Sisters in Slavery prequel chapter 04 The two Mistresses’ story

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Sisters in Slavery prequel chapter 04

Author’s note to readers. Nothing about this story is meant to portray any of the characters as under eighteen years of age. Also this story features themes of nonconsensual sex including rape, slavery, incest, and bestiality. It is intended as fantasy and nothing else. If you do not like such stories or are one of those individuals that can’t distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality STOP reading now. Also don’t fill up the comments section with posts about how sick the individuals in the story are or about the people who read or write this style of story. This is meant for those looking to take some enjoyment out this tale and not for those looking to recreate the circumstances of the story. For those that fall into the first category please enjoy yourselves

I must note before the story starts this is a prequel to Sisters in Slavery that tells the story of the owner of the Sisters Master Robert Sanders coming of age and becoming a master within The Organization leading up to how the Brothel was started. As such there will be some new characters introduced that may or may not be in future chapters of the main story. This also means that all of the established female characters will not be appearing in this part of the story.

Part 04

Joanna finds her place within the household

Joanna always felt uneasy coming home from school during breaks. Mostly due to how she felt about her father and how much differently she was treated then her siblings. Especially Kelly how come her father treated that bitch so much better than his own daughter. It wasn’t just her treatment that bothered Joanna her mother’s treatment also played a part in how uncomfortable she found her home. Joanna never understood why her mother put up with being treated like she was nothing but a slave all of these years.

Seeing the house come into sight Joanna let out a sigh knowing she wasn’t really wasn’t ready to deal with her household yet. Can’t be helped she said to herself as the driver pulled up to the front of the house. As she unfastened her seatbelt Joanna was bit surprised that the driver got out to open her door. Usually they just popped the trunk and hauled ass the moment Joanna closed the trunk after she unloaded her own bags. Yet besides being a woman this driver acted like she was delivering an actual person and not a package. As her door was opened for her Joanna was surprised to see both her parents come out to greet her.

Even more surprising was the fact her mother wasn’t wearing her uniform. Her mother had pretty much lived in maid uniforms for all of Joanna’s life. Working pretty much twenty four hours a day three hundred sixty five days a year without ever taking a day off. Leaving Joanna to realize she had never seen her mother in a regular dress. As surprising as this was there was something that Joanna needed to do before she asked the questions that were bouncing around in her head.

Rushing to hug her mother Joanna pushed her issues to the side for the moment. Feeling her mother’s arms rapping tightly around her Joanna let herself get lost in the embrace. She had to entire holiday season to brude over her problems she needed to see her mother then and there. Still it was only temporary and then Joanna was looking upon the source of all of her issues. Even with her mother holding her from behind the way she was Joanna had to fight the urge to actually tell her father what she felt about him.

Instead she told it was good to see him again and hoped he had been well. There was still an extremely small tone of disgust in her voice as she said it but she had gotten good at suppressing her true feelings towards him. His response was something she thought would never come out of his mouth. Not him welcoming her home but he actually referred to her as his daughter. She was always her mother’s daughter and not his.

Which was the complete opposite of how her mother had refer to her brother Robert. But both Joanna and Robert knew that was the difference between the two of them. Robert was always considered her father’s son and his responsibility to raise. While Joanna was her mother’s daughter and Joanna was always her mother’s responsibility to care for. Leaving them both envious of Jonathan’s situation until at least Camila came to live there and actually made their other parental issues seam insignificant.

Throwing aside how they all saw that as a betrayal of their mother’s loyalty to their father. They saw the difference in how Camilla treated Kelly and how their step sister behaved towards everyone around her. It was plainly viable that Camila turned Kelly into a younger version of herself. Their hatred of that bitch and her daughter made all three of the siblings look at themselves and their parents with a different perspective. Leaving them wondering on a few rare occasions if this wasn’t that bad of an arrangement after all.

Joanna pushed her thoughts aside as she watched the driver unload her bags and be dismissed by her father. As she glanced at the car leaving Joanna saw two more coming up the road. Curious at who was coming Joanna looked closer at the cars. The first was a dark grey two seater BMW convertible roadster that Joanna just fell in love with the moment she saw it. As it got closer Joanna saw Robert was driving with a beautiful brunette in the passenger seat.

The second was a silver Land Rover that she couldn’t tell who was driving. However Joanna could see there was equally beautiful blonde girl sitting in the passenger seat. Now once it came to a stop behind the roadster Robert was driving Joanna quickly saw that Jonathan was behind the steering wheel. As her brothers got out and moved around the the passenger sides of their respective vehicles Joanna looked closer at the girls and realized they looked familiar.

Based on the way both brothers acted towards them it was easy to see these were their girlfriends. Yet Joanna couldn’t remember when she had met them both before. As beautiful as they were Joanna hoped they weren’t like those bitches that Kelly ran around with. Though Joanna didn’t think that was likely. Since as much as Joanna disliked Kelly’s friends her brothers despised them even more due to being around them more often.

Joanna saw matching school uniforms each girl had on and realized the went to the same school as her brothers. Each had a purple plaid skirt and matching vest with their school’s patch over their left breast over a white blouse. Which was bit different than the blue plaid skirt, white blouse, and dark gray blazer Joanna had on. They did wear the same long black socks like Joanna. Only Joanna’s socks were slightly shorter coming midway up her lower legs and theirs came up to their knees.

Yet it was easy to see their were some modifications made to the uniforms as well. Joanna doubted the high heels each girl had on were part of the standard uniform. Along with the skirts being definitely shorter than she had seen on any of her bothers female friends before. They each also had tight sleeveless blouses that showed off a lot of cleavage. The vests were also tighter and looked tailored to perfectly conform to the contours of their bodies.

Which neither off the girls had reason to be ashamed of they were both fantastic looking. Brunette was the smaller of the two with a slender build. Wearing stylish glasses and keeping her jet black hair up in a ponytail. The blonde was slightly taller than Joanna with a curvier figure. Though she let her hair flow freely over her shoulders.

As they both walking up holding her brothers’ arms Joanna saw something else about these girls. They didn’t carry themselves like other girls as beautiful as them Joanna had been around. Kelly, her friends, and a few girls at Joanna’s school all had the same attitude displayed in the way they moved and even looked at others. These two had none of that I’m better looking than you attitude. This made Joanna believe the smiles on their faces as they looked at her were about being happy to be around her and not some condescending look based on how much better looking they were.

There was a final part of their outfits that struck Joanna as strange. Each girl wore what looked like a thin gold choker like collar around their throats. More so Joanna realized that her mother had a similar choker around her neck. Which Joanna figured she had overlooked until then due to her surprise about the dress. Yet now Joanna was wondering what the significance was.

Not that her mother wearing a collar wasn’t shocking. She had always worn a lace covered collar as part of her maid’s uniform for all of Joanna’s life. Joanna had just never had a reason to consider it was anything but part of the uniform. At least until seeing these two girls were wearing what looked like collars almost identical to her mother had on made Joanna curious. This made Joanna now wondered about the significance and she would ask her mother about it later.

Joanna had to hug her brothers at that moment as they welcomed her home. Before Joanna was getting shocked by being told who the two girls were and now knew why they looked familiar. Joanna had hung out with some of her brothers’ friends and had always liked them all. Especially the girls in the group that always saw Joanna as her brothers’ sister and not the daughter of the maid like Kelly and her friends. Yet as close as they were to these girls Joanna never thought they would end up dating her brothers let alone living with them.

Yet this was what Joanna heard from Chelsea and Jenny after finding herself pulled into warm hugs by both of the two. Joanna then apologized about not being able to recognize them given how amazing they looked. This praise had both them preening under the attention. While at the same time still acting modest by telling Joanna that she was just as pretty as they were. Joanna honestly responded they needed not try and flatter her she had accepted long ago that she wasn’t beautiful.

This quickly had everyone disagreeing with Joanna including her father. Who shocked Joanna by saying she was very beautiful young woman and should never think of herself as otherwise. He then told her thinking of herself as less than the beautiful person she is was an insult not only to herself but everyone that cared for her. Her mother was especially upset with her about her view of how she looked. Going as far as threatening to take Joanna over her knee and spank her if she ever said something like that again.

He even suggested that both Chelsea and Jenny should help Joanna to see this about herself. For they were once in a similar place not that long ago and they could help Joanna the way they had been helped. Going as far as having them take her shopping and to the salon with them the next day.

That was how Joanna ended up being dragged store to store by the two of them. She had to admit she was shocked by how good she looked after the trip to the hair and nail salon. Though some of the outfits they were picking out were way too revealing for Joanna’s tastes. With every skirt and dress so short it left Joanna blushing as she tried them on. Let alone insisting she wear one of the outfits out of the store saying the plain clothes she had come in with was totally unappropriate for the new her.

Joanna also learned that both Chelsea and Jenny had no issue with showing off their bodies. Both were wearing extremely short skirts that barley covered their asses. Along with crop-tops that showed tons of cleavage and left their stomachs and the small of their backs completely exposed. Based on how thin the fabric was it was obvious neither was wearing a bra. Following them up the escalator Joanna also learned they weren’t wearing panties either.

How brazen the two were was shocking to Joanna but her brothers seamed unaffected by it. They just followed behind the three girls trying ignore the antics of their girlfriends while carrying armloads of bags. Especially when they started discussions with Joanna and she leaned how open they were about their sex lives. And that was before they dragged a struggling Joanna to both Victoria’s Secret and Fredrick’s of Hollywood.

The contents of the bags that came out of those two stores had Joanna blushing so bad she felt like she would glow in the dark. Especially when she was dragged into the changing rooms and not only made to try everything on but model it for the two. It wasn’t just bras and panties but other types sexy lingerie. Joanna did draw the line when they started looking at teddys for her. However Joanna couldn’t say much when each of the two got a couple for themselves and insisted she get several baby doll nighties.

Though Joanna wasn’t certain about it but she suspected both of them weren’t just sexually involved with her brothers but each other as well. Granted Joanna already knew that Jenny’s mother Elizabeth was not only sexually involved with her father but also Joanna’s own mother. She also wasn’t certain but thought the two had propositioned her several times while either her or them were trying on lingerie. The irony was the thought of them propositioning her excited Joanna but also left her with even more doubts about her own sexuality.

She had the normal wants and urge’s to do things with guys. However going to an all girls boarding school Joanna found herself looking at several of her classmates the same way. So as she masturbated lately it would be one of two scenarios. One was making love to her favorite movie star. Then other times it was the girl in the bunk above hers in the dormitory she was fantasizing about.

The thought of her school combined with the next shop they went also brought to mind the bombshell Joanna’s father dropped on her the night before. This was she would be transferring to the same school as her brothers and living at home full time. This meant she now needed new school uniforms and there was only one place that she could get them in the mail. Only now Joanna was a bit concerned about having those two involved with her ***********ing her school clothes. As provocative as outfits as they were already ***********ing for Joanna left her afraid she would get a paddling her first day for being dressed inappropriately.

Thankfully Robert took charge there and other than letting the two girls talk Joanna into a vest like theirs she was spared the riskier aspects of their wardrobe choices. Although the skirt Joanna ended up with still felt drastically shorter than the ones from her old school uniforms. Still it was lot longer than the skirt she wore into the store. Though as with her other new clothes Joanna had a hard time believing how good she looked them.

“I see your finally believing what we all have known for a long time now Joanna.” Robert said from the beach he was sitting on as he watched Joanna looking at herself in the mirror. “I’m believing it but I still don’t get why all of a sudden it matters to everyone if I’m happy. Not that I ever thought you, Jonathan, or mother didn’t care about me but father suddenly changing is what has me wondering what’s going on.” Joanna responded.

“Part of it was was the incident with Kelly. But when Jonathan and me buried the hatchet with him we made it clear how poorly we felt you’ve been treated.” Robert told her. Joanna looked at her brother in gratitude. However the mention of her step sister brought to mind questions she had. Being as this was the first time they had been alone Joanna had to ask him.

“About Kelly? Was that whole story about her drug problem getting her expelled from school really true?”

Robert let out a sigh and responded. “The drug problem lead to her cheating and that’s what actually got her expelled. It just wasn’t until the expulsion that we all learned of her drug use and our father had enough of her bullshit.” Robert saw Joanna wasn’t exactly believing this story. However they had told it enough times that he had gotten good at it. He then got a sad look on his face as he continued speaking.

“Her becoming a maid was actually more mother’s idea then any of ours. Our father just wanted to to throw her out with just the clothes on her back. I felt a little sorry for her and suggested rehab and at least helping her find a job so she didn’t end up dead in a gutter somewhere. Then when she came back clean it was mother that was the one that talked us in to letting her stay if she became maid. With nothing left Kelly agreed and has been changing for the better ever since then.”

Strangely there was some truth to this lie. They did actually get Kelly to beg to be trained as a pleasure maid. Though it was after a fairly intense torture session. Then telling her only other choice was to be sold to the same people her mother had been sold to. It also didn’t hurt Kelly being shown the video of her mother being put in that pen then being immediately mercilessly raped for the next several hours.

Though Robert wasn’t going to tell Joanna this even if she was successful with what was planned for her. Only him, his mother, father, and Kelly knew what truely happened to Camila. Everyone else in the household really didn’t need to know that Camila was really enslaved and made the sex toy to a pack of dogs. Infact she was still getting fucked by dogs to that very day. Only by then she not only was fucked by dogs but also believed herself to be one.

Robert really wanted to change the subject off of Kelly and to other matters when he started talking again “Let’s not discuss Kelly any more. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have had to tell that story to everyone at school. So tell me what you think of Chelsea and Jenny? Are they good enough for your big bothers?” Robert saw Joanna blush a little when he asked what she thought about the two girls. Before she let out sigh and responded.

“Well when I first saw them I had concerns they were going to be stuck up. But they had been very nice to me so far and I kinda like them. Now I’m not sure about wearing a lot of these clothes they picked out for me especially the lingerie. I’m also a little curious as to how close those two are to each other they seamed just a little too friendly with each other in the changing rooms.”

Robert saw the way Joanna blushed during the last part and wondered what those two had been up to. He hoped they hadn’t done something to offend Joanna. “Please tell me those two didn’t try and come on to you. Not that me or anyone else in the house would have a problem if you were interested but we sort of asked those two to keep their bisexual sides under control until we were sure it wouldn’t be an issue with you.”

Joanna looked at her brother in surprise and he responded that yes the two were each other’s lovers as well as those of both him and Jonathan. He told Chelsea was already bisexual before they got got together. While Jenny hadn’t tried it until after moving in and talking with Chelsea and their mother some about it. Neither Robert or Jonathan had an issue with the two being together that way. Especially since they usually got to watch the two go at it and most of the time joined in.

Robert had to smile when Joanna looked at him surprised. He simply shrugged and said. “The male fantasy of being with two girls at once was definitely a big part of why they were alright about it. But they mostly liked seeing how happy it made the two girls to be able to share themselves with each other.” Though it was actually the fact he said that both him and Jonathan both would get involved in a orgy of sorts with the two girls and she had to ask him about that.

“It’s not that I have an issue with any of this. But when you said that you and Jonathan would join in with the girls while watching them make love to each other. Does that mean that you and Jonathan are also sleeping with each other or just the two girls.”

