Slave to Sex

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It’s night time, the full moon leaves flecks of silver along the road I’m riding, the velvet sky has been stabbed a thousand times to reveal the glory of heaven through star shaped holes, it’s warm, balmy and all I wear beneath my black cloak is a satin bustier and tight fitting jodhpurs. It’s supposed to confine my curves, press my breasts further into my chest so it’s less apparent that I am in fact female. All it really does is intensify my nerve endings so as I ride I feel every muscle of my horse as he jigs excitedly.

We ambled this way earlier, the new slave and I, a little more refined then, long skirts and frilled bonnets, to his continued amusement. I was sussing out the exact route the tax sheriff might take having spent the last week in the neighbouring town collecting them, modern day highway woman that I am!

There are three possible routes the sheriff may travel so I have left earlier than usual, not something I like to do as it’s too easy for the staff to realise I’m missing. The inn the tax sheriff is staying in resides in a small green at a crossroads, where travellers rest and eat, drink too much and fumble inexpertly at the buxom bar maids. As I approach I can hear the ragged breath of a drunken reveller and the soft giggle of a woman earning her keep by lifting her skirts, somewhere discreet behind the barn. I find a place with enough of a view to watch the inn and the couple, but dark enough not to be seen and slip my mask over my face, resigning myself to the wait.

The fornicating couple are mumbling dirty expletives within earshot and although I try not to listen there is no escaping the sound. I hear his gasps of pleasure and rumbles of delight as the girl slips to her knees in front of him, hear her gargled shock as his hands fist her hair and he thrusts violently into her mouth.

“You wanna make me cum, bitch?” he growls, beginning a vigorous rutting movement.

I look back to the inn where people come and go and horses flick their tails leisurely. No sign yet of the tax sheriff. The couple have moved position when I glance back at them, she is leaning face towards the barn wall, skirt hitched up, her ass thrust out as an offering and he is kneeling behind her, his face moulded to her backside. A tantalising shiver of ecstasy washes over me as I imagine the feel of a tongue licking and delving those dark places. Without thought I start to move to their rhythm. My body is hot beneath the cloak and the saddle pummel almost as useful as a vibrator. I try to disengage myself from the seduction of the moment and concentrate on the task at hand, but the grunts of abandoned pleasure echoing from the couple is like erotic whispers across my skin and then the slave’s voice slides like an intimate caress along all my nerve endings.

“Enjoying the evening, Mistress?”

I hadn’t realised how much I had been enjoying myself, so much so I hadn’t heard his approach. He holds the horse’s reins in one hand, the other soothes down his neck, as if unaffected by my ‘indulgence’.

“You’re a long way from home,” he smiles.

“And you aren’t supposed to be out,” I snap, pulling the mask from my face.

“I was … concerned…. as to my mistress’s welfare.”

“Well as you see I manage perfectly well by myself.”

“Yes, I can see that.”

“So…. if you wouldn’t mind…”

He smiles up at me, looking all the more savage and wild by the light of the bahis firmaları moon, making no move to let the horse go.

“I think it would be best if I escort you back.”

I almost choke, many a retort trying to spill from my mouth, but before I can manage any he has swung up behind me, his hands sliding along my thighs. The couple are still performing; the man has an impressive cock and is sliding it up and down the woman’s voluptuous arse. Even from here the eroticness of it has its effects. His hands are pulling violently at her top until he succeeds in pulling it free. Large, breasts spill enticingly to the night air making her nipples harden and immediately are engulfed by the man’s exploring hands. He’s rough with her, grabbing and squeezing until her nipples are between his thumb and forefinger. She groans with delight, not just the forced delight that most of the barmaids use, but genuine satisfaction.

“She likes a bit of rough,” the slave whispers in my ear. “And I bet you are soaking wet just watching.”

“I’m about as dry as you are soft.”

He laughs softly, his lips hovering over my ear, “Seems we are one and the same, ma cherie.”

