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In the days of my time, I am a lucky man, a slave or runaway, as they would call me in the Americas. I now live in France on a lovely country estate, with rolling hills, a lake, or water hole we would have said in the quarters. It looks like Virginia some, but thank god it ain’t, in chains there, I am now paid for my work a salary, have a room to myself, and hours when I know I can do as I please. And no one to call master.

The family I work for, a fine country gentleman, a little older than I, his wife, and their three lovely daughters, one in her 18th year whom I write this tale of. The others, 15, and 11, lovely and pleasant young women all. Their, mother, governess all dote on them, but spare not the rod. I am in my 30th year, and am free only because I fear not the sea. When I ran I reached a coast, I know not which, but north, and worked on a Portuguese merchant ship to pay my passage.

I came upon the gentleman of this place I now call my home, in town, and helping to load his wagon of supplies he inquired if I was looking for a position? Work, he said, well not a fool, I replied, I am. So returning to his land on the rear of the wagon, he asked about me and my history, born a slave , running, working, no family to speak of, I wanted no lies between us. I was hired in that wagon, 30francs a month, room, with a fine feather bed, and meals which cook prepares to perfection.

But I must get back to the real reason of this tale, lust, lust that could be the end for me. But oh, try as I may, I could not resist the charms offered. You see joy, the eldest daughter took a fancy to me, and having been to finishing school in Switzerland , was a little more worldly and friendly than the others and seemed to want talk more also. She would approach me quite openly as I worked in the barn, or the fields. I, also, tend the horses, mend fences and drive the wagons and carriages for the missus and girls.

Joy and my tale begins at the lake as I took my swim, the water is clear, green and about 10 stones deep, great for fishing and has grassy banks and is surrounded on all sides by stands of trees. I took to wearing a pair of torn and used breeches having I think been looked upon by someone when I swam stripped bare. I heard a rustle of leaves and looked but saw no one. Later when joy and I spoke her eyes, blue and lovely, seemed to sparkle and shine and her cheeks and neck showed a flush above her blouse.

She is tall for a lady, with golden hair, and beautiful pink mouth. She tends to sit at the edge of the water when I am in, she asked pendik escort if this was ok, and I said yes. Usually she sits on the grassy bank and raising her skirts to not get them stained, I am permitted a view of her lovely ankles and knees, and when she is in her favorite position with her head on her knees as they are raised, with her arms around them. I can see the underside of her creamy silken thighs right up to her bloomers.

She is now betrothed, by arrangement, to a neighboring gentleman and this had been a topic for her, I would guess talking out her feelings of nervous, excited, scared, to a sounding board, me. well even a sounding board is not immune to the charms of a lovely lady. and many times I had to tell her to go, so that I could leave the water less she see my cock stand. At first the sister accompanied her, but, being a servant more or less they bored quickly of me, and began not to be there, leaving Joy and I alone with our “talks”.

The time came that during our talks she became upset with her fears and began to shed tears, seeing this and wanting to comfort her, I forgot my ‘manly predicament’, and raced to her side, touching her soft shoulder and saying it would be ok. She looked up at me, in my eyes, then down to my raised member and with a slight smile and an exclamation of “Oh”.

Having been born of the master and a slave, I am light of skin, bronze I guess with light eyes of a green color, muscular but not real tall. 5 or so inches taller than she or a head as they say. This time she said, “sit with me please”, and I lowered myself to her side dripping from the lake, she said” your wet and will catch your death”. Using a cloth I brought from the main house, I rubbed my chest, arms, and shoulders. she gently took it from my hands saying in a soft voice, “let me, your back”, and rubbed me gently to remove the water. I swear I could feel a heat and trembling through her little hand, and it caused my member to throb and raise.

I thanked her and took back the cloth, and feeling that I needed to get away, lest something happens, I stood to go, not a good idea, on her knees now having knelt behind me, her lovely face was even with my member, Looking right at it, she moaned in her throat, and grabbed me around my hips in a hug. She laid the side of her face on my member and said, “no don’t go”. through my wet breeches I felt her cheek, and could not restrain the throb of my member.

To my utter surprise, she said, “I must, please I can be discreet, ohhhh I want, to see”. and before I could stop her maltepe escort she took hold of me through my clothes, squeezing gently, and holding the root of me. I felt her little hand squeeze through the thin cloth, and I knew I must stop her. Pulling her to her feet by her shoulders, I held her away and freed my throbbing hardness from her hand. But feeling her creamy, satiny skin through her thin gown only caused me to pulse.