Robert had no issue with men being bisexual or gay but he was quick to put an end to any such assertion either he or Jonathan was. He did admit that they both have been with each of the girls during sex. He also told the two girls had also been sexually involved with every one in the house with the exception of Jenny not having slept with her mother of course. Though he also admitted that it wasn’t just the two girls that were that sexually open to sharing themselves but every woman in the house. With the exception of their mother being with the two brothers but she had been with all of the women.

Joanna looked shocked by this revelation about her mother. She knew about Elizabeth and was fine with it once she saw that was why her mother looked happier than before. But knowing that her her mother was also involved with all the other women in the house was shocker. But there was another revelation in her brother’s statement regarding Kelly she wanted to be sure of. “When you said every woman in the house does that include Kelly is sleeping with everyone including you?” Joanna asked Robert.

“Joanna you will probably see her coming out of either mine, Jonathan’s, or even our father’s rooms in the morning sooner or later. So yes we all do have sex with Kelly. She has the same needs as everyone else but hardly ever gets out of the house so Kelly needed an outlet. Kelly is especially active with and loyal to our mother. It was our mother that helped Kelly to most during her recovery and they developed a strong bond because of it.” Robert told a shocked Joanna.

He was a bit worried he was telling her to much information. However Robert also knew that Joanna was going to be told most of this that night as it was. So he was hoping to get a lot of this out of the way now so she had chance to process it before the truely shocking revelations came out. That and he wanted to feel her out some to see how receptive she would be to what their father would be offering her. Otherwise it would make what they were trying to do meaningless.

Both Robert and his father were seriously hoping to avoid that and had called in quite a few markers to make this possible. Unfortunately it now rested on Joanna’s shoulders and they both had concerns regarding that. Mostly these were regarding how isolated Joanna had been kept from the rest of the family. Robert now knew the reason for this. But now it created major problems with the plans.

” I know this is a lot for you to take in right now given how much things have already changed for you. But I hope you can understand that everyone is happy with the way things are now and we are hoping that you can find a way to be happy as well.” Robert told Joanna as he focused on the moment. “Well it is definitely a lot to think about and I still think there’s some other stuff like those collars all the women are wearing that your not telling me about. Still I’m thankful that you are not trying to hide this stuff from me.” Joanna told him.

Joanna mentioning the collars was a bit worry-some to Robert but also afforded him an opportunity. He told her she was right and even his father was wanting to tell her everything. In his case it was just a matter of waiting for the right opportunity once he felt Joanna was ready to hear the truth. They all agreed she was more than ready just the right opportunity hadn’t presented itself yet. They hoped to talk to her that night about it all.

However if Joanna felt she needed more time to think about everything she now knew than they were willing to give it to her. Robert was willing to tell her himself but had promised both of their parents to let them explain this stuff to her. He said their mother especially wanted to be a part of this and Robert wasn’t going to deny her request. Looking around the fitting room Robert told Joanna that technically they shouldn’t be having that sort of conversation there anyway. Getting up from the bench Robert reminded they should be getting out of there.

As Robert gave her some privacy Joanna quickly went about changing out of her new school uniform. While she was just in her bra and panties Joanna couldn’t resist the urge to look at herself in the mirrors like that. Especially now she was wearing such sexy bra and panties now. Joanna could definitely see the difference between the way she looked that very morning compared to then. Joanna couldn’t help feeling major boost to her self confidence as she redressed in her new outfit and walked confidently from the fitting room with her new uniform over her shoulder.

As rejoined her bothers she saw that there was a woman talking to both Chelsea and Jenny. Joanna quickly realized they were somehow in trouble with this woman based on the way both of them had their heads lowered and kept responding with very few words. These were either “Yes Ma’am” or “We are sorry Ma’am” and “It won’t happen again Ma’am”. Given the brazen behavior of the two earlier and what she now knew about them they could have done anything from flashing the woman to trying to seduce her. Looking from this scene to Robert with a curious expression on her face made him call out to the woman.

“Principal Blackthorn I think there is someone you need to meet.”

Joanna suddenly became very nervous as she heard that. After both Chelsea and Jenny told her “Yes Ma’am” one final time Joanna watched as her new principal turned to face her. Something about the way her eyes quickly traveled up and down Joanna’s body made her trimble slightly. However the stern expression on her face soon disappeared and she smiled at Joanna making her relax some. Still Joanna was still on edge as Principal Blackthorn spoke to her.

“You must be Joanna it’s nice to get to meet you finally. Please don’t feel intimidated by that little scene you just saw. I was just making sure I was not going to have those two in my office for having their skirts too short again.”

Joanna couldn’t help but respond about the same way the others were. “Yes Ma’am” and “No Ma’am” were the only words Joanna was capable of saying in the presence of this woman. However both Robert and Jonathan were finding the whole encounter amusing before they took pity on Joanna. “You can relax Joanna Principal Blackthorn isn’t going to bite your head off. In fact you will find she is genuinely cares for all her students even if a few tend to push boundaries from time to time.”

Robert shot both Chelsea and Jenny a hard look when said that final part and Joanna wondered if this was related to the conversation they just had. Joanna allowed herself to relax some and looked closer at Principal Blackthorn and saw she was very beautiful woman. Yet regardless of how beautiful she was Principal Blackthorn had such a commanding presence that intimidated everyone around her. Or at least the three girls Robert and Jonathan seamed completely at ease around her. Leaving Joanna to wonder if how many of the other students felt as intimidated by her as Joanna was.

As Principal Blackthorn left the store Joanna hoped she wouldn’t be having many run ins with her. More so something told Joanna that she never wanted to be around Principal Blackthorn while she was angry with Joanna. If Principal Blackthorn was anything like Headmistress Cole who wouldn’t hesitate to take a paddle to Joanna’s ass if she did the slightest thing wrong. Principal Blackthorn probably enjoyed it as much as Joanna’s former Headmistress had as well. Joanna suspected her ass would be so sore that she wouldn’t be able to to sit down for a week.

Joanna sat looking at herself in the mirror and regardless of how fantastic she looked couldn’t manage to bring a smile to her face. After the encounter with Principal Blackthorn while they were getting her uniform Joanna had managed to settle herself down and open back up some. Being able to somewhat enjoy spending time with her brothers and the girls. Joanna was even able to now get some amusement out of the brazen behavior of the two girls. Frequently finding herself giggling about the reaction several guys had to the two girls.

However Joanna noticed that her brothers were also different than she remembered them being. Robert in particular was now totally sure of himself and seamed to have a more commanding presence. He also seamed to garner more respect from those around him. He also seamed to intimidate some people in the mall. This even included a couple of Kelly’s old friends that they had the misfortune of crossing paths with.

Jonathan was taking another load of bags out to the Land Rover and the two girls were sitting on a bench resting some. Joanna had pulled Robert a little ways away to try and talk to him privately when they saw the bitches giving Chelsea and Jenny a hard time. Robert excused himself from Joanna and quietly walked up behind the bitches. Joanna never heard what they were saying to Chelsea and Jenny or the few words Robert said. But the bitches suddenly started acting the way Chelsea and Jenny had around Principal Blackthorn. Joanna did hear them apologize before they left in hurry watching Robert over their shoulders.

Strangely something about that made Robert decide to start rapping up the shopping trip. They made stop by a shoe store where Joanna ended up with ***********ion of high heeled shoes. Then they had to go back to one of the department stores to find Joanna a fancy dinner dress Robert said she was going to need that night. Lastly Robert insisted that they go back to the lingerie shop when he found out they didn’t get Joanna any stockings. Only then did they pile in the vehicles and head home.

Once home it took everyone to carry all of the stuff up to Joanna’s room. Strangely enough Joanna had her mother’s help sorting through all the bags. But it got a little embarrassing when her mother started pulling out the lingerie and telling Joanna how sexy she must look in it. That aside it was actually nice getting to spend this time with her mother like that. Her mother did make Joanna try on her new school uniform and show her how it looked on her.

She also had to promise to let her mother see how she looked in all of the other outfits the next day. Elizabeth was covering the kitchen for her but apparently the meal that night was going to be very important and she didn’t want to be away from the kitchen much longer. She did go through all of Joanna’s new clothing and pick out specific items that Joanna was to wear to dinner. From the fancy dress Robert picked out for her to even undergarments and stockings. Finally which pair of high heels Joanna was to wear.

Joanna’s mother was adamant that Joanna was to wear everything that was laid out for her. Even summoning Kelly and giving her instructions to see that Joanna was properly prepared for dinner. When Joanna tried to protest her mother flatly told her to let Kelly handle this so she looked her best for their guests that night. Joanna then received the shock that sent shivers down her spine. Not only would her mother and Kelly be severely punished if Joanna’s appearance wasn’t satisfactorily but she was told who one of the guests was going to be.

Her feelings about being in the presence of Principal Blackthorn again was one of the reasons that Joanna now couldn’t bring a smile to her face. Joanna had never thought she would be around Principal Blackthorn again this soon. But there was also the threat of her mother being punished that was a big factor. Her mother seamed very desperate to avoid whatever sort of punishment that had been threatened. Then there was what Kelly did to prepare her that was another factor in why Joanna now felt like bursting into tears.

Joanna felt violated by what had happened after her mother left. Kelly had taken Joanna in the bathroom then had her strip completely naked. Kelly then proceeded to wash every inch of Joanna’s body. This included her pussy and giving her an enema. More so Kelly also shaved all of Joanna’s pubic hair off. Once Joanna was completely hairless below her neck Kelly washed her again. Before drying her off and leading her back to the bedroom.

Joanna had hoped that she would be getting dressed at that point but Kelly lead her to the makeup station and had her sit down in front of the mirror. Joanna asked to at least be able to put on a bra and panties. However Kelly said it was a rule nothing could go on their bodies until they were looking their best. Joanna sat naked while Kelly went about preparing her hair not stopping until it looked perfect. Kelly then showed the same dedication to perfection when it came to applying Joanna’s makeup.

Only once both were perfect did Kelly have Joanna stand and had her wait in front of the full length mirror on the closet door. Joanna could only stand there looking at her naked body as Kelly went to the bed and started retrieving articles of clothing. First was a dark purple stockings. Once that was on Joanna’s body Kelly got the high heels that had been laid out for her to wear. Joanna was thankful when Kelly picked up the dark purple panties.

However before Kelly would put them on her Joanna was instructed to examine herself to see how she looked. Joanna had never worn stockings and high heels before let alone seen herself looking that sexy and told Kelly such. Kelly responded that she should look even sexier once she got through each stage of the dressing process. Joanna was curious what Kelly was talking about when she said dressing process. However before Joanna got the chance to ask Kelly starting explaining it to her.

Her father and Robert both had ordered that whenever Joanna was to get dressed for the time being Kelly or one of the other girls were to do it and in a specific order. First would be exact bathing, hair, and makeup process Joanna went through. Next Joanna would be taken to the mirror she was currently in front of. There Joanna’s shoes and socks to be put on before giving Joanna a moment afterwards to examine herself. Next was undergarments again with a moment to examine herself once they were in place.

Joanna became a little worried when Kelly told her the part about there being occasions where she wouldn’t be allowed to wear underwear. This would allow them to skip that step and move on to the outerwaer of Joanna’s clothing. Shirts and blouses would always go on her body first. This would also include the vest of her school uniform. After looking at how she looked they would move to Joanna’s skirts.

Joanna then was told about the rule that she wasn’t allowed to wear pants or shorts in the house. With the exception of the mandatory morning exercise session. That Joanna would be taking part in from that moment on to get rid of the little bit of baby fat on her body. This was also the only time Joanna was allowed to wear shoes that weren’t high heels outside of her room. With this final rule explained and Joanna now dressed dressed Joanna was instructed to examine herself in the mirror until someone returned to escort her down to dinner.

Joanna hoped this would be her mother or at least hopefully Robert and she could ask what the hell was going on. It never occurred to Joanna not to stop looking at herself in the mirror. After what happened in the bathroom Joanna should be curled up in bed crying her eyes out yet she just stood there admiring herself. Though regardless of how good she now looked there seamed a shadow hanging over her. Which was a shame given how nice the dress was and how she looked in it.

The dark purple fabric started at Joanna’s neck with a thin colly wrapping around her lower neck. Before spreading out to cover her breasts then going completely around her mid drift a little ways below her breasts and leaving her upper back exposed. Unfortunately this also required her to go braless leaving her nipples visible through the thin fabric. The dress wasn’t ridiculously short coming to an end mid thigh just covering the tops of Joanna’s stockings. Still it was shorter than Joanna was used to leaving her wanting to tug it down more.

Joanna didn’t know how long she stood like looking at herself in the mirror before someone knocked on the door. Before Joanna could say anything the door opened and both Chelsea and Jenny entered the room. They both had their hair up in ponytails and matching black dresses that were similar to Joanna’s. Only theirs had section of the chest open allowing their cleavage to be visible and they were a lot shorter. They both timidly approached Joanna with looks of concern on their faces. When they got to where Joanna was they lowered their heads and started giving Joanna instructions.

Dinner was now done, Joanna her father, Robert, Principal Blackthorn, and their other guest had gone into her father’s office for a discussion. Joanna had picked up that not only was Robert uneasy around this man but so was her father and Principal Blackthorn. This made Joanna totally believe what the other girls had said about this man. Now she was in his presence Joanna had to focus on the instructions she had been given always call him Sir and be respectful at all times. Even if he talks about doing bad things to her and the other women there.

Now strangely he had just looked briefly at Joanna then turned to her father and telling him what her father wanted was unorthodox but he would do it. He then gave some sort of contract to her father to read. It was then passed first to Robert then to Principal Blackthorn. Once they had both read it it was placed in front of Joanna and she was told where to sign it. Joanna was tempted to just sign the contract however something told her to read it first leaving her shocked by what was said.

It was a agreement that she would be protected from involuntary enslavement by all members of something called The Organization. However Joanna had to follow all the rules and laws of this Organization at all times. More so if Joanna were to violate any law or rule this protection could be removed and she would be immediately enslaved and sold at auction. Joanna was to refuse to sign until she saw something that gave her no choice. Letting out a sigh Joanna’s signature was soon on the contract.

As Robert and then Principal Blackthorn signed as Joanna’s sponsors or overseers Joanna thought about the section that had made her decision for her. The section of the contract stated that Joanna was to be enslaved at midnight that very night unless she had that protection. It didn’t say a reason other than the contract would remove the existing enslavement order against Joanna. Joanna already had hundreds of questions when she entered the room. Now Joanna believed it had jumped to several million as this official of this Organization signed the contract and placed a silver bracelet around Joanna’s right wrist.

As her father got up from his seat Joanna was told to never take the bracelet off or it would be considered as her forfeiting her protections against enslavement. He then addressed Robert and Principal Blackthorn and told them he expected good things from Joanna once she was trained. Though strangely he referred to Robert as Master Robert Sanders and Principal Blackthorn as Mistress Heather Blackthorn. Joanna’s questions about these titles were soon pushed aside with the other questions when her father opened a secret door and walked through it. He was soon joined by Principal or rather Mistress Blackthorn making Joanna very concerned.

