Sister’s Surprising Discovery

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Note: all characters are 18 and over.

The Covid crisis of 2020 produced lots of changes for many people, some really bad but some really good. I could never have expected the changes that happened to me.

My name is Tom and at the start of the crisis I was meant to be completing my final year of engineering at York university. In the space of a few days in March I realised that my course was more or less over other than some online assignments and I was locked down back in Liverpool with my Dad, my step mum and my hot sister who was 18, nearly 19.

At 21 and single, I had been a long-time reader of Literotica and immersed myself in a fantasy life that was so far removed from my real life it was untrue. I think I started reading Literotica as, in my head at least, it was better than watching porn. I had been brought up with very strong warnings that porn was really bad but reading about hardcore sex seemed less wrong than watching it. Truth be told, I usually started up reading stuff and then moved on to watching stuff anyway, but each time I would go through this ritual of just reading erotic stories first as I could justify this as not being “so bad”. Of course, I’d usually end up masturbating over the combination of erotica and porn and then feeling really guilty and swearing I would not do it again. This vow sometimes didn’t make it more than an hour, and never more than a few days during my horny days in university as I bounced from one failed relationship to another with, despite my best efforts, very little action.

One of the first lines I crossed during lockdown back home was starting to write some fantasies online. This was something I would never have done before, but in the boredom of lockdown I got drawn into and once I started, I couldn’t stop. I’m not sure I was really the greatest writer in the world, in fact my stories probably were a bit rushed. I started writing a series of stories featuring an imaginary family and their adventures corrupting people, especially focused on a slutty sister called Beki. However, my naivety in writing stories led me in to make some major mistakes that would have long lasting consequences.

The problem was that the people in my stories were actually based on real people, and the main characters were my sister and my step mum. To make matters worse, I used their real names and my attempts to change some things was less than thorough. I changed locations of places we’d visited on holiday to places we lived. For some reason I made my sister my stepsister and I made my step mum my real mum – I think this made me feel as if I was not writing about real people and seemed sexier somehow. I changed Beki & my step mum’s hair colour and my step mums age, although over the course of several stories I think I got mixed up about both facts more than once. I think that is why I used real names, so I wouldn’t get confused. I also reasoned in my head that nobody I knew would read this stuff and definitely nobody in my family. If I listened to the voice in my head, nobody but me would stoop to read this so my secret was safe.

The reason for focusing on my sister was that my sister was HOT. I mean really hot! At 18, she was 3 years younger than me and most of my mates fancied her. i never really thought of her like that until her 18th birthday party a few months before lockdown. We both had drunk more than we should and somehow our raging teenage hormones got the better of us. Before we knew it, we were passioately kissing in a corner before we came to our senses. We had a few days of not being able to look each other in the eyes, but while i thought she moved on, i really began to notice her gorgeous figure and all round sex appeal. I would never tell anyone about this of course, and I knew it was wrong but the more I beat myself up about lusting after my sister the more I found myself beating off to taboo thoughts of my flesh and blood. Somehow without me noticing, during my three years away at university she had developed curves in all the right places. My love life was a mess, and visits back home together with an increasing obsession with incest stories and porn on my favourite websites definitely got under my skin.

My step mum was also sex on legs. I’m still not sure how dad managed to snare her, especially since at 30 she was closer to my age than his. When i lived at home, I used to be able to hear them having sex through the walls in our house, and she definitely had been competing with my sister recently for my regular wank fantasy. Louise had fantastic tits which, to my mind at least, she flaunted at me all the time, and an arse to die for. All my mates increasingly made MILF jokes about her, but for me it was torture. I’d been brought up to be a good boy, and I would never actually act on the suppressed desires I had for my sister or my step mum. For one thing, I was certain that any action on my part would result in a major punishment and definite rejections. And so, I just contented myself with fantasy in my room when nobody was czech streets porno looking, and a promise to myself that nobody would ever know.

It was in this pressure cooker of emotions and the other stresses of the Covid 19 crisis that I found myself an author of depraved sex stories. I was sure nobody would believe that I could write such filth, and nobody would ever find out. Even if they did, they would be too ashamed to tell me that they visited the same websites that I did, and I would just use the defence that it was just fantasy. There was no way on earth that anyone in my family would ever find out I promised myself. It was this promise that led me to write more and more extreme stories and this promise that was to prove my downfall, or at least what I assumed would be my downfall at the time.