Again her face fell, and her tears caused me new anguish, and a feeling deep in the pit of my stomach, lust. “I don’t want to marry him,” she wailed, “he is so cold, he is not like you, he treats me like his property.”

“He will provide you a good life,” I stammered.

A hard cock makes thinking with the brain difficult and I knew not what else to say. She threw her arms around my neck and buried her face in my chest, the heat of her and the softness and fullness of her breasts was too much. I gently held her trying to keep my engorged member at a distance. She looked up into my eyes and sighed, “so kind, so strong.”

With her arms still around my neck, she pulled me down to her face and gently kissed my lips, so warm, so sweet, I thought, and her tongue nipped my open mouth. My loins took over, I kissed back, a deep searing joining of our mouths, tongues touching and tasting. She shuddered and started to slide down, I held her around her waist with one arm and touched her breast with the palm of my hand. Her breast filled my rough working hand, and her nipple burned into my palm. She pushed back and pulled her gown down over her shoulders and arms exposing to glorious mounds. They were larger when freed and the pink circle around each nipple darkened as I watched. I cupped each and she arched her back to me.

I pinched each nipple between finger and thumb and again she shuddered, but now we knew, and she reached between us and seized my cock. Dropping again to her knees she took the tip of my throbbing manhood into her mouth, licking the slick drops that had formed from my excitement. with her lips she pulled me deeper into her wet mouth, taking half of me before she stopped and looked up with brilliant blue eyes. I touched her golden hair and she murmured deep in her throat, “mmmmm”. I pulled back, and laying with her kissed her bruised looking luscious lips.

Laying her back on the soft grass of the bank, I watched as she pulled her gown up, and I grabbed her bloomers and pulled them down over soft dimpled knees, calves, ankles and pretty little feet. Taking her behind each knee, I kartal escort raised her legs and buried my face in her slit. I found her pleasure button, later she told me, her clitoris, and sucked it between my lips. She immediately shuddered and convulsed, a twitching in her cunt told me she was in the deepest ecstasy.

Wetting two fingers in my mouth, I placed them at her slit, thinking her innocent I gently pressed them forward but found no restriction. They slipped in up to the joint of my hand, looking at her she smiled sweetly and said , “I learned things at school, that books did not cover.”. My fingers seemed to think for themselves and began a slow, then faster insertion into that juicy tunnel. being able to take no more, I raised myself on my elbows and knees and placing the head of my rampant member against that small opening, I started to push forward, laying on her belly. As the folds opened and I felt myself engulfed up to my cods. she again shuddered and pushed her hips up to meet me. I could feel myself swell inside of her, as she could and she asked me to withdraw quickly, somewhat startled I did. But she saw my distress and kissed my mouth, sucking my tongue and pushing her tongue into my mouth to be sucked.

Breathing heavily, she said, “I can’t become with child,” and taking my member in her hand aimed its head at her rosy bum hole and pressed down. I throbbed in her hand and almost could not hold back, her bum was slick with the juices of our lust and sucking my finger and wetting it, I back away a little and slid my finger halfway in. She squirmed and raised her lovely arse to meet even this. again she placed my member at this tight hole and pressed the tip of my member against it. As I pushed down, she pushed up a little and with an act like voiding, she pulled my member into just past the nut. I could not contain myself and a torrent of spunk was released into her bum. She felt this and shuddered and again poured down her own spunk. This wet the way and relaxed her to the point of taking the whole of my member in her delicious bum hole. I had never felt anything as hot, like candle wax on my cock and I again poured spunk into her. Thinking I may hurt her I raised myself, with eyes closed and a glow like a lusty Madonna she smiled at me and said, “please dont think me wicked”. I kissed her lips and stood, helping her to her feet, we embraced and kissed again. “Go and swim, wash off” she said touching my bare chest and sending shivers through me.

As I turned to go I stopped and looked back at her, I smiled as she looked up from my bum, I asked, “How”, and she smiled a truly beautiful smile of lust and longing and said, “cucumbers”. Laughing and running toward the path to the estate, she called over her shoulder, and next time I’ll show you exactly how we used them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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