Joanna’s concern only grew when they were joined by all the other women in the house. Only by then everyone of them were now naked. With the exception of the high heels and collars being the only thing covering any skin on any of them including Joanna’s mother. Joanna also saw another thing they had in common in the form of the tattoos on their hairless pubic mounds. Each one had a tattoo of a barcode with a number beneath it and Kelly and Joanna’s mother’s tattoos also said Pleasure Maid above the barcode.

Now while Joanna looked at her naked mother with the most concern. However Joanna’s mother was looking at Joanna with a mixture of pride and relief. Especially when her eyes traveled to the bracelet on Joanna’s wrist and large smile appeared on her face. This smile never would leave her face even when their guest asked if he could sample the household sex slaves. Granted Robert then gesturing to Chelsea and Kelly and telling him those two were the only ones that were technically his property and he could give permission to touch had Joanna really wanting to know what was going on more than ever.

Joanna got a bit of a answer when the guest mentioned that Joanna’s mother most be a hell of a good slave for her owner to give her the gift of her daughter’s freedom and he would like to see for himself how skilled she was. Robert responded that she is very skilled sex slave but the gift wasn’t about her skill at giving pleasure. Joanna’s freedom was a reward for years of faithful and unquestioning dedication to his father. Unfortunately this couldn’t be demonstrated to him unless their father sold her to him and he was probably better of trying one of the others that night. Robert then told him that Chelsea and Kelly were also very skilled sex slaves and he would get great enjoyment out of using either of their bodies that night.

Joanna was shocked to hear Robert not only referring to their mother but both Chelsea and Kelly as sex slaves. Then hearing that her mother had been a slave for years if not all of Joanna’s life. Then there was the confusion about what they were saying about Joanna’s freedom. Answers to so many questions that Joanna had both recently and for a years now were suddenly becoming clear to her. Still there were a ton of questions that Joanna wanted to ask not only of her father but especially of her mother and brother.

Hours later Joanna was being held by both Robert and Mistress Blackthorn as she tried to catch her breath. She should have been horrified by loosing her virginity to her own brother. Yet the sex had been so good that Joanna had nothing really to complain about. Especially when both Robert and Mistress Blackthorn had taken turns eating her out so well that Joanna spent most of an hour screaming in ecstasy. This left Joanna more than ready when Robert climbed in top of her and lined up his cock with her pussy.

The pain of when his cock was trust into her pussy was the only part Joanna didn’t like. Still both Robert and Mistress Blackthorn just comforted Joanna until the pain had started to pass. Robert then moved his cock slowly within Joanna’s pussy until she was experiencing so much pleasure she thought it wasn’t possible. Soon Joanna was crying out in orgasm yet again as Robert filled his condom full of cum. As Joanna came down from her climax she now at least partially understood how the other women didn’t seam to care they were sex slaves.

Well at least those that belonged to her family. The two twin sisters that Mistress Blackthorn had given to Master Donaldson didn’t seam that happy having a new owner. But Joanna suspected they weren’t willing sex slaves like most of her family’s. Kelly tried to explain some of how things worked within The Organization to Joanna while she dressed her in the babydoll nightie. This included how different things were for Joanna then any of her other siblings. Along with how Chelsea, Jenny, and Elizabeth became sex slaves.

Now Joanna had found out just before that she technically wasn’t completely free yet. Joanna still had to obey all of Robert’s and Mistress Blackthorn’s orders as they trained her to be a Mistress herself. This included giving the two of them unlimited access to her body at all times. This was why Joanna was now laying in the bed of her own brother after getting fucked by him. More so as Mistress Blackthorn began to reposition herself Joanna knew that she would now be eating out her first pussy.

Joanna actually was looking forward to this now that she wasn’t as intimidated by Mistress Blackthorn. Mistress Blackthorn was a very beautiful woman and Joanna was honored that she would be Joanna’s first female lover. Especially they way she gently guided Joanna through the process of pleasuring another woman with her tongue. Joanna rather enjoyed doing this for Mistress Blackthorn and had a hard time stopping once Mistress Blackthorn flooded Joanna’s face with her juices. Though once Mistress Blackthorn lifted her pussy off of Joanna’s face she really had no choice.

Robert and Mistress Blackthorn then snuggled up to each side of Joanna as they petted and teased her body some more. Particularly they took turns playing with Joanna’s clit until she had at least two more orgasms. Joanna was more than ready for what was next as they had her role on to her stomach. Next she lifted her ass into the air as Mistress Blackthorn started lubing up her ass hole. Just the sensation of the fingers working their way into Joanna’s ass hole told her that this had the possibility of being as pleasurable as the others said anal sex was for them.

Joanna’s first time turned out similar to the way most of the others described their first ass fuckings. It hurt at first but once she got used to having a cock up her ass hole Joanna loved every minute of it. Joanna now knew her fears were unfounded about the amount of anal sex she was going to be required to have. Joanna was now looking forward to her her morning ass fucking before school in Mistress Blackthorn’s office. Now Joanna would be just as eager to bend over Mistress Blackthorn’s desk as Chelsea and Jenny were.

Two months later Joanna had completed her initial training and was now getting fitted for her dominatrix outfit. The training had been rather intense with Joanna spending most of that time undergoing slave training. She had been kept collared and leashed the entire time. Spending many of her nights sleeping either on the concrete floor of a cell in the dungeon or locked up in the small cage in Master Robert’s closet. Most nights this was after she either spent her day being strung up and whipped or getting randomly fucked by all of the men in the house for hours on end.

Now the slave training was done Joanna would now be the one holding the whips. She was especially looking forward to the lessons on how to tie up a slave. Having found watching both Chelsea and Kelly struggling while hog-tied extremely arousing. Joanna even found herself masturbating while watching videos of herself tied up on more than one occasion. The hottest of these bondage sessions was when the Masters had tied up all of the women in the house including not only the slaves but Joanna, Mistress Blackthorn, and their friend Tammy also known as Mistress Tabitha.

Afterwards the men took turns fucking each of the slaves. While Joanna’s tongue and ass hole was put to work pleasuring the two Mistresses. For several hours the two would have Joanna lick one to several orgasms while the other one sodomized her with a strap on dildo. Leaving Joanna’s ass hole gapping and her face and hair soaked in pussy juices. That was also the end of Joanna’s time being treated as a slave. That night before the Mistresses snuggled up to each side of an exhausted Joanna in bed her collar was removed and she was told her Mistress training would start the next day.

Joanna was a bit curious what the first lesson was but never expected that it would be the fitting sessions for her new dominatrix outfit. Joanna found the corset rather uncomfortable with it making it hard to breathe at times. While she loved the way the high heeled leather boots seamed to mold themselves to her legs. Having grown her fingernails out Joanna’s gloves were the same style as Mistress Blackthorn’s leaving her fingers exposed. Only while Mistress Blackthorn’s dominatrix outfit was made out of deer hide and Mistress Tabitha’s was shinny red leather Joanna’s was a dark blue with purple accents.

Also like both of the others’ dominatrix outfits Joanna’s breasts and pussy were left exposed. With the corset starting just beneath her breasts and ending several inches above her pubic mound. This left her totally available to be serviced by a slave girls. Also it wasn’t uncommon for lower ranking Mistresses to be put to work servicing the other guests alongside the slaves at some gatherings. So it was always easier to keep their pussies and breasts exposed.

The final piece of Joanna’s outfit was the gold and silver pendent hanging in the cleavage of her breasts. It had the symbol for The Organization a small silver coin embedded in a ring of gold with the bust Helen of Troy on the front. (There was something else on the backside of the coin that was hidden unless it was worn by a slave in her collar or ID tag.) This is the same emblem that appears on the lapel pins and pendents all members wore. However this one had a thin silver ring around the outer border of the gold portion signifying Joanna was a Mistress protege. Now should she successfully complete her training she would be given a ring like all Masters and Mistresses wore.

Now should she became a Mistress Joanna would be given a different pendent to wear as well. Where it was reversed with a gold coin within a silver border. Identical to the lapel pins her father and brothers wore in public instead of their rings. Though they still kept them on them at all times should they be required to exert their authority over lower ranking members. Which was what the incident in the mall with Kelly’s former friends Jennifer and Ashley was about.

Both of them were actually low ranking members with basically only having protection against enslavement as their only benefit. Still they ranked above two slaves like Chelsea and Jenny and decided to lord this status over them. Now them doing this wasn’t against any rules or laws of The Organization as long as they just mocked the two slave girls’ inferiority to them. However they were in a public place and had mentioned both Chelsea’s and Jenny’s slave status where it could’ve been heard by outsiders braking The Organization’s code of silence. This had been why they were so afraid of Master Robert when he came up behind them that way after slipping on his ring.

With Master Robert’s superior status his word was all it would take to have both bitches face disciplinary measures including enslavement. A fact that he reminded them of as he whispered in their ears. “That he heard them brake the code of silence and if he wanted they would be in chains before the day was out. So they better get out of his sight before he decided to make the necessary reports.” However the two bitches didn’t know was Master Robert’s act of charity by not having them punished wasn’t a mercy directed towards them.

Master Robert wanted nothing more than to see those two bitches collared and taken to the auction block. He even believed they would bring a high price and probably pay for his college expenses. Unfortunately he wasn’t in a position to act on it. With all the favors they called in to get the strings pulled to secure Joanna’s freedom he decided not act on this. He did call both of their fathers and notify them of their daughters’ offense

From what Joanna knew the fathers were the daughters’ sponsors and were the ones responsible for them obeying all The Organization’s rules. This also meant that the fathers could be punished alongside the daughters if Master Robert reported the incident. However there were occasions where offenses could be kept quiet just the offenders sponsors had to administer an appropriate punishment. Master Robert agreed to let the fathers handle the situation if they punished their daughters in a way he felt was appropriate. This was to receive a flogging and spend three nights sleeping naked in slave cages kept in each their father’s bedroom closets.

Though to everyone’s surprise they had four unexpected visitors come over to the house several days later. It was both fathers dragging both of the bitches behind them naked as the day they were born. Apparently when the fathers were giving the bitches a lecture on how bad they had screwed up when one of them decided to open her big mouth and pissed both of the fathers off. On the spot they decided the bitches required a harsher punishment then the one Master Robert wanted. More so since Master Robert was the one who brought the bitches bad behavior to the fathers’ attention they wanted to hear any ideas he had for appropriate punishments.

While the two bitches knelt naked in the office countless ideas were passed around. As a naked Joanna knelt in the back of the room at Mistress Blackthorn’s feet she almost felt sorry for the two. Technically only one of them the other bitch just looked at the collar around Joanna’s neck and gave her a smug smile of superiority. This reminded Joanna so much of the way she remembered Kelly that any pity Joanna felt for her immediately disappeared. While the other one was genuinely terrified about the situation and the ideas being passed around.

This girl Ashley had also been crying the whole time. Though this went from a few tears when she was lead into the house to weeping uncontrollably as the more severe suggestions were mentioned. Joanna wasn’t the only one to notice this reaction. Her bitch of a friend Jennifer actually called her a crybaby at one point but it was Mistress Blackthorn that seamed the most interested in what she saw from her. Mistress Blackthorn licked her lips and started talking in great detail about the required punishments for the two offenders and how they should be sent to that small Dolcett cannibal group within The Organization.

Mistress Blackthorn then went into detail about how this group would literally roast women both free and slaves alive. While they preferred a different method they weren’t opposed to using large ovens and boiling cauldrons to cook their victims alive either. In fact based on some things she heard a woman actually survived longer in a oven then their preferred method of spit-roasting a woman over a fire. Especially considering that the woman was first impelled by the spit before going over the fire.

Mistress Blackthorn then described watching videos of this being done. The spit is inserted in one of the woman’s lower orifices. Sometimes her pussy but most commonly the rod goes up her ass. The spit is then carefully worked through her body until finally it comes out her mouth. Then her limbs are quickly secured and a shorter skewer is inserted into the other lower orifice to allow her body to be able rotated over the fire. Their proficiency at this insured the woman was still alive when they placed her over the flames and they get the spectacle of watching her suffer while being cooked alive.

This proved the braking point for Ashley and she started pleading for mercy. Even going as far as offering to be willingly surrender herself for enslavement if they would promise not to do this to her. The fathers were shocked to hear this but Joanna saw Master Robert give Mistress Blackthorn a knowing smile. Master Robert has realized that Mistress Blackthorn had marked this bitch as a replacement for the two slaves she had given up to secure Joanna’s freedom and was now working her over to get a collar around her neck. Mistress Blackthorn was quick to tell her.

“Ashley no one believes you are actually being sincere and are just trying to avoid a punishment by making a promise you have no intention of keeping. If you truly didn’t want to end up served on a platter with a apple shoved in your mouth you would have seen the Jennifer for what she was and had nothing to do with her. Now Ashley your only option was to be roasted unless you somehow convinced me to take you as my personal slave.”

Joanna watched as Ashley wept while holding the bracelet on her right wrist. Slowly her fingers wrapped around the silver chain holding the freedom Marker on her wrist. Before anyone could say or do anything Ashley pulled the chain as hard as she could. While one would think that the chain would have broken first it was actually the tag between the ends of the chain that gave out first. Seaming to break in half around the Organizational symbol and leaving the small coin dropping to the floor followed shortly by the rest of the bracelet.

Ashley was crying hysterically as she pleaded for Mistress Blackthorn to take Ashley as her slave. Mistress Blackthorn responded that Ashley still didn’t grasp what a privilege she was receiving but she would except Ashley as a slave. Mistress Blackthorn then instructed Ashley to crawl to her and kiss her boots to show her appreciation for giving her the privilege of being Mistress Blackthorn’s slave. As Ashley slowly started crawling towards Mistress Blackthorn Joanna heard Jennifer quietly calling her friend an idiot that deserves to be a Prairie Nigger’s slave.

Joanna wasn’t the only one that heard this but her and Ashley were the only ones that reacted. Ashley let out a few loud sobs at the cruel words coming from someone she thought was her friend. Joanna had “What a worthless bitch” slip past her lips before she could stop herself. Joanna heard the clearing of Mistress Blackthorn’s throat and looked up to find her looking down on her in disapproval. Joanna was quick to apologize to the woman that was literally holding her leash. Before being reminded that Joanna had no right to speak and garnered being called the Prairie Nigger’s other worthless slave by Jennifer.

Joanna wanted to rip that tongue out of Jennifer’s vile mouth but held herself in check knowing that the bitch wasn’t worth the punishment. Well it probably would be worth the whipping but this way Joanna would have an even greater satisfaction in the end. Joanna instead used this encounter as the motivation she needed to get through the harsh lessons that followed. She did get the satisfaction of having not only her pussy eaten out by Jennifer but getting a rim job as part of the bitch’s punishment. That and getting to watch the bitch pathetically start pleading for mercy after first strike from Mistress Blackthorn’s whip.

Joanna’s training went fairly quickly after that and she was soon helping Mistress Blackthorn train Ashley after her collaring ceremony. Not that Ashley was that hard of a slave for Mistress Blackthorn to train. In fact becoming a slave was actually an improvement to Ashley’s personality much like it had done for Kelly before her. Joanna even got to help place the ID tag complete with the coin from Ashley’s freedom Marker on to the piercing in the hood of Ashley’s clit. This was when Joanna finally got a good look at the other side of the coin.