There’s a loud woman’s gasp from the barn. Before I look I know what I will see, can almost feel that hard cock sliding inside that tight, dark entrance. I feel the emotions swimming through my head that she will be experiencing, the need for him to fill her pussy and rub her clit while forcing himself deeper. He must be doing it right, she’s moaning with the rhythm of his thrusts. He joins in her chorus, moving faster, building the crescendo of desire until one final triumphant thrust breaks them both.

“Mmmmmm,” the slave whispers.

The sound of horses’ hooves from the inn draws both our attention. Official soldiers are riding in by the dozen, the commander shouting instructions for look outs and search parties.

“Time to go,” the slave says, kicking the horse deeper into the dark woods, arms firmly encasing me.

“How did you know?” I whisper.

“I keep an ear to the ground,” he grins.

“Why did you come looking for me then?”

“Some mistresses are better than others,” he says against my neck.

The stable lad is nowhere to be seen as we ride into the yard and I wonder if this is down to the ‘slave’ too. He doesn’t stop at the normal dismounting block, instead riding into the hay barn, turning and latching the bolt.

He doesn’t make a move to dismount either, instead his hands undo the clasp of my cloak and lets it spill to the ground. I close my eyes as his warm breathe ricochets over my bare shoulders, my neck, my ear… I don’t feel his fingers working at the ribbon on the front of my bodice until the night air dances over my breasts. Palms rotate across my nipples softly at first and then suddenly he grabs me fully, almost painfully, making me gasp. His mouth closes over my neck, his tongue dancing over the skin as his fingers squeeze my breasts, pulling outwards until just my nipples are between them. He pinches hard at the same time as his mouth moves across my neck and I can’t help but lose myself in the feeling.

I know I’m wet even before he asks me to sit up so he can slide his hand down my jodhpurs and cup my silk covered pussy, his fingers sliding the fabric through my juices while his thumb slips under the material to caress my arse. He rubs me with the silk, spreading my excitement kaçak iddaa down my thighs and down round my arse so his thumb can play easier at that entrance. I want him to plunge it inside me, forcefully, I want his cock filling me, I want to ride him into oblivion…

His fingers slip inside the material of my panties and dip inside me, it’s not enough, I need more. Another finger, his thumb probing more fully now, my mind has detached from reality and nothing but the feeling is important anymore. All of a sudden his thumb forces its way inside me and I cry out with the ecstasy of it. His fingers are moving faster now, filling me one minute then rubbing the silk of my panties over my clit, all the time his thumb fucking my arse. He knows I’m nearly there and just at the last minute he uses his other hand to pinch my nipples and bite against my shoulder. The orgasm floods through me, over and over, until I slump, completely spent.

He lifts me down from the horse and sits me on the hay while he untacks and feeds him. Not once does he look at me.

By the time he has finished I have regained some composure and after adjusting my clothing reach out to claim my cloak. I almost make it to the door before he’s there behind me.

“Where are you going?”

“To bed,” I reply.

He laughs and turns me back to face him. “Then you’re going the wrong way, ma cherie.” He takes my hand and leads me through the stables and out the back door. He turns at the end of the barn and leads me up the stairs. This is a place no one ever comes any more. It’s just an old store loft with decaying memories of generations past.

At the end of the loft there’s a partition which never used to be there. It’s locked and he passes me the key. I hesitate.

“Trust me,” he whispers.

The moon catches his face for a moment and his eyes are sparkling with anticipation, his long, dark curly hair making him look so much more than exotic. I imagine him in a white frilly shirt the way old pirates used to be portrayed and the thought opens up another fantasy.

I unlock the door and find a candlelit room reflected over and over all around the room. I see him behind me, watching me in the reflection, his eyes full of want.

