodate the aluminum basin between them as she sat on a low stool, her dress pulled all the way up to her groin to avoid it getting wet.

She somehow hadn’t, as most women did, bothered to gather the dress between her thighs to cover her crotch, it was just pulled all the way up, so as I stood in front and over her I got a good view of her fat crotch in pink nylon panties, noting the dark smudge that fat women usually have on the insides of their upper thighs, caused by constant friction. I wasn’t surprised by her indifference, I’d long been aware that modesty wasn’t one of her virtues, and had, on numerous occasions, got revealing glimpses between her thighs or down a slack blouse.

When she looked up at me with one of her quick smiles, I deliberately let my eyes travel to and linger for a couple of seconds on her thick vulva bump. She couldn’t miss that gaze and I hoped it sent the message of my interest to her. She slowly placed a wet hand between her legs, confirming that she had indeed noted my wicked stare.

“Yuh come for yuh money? I ain’t got it, yuh know,” she said.

I slumped my shoulder and made a face, pretending to be disappointed.

She continued, “Pat, but is why yuh running mih down for this little bit of money … I thought me and you was alright, friends, yuh know … and I sure yuh notice that I ain’t working and Munro ain’t come around for a while … I won’t rob you, as soon as I get it I will pay you.”

“I not running you down Miss Sheila, but I ain’t work for a couple weeks now, and I broke, so I just checking in case yuh got it … but me and you alright … so if yuh ain’t got it, I could wait,” I said, softly, while glancing between her thighs, despite the bump being hidden by a plump hand.

“Thanks fuh understanding, darling … I goin try and get it fuh you … or, we could always work sumting out, yuh know,” she said, while removing the chubby hand from her crotch.

I saw her eyes shoot a furtive glance to the pressurized and puffed up front of my khakis, and my head spun at the imagined meaning of those magic words ‘work sumting out’. I fastened my eyes to her bump and deliberately licked my lips. What I was seeing was a tempting treat, and I had a feeling I was halfway to sampling it — ‘work sumting out’ was a big signal.

My eyes were lost between the succulent thighs when her voice startled me.

“Careful Pat, don’t let yuh eyes fall out … you is a wicked boy,” she said, laughing as she looked into her basin and started rubbing clothes.

I gave a little chuckle, blushing red on my caramel face. I saw the old lady, Enid, who lived in the end apartment, approaching with her wash basin and I started walking. Sheila looked up and saw her too.

“I goin see what ah could do fuh yuh Pat,” she said, behind my retreating back.

I then heard Enid’s berating voice to Sheila:

“You Sheila … yuh could have at least cover up yuh big, fat pattacake while talking to de young man … why yuh so indecent, eh?”

Sheila laughed out loud. Pattacake is the local slang word for pussy.

Later that evening, shortly after it became dark, I was alone at home, mom having gone to visit my grandmother. I lay on my bed reading a novel and trying to hold back a demanding pee until I finished the chapter. I was on my way to the toilet after closing the book, when, as I approached the bathroom I heard water splashing and then as I drew in line with it, I heard Sheila’s voice softly call out:

“Pat, please bring a bucket of water fuh me. I run out of water and mih skin still soapy.”

She pushed open the bathroom door and pointed to an empty bucket on the concrete floor of the tiny, four by four bathroom. She was completely naked, her big dark body glistening in the semi darkness – some light from upstairs and the moon lending a little brightness. I placed one foot inside and bent over to pick up the bucket, my face brushing against her lower belly, dangerously close to her wet pussy. I felt my cock, already agitated by her voice coming from the bathroom a few seconds ago, immediately begin to grow hard and long.

When I returned with the water she showed me where to put it against the far wall. I stepped into the enclosure and put down the bucket, my elbow brushing against her belly. When I straightened up she said in a whisper:

“Pull in the door.”

I did maltepe escort as she ordered.

“Pat, yuh remember ah said we could work something out?” She asked, again in a whisper, mindful, no doubt of anyone passing by outside.

“Yeah I remember,” I said, also in a whisper, my heart thumping.

“Well I been thinking ’bout it and ah decide I could give yuh something else in place of the money I owe.”

“What?” I managed to drag up past the lump in my throat.