As before the normally visible side had a bust of Helen of Troy. Just it was a depiction of her before the defenses were breached. She was clothed in form fitting gown and had an look of arrogance on her face. However the opposite was a depiction of her after the fall of Troy and her capture by the Greaks. She was now naked and wearing a collar but most importantly her face now showed the fear of being enslaved and at the mercy of her new masters.

It was also when Joanna realized that all the slaves in the household carried this emblem on or attached to their bodies somewhere. Kelly had a tag almost identical to Ashley’s just above her pussy. While Chelsea and Jenny had their tags attached to belly button piercings. While Joanna’s mother and Elizabeth’s had the coins mounted on the front of all of the collars they wore both publicly and privately. Since neither of them had any piercings other than their ears the only other option was a pendent and those weren’t allowed to be worn by slaves.

Unfortunately Joanna would also have a few more run-ins with that bitch Jennifer. Which was hard to avoid when they had several of the same classes. It didn’t help that Mistress Blackthorn had allowed Ashley to continue going to school and required her to be with one of four people at all times at school. These people were Joanna, Chelsea, Jenny, and Mistress Tabitha and most commonly it was all four of them since they all had the exact same class schedule.

Though Chelsea and Jenny tended to spend the lunch hour with their owners. This left Joanna and Mistress Tabitha to look after Ashley for her owner. This also provided several opportunities for that bitch Jennifer to make her vile presence known to the three. Unfortunately due to Ashley now being a slave and the bitch’s ignorance of Joanna’s true status they were her primary targets to ridicule. The others wanted to inform the bitch about this more than once but Joanna wouldn’t let them.

Joanna instead just waited patiently for the right opportunity to be able to put the bitch in her place. Knowing it wouldn’t take much to take her down. Knowing that Jennifer had her father so pissed at her that he was ready to cast her aside at a moment’s notice. Plus the bitch was still so arrogant that she felt nothing could touch her again. Unfortunately for her she failed to notice that Joanna wasn’t wearing a collar anymore or the pendent hanging in her cleavage. Jennifer sure as hell didn’t understand that Joanna now out ranked her the day she came up behind Joanna and painfully pulled Joanna’s head back by her hair.

Joanna was talking about something with Mistress Tabitha while Ashley ate her lunch. Joanna had seen the expression on both of their faces and had a good idea who she heard walking up behind her. A quick glance confirmed her suspicions when Joanna saw Jennifer with two of her other bitch friends. One was Melissa a highly attractive bleach blonde with large breasts and a fantastic ass. The other other one was Tiffany another blonde only she was a slimmer build similar to Chelsea.

Tiffany was also the only other member of the group that wore a freedom marker around her wrist. Believing that Jennifer wouldn’t be stupid enough to say anything about either Ashley’s or Joanna’s statuses around Melissa. Joanna chose to turn back around and ignore whatever she was about to say. She just didn’t count on having her head jerked backwards suddenly as Jennifer said the following.

“Tammy when will you stop hanging out with these pathetic rejects and associate with people who are in the same league as you.”

Since her punishment Jennifer had been making overtures towards Tammy due to her influence as a Mistress. This was an attempt on her part to gain influence and not have to change her behavior. Figuring if she could sway a Mistress to her side she would also have protection from individuals that out ranked her. Unfortunately in this moment Jennifer also unknowingly physically assaulted just such of an individual. An individual that had also taken self defense classes as part of her training and wasn’t going to ignore her any longer.

Joanna first freed her hair from Jennifer’s grasp before getting ahold of her wrist. Joanna shifted position so she was behind Jennifer before making her next move. Joanna twisted Jennifer’s arm behind her back and kicked each of her knees from behind. This effectively forced Jennifer to her knees and put her under Joanna’s complete control. Joanna then pulled Jennifer’s own hair to make her look Joanna in the face as she spoke to her.

“If you ever touch me again bitch I promise you will come to regret ever being born. Not only will you get your ass beat by me but I will also insure your daddy is going to keep that promise he made.”

They had been a ways away from everyone else to begin with but at least one teacher had observed the altercation and was rushing over to put an end to it. Joanna for the most part showed remarkable restraint and just held Jennifer in position instead of actually hitting her in anyway. Especially since Joanna could feel that her scalp was bleeding where Jennifer had ripped a clump of her hair out. Still with a teacher fast approaching Joanna was about to release Jennifer when the bitch opened her mouth and made all of their lives more complicated.

“Slave I’ll see that you suffer greatly for touching me like this. Not only will your death will be slow and painful when I report this this to The Organization. But that Prairie Nigger you belong to will end up in chains by the time I am done with her.”

Joanna was shocked that Jennifer would be so stupid to not only call her Mistress Blackthorn’s slave but also mention The Organization in front of Melissa like that and focused more on her. However Mistress Tabitha had been watching both Melissa and Tiffany’s reaction to what their friend had said. Tiffany was obviously worried by Jennifer’s announcement especially the way her eyes kept sweeping back and forth from Melissa to a now terrified Ashley. However Melissa behavior suggested that she was more aware of things then she should’ve been.

The only good news was the teacher that showed up first was also a member. Mistress Tabitha quickly said they all needed to see Principal Blackthorn due to Jennifer assaulting Joanna. She also quickly pointed out the hair on the ground and the fact Joanna was bleeding. In the process she used a special code phrase that there was a major issue that needed handled privately. It also helped that Jennifer was still saying that Joanna was a slave and kept calling Mistress Blackthorn that same vulgar name.

The teacher quickly pulled Jennifer to her feet and instructed them all to not say another word until they got to Principal Blackthorn’s office. He then grabbed both Jennifer and Joanna by a arm and started leading the way with the other girls following behind. Mistress Tabitha was at the very back of the line keeping an extra close eye on both Melissa and Tiffany as they occasionally whispered back and forth. She would have liked to have done something to reassure Ashley that everything was was going to be alright but it was hard enough listening to the hushed conversation as it was. She still wasn’t able to hear it all but what she did confirmed her suspicions.

Once they got to the office they were spit into three groups. Joanna and Jennifer were taken right away to Principal Blackthorn’s office. With Ashley and Melissa were instructed to wait in another room for the time being. Leaving Mistress Tabitha the opportunity she was waiting for to be alone with Tiffany. Once the door was closed Mistress Tabitha could tell Tiffany was afraid to be alone with her.

She kept looking back and forth between Mistress Tabitha and the door while shifting around in her seat. It was obvious what Tiffany was thinking about doing. Finally Mistress Tabitha had to speak. “You know running won’t save you from what is coming. It will only make it far worse given that your friend just attacked a full member then broke the code of silence.”

Mistress Tabitha then got up and slowly advanced on Tiffany. Making it a point to keep herself between the door and Tiffany. With her only avenue for escape cut off Tiffany could only retreat deeper into the small windowless room. Tiffany was quickly backed into a corner by her dominatrix classmate. At this point Tiffany found herself in the grasp of Mistress with an agenda she was dreading.

By the time someone came for the two of them Mistress Tabitha had completed her task. Her and a now subdued Tiffany were then quickly ushered to Principal Blackthorn’s office. There they found Joanna sitting calmly in a chair holding a damp towel to the back of her head. A glance downward then showed Jennifer was laying on the floor hog-tied with a ball gag in her mouth. Mistress Tabitha took the chair next to her counterpart. While a now crying Tiffany was instructed to kneel between the two as Mistress Blackthorn was informed of everything Tiffany had confessed.

Not even a full month later a naked, collared, and fully marked Tiffany was again kneeling between the two. Only Joanna was now a full Mistress and Mistress Tabitha was Tiffany’s official owner. With this being an official event they were in their finest dominatrix outfits. This also made the terrified slave girl at their feet not the only one uneasy being around this many people. Though looking at Mistress Blackthorn in the next chair over didn’t help much.

She was trying to comfort Ashley some as she wept uncontrollably.She had calmed down considerably when a call went out for everyone’s attention. Strangely as the event started none of the Mistresses really blamed her for acting this way. Watching the execution of another slave wasn’t something any slave wanted to see especially if they knew the slave. Even though that bitch had cost both of the girls their freedom this wasn’t going to be easy for any of them to watch.

Jennifer was barely recognizable from the last time they saw her. She was now completely bald from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. The look of an arrogant conceited bitch was now gone from her face. Having now been replaced by an expression of absolute terror as she was forcibly dragged on to the raised platform. She was sobbing uncontrollably as she pleaded in vain for mercy.

Strangely enough both of her former classmates had asked that she receive a different sentence. However The Organization’s punishment counsel had leveled the harshest penalty to make an example of her. To make matters worse they not only did they order that all three of the Mistresses be in attendance but also Ashley and Tiffany. This was to remind the two slaves how lucky they were and the Mistresses that they were to be more discrete in the future.

Not that they were blamed in anyway for the incident. In fact The Organization seamed very satisfied by the way the matter was quickly delt with. Tiffany signed a slave contract that very night. Mistress Blackthorn provided the necessary distraction for the people to get into Melissa’s home and remove any incriminating evidence. They also left a note saying Melissa had run off to be with a man she’d fallen in love with in another state.

At that same time the note was left Melissa herself was unconscious inside a shipping crate on her way to the same people that had trained Kelly. Once there she would be thoroughly trained to be an obedient sex slave by these people. These same people would then handle her eventual sale to her new owner at an upcoming slave auction. The profits from her sale would then be split between the three of them. Though Joanna wasn’t really interested in the money.

Still the biggest sign that The Organization wasn’t upset was Joanna’s almost instant promotion to full Mistress. Something about what happened impressed someone with influence. Perhaps it was the video from Mistress Blackthorn’s office of Joanna hog-ting Jennifer. Especially the part where she gagged the bitch and told Jennifer she was the one that would be answering to The Organization. The next day an official visited her and presented her with the ring and pendent of a Mistress.

He still required Joanna sexually service him but that wasn’t that bad for her. He was actually a decent fuck and got her off several times in the process. Unfortunately his cum leaking from her ass hole wasn’t the only unpleasant thing he left behind. For he also dropped off the notice for her to attend Jennifer’s trial. Joanna had hoped to never see the bitch again. Yet not only did she have to be there for the trial but also to watch her sentence being carried out.

Joanna hadn’t truely believed what she was about to see was even possible. She sure as hell never wanted it done to herself or anyone else she knew. But after Jennifer’s arms were secured behind her back she was made to kneel on a special platform. She was then bent forward as another device was positioned behind her. At this point TV’s started showing close ups of both Jennifer’s face and her naked ass.

They then watched as a sharpened point of the spit slowly emerged from the device behind Jennifer. Jennifer was a blathering mess when the skewer penetrated her ass hole. Yet she was held so firmly in place she couldn’t do anything as they watched it going deeper within her body. Joanna was repulsed by what she was seeing but for some reason couldn’t look away. Joanna just looked on as Jennifer’s head was then held in position until the end of the skewer emerged from her opened mouth.

The whole time Jennifer was being dragged out on the platform a fire had been being prepared in what was accurately named the devil’s barbeque pit. It was fully ready by the time they had Jennifer fully secured to the spit. With a man on each end the spit was placed over their shoulders and Jennifer was carried to the pit. It was hard to believe that Jennifer was still alive after being completely impelled this way. Yet between the expression on her face and the way her body jerked around on the spit when they placed her over the flames there could be no doubt.

Joanna thankfully didn’t have to watch the Jennifer being cooked alive. She was to busy at that point helping both Mistress Blackthorn and Tabitha deal with their panicked slaves. Both were somehow convinced that they were going to join Jennifer over the fire. Joanna had to help restrain both of the terrified slave girls. Then reminded them the only reason that Jennifer was being cooked was she proven untrainable as a slave.

Still by the time both had calmed down Jennifer was practically gone. She was hardly able to to breathe any longer and her body was only occasionally twitching. She barely even reacted when the tip of the fork was jammed into her ass. It still wouldn’t be until almost ten minutes later that Jennifer finally died. When the end finally came for her Joanna said a silent prayer for Jennifer in the hope her spirit could find peace in the next world.

They got up and left not long after that once they released the slaves from their bondage. From there it was a quick trip to a small private airstrip where plane was waiting. Joanna could only stare blankly out the window for almost the entire flight. She had originally been planning to take advantage of the slave girl slash stewardess on the return trip but now just wanted to be alone. Even once she got home Joanna just wanted to be alone but didn’t argue when her naked mother crawled into bed with her.

It started out as her mother holding Joanna as her mixed emotions settled down some. However at some point a switch got flipped and the two found themselves passionately kissing one another while exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. While their hands ended up traveling over every inch of their bodies it was each other’s breasts and pussies that interested them both the most. They didn’t know who was first but both soon had finger or two inserted into the pussy of the other one. Here’s where the difference in their experience came into play with Joanna reaching orgasm first due to her mother’s skilled fingers.

Her mother held Joanna against her naked body as she went through her orgasm. Even before her climax had faded Joanna had begun sucking on one of her mother’s nipples and had her fingers back to work within her mother’s pussy. Joanna may not have had the years of experience like her mother but she had learned a lot since she came home and now was using it all to make her mother cum for her. The dedication to these studies soon showed as Joanna saw her mother on the brink of climax and gave her that last push by rubbing her clit a little harder. Before long it was Joanna that was holding her mother against her naked body as she went through her own orgasm.

As her mother recovered from her orgasm Joanna pushed her on to her back and began passionately kissing her. As Joanna’s tongue explored her mother’s mouth they both could feel their breasts rubbing against each other. More so Lisa felt her daughter’s pussy occasionally rub against her and began to reposition them both. She quickly had all of their legs either crossing under or over the other’s opposing legs and both of their pussies pressed together. As she pulled Joanna back into another passionate kiss her mother started grinding their crotches together.

Joanna and her mother soon were moaning into each other’s mouths as rubbed their pussies together. Again her mother’s extensive experience soon had Joanna nearing climax. Only now she began adjusting her hip movements to compensate so they could climax together. As they reached orgasm both of their lips separated as their heads dropped backwards and they cried out in ecstasy. They held each other throughout this dual climax before they once again were locked in an passionate embrace.

This was broken as Joanna felt her mother’s hips begin to move again and their scissoring session start back up. Only now while they ground their crotches together they either would take turns sucking on each other’s breasts and nipples or they looked intently into each other’s eyes. After the next two orgasms Joanna couldn’t take anymore and had to separate momentarily from her mother. Gasping for air Joanna felt her mother moving up behind her. Her mother’s arms wrapped around Joanna’s body pulling her tightly against her.

Joanna could feel her mother’s nipples pressing against her back as a line of kisses were laid along the back of Joanna’s neck. Joanna longed to be able to turn around and return this affection to her mother but she was reluctant to break free from her mother’s grasp. Still her mother’s fingers starting to play with Joanna’s breasts and nipples. Along with the sensation her mother felt from her own nipples rubbing against Joanna’s back had them shifting positions again.