One hot day during the peak of lockdown, I was in my room trying to write another instalment of my story when my sister walked in without knocking. She had on shorts and a tee shirt, and I immediately got distracted as she flopped down on my bed and I quickly closed my laptop cover.

“What you doing bro?” she asked. “You been watching porn again?”

“Ummm… no, of course not!” I replied defensively.

“Sure!” said Beki. “That’s all you do nowadays. Read porn stories and jerk off. You must be addicted or something”.

Part of my brain registered that she mentioned “porn stories” rather than just watching porn, but I just dismissed it as a coincidence.

“If you keep on looking at all these dirty websites, you’ll corrupt yourself you know,” added Beki with a mischievous grin.

“Maybe if I spend all my time around you, I’ll be corrupted too! They say ‘Bad company corrupts good character’ so…”

Alarm bells were going off in my head at the emphasis Beki kept giving to the word “corrupt” since I had chosen the name of corrupter66 in both Literotica and on the Hub, but she couldn’t possibly know that, could she?

“Maybe that’s what you want though, big brother. To corrupt your little sister and turn her into a cock hungry slut?” said Beki, looking me fully in the eyes.

“I don’t know what you are talking about!” I replied weakly, although inside I was panicking at the way this conversation was going.

“Are you not the author called Corrupter66 on that erotic story website?!” asked Beki directly.

“Um no… of course not… I don’t…” I stammered. Have you ever been in a situation when you know you’ve been caught red handed but are trying desperately to think of a lie to say it wasn’t you? I knew I was busted, and I was about to get it in the neck from my sweet, innocent 18 year old sister that I had turned into a slut in all my stories.

“Come on, you haven’t even bothered to change our names or most of the names of your friends or mine! Its so obviously you!! Plus I managed to sneak a look at your laptop and find your internet history that wasn’t very well hidden! Your stories are disgusting!” Beki challenged me. I knew my efforts at pretending innocence were lost.

“Ok, I’m sorry, it was me, but it was just fantasy!” I admitted, trying to defend myself.

“So, you think it’s OK for you to write about me fucking you and your friends, or both of us having sex with Mum, or Dad screwing my 18 year old best friend? Why would you even do that?” asked Beki.

“Because in my stories I wanted to give some motivation to your namesake and get dad out of the way, plus Jane is really hot!” I retorted. “But…”

“You think its OK for me to have group sex with your mates and Jane’s dad, do you? Its so disgusting”

“I know, I’m sorry…” I replied weakly

“Its so wrong!”

“Yes, I should never have done it” I admitted

“its so hot!” said Beki.

“I’m really sorry, I would never actually do… wait, what did you say?!” I stammered as Beki’s last statement caught me off guard.

“I’ve had a bit of a thing for you since my party!” admitted Beki, gently placing her hand on my knee.

“But you’re my sister!” I always had a bit of a knack for stating the obvious, but my mind couldn’t cope with this turn of events.

“That didn’t stop you in your stories,” replied Beki, gradually stroking higher up my leg.

“But that’s just fantasy. Its not real! To do something in real life would be just wrong and…”

“hot!” added Beki as she let her hand rest on the tent that had formed in my shorts.

“No, I couldn’t…” I protested weakly.

“Are you sure big brother? Wouldn’t you like to feel my tits?” sad Beki as she threw off her tee shirt and removed her bra.

I sat in stunned silence, but my arm had a mind of its own as I reached out and grasped one of Beki’s boobs. I threw the words “B cup”, “C cup” or “D cup” around in my stories but I didn’t really understand the terms. What I did know was that my sister had soft, big tits and I was sat feeling them properly for the first time in my life. I felt my moral objections, such as they were, crumbly as, like a czech taxi porno moth drawn to a flame, I leaned in and sucked one of her breasts into my mouth

“That’s it Tom, lick me!” Beki said, clutching my head to her chest. I let go of one of her tits just to feed the other one into my hungry mouth and I nibbled gentle on one of her nipples that were rock hard and excited to feel my touch.