I fully understood what she was offering and was almost dizzy with delight at the thought that I was finally going to get to stick my cock between Sheila’s thick thighs. She bent over and quickly had my shorts unbuttoned and my half erect cock and balls in her fat hands. I felt the pee begin to come.

“I want to pee, I was going to the toilet,” I said.

“Well, pee here,” she said.

I started to turn around to the wall.

“No, pee on me,” she said.

“What?” I asked tentatively, not believing my ears.

“Pee on me … I always want’ to try dat … some ladies like it … one of my friends say it feels nice” she said and giggled.

She was squeezing my cock and teasing my balls with her fingers. Just as the pee started to spurt, she dropped to her knees and got a blast straight to her face. She held firmly to my cock and directed it to her boobs and moaned in delight as it spurted against her chest. She leaned forward and took some more in her face, then quickly stood up and placed the cock under her belly, taking the remaining piss against her pussy. When I was finished she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth and sucked on it passionately. Within seconds my cock was as hard as wood. She stood up and leaned against the wall, spreading her big thighs and lifting her fat belly with both hands.

“Fuck me now, Pat, baby,” she softly cried.

She was a few inches shorter than me so I crouched and positioned my cock against the fat lump. She dropped one hand from her belly and guided the hard cock past the fluffy lips and into her. As I felt myself go into the slick, but tight cunt, I put my hands under her armpits and gripping her fat shoulders began jackhammering away in the dripping pussy, slamming against the fleshy belly, making smacking sounds. She moaned out loud, but caught herself, and I heard her grind her teeth as she kept her mouth closed to prevent herself from being noisy.

Crouching, I fucked her quick like an excited dog finally getting into his bitch’s cunt after trying for some time. She let out a series of stifled grunts.

I heard her whispering in my ears:

“Oh mih gawd, Pat, yuh big … yuh tearing mih patta apart … unnnnnnnh!”

Her words ignited my passion and I began slamming into her harder, slapping against the soft bulk loudly. It felt wonderful. I would never have imagined fucking a fat woman would feel so good.

“I hope this old bathroom don’t topple over,” she said, giggling quietly.

I continued to pound her fat, tight pussy while she stroked my back and rolled her big hips with amazing dexterity around the hard pole probing her insides. She lifted a big bubby in offering and I lowered my mouth and latched onto a stiff nipple with a hungry mouth, biting it gently before pressing my face deep into the flesh and sucking ravenously. We were at it a long time before I heard her make mewing sounds and begin to shudder. Her legs gave way and she started to fall. It took all my strength to put my hands under her arms and hold her up as she panted heavily.

I started to feel my own nerves send signals and just then a sudden sound and a voice caused us to freeze. It was the elderly Enid.

“Somebody in here?”

“Yes Miss Enid, is me … I just come in to bathe.” Sheila mumbled.

“Well hurry up, I want bathe too, an’ it cold out heah,” Enid replied.

“What the fuck!” I thought as I felt the promise of orgasm begin to retreat. I moved my hips, jabbing into Sheila with short quick strokes in an effort to keep the promise alive. While closing my eyes tight and concentrating on forcing up an orgasm. I didn’t want to leave this bathroom without cumming in Sheila.

“Use the other one up front, nuh,” Sheila cried, pleadingly.

“I don’t evah use that one, because of … you know who … that stinkin’ bitch,” Enid said stubbornly.

My hips were still short jabbing into Sheila, as each hand massaged a big round bubby.

“Alright … give mih ten minutes, ok,” Sheila begged, gasping softly.

I felt her pussy walls contracting against my stiff tool, coaxing it to erupt.

“Alright, I goin’ leave mih bucket out heah … don’t knock it over with yuh clumsy fat self when yuh coming out,” Enid said.

We heard her cheap rubber flip flops sounding her retreat.

“Give mih a shout when yuh finish,” she called behind her back.