Only now Joanna’s mother was laying flat on her back while Joanna lowered her dripping wet pussy over her mother’s waiting mouth. Even before she felt her mother start licking her pussy Joanna own head was moving between her mother’s legs. There was almost a frantic desire running through Joanna as she began to eat out the pussy before her. They lost track of how many orgasms they ended up giving each other before they felt to exhausted to continue. They finally drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms after they spent some time exchanging a final few kisses.

They were both still pretty much out of it when they staggered into the exercise room the next day. Joanna in a pair of sneakers, her sports bra and tight low cut shorts. Other than Chelsea who had taken to working out in just a pair of sneakers the other slaves had their own workout outfits on. Jenny and Elizabeth had matching tight yellow tank-tops over their sports bras and matching yellow thongs. Kelly chose to go with tight pink shorts and a matching sports bra. While Joanna’s mother only wore a black sports bra and her sneakers leaving her body between the two garments completely exposed.

They quickly got to work stretching as they saw the personal trainer start getting everything set up for the session. Joanna was bent over holding her calves when she noticed that the trainer was giving each of their bodies an examination. Joanna knew this wasn’t related to how their exercise regiment was affecting their bodies but with a easily recognizable sexual interest in mind. In particular how the short haired brunette kept checking out each of their breasts, asses and in the case of those not wearing anything over them their pussies.

The trainer was definitely an attractive woman and had been the subject of several sexual advances from Chelsea and Jenny. However Katherine or Kat as she preferred to be called had shown a resistance to the charms of the two. Leaving the rest of them believing that she wasn’t bi-sexual but Joanna wasn’t so sure. Joanna suspected that while she probably was straight watching them working out in very little if not completely naked in Chelsea’s case had her at least curious about exploring her bi-sexual desires. This possibility had Joanna examining Kat’s body a little closer than before.

Now given that she was a career physical trainer she had the body to go with it. There was next to no noticeable fat anywhere on her body from her going through the same rigorous exercise routine as the rest of them. Now given the rest of them had no issue showing off their bodies and her own fantastic body Kat chose to wear the bare minimum. Spandex shorts so tight that you could tell what type of panties she had on under them and a tight crop-top over her sports bra. This left very little of her body to the imagination and left them all envious of the exposed portions of her body.

Going through the aerobics routine Joanna couldn’t help noticing that Kat was watching her with a particular interest again. This wasn’t the same way that she had been watching the others but with barely noticeable look of fear in her eyes whenever they traveled over her pendent. Joanna had noticed a similar look in Kat’s eyes when she was around Joanna’s father and brothers. Joanna was able to easily tell what this look of fear was about and it wasn’t unjustified given Kat was a woman within The Organization where enslavement was a constant threat. More so since Kat had already come close to being enslaved before coming to work there had more on guard then any woman Joanna had seen before.

Kat had noticed Mistress Joanna watching her and had become exceedingly more frightened of the redheaded dominatrix taking an interest in her. Being the only non slave amongst the women exercising in the converted ballroom Kat should have been more at ease around Mistress Joanna. However there was no getting around what that pendent she wore signified and the threat already hanging over the young physical trainer’s head.

Ever since she lost her job at the fitness center and her freedom Bribe began running out Kat had been living in fear of the slavers coming for her. Kat was certain that she would wake up with them in her apartment any day when the call came in with a job offer that seamed the answer to her prayers. Unfortunately it was also offered to her roommate who was in the same situation and they ended up competing for the opportunity. Knowing that the winner would get the job and the loser would end up being sold as a sex slave.

This was made exceedingly difficult by how close the two had been. Going through highschool together then the college curriculum to become personal trainers Kat and Sarah had been inseparable. Finally they got on at the same gym and there’s where things went to hell for them. They dreamed of becoming famous trainers to celebrities and took the offer of joining The Organization for the doors it would open for them. Sadly though they only had enough to pay their freedom bribes and was hoping to save enough to buy themselves full membership when the layoffs started at the gym.

They managed to get part time work to pay their bills and put some groceries in the fridge. However there was nothing left over and some of their college debts started coming due. Things started became desperate when Sarah’s car was repossessed and a lean was placed on both of their pay checks. Now they were even more pressed for money and having to make due with even less. When they received another unwelcome surprise when someone from The Organization paid them a visit.

Just thinking of that day made Kat want to curl up and cry. For that marked the beginning of the end of Kat and Sarah’s friendship. It was Sarah that had pressured Kat into joining The Organization in the first place. With Sarah admitting to being turned on by the idea of having her own sex slave one day. While Kat had been horrified by the thought that women like them could be forcefully made into slaves of others but ignored these feelings at the urging of her friend of the benefits this would have for them out weighed the moral issues.

The non-de*********** man showing up at their apartment didn’t care about their personal feelings or their current situation. His message was clear as daylight and totally unmistakable as he had them both shaking in terror. They were going to either pay their Freedom Bribes or they would wake up one morning naked and locked up in slave cages at the nearest auction house. Made even worse by showing pictures of the former coworker that sponsored them both being auctioned off herself several days before. The only kindness he offered were two options to buy themselves a little bit more time.

Kat had no intention of one of them choosing to be sold as a slave to pay the Freedom Bribe of the other. Even though Sarah had tried to get her to agree to this option. Then acted pissed with Kat for refusing to become a slave in exchange for her freedom. Furthering the divide forming between them was Sarah refusing to even consider the second option in response to Kat’s refusal of the first. Kat had never had an issue with Sarah being a full on lesbian until that moment when it fell on Kat to sexually satisfy the man.

Kat managed to fulfill all of his demands of her while Sarah sat there doing nothing but watching. More so Sarah seamed to be having less respect for Kat not only as she was fucked by the man but afterwards. Sarah had almost got them fired from the fitness center by talking shit publicly about straight women wanting to look good for the men in their lives. But as Kat was desperately sucking a cock to keep them both free a while longer. Sarah was looking at her with the same look of disgust she had on her face when talking about those women.

Then once he had left and Kat was in the shower trying to scrub the encounter from her body Sarah told her off for doing it. Kat had been crying since she had to swallow his cum during the blow job and feeling his second load still in her pussy wasn’t getting the tears to stop flowing but hearing Sarah call her an embarrassment to women for sinking so low was to much. Kat told her to go fuck herself and find another roommate. Kat was in the process of moving out when the phone rang.

Kat quickly wrote the information down before going back to packing up the rest of her belongings. Yet she also made a mistake by leaving the note where Sarah could see it but didn’t realize it at the time. Since the note was where she left Kat hadn’t thought anything about as she got in her car and drove away from that apartment for the last time. Kat ended up crashing at another friend’s place that night. Before dressing as nice as she could and driving to the address on the note.

Before she left Kat had decided to let her anger at Sarah go and tried to call and at least try to bury the hatchet. Realizing they had been friends to long to throw it away over a situation neither of them had any control over. She was even going to see if there was a possibility of a position for a second trainer for Sarah. Figuring this was a possibility for both of them not only out this situation but to get their lives back on track. Unfortunately Sarah just hung up on Kat when she heard her voice on the phone.

So Kat wasn’t able to tell Sarah her plan before having to leave. She did call the number on the note and asked the potential client about the possibility. She didn’t get an answer. Other than him saying what he wanted from Kat was very important and he wouldn’t rule out her suggestion. He also told her that he was very interested in meeting with her as soon as possible and moved up the interview. This left Kat little time to get there so she decided to tell Sarah later and headed out the door.

The large house she pulled up to was very impressive even if it was a ways from the city. Now this being a job to be a trainer for this guy’s sex slaves explained the isolation and was worry-some to Kat. She was of course concerned that this guy would try and make her a slave herself but she had no choice but to go to the interview. Knowing that this offer was also the only hope she had to avoid having a collar placed around her neck anyway. But what made Kat’s blood run cold was the taxi parked in front of the house and realizing that she wasn’t the only one after the job.

Afraid of loosing this job Kat quickly rushed up and rang the bell on the house. The teenaged blonde girl that answered the door threw Kat farther off balance. Not due to the skimpy maid’s uniform she was wearing but the collar around her neck. Kat quickly realized what this girl was as she asked Kat how she could be of service to her. Kat quickly explained the reason she was there and was asked to come inside.

The teenaged sex slave in the maid’s uniform then informed Kat that her Master was currently meeting with another applicant for the same position and showed Kat to where she could wait. Kat sat nervously in a chair waiting outside the home office of this Master Jason Sanders. As time slowly slipped by Kat became more and more concerned. The slave at least seamed nice as she soon returned to ask if Kat wanted anything to drink while she waited. Kat accepted the offer of a glass of water while fighting the curiosity of asking the obvious questions of this girl.

Kat did learn her name was Kelly and she was looking forward to being able to work out again. Kat also met another teenaged sex slave in the house when Kelly brought her glass of water. This was a very pretty brunette in glasses named Chelsea that seamed very nice. Though there was also no denying her slave status not only due to the collar she had on her neck. But also the fact she only wore a cut off tank-top, thong, and a pair of high heels.

Chelsea also seamed very interested in what sort of exercises Kat had planned for them. Saying she had just worked out in gym class at school and never been involved in a really serious exercise program. In particular Chelsea was curious how Kat would be able to help her better satisfy her Master’s desires for her. Kat was a bit surprised how open this girl was about being a slave more so the way she smiled during the last part of her statement made Kat question what she had thought about these girls being slaves.

Kat had thought sex slaves were kept locked up in cells or cages, or kept chained up and only brought out when it was time to rape them next. But both these girls seamed to roam the house freely with no fear they would try and run away. Then based on what Chelsea said even allowed to continue going to school granting them even more freedom. Now there were still some questions about Kelly saying she wasn’t allowed out of the house. But Chelsea in no way fit the picture of the scared and tortured slave girl Kat had in her mind when she showed up at this house.

These thoughts were suddenly pushed to the back of Kat’s mind when the office door opened and she saw who the competition was. Hearing the door open Kat rose to her feet as another slave in a similar revealing maid’s uniform walked out ahead of Sarah. This slave an older woman with long red hair and a sad smile on her face asked Sarah to wait out there and invited Kat into the office. Kat didn’t like how Sarah was giving this slave and Chelsea a dirty look. But Kat liked the look Sarah gave her even less as the door closed behind her.

This older slave identified herself as Lisa and then showed Kat to a chair in front of the desk. As Kat sat down she got her first look at Master Jason Sanders. Kat expected to see a man wearing leather and carrying a whip. Instead she saw a middle-aged business man listening to something on the telephone while occasionally looking over file sitting on his desk. Then strangely enough he seamed to be paying little interest in Kat being there only glancing at her briefly before turning his attention to the phone and file.

Until out of the blue he started talking to Kat as he hung up the phone. First was what she preferred to be called. Then it was the question about her view on training several sex slaves. Next they went over some of his requirements including the fact Kat would have at least three slaves to work with at the start and the possibility of more later on. Kat was fine with most of what he wanted from her but couldn’t give him an answer on few questions yet.

These answers had to do with things like her planned exercise regiment for his slaves. Along with an estimate on how long it would take to accomplish the results he wanted. She honestly said that she had to evaluate each of the three and design a training routine around what they needed. As for the results that was dependent on each of the slave’s individual dedication to accomplishing their goals. Now she wasn’t sure how to answer when he asked if she still wanted a position for her friend but eventually said she would still like to see if it was possible.

He gave her a satisfied smile and asked Lisa to not only ask Sarah to join them again but wanted both Kelly and Chelsea in there as well. Sara was asked to sit in another chair next to Kat’s as the three slaves stood together off to the side. As they waited for whatever he wanted from them he started to make his offer. He was clear that he didn’t need them to be exclusively employed by him. But insisted that they never discussed anything that happened within his home with anyone else before giving them his two options.

He was willing to hire either one of them by herself and pay her Freedom Bribe for the duration of her employment to him. As well as a decent salary that came with room and board in his home. Along with a few fringe benefits from working with three bi-sexual sex slaves. He also expected whoever he chose to follow his household rules while living there.

Or he could hire them both and they would get a half the salary. With their room and board still being provided but only half of both of their Freedom Bribes being paid for by him. Since they didn’t have to work exclusively for him they could then work other jobs to get the rest of the money. But this would require them both to be agreement. Strangely though he wasn’t surprised by the answers he got from both.

Kat was fine with his second offer since it at least offered hope for both of them avoiding enslavement. Telling Master Sanders exactly that after thanking him for his generous offer. However Sarah refused this offer saying that she was the better personal trainer and was all he needed to whip these pathetic slaves of his in shape. More so she went on to call Kat a drag on her goals in life and she should do herself a favor and put a leash on herself then and there. While Kat was shocked by her friend’s response Master Sanders seamed to have been expecting it.

He thanked Sarah for coming but told her she wasn’t the person he was looking for. Before having Lisa escort Sarah from his home. He then offered to hire Kat on the spot and asked if she had any requests regarding her becoming his employee. The biggest thing Kat was concerned with was him trying to enslave her and wanted a guarantee she wouldn’t wake up naked and locked in cage. She was also concerned with having to perform sex acts as requirement for working for him.

He said her concerns were fine and she could have protection against being forcefully enslaved or as she put it waking up naked locked in a cage. He also assured Kat he was more interested in her as a personal trainer then a potential sex slave. The sex acts one was harder to guarantee. Since as a Master he was required on some occasions to allow such things for guests regardless of the women in his home being a slave or not. He did offer to let her live in his guest cottage where this should make these situations avoidable for her.

It also got her out of having to deal with the household dress code for women. Not that Kat had an issue wearing dresses and high heels but she was uncomfortable enough being in the house as it was. Especially when he explained how he expected her to dress while performing her duties and why he expected this from her. With his explanation why fresh in her mind Kat was asked to go change into appropriate clothing for performing her duties if she wanted the job. Otherwise he said it was nice meeting her and he would just find someone else.

Lisa followed Kat out to her car half expecting to watch her drive off and never come back. But instead of getting in the drivers seat Kat opened the trunk and started going through several bags. Grabbing workout clothing she felt were appropriate with the dress code she had just agreed to follow. Now Lisa shaking her head a few times had Kat putting a few things back. Still Kat had enough and asked Lisa where she could change at.

Kat never felt uncomfortable about her body until having both Master Jason Sanders and Master Robert Sanders walking around her examining her. While they never touched her they did point out several things they didn’t like about her outfit. The biggest was her tank top covered to much of her stomach and insisted she take a pair of scissors and cut it off to an appropriate length. Once she had removed this piece of fabric they both declared her outfit satisfactory and they got to business. Kat was asked to sit down and they went over her contact for employment.

Kat definitely didn’t like the three confidentiality provisions in the contract they pointed out at the very beginning. These allowed her to be enslaved if she violated their rules regarding secrecy regarding everything going on in the household. But once they pointed out this was no different than what she agreed to before getting the bracelet on her right wrist she had to except them being there. She still carefully read through the whole thing trying to spot anything hidden in the fine print. But not finding anything quickly signed the contract and started getting how things worked in the house explained to her.

Next the oldest son or Master Robert as she was required to address him showed her around with his personal slave Chelsea following behind. Their first stop was what was once a ballroom in the house. He then wanted her to help him draw up a plan to convert it into her personal exercise studio. This included a list of exercise equipment she wanted and suggestions regarding remodeling that portion of the house. Saying that just putting a few treadmills in there was fine but there was also have the issue of showers and even a sauna to consider.

