Ski Lodge Vacation

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The ski lodge that Sandy had suggested we take our getaway to was even nicer than we both had hoped. It was spacious and beautiful, with just the right atmosphere for some romance – even if the object of my affection was my kinky baby sister.

We were just sitting around the fireplace, hearing it crack and pop, enjoying the wine, just being silly and in love. We’d just gotten in from a wonderful evening out.

Sandy and I weren’t raised together. Our folks split when we were young – Sandy is 2 years older than me at 28 – and Dad took Sandy while Mom raised me. It wasn’t a very amicable split, so we were raised in separate cities, and didn’t see each other.

We met on a ski trip, similar to this one, and we fell, hard. By the time we found out who the other was, it was too late. We’d been fucking like bunnies – ski-bunnies, Sandy kidded me – for months.

Sandy was the best lover I’d ever had, and she told me the same thing. She’d had lots of cocks and more than a few pussies in her bed — but baby brother ignited her. She moan underneath my pounding cock and beg for more. I always gave it to her and indulged all her kinky fantasies. I even shared her with my best friend, even though seeing her fuck another guy tore me up inside. It was then I realized I loved her.

On the contrary, Sandy loved watching me fuck other women. She shared me with her roommate Lana on many occasions, Lana being the only one privy to our relationship. Then she and Sandy would put on a lesbian show that would put any porno movie to shame. It always got me ready for another round or two.

When we figured out we were in love, we just went for it and moved in together. This trip was a “Honeymoon” of sorts.

I took Sandy out dancing the first night, to a local dance club. She was the most beautiful woman there, no question. With her brown eyes and killer body, she was dressed to kill. She wore this scandalously short black mini ( one of my “wedding” presents ), the thong she liked, killer thigh-high, “Fuck Me” boots and the lacy black cami top she’d worn our first night together. Everyone wanted her, but she was mine. Her auburn hair reached mid-way down her back and swayed with her every movement on the dance floor. Her tanned skin, so much like our Mother’s, glistened a little under the lights.

We spent the whole night, kissing, dancing and talking. I still remember the first thing I fell in love with about her – that voice of hers. It’s soft, melodious, kittenish – like a little girl’s. Her voice never fails to make my heart beat a little faster.

Our passion was consummated on a night like this, our third date. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. It felt so right, so damned good. We complimented each other so well in bed. Sandy is the most adventurous, wild, kinky lover I’ve ever known. She says the same about me and says my cock is the only one for her now.

We found out about each other by bits and pieces and then we did some checking. Sandy bawled like a baby when we confirmed everything. I just put my hand under her chin, held her face to mine and kissed her.

We went to bed, fucked each other lovingly and I told her it didn’t matter. She was my woman, my fucktoy and my lover. I wasn’t going to stop screwing her and she damned well wasn’t going to stop fucking me either.

She cried again, but these were happy tears. We’ve got a cover story for the folks, but heck, you want to know the smutty stuff, right?

Sandy loves it when I get nasty.

So, here we are at the Ski Lodge. I am not much of a skier, but I give it my best. Sandy’s a natural on the slopes, but she kept me company tobogganing and doing other stuff. She’s a great partner.

We came off the dance floor, I looked across the table at her and said, “Have I told you tonight how beautiful you are?”

She returned my smile. “Yes, but I don’t mind hearing it again.” She leaned across the table, her eyes flickering from the candle on the table. “So tell me darling, what is it you have planned for the rest of the evening?”

I put a finger to her soft lips and said, “Now, that would be telling.” Sandy hates it when I get mysterious.

She pouted at me. “You drive me crazy, you know that?”

“Isn’t that the general idea? Drive you crazy, make you wonder what I am going to do to you? I bet that little thong is just soaked right now, wondering what fucking hot thing I have planned for my little fuckslut!”

She sexmex porno leaned across the table and gave me a passionate kiss that left no doubt that my assumption had been correct. Then she took my hand, slid it under her mini and let me feel her pussy. Soaked.