I walk further into the room, marvelling at our reflections all around us. No matter what happens I’ll be able to watch every detail. The door locks behind me and I turn to face the slave who merely leans against the door. He’s watching me as I walk slowly towards him, expectant. He knows me better than I know myself it seems. There are no words as I undo the buttons of his shirt and run my hands through his chest hair and across his nipples. He takes a sharp intake of breath when my mouth closes over his nipple and bites just hard enough. He likes it rough too, one and the same, I think. I continue sucking his nipples as my hands roam down his thighs, coming up the insides of them, caressing across his balls and over his hard, pulsing cock. He pushes against my hand and in the reflection I watch myself touching him. Immediately I want him naked and strip him quickly. He stands there unashamedly naked, his cock pulsing over and over all around me. He reaches for me, pulls me to him, his mouth finding mine in a frenzy of passionate kisses. He sucks my tongue inside his mouth, his hands fisting in my hair while his cock bounces between us.

He pulls back suddenly, pushes me down to my kaçak bahis knees and with his hands still fisting in my hair forces his cock into my mouth. His groan of pleasure vibrates around the room as I taste and suck him, delving my tongue everywhere, my hands coming up to cup his balls and grab his arse. He growls and pulls back, looking down at me as I look up at him.

“Take your clothes off,” he whispers.

He watches me like a cat watches prey until I get to my panties.

“Give them to me,” he says. I pass the cum soiled underwear and watch him close his eyes, lift them to his face and inhale the scent before rubbing them down his body and over his firm cock. He shivers with excitement as I watch him enthralled with the smell of me. I almost feel obsolete but can’t stop watching him lost in his own ecstasy.

“Kneel on the bed, ma cherie,” he says so softly I barely hear him. His eyes are still closed and he’s still rubbing the soiled panties over his cock leaving his own scent of pre-cum on them. I do what he says but he pushes me down to lean on my elbows as he stands behind me. I feel the panties gliding over my arse and down round my pussy, probing entrances and spreading stickiness everywhere. It’s unbelievably erotic, and even though he made me cum only a little while ago, I feel the building tension already. He’s fingering my pussy with the silk and then leans his head down and licks along my arse. The feeling of it makes me shudder. All at once his tongue probes my anus, and I feel his groan as he pushes some of the panties inside my pussy. Excitement floods through me but I don’t want it to stop, I want more.

He obliges, licking my arse and rubbing the saliva with his thumb, probing alternatively with his tongue and thumb, all the while pushing more of the panties inside me. It feels so filling and all of me is tingling and I can’t help but watch him in the reflection. He’s intent on his job, occasionally taking his thumb and sucking it fully before plunging it back as far as it will go up my arse. I feel more of the panties being pushed inside me just as his cock pushes against my arse. In the reflection it looks too big to fit but I don’t care, I want to be filled with him. I push back and he pulls away.

“I want you to lower yourself over me,” he says, sitting in the chair in the corner of the room. “Watch yourself impale your arse upon my cock.”

He rubs his cock with his own hands as I walk towards him. I stand between his legs but he immediately puts his legs inside of mine so my legs are wide apart, then slowly I lower myself down. In the reflection his cock is pulsing below my arse, his hands running up and down its length. I feel him pressing against me, feel me opening up for him and then the fullness of his cock filling my arse. He groans, his hands lifting my knees so he can rub my almost pantie filled pussy. He pushes the rest inside me, rubs my clit as I ride his cock as hard as I can. He’s rocking with me, our moans filling the night and then his guttural exclamation of orgasm mixes with mine.

We slump together, breathing hard, the waves of orgasm slowing down now. I rise slowly, feeling his cock slip out of me, the rush of spent semen trickling from my arse. Very slowly I pull my panties from my pussy and wipe my arse before wiping the slave’s cock. He pulses and I smile.

“Dirty sex,” I say, raising my eyebrows up and down.

He smiles, “Sex is dirty, ma cherie,” taking the panties from me and holding them over his mouth before leaning forwards and kissing me through them. Excitement stirs again in both our loins, and I wonder how dirty we will be this time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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