Kat’s head was still spinning about what Master Robert had told her as she sat down with him for lunch. Not only was this job looking like a dream come true for her but Kat found some of the prospects he mentioned promising. Especially when said other Masters may look into hiring Kat to work with their prize slaves as well. While not working out alongside a bunch of celebrities this was well beyond what that fitness center offered her. It was definitely better than the job at the convenience store she just quit.

Now the biggest draw back was working with limited resources until things were fully ready. But Master Robert and her were going shopping the next day to get enough for her to get started. He even insisted that they her some new clothing to help her adjust to their household. But the biggest thing he wanted to get was appropriate clothing for the slaves to wear as they got things started. After all with the requirements regarding his brother it didn’t make sense having them exercising naked at least at that time.

Kat looked around at what had been accomplished since then and couldn’t help being impressed. Not only was there at least one piece exercise equipment she could ever want with enough of it for her and everyone of the slaves to workout on at the same time. Kat even had two more clients that had her working with their slaves along with the three additions to the household. Unfortunately the third of these was also making her very nervous after the events at her school a while ago. Until then was fine with being around Mistress Joanna. Figuring she may try and come on to her the way several of the slaves had but would understand her reason for refusing like the others had.

Now Kat wasn’t so sure about Mistress Joanna being able to except no for an answer anymore. After all her biggest rival had just been roasted alive like a pig in a spit. This made her justifiably uneasy around her as it was but now Mistress Joanna had taken some sort of personal interest in Kat. Leaving Kat with one option get though the days workout session then have a talk with Master Jason about her concerns regarding Mistress Joanna. As they ended the final aerobics routine and moved to weight training Kat just hoped for no surprises.

Kat was just finishing cleaning the final few mats and would soon start putting everything away for the day. This was Kat’s only complaint about working with sex slaves. It was bad enough cleaning up sweat off of the mats but with sex slaves they also left pussy juices behind everywhere they sat, laid, or squatted over with Miss Chelsea’s pussy leaving the worst messes behind. Now based on the moaning coming from the shower another lesbian orgy had broken out and hopefully Mistress Joanna was in the middle of it. This left Kat certain she could get things done and get out of there until Mistress Joanna was away at school.

Of course Kat found herself laughing about how she had become accustomed to the various sex acts she sees happen around the house. At first it made her uneasy walking into a room and finding either one of the Masters fucking a slave or several of the slaves engaging in some sort of lesbian act. Then around the time Master Jonathan earned his title and Miss Jenny and her mother Miss Elizabeth choose to become slaves Kat started finding it kinda arousing. Kat spent a lot of time in her cottage with her favorite vibrator masturbating. Unfortunately this was also when it became more likely to walk in on something then not and Kat decided to try one of the Masters in the bedroom.

Her first choice was Master Jason since he’d been the source of her good fortune and Kat wanted to repay him. Kat must’ve been blushing down to her toes when she asked him to make love to her that night. Yet he never said a thing to her about asking other than giving her the best sex she had up until that point in her life. It was so good that Kat didn’t care how sore her pussy felt after getting fucked for what seamed like hours. Kat also felt a little safer around him after that knowing while he definitely wanted her as a slave Master Jason preferred her to willingly make that decision.

The next one Kat decided to fuck was Master Robert and he was probably the one she was most afraid to ask. Kat had seen him manipulate several women into becoming sex slaves. But he also was probably the best lover of the three based not only on the word of all the slaves. But due to that terrifying Mistress Blackthorn making it a point to get fucked by him at least once a week. Kat was very careful while they fucked being certain never to say anything that could be turned back against her.

Though quickly into her fucking Kat lost the ability to speak and spent the rest of the night either crying out in orgasm or gasping for air afterwards. Needless to say Master Robert turned out to be every bit the amazing lover Kat had heard and she was tempted to try him again. Unfortunately soon afterwards Kat’s sexual hang up came into play the next time they got together. That was due to the situation with Sarah Kat wasn’t comfortable being intimate with another woman.

Kat and Sarah hadn’t just been friends for years but also off and on lovers. Usually when they were between relationships they would find themselves in bed together making love. Eventually after hour of intense passion they ended up passing out with their faces still in each other’s pussies. Yet after being that close Sarah ended up trying to betray Kat to become a slave to save herself. All because Sarah saw it was the easiest solution to their problem.

Kat was fighting back tears from this betrayal when she heard the clearing of a throat. Standing in the doorway to the showers was a naked Mistress Joanna. She was drying her long red hair with a towel and looking at Kat with a concerned look on her face. Realizing that she was alone with Mistress Joanna Kat suddenly became very concerned and kept shooting fearful glaces at the door out of the room. Seeing Kat’s obvious fear of her Mistress Joanna let out a sigh as she let the towel hang off her shoulders. Mistress Joanna then slowly approached the where Kat was kneeling in front of the mats as she started speaking.

“Let me guess the stories Chelsea and Jenny are telling about me and Jenifer is why your suddenly afraid of me.”

When Kat nodded her head Mistress Joanna let out another sigh before calling both Chelsea and Jenny out there. Both came out a little breathless and saw the expression on Mistress Joanna’s face before dropping to their knees. Kat watched as Mistress Joanna slowly walked around the two kneeling sex slaves as if she was deciding what to do. Looking around Kat noticed she wasn’t Mistress Joanna’s only spectator for the performance she was putting on. The other three slaves were also standing in the doorway to the showers with Elizabeth seaming the most concerned of the lot.

Kat watched as both Lisa and Kelly stopped Elizabeth from walking over to Mistress Joanna several times. Kat was well aware of the various family ties between the various individuals in the household. Just as she learned the taboos against insest didn’t hold any sway when one or more family members was a sex slave. Not that Elizabeth’s concerns were due to the sexual relationship with her daughter. Mistress Joanna soon noticed the others watching and ordered them out before asking Kat to join her with the other two.

Kat nervously got up and slowly walked towards Mistress Joanna as the three slaves began picking up their discarded clothes. As Kat got to Mistress Joanna she had just told them to grab Chelsea’s and Jenny’s clothes then get going. With the exception of Mistress Joanna’s karabağlar escort clothes the rest of theirs were spread around leaving making this take a little while. Still all three soon had there arms full of clothes and were headed out of the studio naked. As soon as they were out the door Mistress Joanna addressed Chelsea and Jenny.

“I appreciate you two trying to give my reputation as a Mistress a boost. However in the process you have Miss Kat here so afraid of me she can’t hardly do her own duties. So I’m going to have a little talk with both of your Masters. Then the four of us will be spending a few hours each night down in the dungeon. While I teach Miss Kat how to use the punishment tools on you both over the next few weeks.”

While Kat was looking at Mistress Joanna in shock Chelsea and Jenny quickly rushed out of the room to get ready for school. As soon as they were gone Kat tried to talk Mistress Joanna out of this. However Kat was quickly silenced by the teenaged dominatrix and told she would be doing this. Kat was also told to expect to be getting called Mistress Katherine from now on. Mistress Joanna then grabbed Kat’s hand and started dragging her behind her as she went looking for the Masters.

Kat had hoped when they went to see Master Jason first he would’ve put a stop to this. Yet Kat shouldn’t have been surprised he didn’t. Master Jason had wanted Kat to become a Mistress since he first hired her. Even offering to be her sponsor on more than one occasion. Only now Kat wasn’t able to refuse the offer and things were set in motion she wasn’t sure of.

Next came the meeting with both Master Robert and Master Jonathan. Both didn’t like having Chelsea and Jenny being used this way. However they would allow it and seamed excited by the prospects this idea offered. Especially when they told how dedicated Kat’s charges would be after getting smacked on the ass with a riding crop whenever they are found slacking off. Master Robert then gave Mistress Joanna some instructions and sent them both on their way.

Mistress Joanna then took Kat back to her studio and suddenly realized she had been running all over the house naked. Mistress Joanna quickly retrieved her clothes and once dressed helped Kat finish the cleaning. Again Kat tried to tell Mistress Joanna this wasn’t necessary. But was told that her days had just got a lot busier and Mistress Joanna would be by her side at all times helping her. Even with something as basic as cleaning.

Kat was bit worried when Mistress Joanna said she would be by Kat’s side at all times. When she asked if this included them sleeping together. Mistress Joanna saw the the worried expression on her face and asked Kat why she never slept with any of them when they all could see Kat was interested in the prospect. Kat then explained that she had a bad experience with a female lover and was reluctant to take another one. Mistress Joanna telling Kat that no she wouldn’t be sleeping with Mistress Joanna unless she wanted to and this training wouldn’t involve any sexual contact with a few exceptions.

Kat would be taught to pleasure a slave girl with her fingers. Mistress Joanna said that she would be getting Kat off later that way. Then Kat would be pleasuring but Chelsea and Jenny as part of the after care from their punishments. Plus part of being a Mistress was having a slave girl or lesser Mistress licking their boots. Unfortunately Kat was going to be a lesser Mistress and would be required to lick Mistress Joanna’s boots from time to time. Mistress Joanna then quickly pointed out she was required to do this herself for both Mistress Blackthorn and Mistress Tabitha.

A hour later Kat was decidedly the most uncomfortable as she had ever felt during her entire lifetime. She was standing naked with one arm covering her breasts and the other covering her pussy while watching Mistress Joanna try and find her something to wear. Looking at the racks of bondage clothing and dominatrix outfits she was amazed they had this much stuff. Until the situation with Kelly’s mother had been explained.

Apparently Camila not only loved dressing herself up in several different outfits during a session. But Lisa went through several costume changes as well before they were done. Lisa’s old dog outfit seaming to be invoking a lot of anger out of Mistress Joanna. Despite this Mistress Joanna soon figured out at least what color she wanted Kat to wear. Kat was now stuck waiting as the teenaged dominatrix figure out what style of outfit she wanted her in.

Kat had to admit she was a little bit excited to see what Mistress Joanna would pick out for her. Kat always thought that Mistress Joanna’s outfit looked amazing and was hoping for something similar. However since these were just left over clothing they kept on had for guests to use Kat had her doubts about having anything that nice. Unfortunately this was when Mistress Joanna saw how Kat was covering herself and dropped the biggest bombshell regarding their outfits. Kat reluctantly uncovered herself after hearing her breasts, pussy, and ass were required to be exposed at all times in the dungeon.

Mistress Joanna then decided that perhaps it was best if Kat only wore boots and gloves until she got used to being seen this way making her dressing a lot faster than expected. Next Kat was finally shown to the dungeon. Probably the one place on the grounds she had never been in or even seen. Getting the tour Kat learned this was once a bomb shelter during the cold war before being converted by Master Jason’s father. Master Jason then made his own modifications over the years as new devices and technology came along.

Once the tour was over they proceeded to several bondage devices. Kat was more than a little frightened when Mistress Joanna started explaining what each device was and then told her they would start practicing next. First Kat found herself locked in several of the devices before Mistress Joanna had Kat practice locking her up in them. Kat and then Mistress Joanna ended up in several cages, couple of styles of stocks, and just hanging by their wrists from the ceiling. Kat noticed something about dreamlike expression on Mistress Joanna’s face while she was walking around with her wrists and neck secured within one of the stocks and had to ask what it was about.

Letting out a sigh Mistress Joanna explained that she always found herself daydreaming about her wedding day when she was locked in those things. Mistress Joanna then explained when she got married she would be required to become her husband’s slave. With the marriage ceremony being about the enslavement of the bride. She would be first be lead down to isle in nothing but her bridal lingerie, a ball gag, her slave collar, shackles and on a leash. The bride would then be bent over the alter while the groom and the Pastor took turns fucking her. Until enough cum was leaking from the bride’s orifices for them to be declared husband and slave right before the bride gets branded by the Pastor.

Now the ceremony would conclude with the bride getting secured in that style of stocks. Before being lead away for the reception where the bridesmaids would then be gang raped by the guests. The bride would be forced to kneel next to the groom as they watched the violation of the bridesmaids. Until bride was finally lead away still locked in the stocks for the honeymoon. As Mistress Joanna finished this story Kat was shocked by how calm Mistress Joanna was about suffering such a fate.

However Mistress Joanna explained that could be years down the line and it’s not the worst way to become a slave. Plus she would hopefully be more the type of slave Chelsea and Jenny were and not the ones from the horror stories that kept them all up at night. More so in her position Mistress Joanna was a constant target for enslavement and had several insurance policies against becoming the property of a rival. Just as they would be putting such things in place to protect Kat.

Several days later and Kat’s lessons were going well she was at least comfortable holding some of the punishment tools. Though to date she had only used the riding crop on Chelsea and Jenny. Other than having her practice cracking a whip they haven’t shown her much more than a few of the paddles. Kat did get to watch as Master Robert used a cane on Mistress Joanna’s ass the day before and knew she had a similar session coming up that night. Yet it wasn’t her impending canning that was her concern at the moment.

It was the fact she was sitting in the back of a car headed to see that Mistress again while practically naked. Now the long black coat did cover most of her body. Yet there was no getting around the only thing under it was a garter belt, pair of stockings and the high heels on her feet. Mistress Joanna seamed a little calmer due to the fact she at least had her dominatrix outfit on under her coat. But they both knew the coats would be coming off once they got there and then both of them would be on display.

When they pulled up to their destination Kat was very concerned they would be expected to leave their coats in the car. Yet Mistress Joanna pointed out they couldn’t be drawing unnecessary attention to their host and by walking up that way would be seen by her neighbors. Especially considering the fancy luxury car alone had several standing on their porches or looking out windows watching as the two got out. Even with the coats on the two felt exposed as they walked up to the house. Standing at the front door Mistress Joanna gave several of their male spectators a seductive smile before she rung the doorbell.

The door was answered by a pleasure maid around Kat’s age only in a more traditional uniform. However there was no mistaking the collar or the timidness that identified her as a slave. After quickly being invited inside they were handing the maid their coats. Once she delt with them she asked both of them to follow her to the parlor where her Mistress was waiting. As they walked Kat felt Mistress Joanna’s hand take her own and gave it a quick squeeze to reassure her.

Mistress Catherine Simone was different than Kat had expected of a woman in her position. In her mid to late thirties she was an older Mistress but still quite attractive. She also had several fingers in the fashion industry. Helping The Organization enslave countless aspiring models through the years. But she also had a talent for designing custom lingerie and other garments popular amongst her associates.

She was also one of the few Mistresses that didn’t need to worry much about enslavement. Her work acquiring high class slave girls had given her most of her protection from such efforts. Mistress Simone also tended to take a neutral stance with the disputes of others within The Organization. Going to great lengths to avoid becoming involved in the conflicts of others. But the biggest reason why no one would act against her was the fact she knew enough personal secrets to take down anyone within The Organization that would dare try.

Mistress Simone had a network of spies and informants connected to almost everyone of influence or could be considered a threat to her within The Organization. If a member had ten people working with them at least two or three were somehow reporting to Mistress Simone. So if she heard something was being planned against her she knew well in advance and could act quickly to put a stop to the plans before they started. Usually by damaging information about those making the plans finding it’s way to people with scores to settle with them. Or at least that’s what Master Robert told the two before they left.