As I feasted lovingly on her chest, my sister reached down and pushed my shorts and pants off me, and I thrilled to feel her hand grasp my stiff prick and begin to stroke me.

“Its not quite 7 inches like in the stories!” Beki joked as she pulled my head up and kissed me full on the lips.

“I may have exaggerated for literary purposes!” I confessed as I pushed our lips together again and we thrust our tongues into each other’s mouths.

“Still, it’s a nice cock!” said Beki, sinking to her knees.

I closed my eyes as Beki began slowly kissing up and down my length. Finally, she stuck her tongue out and slowly licked my knob before sucking the helmet into her mouth. I’d had blowjobs before, but nothing could prepare me for the feeling of Beki’s warm mouth gradually pumping my shaft into her mouth.

I began to count the alphabet backwards in an effort to hold off the coming explosion as the events of the evening began to be too much for me. Beki was about halfway down my pole, but she seemed determined to stuff as much of me in her mouth as she could.

“I think I’m in love with your cock!” gasped Beki as she pulled her lips off me.

She reached forward and fondled my balls as she desperately pushed more and more of my cock into her mouth. I felt myself hitting the back of her throat, but amazingly Beki kept going till she had the whole of my penis lodged in her mouth and her nose pressed against my crotch. She pulled off again, and a trail of spit hung in the air as she choked and gasped before welcoming my dick back between her wet lips.

“I’m going to cum” I gasped, but she didn’t stop pumping my prick in and out of her mouth until I could hold back no longer and flooded her with my hot load. She pulled back, opened her mouth to show me my warm cum and then swallowed it down.

“Now its my turn!” said Beki as she moved up the bed and encouraged my face towards her sex lips. I didn’t need any further invitation as I leaned in and planted kisses on her belly and the top of her pussy. Beki groaned as I jumped past her moist sex and trailed kisses down her leg. I reached her feet and sucked each toe into my mouth as Beki’s groans became more to do with pleasure than disappointment.

After a while worshiping her feet, I moved back up her legs, again kissing her slowly as my head rose higher. Finally, I slowly lapped at her cunt as I savoured the rich aroma of her sex. I began to gradually thrust my tongue in and out of her tight hole before locating her clit which was now standing erect and gently giving it a nibble.

I had not had a great deal of sex, but my last girlfriend had taught me a thing or two about eating a pussy and I attacked Beki’s with gusto. I settled in to feast on her cunt, varying the pace of my licking between thrusting my tongue into her like a little prick.I smiled as I heard Beki’s increasingly passionate moans until the dam burst and she screamed in passion.

“Just like that brother.. don’t stop… that’s it!” she uttered as I kept lapping at the centre of her womanhood. “Yes… oh God I’m going to cum… I’m cuming” she squealed as she scaled the heights of her orgasm.

“Wow, that wasn’t bad!” She told me as she settled down beside me and we both took a break.

“Not bad?!” I retorted. “I bet I’m the best you’ve ever had!”

“To be fair, you are almost as good as a girl!”

I did my best impression of a fish as I took in this latest statement from Beki.

“What? Who??” I stammered.

“A couple of people, but mainly Jane” she confessed as she stroked my stiffening member.

“I recognise most of the people in your stories, but who is Steve? You know, the older single guy I’m meant to have seduced in your last story?”

“Oh, he’s based on my landlord up in York. Believe it or not, our neighbours were a couple of hot women called Louise and Beki. They were not related, but Louise was a bit older and they were both flirts. Beki was maybe early 20s and Liouise may have been 30ish but i never knew for sure. Steve seemed like a strait-laced guy, but as time went on I noticed that even though he was about 20 years older than Beki he was spending a lot of time with her. I never imagined anything was happening, but a few weeks before I came back I’m fairly certain I had heard them having sex through the walls of my room. In fact, I think he may have fucked both Beki and Louise in the end, although I’m not sure anyone else would believe me if I told them! I never had a threesome involving Beki and Steve (this bit was made up) but when I started writing my sex stories this idea of an older digitalplayground porno bloke being corrupted by a younger woman was stuck in my head. It was easy for me to think of that Beki and Louise being you and mum, and the fantasy just went from there.”

“OK, I thought it might be John from up the road. He’s a hot older single guy who I wouldn’t mind corrupting!” joked Beki.