I took my fingers and licked them clean. “Slut,” I intoned. She stuck out her tongue.

It was now Sandy’s turn to tease me. “Brett, I bet your big cock is rock-hard right this minute, thinking of fucking my tight, hot, wet pussy! It wants to fuck me, be inside of me! I know it does!” To illustrate her point, Sandy took her hand and gently stroked the inside of my pant leg, causing my now-stiff prick to jump inside of my pants. “Thought so!” she said.

“You know Sandy,” I said with a leer, ” I was just thinking of what great head you give. I could really go for one of your great blowjobs, right now! Sis, I am almost ready to burst..” sometimes if I call her Sis when talking like this, she gets ultra-wet “… it feels like my cock is ready to explode!”

“Brett honey, people might see us!” Sandy teased back. I knew she didn’t care.

I laughed with her and winked. We were in a darkened corner and my big sis is an exhibitionist anyway. She’d paid for college by posing nude for “Art” photos, so she wasn’t scared of much.

“Sandy, sis, I can’t wait to get your hot little mouth around my cock again. Just to prove that I am an equal-opportunity fucker, I’ll go down on your hot little snatch until I make you scream!” Sandy raised an eyebrow and downed her drink.

We headed back to our cabin. I think I would have jumped her at the club had I drank any more. I didn’t want anything to spoil the special evening I had planned for my special lady.

We kissed with passion as we reached the door of our cabin. “So, tell me, sister-wife, how do you want me to fuck you tonight? Long and slow? Or fast and hard? How do you want it?”

“Often!” she giggled in response.

I knew that Sandy was going to get her wish. I hadn’t been this hot to fuck her for months and Sandy’s teasing behavior was getting to me, big time. My dick was doing a major mambo in my pants. I scanned my baby’s scrumptious bod, looking at the nipples that peeked through her cami. I tried to maintain self-control and tried to think of football scores, Algebra, anything to keep me from moving to fast. It wasn’t working.

My sexy sis was going to get the stuffing fucked out of her. And if we both had our way, it would be soon! But we needed to calm down, to make sure it lasted and was great. So here we were, sitting by the fire, making out like a couple of kids. She was running her fingers through my hair, she always thought that it was cute that I was so fair, like Dad.

I looked into those gorgeous Bambi-brown eyes of hers that attracted me from the very first. Her eyes met my own green eyes and our lust was obviously mirrored. She stared at the visible bulge in my pants.

“Do you have any idea how horny you were making me back there?” I asked her. “I thought the waitress was going to have a coronary, watching you tease me like that.”

Sandy giggled, with that laugh I adored. My thoughts grew even more lascivious and the bulge in my pants increased noticeably. “Wait here, angel.”

I went into the bedroom to prepare Sandy’s surprise. Hey guys, a small tidbit of information for all of you — spoil your lady. Being in love can bring out the best in you. It did in me. When I emerged from the bedroom, Sandy licked her lips and said “Fast and hard?”

I walked towards my Sandy and picked her up in my arms, carrying her naked, squirming body to the bedroom. “Oh, yeah…” I said, smiling.

I think both our hearts were beating faster, I know mine sure was. The time for teasing was over, now it was time to get down to business. “Well darling, we sure picked a nice cabin. I wanted this week to be perfect for us!”

Sandy smiled back at me. “I love the cabin, especially the king-sized bed. Heck, it’s big here and we even got a fireplace!”

In the bedroom, I’d lit another fire and the glow was very sensual and romantic. I’d chilled a bottle of champagne and placed two glasses near the side of the bed. A dozen roses were placed in a nearby vase.

Sandy smiled lovingly at me, her eyes adoring. I took her into my arms and kissed her with all the passion I could summon, which was considerable. I put my hands on the cheeks of her delightfully-rounded stranded teens porno ass and pulled her to me, letting her feel the bulge my cock was making in my pants. Our lips were fused together in passion. Our tongues swam together. I ran my fingers through her beautiful auburn locks, so full and sexy, down to just above her butt. She gasped as I ran my fingers along her stocking-clad thighs and into the thong, caressing the lips of her pussy.