Kat wasn’t sure if she believed all this was true. Neither was she willing to take the chance of finding out it was by doing anything to provoke her. Leaving Kat very nervous as they moved through the house. Mistress Joanna taking her hand was the only thing keeping Kat from running from the house when they arrived at the parlor. Following Mistress Joanna Kat never could have believed of what her life would become from that moment on.

Kat was feeling less like slave girl like when she was being led around naked and more like Mistress Katherine as she looked in the mirror. Not only did she looked amazing in her new outfit. It was as fantastic looking as the drawings that Mistress Simone had shown her. Making understand how much the pride she took in her work was justified. Kat had never had an interest in fashion but now was looking forward to seeing what else she was working on.

Yet after the tour and looking at all her design sketches Kat was uneasy about that private conversation Mistress Simone was wanting from her. Thankfully she was going to have Mistress Joanna there to support her. Yet they both knew neither were in the same league as Mistress Simone. They were just subordinates of the Masters that sponsored them and basically their slaves. That’s why they were required to have collars as part of their outfits and kiss the feet of women like Mistress Simone.

As they sat down Kat noticed how Mistress Simone gave her a predatory look especially her exposed breasts and pussy. As someone that was still uncomfortable with being intimate with another woman this did make Kat a little uneasy. Not that a larger portion of Kat saw it as flattering given all the fashion models Mistress Simone was around all the time. Still Kat still couldn’t shake her concerns about this private conversation Mistress Simone wanted to have with her. Yet it seamed that Mistress Simone wasn’t in a hurry to get started talking about whatever she was wanting to discuss.

As Mistress Simone’s pleasure maid served them tea Kat saw she had changed her uniform since answering the door. The uniform was now more similar to what Kat was used to seeing Lisa and Kelly in. Just this uniform had a even shorter skirt. Leaving the the lower portion of her ass and pussy visible. Along with her breasts being almost completely uncovered.

Seeing both Mistress Joanna’s and Kat’s interest in her slave Mistress Simone explained how she came to own this young woman. As would be expected this slave was once a model that showcased Mistress Simone’s more open fashion designs. However her mother was such a infuriating manager to her it left no one wanting to hire her as a model. Due mostly to every one hating to be around her mother and her ridiculous demands. Who was also one of those people who relieved their past glories by making their children follow exactly in their footsteps.

Strangely enough it wasn’t just the people in the fashion industry that hated dealing with her mother. The slave Allison had despised her mother since she was a little child making her enter every beauty pageant she could find. Coming of age she would have just told her mother to go to hell but the bitch mismanaged her finances so badly that they both were totally broke. Leaving Allison with no choice but to continue on until a situation came up that would allow her to get away from her mother’s control. That was when Mistress Simone made Allison an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Knowing she was already marked for enslavement and nothing would stop it Allison was given a choice. She could be trained and sold at a slave auction. Probably ending up with a cruel owner that more in likely would end up torturing Allison for the rest of her life. Or Allison could willingly became Mistress Simone’s personal slave being used as her maid and lesbian plaything. Allison agreed to the second option with two conditions that Mistress Simone actually found to her liking.

In exchange for agreeing to willingly become a slave Allison would get revenge for what her mother had put her through over the years. Her mother would also be enslaved and sent off to fate befitting a someone like her. Second Allison’s best friend who was also marked for enslavement would become Mistress Simone’s slave too. Though she ended up continuing to model Mistress Simone’s designs. Only she now modeled outfits intended for slaves like her and the fashion shows she appeared in involved more than her walking down a runway or posing for photographs.

The models tended to also show case the practically of the outfits and practically for clothing for sex slaves usually meant the models were placed in sexual situations. Her friend has been gang raped numerous times as part of these shows. Placed in various types of bondage and even on a few occasions tortured during the shows. Yet most commonly she just did a strip-tease to finish her appearance on the runway before usually ending up being whored out to the spectators alongside all her fellow slaves. Though this friend was also nearing the end of her usefulness in this function and Mistress Simone was going to have to make a decision regarding selling her soon.

However this also brought them to the reason Mistress Simone wanted to talk to Kat privately. It seams that Mistress Simone had made Master Jason an interesting offer recently that she wanted him to except. Both Master Jason and Master Robert had a powerful rival that they were very concerned about and only had limited information on her plans. However Mistress Simone had very detailed information on this rivals plans but no common interest in the situation. Other than a major dislike of this Mistress in question which alone wasn’t enough to forgo her rules about taking sides.

However Mistress Simone did have a common interest with Master Jason namely Kat’s skills as a personal trainer. Mistress Simone honestly admitted she was one of the people who was seeking Kat’s enslavement before she went to work for Master Jason. Believing Kat would be useful not only as a slave but also to train Mistress Simone’s other slaves. However while now Mistress Simone still wanted to have Kat train her slaves she was willing to make some serious concessions. Mistress Simone not only would allow her to keep her freedom but also sponsor and train her for her own title of Mistress.

Kat was definitely a bit frightened by the way Mistress Simone was so certain that she would agree to this. Kat knew that as her Patron Master Jason could expect her to agree to such things. However anyone else couldn’t make such demands of Kat unless she agreed to them. More so Master Jason hadn’t even hinted about what Mistress Simone was talking about and she was quick to tell her as her Patron she must consult with Master Jason first. She also was quick to point out that aside from the benefits that being a Mistress offered she had no reason to agree to this.

At least until Mistress Simone produced a file from her desk and had Allison give it to Kat. Reading through the file Kat was shocked by it’s contents. Sarah had managed to avoid enslavement by taking the position of a slaver within The Organization. More so the file contained a list of her targets and Kat’s name was the first one on the list. Still it was the next name that made Kat realize that she was going to have to agree.

Especially when Kat asked if she agreed to what Mistress Simone wanted would protections be put in place for her sister. As Mistress Simone told Kat “yes” Mistress Joanna quickly stopped Kat from agreeing. Quickly telling Kat she never should just up and agree to things like that. Especially with someone who has admitted they wanted to enslave her. But more importantly as her Patron Master Jason had to be a part of any such agreement. Mistress Joanna then proposed that Mistress Simone meet with both Kat and her father that night at their home.

Later that night Kat had finally realized how lucky she was that

Mistress Joanna intervened like that. Not that it stopped what Kat was expecting to happen to her. Since Mistress Simone still ended up being her second sponsor and she was going to have to be subservient to her for the foreseeable future. Still Kat was still going to be indebted to Mistress Joanna for the rest of her life from stopping her from making a mistake like that. Granted as she was bent over Master Jason’s desk naked with Mistress Simone lining up a strap on dildo with her ass hole it could be thought of a little differently of course.

At least Mistress Joanna was there to support Kat during her coming violation. Unfortunately Mistress Joanna was only able to support Kat with her presence. Since both Kat and Mistress Joanna were basically slaves for the remainder of the weekend they both had their arms secured behind their backs. Still the fact she was so calm when she was also bent over the desk about to get sodomized was keeping Kat from from turning into a even bigger wreak. Just Mistress Joanna’s ass fucking was going to be done by Mistress Blackthorn in this competition the two Mistresses had going between each other.

As both Kat and Mistress Joanna screamed as the fake dicks were painfully trust into them they were both still surprised by how the events of this day played out. Especially the way Master Robert had been able to out maneuver Mistress Simone that way and basically make her his father’s slave. Now why he stopped sort of officially enslaving her they didn’t know. Given ever since they left Mistress Simone’s home Kat had been so shaken that she’d been practically running around in a trance crying. Plus Master Robert had kept her confined in Mistress Joanna’s bedroom and under observation since she got home.

Kat knew besides the unpayable debt she owed to Mistress Joanna regarding her freedom. Kat also needed to apologize for everything she said to her in the car. Repeatedly telling her off for intervening in a family matter like that all while not realizing that they all considered Kat part of their family now. Kat was sure Mistress Joanna wasn’t holding a grudge but Kat was going to be spending a lot of time on her knees licking her pussy to make it up to her anyway. Just Kat was now forever indebted to both Master Jason and Master Robert and would probably be spending a lot of time with their cocks in her for now on.

When they got home Kat learned they had not only been watching out for her family but had already stepped in to stop her sister’s enslavement. Though once she had the situation explained to her then the household became so chaotic that Kat couldn’t keep track of what was happening. While Miss Lisa and Elizabeth started preparing dinner the other slaves with one exception were put to work around the house. That exception being Kelly who took Kat up to Mistress Joanna’s room to prepare her for the night. As Kat was dragged away she heard Master Robert giving Mistress Joanna her instructions.

While he notified his father and brother about what was going on she was to be making her own phone calls. She was to call Master Anderson, Mistress Blackthorn, and Mistress Tabitha and have them act as witnesses. After that she was to notify Mistress Simone of not only when she was expected to be there but that she was only to bring her slave Allison and the information to be traded for Kat with her. Then after dinner they would come to an agreement that they could agree on. Kat then spent the next few hours waiting for her fate to be decided.

Dinner was good even if it felt like Kat was talking part in some weird fetish ritual. She was completely naked save for the boots, collar, and the set of leather shackles that had been included with her dominatrix outfit. All the household slaves were wearing about the same. Though instead of boots they were wearing high heels and stockings with their slave collars and shackles. While the Mistresses wore their full outfits with the Masters in fancy suits.

Kat would have been embarrassed to be seen like that if she hadn’t already felt so overwhelmed by the situation. All throughout dinner Master Jason and Master Robert would discuss what both they and Mistress Simone were wanting from any deal regarding Kat. While it was unnerving they way they talked about her like she wasn’t in the room. While her fate was being decided they never once asked Kat her opinion. It was made somewhat bearable by most of the terms they wanted for her. Still ease at which they were willing to place Mistress Simone in charge of her body was definitely disturbing to Kat

Yet they at least we’re looking out for her other interests and pointing out each of Mistress Simone’s terms that could be used to enslave Kat. They also were quick to point out that Kat couldn’t possibly handle the job of supervising the exercise regiments of all of Mistress Simone’s slaves by herself. Especially if she was to continue working with her current clients. Not that Mistress Simone seamed the least bit concerned about Kat’s current business interests. Saying that what Kat would gain would offset any losses due to the changes.

The rest of the dinner discussion went about the same way with each making proposals that the other didn’t want to except. After dinner this discussion would move to Master Jason’s office only now Kat was forced to kneel on the floor while they argued back and forth about her future. Kat was certain when Mistress Simone produced the files on this mystery Mistress that was the rival to Master Jason and Master Robert her life as she knew it was over. Yet each time Mistress Simone gave them a file somehow Master Robert handed her an almost identical one. At least until Master Robert handed her an final file he had been keeping in reserve and Mistress Simone suddenly looked terrified.

At this point things drastically changed Master Robert wasn’t laying down terms regarding Kat’s future but Mistress Simone’s. Soon two contracts were produced one regarding Mistress Simone sponsoring Kat and the other one making Mistress Simone subservient to Master Jason and Master Robert. Kat knew she personally had no choice but to sign the first contact herself. Mistress Simone on the other hand shouldn’t have had to agree to anything. Until Master Robert dialed a phone number and handed the receiver to her.

Once she had talked to whoever was on the other end of the line both the contracts were quickly signed. Kat soon was laid on her back on top of the desk. With Mistress Simone’s pussy over her face and Master Jason’s cock in her own pussy. Once Kat had licked Mistress Simone to orgasm and Master Jason had deposited his cum in Kat’s pussy a competition was proposed by Mistress Blackthorn. With no say in the matter Kat was quickly repositioned on her stomach as Mistress Joanna took her place beside her. Kat’s screams during the insuing ass fucking pretty much guaranteed that Mistress Simone won and as Kat was helped to the dungeon she was more than ready to curl up in her cage for the night.

The next day was a little better for Kat her abused ass hole was left alone but she spent most of the day in bondage. For hours on end she was put in several types of bondage. Rope, tape, straps, and even plastic wrap was used to render Kat immobile and helpless. Though the worst part was being blindfolded and gagged during the whole thing. While unable to walk without help afterwards Kat got through this and was allowed to sleep in the guest room with Mistress Simone.

Granted Kat still slept on the floor with her collar chained to the foot of the bed. But Kat was allowed to have several orgasms after satisfactory pleasuring Mistress Simone as a reward for persevering through the ordeal. Strangely Kat noticed something interesting as she was eating out Mistress Simone’s pussy that night. That was with all that was happening Kat was able to finally get past her sexual hang-up about being with another woman. Now Kat would later find out another hang-up had taken it’s place in the form of a deep seated fear of strap on dildos but Kat was looking forward to being with the other women in the house as she fell asleep.

The next day Kat’s slave experience was more humiliating than anything else it also was unique to Mistress Simone. Kat ended up modeling several of her fetish outfits for slaves during the course of the day. Starting after breakfast Kat was first dressed as a pony girl. It had a halter type head piece complete with a bit gag. Another leather harness that wrapped around her body. Extremely tall high heeled boots and a horse tail attached to the butt plug inserted into Kat’s ass hole.

They then spent the morning outside as Kat was trained how to be a pony girl. Kat wouldn’t have lasted through the first hour if she hadn’t been in such good shape. Having to prance around keeping her legs bent was very difficult. Still after the first hour and dozen or so wacks with the ridding crop Kat had the hang of it. Now having to whinny like a horse was very humiliating to Kat.

Just as having the Masters and Mistresses for an audience for the final hour left Kat even more embarrassed the whole time they were watching her. Especially when Kat was fed chocolates like they were sugar cubes and she had to loudly whinny in appreciation after eating each one. Leaving Kat more than ready to have her next costume change just before lunch. Kat eagerly followed Allison as they headed inside and Kat was given a quick shower. Once clean Allison brought Kat back into the guest room and she saw her next outfit laid out for her.

Once again Kat found herself with a butt plug holding her tail in place. Only instead of prancing around whinnying Kat was on all fours meowing. Given her name Kat probably should have expected to spend time as a sex kitten. Still she never saw any part of that outfit coming with the possible exception of the headband with the cat ears on it. Now the intrical straps in her thigh high high heeled boots made straightening her legs impossible. Not only keeping Kat on not only her knees but the paw shaped knee pads attached to the boots.

The similar paw shaped mittens on the end of the opera style gloves made her hands useless for anything but crawling around. Now with the exception of her tail Kat was now completely naked between her boots and gloves. Once Allison had put her headband in place and drawn whiskers on Kat’s cheeks with eyeliner and put a bell on her collar as a final touch she gave Kat her instructions on how to act. Not that it was that difficult this time. Though Allison did have to help Kat get the hang of crawling the the desired sensual movement of her body.

Once Kat got past her embarrassment about being seen like that she actually found aspects to her liking. Kat especially enjoyed laying across Mistress Joanna’s lap and having her stroke her head and back. While eating lunch out of a bowl on the floor was definitely the most humiliating part. Now having each of the four Masters take turns fucking her from behind was definitely an interesting experience. Just as getting to pleasure the other Mistresses and a couple of the slaves before it got to be time for dinner.