“Beki!” I chided her with a smile on my face.

“What, you mean you don’t want to act out some of your stories?” Beki suddenly looked at me seriously.

“What? No! Fantasy is one thing, but…” I replied.

“So, you wouldn’t want me to set you up with Jane? I’m sure she’d fuck you in a heartbeat if she had a chance!”

“Ok, well I might let her…” I said grinning at the prospect at sleeping with one of my sisters hot friends.

“And I’m sure your friends would screw me if you set it up!” said Beki.

“Beki, its one thing for me to write a story about you being a slut, its another thing for you to be one! I wouldn’t want you to get a reputation!” I protested, even if my mind was already picturing Beki in a gangbang or stuffed airtight like in some of my stories.

“Let me worry about that,” replied Beki. “I can be discreet and I’m a big girl! Besides, no cock for me means no pussy for you!”

“Ok, but social distancing…” I protested with a grin.

“Fine, for now you’ll just have to make do with what’s available!” said Beki as she grabbed onto my now totally stiff cock. All this talk of involving other people had turned me on, but my senses went into overload as I realised I was about to fuck the object of my fantasies, my own sister.

“Come and fuck me, big brother!” she urged me as she turned onto her back and guided me towards her pussy.

My dick felt almost painful as I slid into her moist sex for the first of what I hoped would be many times. Gradually, slowly, I fed my stiff member into her as Beki encouraged me on.

“That’s it brother, fill my cunt with your big cock!

I looked into her eyes as I began to saw in and out of her slit. I was really doing this! I was really fucking my sister. I looked down and realised that I was still only halfway inside her, but it felt tight and incredible. Beki spread herself and I felt her body welcoming more and more of my pulsating knob inside as we revelled in the complete wrongness of it all, yet it felt so right, like we were made for each other.

Beki got up on all fours and turned her head towards me.

“Do me doggy style, big brother!” she urged me. “I want to experience it all!”

I didn’t need to be asked twice as I slid my full length back inside her sex and began to pound into her like a man possessed.

“That’s it, fuck me!”

“Make me cum!”

“I’m going to cum, sis!” I warned her as I felt my balls beginning to boil.

“That’s OK, I’m on the pill. Cum inside me! I need you! Just a bit more!”

I felt myself erupting as I shot my load deep inside her, and Beki groaned as she too plunged over the edge of her climax and we rode a deep wave of pleasure together.

We both lay still for a while as the reality of what we had done hit us. I began to be afraid that she would regret it and things would get weird between us, but Beki leaned in and kissed me full on the lips. This was the start, I realised, not the end.

“I’m so pleased we did this!” said Beki finally.

“Me too! Definitely.” I agreed as we laid side by side. I just loved to be naked beside my sister and think of what might happen. I was sure that her talk of involving our friends was just talk, but Beki had other plans.

“As soon as restrictions are lifted, you so have to do Jane!” said Beki with a smile. “Maybe we can make a video, you seem to like them in your stories! In the meantime, I want to have sex with you as much as I can.”

I definitely wouldn’t say no to sex with Jane, in fact I’d probably not say no to sex with most people as long as they were over 18 and willing to fuck! The prospect of lots of sex with Beki though was a dream I would not have believed a few hours ago. However, we had to be so careful. I dreaded to think how our dad and step mum would react.

“Dad is still out a lot with work, but mum could be a problem!” said Beki, reading my thoughts it seemed. “I know what, you seduce her like in your stories and then we can fuck like rabbits!”

“Beki, the stories are just fantasies. Just imagine if she reacts with disgust and horror like a normal person…” I responded.

“And not like a slut like I did?” replied Beki. I didn’t know what to say. “We could get her really drunk one evening when dad is out and gently try it on. If she reacts, we back off and pretend she imagined it. If she responds we can all have fun! I’ve been looking for a chance to borrow Naomi’s strap on!”

“Naomi has a strap on?” I gasped. Naomi was another of Beki’s friends who I fantasised over, and who I was thinking of working into my stories. i had recently been to her 19th birthday party whilst home for Christmas and the sight of her gorgeous tits practically falling out of her top had me having wet dreams of tit fucking her for weeks. “And how do you know she has a strap on dildo?!” I asked Beki as it suddenly dawned on me what she had said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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