Sandy cooed with delight. “I never get tired of you!”

Doing a little mock strip, Sandy peeled off the boots and clothes that remained until only the stockings and thong remained. “Like?” she said as she pirouetted around me. I nodded and Sandy leaned in for a kiss. “Your turn.”

I unbuttoned my shirt, feeling her hands trail across my chest, teasingly. Sandy rained little delicate kisses all over my chest and nipples, causing me to moan audibly. I slipped my hand between her thighs, stroking her moist pussy. “I’ve been wet for hours baby, thinking of this, fucking my man!” she purred.

Sandy thrust hard against my invading fingers and I felt them slide into her dripping snatch. As I stroked her, I could hear the squishing sound of my fingers inside her. She was so hot – murmuring nasty words, for me to “Fuck me, fuck your slutty wife, your slutty sister, fuck me Brett!” – that it made me scalding-hot as well. Good. I wanted us both to be crazy with lust. In the flickering glow from the fireplace, she was stunning, she took my breath away.

Sandy told me in a husky voice that she was close to cumming and she didn’t want to cum just yet, so I stopped what I was doing. We both like long, drawn-out sex sessions and were determined to make this one fabulous. Sandy was sitting on the bed, her eyes staring at my crotch. She reached out and slowly, but firmly, took hold of my throbbing cock. It did a little jump and Sandy muttered “He remembers me.” My hard cock in her hand, Sandy looked at me with that lusty smile that had made me throw caution to the wind and propose we live in incestuous sin. She closed her hand around my cock and began stroking it softly. I let out a large, encouraging grin which let Sandy know she was doing a good job.

Sandy went down on her knees, the bed creaking slowly with our combined weight. One of the things I do have over my sexy older sis is height – she is an adorable little thing, but her “baby” brother is over 6′ tall. Sandy says she got the looks, I got the big cock and the height.

Sandy flicked her tongue over the head of my cock, capturing a small bead of pre-cum. I groaned again and thrust my body forward so she could have more of my swollen tool to play with. Sandy’s hand was still stroking my rod and she was using the other hand to caress my cum-filled balls.

“Sandy, angel … ” I groaned to my lover, ” … suck me baby. Suck my hard cock!”

Sandy’s lips closed around the head of my cock and she sucked on it intensely. “Ohhh, Brett, my darling man, you taste so good!” she cooed as she sucked me diligently. I held her shoulders as I moved back and forth, face-fucking my lover. She worked her tongue up and down, around and around, tasting and teasing every inch of my stiff rod. I matched her pace, moving faster and faster. I realized the situation was getting out of control and we had both planned on making this an all-nighter.

Sandy squeezed the base of my cock and slid her mouth towards the tip. She flicked her tongue over the tip a few times, then sat up. I was breathing heavily and my heart was going a mile a minute. I slid my hands into her dripping snatch, my cock was pressed hard against her stomach. “I can’t wait much longer to feel your cock inside of me lover!” she purred aggressively. I put my hands on her ass and lifted her over my prick, her dripping cunt ready to engulf my cock. My cock nudged against Sandy’s clit, making her moan with pleasure. I entered her slowly, not ramming hard but just nudging inside of her. Then I filled her with my shaft, until I was balls-deep inside of her pussy. We barely moved for a few minutes, looking deep into each other’s eyes.

Sandy’s pussy twitched pleasantly around my tool and I kissed her deeply, passionately. My tongue slid across her lips and into her mouth, with a promise of the intense fuck she was about to receive.

Sandy kissed me back, slowly, we weren’t in a hurry. Her kiss was worth waiting for. I put my hands on her buttocks street blowjobs porno and began to move, as did she – slowly & teasingly, almost not at all. I was hard as hell at this moment, yet I began to just ease in and out of her cunt, my cockhead rubbing against her clit. I knew that was Sandy’s G-spot. She clenched here hands in tiny little baby fists, her eyes closed, she began breathing faster. I began to fuck her again, again and again, increasing the pace. Then I’d slow it again.

