Skinny Dip

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I look out at the water it’s beautiful, secluded and moonlight. I peel my clothing off to go for dip knowing you’ll join me when you get here, whenever that is. I lazily swim enjoying the sound of water splashing rippling over my skin. Suddenly I hear the bushes rustling, and a splash. I look around but no one is there, suddenly I feel a tongue slide up my body and a head pop out of the water. “Hello,” I say before deeply kissing the man I have been waiting for, “beginning to think you wouldn’t show.”

You say, “I could never leave you alone in a place like this, someone might do this.” I suddenly feel your hand creep slowly up my body caressing every inch of my body.

I feel playful and part annoyed you were late and with a coy smile I touch your leg saying, “Tag you’re it,” diving away and we play in water, each tag a little more erotic than the last until we meet in middle again. I kiss you deeply my hand wandering down your body softly whispering, “Tag your it,” my hand sliding down your chest to caress your cock.

You illegal bahis pull me closer to you kissing me passionately our tongues on fire after all the light playful kisses. I try to speak but your hand is exploring to see if you can coax my body into reacting under water. I giggle and move out of your way before you pull me closer locking one arm around me the other toying with my pussy. Your lips traveling over my neck and we sink into the water. I tread water entangling our legs and pull you to shallower section, “Been thinking of you all day waiting out here,” you softly say nibbling at my neck cupping my bottom and bringing me up to meet you. Teasing me with your cock now, so your fingers can torment my nipples.

“Oh really?” I whisper enjoying the buoyancy of water holding my hands on your shoulders grinding against you slightly.

“Yes, nothing like a picture of this place in my brief case with instructions and a promise of you at the end to drive me here.”

“I did make reservations for a cabin. I wanted illegal bahis siteleri to meet out here though, it’s perfect.”

Your lips travel down my neck and you go under water pulling my hips up letting my legs float over your shoulders. “Got to see if it’s salt water,” you say. Hands running up my sides supporting me as your lips blow a cool breath of air over me nudging me open with your nose and lips, letting your tongue explore. Unfortunately the closer I am to orgasm the more I sink. Causing me to be pulled under the water and frustrating the hell out of you. I finally pull my legs up and sink under and stand next to you.

“We’re never going to get there that way,” I kiss you tasting the saltiness on your lips sucking slightly on your lower lip. Letting my hands run down to touch your body, “No shrinkage here,” I softly joke. You slowly slip your fingers around teasing me, “Ummm what are you thinking?” I ask moving my hips around.

“Wanted to know if you were hot.”

“Then take my temperature.” I move canlı bahis siteleri closer to you enjoying the feel as you slowly push fingers in.

“You like?” you ask and my tight pussy clenches your questing fingers tightly. I move my hips around, “I take that as a yes,” you barely whisper. Taking a moment to replace your questing fingers with your hot cock that I want so desperately now.

“Yes,” I purr as we move together pulsating intense passion through our lips hands bodies. A raging inferno spreading through our bodies slowly but surely as the water holds us up you suck gently on my breasts. I feel you’re barely holding back. “I want to cum with you,” I say.

“I don’t think I can stand it much longer,” you murmur, slowing down your pace.

“Please,” I beg. I feel you swelling within me and I squirm my juices start flowing and just when I flood over your penis. You start releasing inside me, our bodies set on fire and in that moment we sink under the water oblivious to everything. We finally stop and break the surface gasping for air.

You try to slide out, “Stay,” I ask. Loving the feel of you inside afterwards and you look at me with such an expression I know you would like nothing better. “Can we do it again?” I ask shyly, kissing you deeply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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