I resumed deep stroking Sheila at a rapid rate. She wrapped her arms around my ass encouragingly, pushing back kartal escort against my every thrust and rolling the fat bulk against my lower belly, trying desperately to coax cum out of me. She must have realized I wasn’t going to stop before shooting into her, even if it meant old Enid coming back and catching us. Fortunately I didn’t need the ten minutes Sheila had bargained for, within four I was shooting hot semen into her spongy twat. A minute later I slipped out of the bathroom first, and shortly after, from inside the house I heard Sheila calling Enid. Almost immediately after, while slipping out of my wet briefs and shorts, I suddenly went cold as I heard Munro’s booming voice outside, calling his little daughter’s name and, as if fate was trying to tell me I have to be more careful, minutes later, my mom stepped into the house. Talk about close shaves.

Next morning after mom had left for work and Sheila had returned from taking her daughter to kindergarten, I heard a soft knock at our door. I got up and went to the door.

“Munro drop by last night an’ bring some money. I goin pay yuh … come over by me for it in another fifteen minutes … jump over de wall,” Sheila said to me.

I was elated. There was no mistaking what Sheila had in mind, by telling me to come over the wall. When I eased myself over the wall and into Sheila’s living room, she was nowhere in sight. I pushed open the bedroom door and there she was lying naked, fat and lovely on her bed. It was a truly beautiful sight. I now had a new perspective of fat women. Lust hit me hard and I quick stepped to the bed and lost no time getting out of the briefs I’d had on. Sheila had three dollars in one hand stretched toward me. She looked at me and smiled.

“Which yuh goin to take, and which yuh goin to leave behind?” she asked, stretching forward one hand while patting her clean shaven dark pussy with its monstrously fat mound and neat slit, with the other palm. I snatched the three dollars and threw it across the room. Sheila spun around nimbly and dragged her big ass to the edge of the bed. I could see the wide dark patches on her inner thighs, formed from years of rubbing together, but the sight of the monster pussy and equally monstrous bubbies rolled to her sides, nullified the mud-like smudges. I dropped to my knees and dived face forward into the chocolate sex pudding.

She quickly grabbed my head and held it tight against the mound as if suspicious I might have a change of heart. I quelled her fears, if there were any, by sending my tongue into the slit and into the pink. I twirled the stiffened organ inside her and she let out a loud gasp. I ate that fat pussy ardently for more than five minutes, and only stopped when she pushed my head away, turned around and got on her knees and elbows with her big ass in the air and legs spread. I wasted no time in finding her entrance through the bulk, and sliding hard man meat into her tight chute. The pussy was well lubed up from the eating, and despite being tight, welcomed me in with relative ease. I buried myself to the hilt.

I grabbed two handfuls of butt cheeks and sunk my fingers into them. I felt her push back and began hammering away. She dropped her face onto the time hardened coconut fiber mattress and I reached down and grabbed a fat ankle in each hand as I flayed her cunt from behind, grinning at the sight of her huge ass jiggling. She was very nimble for her size and I was amazed at the way she rolled her ass, perched on her knees and elbows and me holding her ankles. She was sweating copiously as the one window above the bed was closed to keep out wandering eyes from the next yard or anyone passing by right outside. The door up front was also closed, to prevent unexpected visitors stepping in and interrupting the fuck play.

After a while I told her to turn around and she quickly obeyed, lying on her back and lifting her bent knees. I pushed her knees back to her chest by resting my shoulders at the backs of her thighs. She grimaced, but remained in position as I pumped her hard. I saw her eyes roll back in their sockets and her mouth formed a big O. I felt myself cumming and dropped her legs from my shoulders, flinging myself flat out on her mass. I fitted my mouth onto a nipple and sunk my teeth into it as I broke into a fit-like jerking. Sheila cried out loud and then held a hand to her mouth, blocking off further sound.

When I was finished draining, she wrapped her legs around mine and kept me captive as she wriggled under me, fairly stiff cock still inside her belly. I enjoyed the comforting feel of soft bulk as she wriggled and rolled and jerked her way to the big blast off. She let out a loud, unconcerned moan and I quickly clamped a hand over her mouth. She bit into the pad at the bottom of my thumb.

She remained gasping on her back for a long time, sweat pouring all over her massive body. I was also sweating.

“What yuh got worth three dollars? She asked.

“Much more than three dollars.”

“Well, seeing yuh pleased with what I have yuh could have it anytime yuh want, for free,” she said and started giggling, while stroking my cock.

I remained in Sheila’s bed for another two hours while she gladly overpaid her debt.

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