“Brett, you teasing bastard!” she hissed through her teeth. “Godd, no one arouses me like you do, baby brother-husband!”

“They had better not!” I chided as I moved within her. I was enjoying the erotic stimulation of my sister-wife’s hot pussy around my cock, her tight pussy muscles milking it. I stroked her clit with my fingers, manipulating it to add to her pleasure.

I would thrust inside her hard on occasion, which caused her to groan louder. I am a man of my word, I promised her a long night of great sex.

One thing I loved about my sister, she was a very vocal lover, and very loud. “Oh Godd, fuck me, screw me, do me hard baby, yes, fuckmefuckme!!” she was babbling, encouraging me on. They likely heard us in the next cabin and were getting a great performance. Sandy was yelling “Fuck me harder, Brett, fuck me faster, oh baby!!” but I ignored her pleas. I knew if I moved much faster, fucker her any harder, it would be over too soon. I was determined to go for the duration, to make our lovemaking last. I shook my head at her and she grimaced, but she knew what I was aiming for.

“Fast and hard, but a long one angel!” I smiled at her as she nodded back. I stopped in mid-thrust and squeezed her ass, she groaned in response.

Sandy wriggled impatiently on my dick. She knew I was right, but frustration was driving her bananas. I tightened my grip on her, held her still and moved within her. She regained her self-control and I began to move again, rocking against her and re-igniting the fires. I smiled inwardly. I know my woman. It was getting to be too much for her, she wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. She was biting her lip now and the little mewls of pleasure I was hearing let me know everything was A-OK in the loving department.

“FUCK ME baby!” Sandy yelled out. “HARD, you bastard! Fuck me like you mean it! FUCK the hell out of me!”

At that point, I was ablaze. It was becoming difficult for me to keep up the pace and I slammed into her with a loud yell. Sandy’s own moans and yells mingled with mine. My hands guided her buttocks as she rode my stiff dick, pacing myself to take us both to the brink. Just as I felt Sandy was about to cum, I held her in a grip so tight there was no way she could move a muscle.

I pulled out of Sandy and the look on her face told me she was pissed-off, big-time. I didn’t say a word, I just flipped her over on her hands and knees. She got the idea and wiggled her cute little ass at me. We were a bit kinky and Sandy knew what I was going to do.

Her dripping pussy was exposed to my lusting eyes. I put my fingers against it and opened her pussy wide, allowing my pussy to nudge against it. Sandy rocked back against me, wanting me to fuck her doggie-style. In I went, slowly, like before. I knew Sandy wouldn’t be able to wait long this time, she was squirming and grinding on my cock like a madwoman. I maintained the slow pace, but I knew that I couldn’t do it for much longer. I reached for Sandy’s tits, squeezing and pinching her hard, little nipples.

I sped up a bit, as in this position, I could rub harder against Sandy’s G-spot. I knew neither of us could take much more of this.

“Baby … ” Sandy said, her voice low and husky ” … GIVE it to me now lover, FUCK ME and make me cum!”

I lost it. I pounded into her, gentleness had gone to lunch. The slapping of our bodies together in the bedroom was loud, our grunts and moans of pleasure were even louder. Then, we both came in a gushing wave of passion, I shuddered as I spilled my load into her and she came all over my spewing prick. Exhausted, we collapsed on the bed. I kissed Sandy’s pebble-hard nipples, nuzzling her neck. She planted gentle, licking kisses on my sticky cock.

“GOD, angel … ” I panted “… I TRIED. To make it last all night, I really did try. I couldn’t have lasted any longer though, you’re wonderful!”

Sandy kissed me, sweet and slow. “Brett baby, look at the clock!”

I couldn’t believe it. 3 hours! We kissed again, Sandy’s eyes were sparkling. “Well?”

“Well what?” I responded.

“Well darling, do you want to know what I’ve got planned for the next round?”

I patted the bed next to me as my cock began to twitch again.

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