This also when Kat got her next outfit for the night again there was an animal theme complete with a tail and ears on the headband. Only this time Kat wasn’t dressed to match the animal who’s behavior they wanted her to mimic. But just because she looked sexy in the gazelle outfit. Like with her dominatrix outfit it consisted of thigh height high heeled boots, shoulder length opera style gloves, and a corset that left Kat’s breasts completely exposed. Only the entire outfit was made out of actual gazelle skin.

Kat then got to help Allison get into her own gazelle outfit before they left to join the others. After the two did a little fashion show for the Masters and Mistresses they headed to the dinning room for dinner. While Kat was overjoyed to be sitting at the table for the meal she was uneasy about being the center of attention due to her outfit again. All most making Kat envious of Allison being under the table pleasuring Mistress Simone. Though Kat’s other outfits also seamed to get their share of the discussion during the dinner .

Mistress Blackthorn liked both the pony girl outfit and especially the kitten outfit. Saying her slave Ashley would look good in both. Mistress Tabitha then asked about if there was also a puppy outfit causing loud sobbing to be heard from under the table beneath her. Master Robert was also interested in getting a couple of puppy and kitten outfits for both Kelly and Chelsea. Strangely though Chelsea’s reaction was different than Mistress Tabitha’s slave Tiffany’s when she heard her owner. Kat didn’t hear Chelsea start crying but instead start sucking on Master Robert’s cock harder.

Kat didn’t really pay attention to Chelsea’s reaction. Knowing she was already highly sexually charged as it was. It was common to see that girl with cum leaking from her pussy and ass hole or pussy juices covering her face and upper body. In fact it wasn’t that uncommon for the three Masters to gang bang her after dinner at least once or twice a week. Though each of the other slaves and Mistress Joanna also received this treatment at least once a week as well. Still none of them enjoyed having cocks in each of her orifices at the same time like Chelsea seamed to.

Kat figured she could easily handle sucking a cock while being fucked in her pussy. Kat already greatly enjoyed both of those sex acts by themselves and couldn’t see an issue with doing them at the same time. Yet she doubted she could ever handle being triple penetrated as easily as the others did and definitely wouldn’t enjoy it as much as Chelsea did. Now like talking it in the ass the night before Kat wouldn’t have a say whenever it did happen. Yet hopefully like with some of the other stuff that the slaves didn’t enjoy then it wouldn’t happen that often to her.

This also made Kat wonder what would happen to her once dinner was over. She expected being taken back to the room and pleasuring Mistress Simone again but what else would she do to her was flashing through her mind. Kat knew each of the other Mistresses had their particular interests when it came to using slaves. Mistress Blackthorn was a sadist and liked to inflict pain upon her slaves. Mistress Tabitha had a foot fetish and would make her slave Tiffany lick her boots for hours on end. While Mistress Joanna was into bondage and love to not only tie up slave girls but to watch them struggling in bondage.

Having not been around Mistress Simone like she had the others Kat was still learning about her. Being dressed up in the outfits the way she had been wasn’t that surprising to Kat. When Mistress Simone had shown off her designs she had told both Mistress Joanna and Kat how they both would look good in several of the outfits. Her skill with the strap on dildo also suggested she was well practiced in painfully ass fucking a slave without doing any actual damage to her ass hole. Besides that Kat hadn’t seen any inclination towards Mistress Simone liking to physically harm her slaves.

Kat did pick up few other things about Mistress Simone. Mistress Simone seamed not to like having multiple orgasms. Always making Kat or Allison stop licking her pussy after they gave her one. But Kat was still too inexperienced both as a slave and especially as a Mistress to understand what that was about yet. It definitely didn’t give Kat any information on what could be planned for her after dinner.

She never expected to first taken to Master Jason’s office. Now instead of having to kneel on the floor like during the earlier meeting it was Mistress Simone on her knees naked. While Mistress Simone was told the new rules she would be living her life by Kat learned more about what was going on with this situation. This was when Kat found out not only how Master Robert had managed to gain the upper hand over Mistress Simone. But also how Mistress Simone got a lot of the information she had on the other members of The Organization.

Someone close to Mistress Simone had been hacking into the computers of other members. Master Robert had discovered one the their tricks and using a friend from school who also happened to be a skilled hacker had taken complete control over Mistress Simone’s own computer servers using something called ransom-ware. They not only controlled the server with Mistress Simone’s intelligence on members The Organization and her business rivals. But also all of the ones for her businesses and even her personal computer.

Now unfortunately for Mistress Simone’s hackers all of which were also female they had signed her tainted contracts. Contracts that guaranteed their immediate enslavement if something like this happened. So while Kat had been prancing around like a pony that morning everyone of these women had been dealt with. Kat was surprised to learn that at that moment each of them were locked up in the dungeon and would probably be taken somewhere to be sold off at some point in the near future.

More over with these women gone Mistress Simone no longer had anyone that could restore her control over her computer systems. Something they were not going to allow to happen. Master Jason would be putting his own people in charge of Mistress Simone’s computer systems from that day on. Now they were going to allow her to continue to run her businesses but she would now be watched closely. Not only through her legitimate businesses but those involving The Organization.

Kat still didn’t understand fully why Mistress Simone wasn’t going to be wearing a collar outside of the house. But Kat didn’t understand much of the miss-direction and deception that went on with members of The Organization. Kat just chose to consider it them wanting to keep a low profile and enslaving Mistress Simone would draw to much attention from the wrong people. Besides for the foreseeable future Kat was basically Master Jason’s property now and she’d learned early on understanding of her owner’s intentions isn’t important. Kat was just grateful when she was ordered to spend the night with Mistress Joanna and was led up to her room.

A month later Kat still spent most of her time on a leash. but had adjusted since most of the time wearing the leash was her decision. Just as her appearance had began to change. Kat’s nipples and clit now had rings through them. She was now wearing makeup around the house. Along with deciding to grow out her hair.

Along with her body Kat’s wardrobe had evolved drastically. Kat now had a closet full of Mistress Simone’s outfits. Her dominatrix, gazelle, pony, and kitten outfits were now accompanied by numerous sexy dresses, lingerie, and every item in Mistress Simone’s new line of exercise clothing. Now Kat hardly wore some of these do to them bring against both the house rules and her personal rules for her exercise studio. Still it was more sentimental reasons these clothes were in Kat’s closet

Everyone of these garments were probably Kat’s second favorite thing to come out of her affiliation with Mistress Simone. After Mistress Simone joined the household exercise session she made several snide comments about the make shift outfits worn and Kat suggested she to come up with something better if she didn’t like them. Kat soon learned that this amounted to waving a red flag in front of a bull when it came to Mistress Simone and she was soon sketching new designs. After looking at the sketches Kat was then making her own suggestions and they had soon designed about twenty different outfits.

Strangely most of these were actually part of Mistress Simone’s public clothing labels and were becoming quite popular with the general public. Yet they still came up with a half dozen for The Organizational side of her business. All of which were now the standard uniform for any woman whether she be a slave or Mistress training in Kat’s exercise studios. Kat’s personal favorite was the one she was currently wearing.

A pink sports bra cut to display the maximum amount of cleavage while still providing the necessary support. That exposed cleavage was then covered in a slightly darker transparent pink mesh. Matching skintight pink shorts somewhat covered Kat’s bottom half with a low cut waist and with next to no legs made with the same mesh fabric combination. The fabric consisted of only a thong providing limited coverage of her pubic mound and pussy with the rest of the shorts being the darker pink transparent mesh. With the final pieces being matching pink leash, slave collar and cuffs around Kat’s neck, wrists, and ankles.

Now the collar and leash was an addition that Kat came up with herself due to many of her charges out ranking her. Besides training Mistress Joanna and Mistress Simone Kat was also now training Mistresses Blackthorn and Tabitha. So it is mandatory that any woman regardless of her status within The Organization be considered a slave while undergoing physical training under Kat. So as they exercise they are now required to be collared and to hold the handles of their leashes in their teeth at all times. Only after showering and relaxing in the sauna and or hot tub do they get their Mistress titles and authority back. This created a issue with both Mistress Simone and Mistress Blackthorn at first and Kat spent a lot of time prancing around in her pony outfit.

However the retaliation stopped once they saw the effects of Kat’s training on their bodies. Both looked great before they started exercising with Kat but now they looked absolutely fantastic. Mistress Simone in particular now being confident enough to model several of her new designs for dominatrix outfits herself. Making the two Mistresses accepted Kat’s control over them in this one aspect of their lives. Now they both obediently go through the daily exercises with their collars around their necks and the handles of their leashes tightly clamped between their teeth.

Though Kat also suspected they liked her addition of dildos to the seats of all of the exercise bikes. They then put up with this added humiliation to watch Kat and all the others fucking themselves as they were peddling as hard as they could. Especially while they are doing all this frantic peddling they still have the handles of their leashes in their mouths. Plus should any any of them including Kat drop their leash they are subject to punishment. At least two of them each exercise session receiving either a paddling or a canning depending on how many times they let go of the leash.

With both Chelsea and Kat herself getting the cane taken to their asses just the day before. Still they also dropped their leashes a half dozen times having orgasms while on the bikes so they more than earned their sore asses. Though Mistress Simone and Mistress Blackthorn have also learned the hard way they weren’t exempted from this rule. Just after the paddle was taken to Mistress Joanna’s ass Mistress Simone received her own canning the day before Kat and Chelsea were punished. Then Mistress Blackthorn was currently about to have her own ass paddled alongside Tiffany.

Once those two’s backsides were the appropriate shade of red they could put their shorts back on and move on to the next exercise. Well that and all of them sucking and licking their pussy juices off of the dildos and bike seats. Kat quickly got to work on her own while Master Robert was administering the punishments. This was another change that had taken place. The Masters have joined the daily exercise sessions now but Kat only has advisory status with them.

Besides having someone to administer punishments it made the after workout orgies more interesting. Everyone of them loves having an extra opportunity to get fucked by the Masters. Even Mistress Simone had come to enjoy that part of being subservient to them. Still the ones who look forward to having the opportunity of being fucked by the Masters the most are Allison, Ashley, and Tiffany. All which were completely straight until they were enslaved and became primarily lesbian playthings from that moment on.

Kat while now completely at ease with being with almost any of the women in the household still preferred being with a man could definitely relate to those three. For the only time they got fucked outside of the household was when they took their Mistresses places providing sexual favours to Organizational officials. Strangely like Mistress Joanna Kat didn’t mind this as much anymore. Though a couple of the crueler ones preferred ass fucking her every chance they got. Especially once they learned how painful she found anal sex to be.

Which was something else Kat had in common with those three. All of them were incapable of relaxing enough during ass fuckings to do much more than to avoid tearing their rectums. They sure as hell never could get any enjoyment out of getting ass fucked either by these men or their Mistresses’ strap on dildos and they all cry whenever their ass holes are even gently fingered in preparation for their daily enemas. With the possible exception of the butt plugs for their tails from their animal outfits and every woman in the household had at least one of those now. Each of them seam start to enjoy having their tails in place after the first ten minutes or so.

Now as for who had what sort of animal outfits everyone but Mistress Simone, Mistress Blackthorn, and Mistress Tabitha had a pony girl outfit. Chelsea, Mistress Joanna, Lisa, Kelly, Tammy had puppy outfits. Elizabeth, Jenny, Ashley, Mistress Simone, and Mistress Tabitha had kitten outfits. Then there were the exotic animal outfits. Besides Kat’s and Allison’s gazelle outfits there were lionesses, tigresses, zebras, and one peacock thanks to Mistress Simone making herself an outfit.

Mistress Joanna, her mother Lisa, and stepsister Kelly looked extremely sexy as tigresses. While keeping with the mother daughter combinations Elizabeth and Jenny were lionesses alongside Tiffany who had been adopted as an honorary daughter by Elizabeth. Chelsea, Ashley, Mistress Tabitha, and Mistress Blackthorn all looked fantastic in the black and white stripes of their zebra outfits. Strangely whenever anyone would compliment Mistress Simone’s creativity regarding these outfits she became and usually modest. Always saying it was nothing special since they were someone else’s idea.

Eventually Kat found out that Mistress Simone got the idea from a pretty good sex story she had read online. It was about a rich monarch on a tropical island. Where basically all most everyone was either a slave in the case of the women or serfs in the case of the men. With the most beautiful women being part of his personal harem or as he referred to it his “Menagerie” thanks to the outfits they wore. Though there were also pony girls making up the lowest tear of the slaves.

Interestingly enough Mistress Simone chose to model her own outfit after the characters that were very similar to her. They of course designed all of the outfits and constantly making improvements. Were of French heritage the same as her. Along with being highly protective of those they cared about. Though unlike her they were very submissive and deeply devoted out of love for their Master. While Mistress Simone’s submission was wasn’t out of love but out of a fear of ending up in the hands of someone worse.

Putting the source of Mistress Simone’s outfits aside Kat focused on the aerobics portion of the workout. Aerobics and yoga were always very popular with the Masters though yoga was probably more popular since they all did that in the nude.

The Masters would eagerly watch their sweaty bodies moving through the various routines from wherever they were working out themselves. Before stripping naked for the cool down stretching. Here was also the point where they tended to end up in a daisy chain licking each other’s pussies and today wasn’t any different.

Kat soon found herself eagerly licking Chelsea’s wet snatch. While at the same time Mistress Blackthorn put her tongue to work on Kat’s own pussy. Kat immediately started to play with Chelsea’s clit piercing knowing how good it felt when her own was messed with. This quickly had Chelsea screaming in ecstasy while spraying her juices all over Kat’s face as her own climax overwhelmed her. Chelsea’s and Kat’s orgasmic cries were soon joined by others as one by one they starting having climaxes.

With the first round of orgasms complete they all began to split into pairs before going at each other again. While Kat and Ashley found themselves scissoring their pussies together. She saw Jenny lowering her pussy on to her mother’s face before going to down on Elizabeth’s own pussy. Mistress Joanna and Kelly were also frantically rubbing their pussies together. Tiffany and Allison were vigorously masturbating side by side while passionately kissing each other.

Mistress Blackthorn and Mistress Tabitha were on their sides locked in sixty nine. While Mistress Simone’s and Lisa’s lips were locked together while they slowly fingered each other’s pussies. Finally Chelsea turned out to be the lucky one of them all that morning and was quickly swapping back forth between each of the Masters’ cocks. Sucking on one for a while before switching to the next and so on. Until she had them primed for what was next.

Chelsea was soon laying on top of Master Robert with his cock deep in her pussy. While Master Jason was sliding his cock up Chelsea’s eager ass hole. As Chelsea’s lips were wrapped around Master Jonathan’s cock. Allison and Tiffany were soon summoned over there once each Master had cum in Chelsea’s orifices. While Chelsea sucked each of the Masters’ cocks clean those to got in position to eat the creampies graciously given to them that morning.

Allison was soon on her back sucking the cum from Chelsea’s pussy over her face. While Tiffany shivered a little before pressing her face into Chelsea’s ass crack. Before Tiffany’s tongue began lapping up to cum leaking from Chelsea’s ass hole. Having developed her own taste for creampies Kat’s body was soon racked by another orgasm that seamed to be the signal for all the others to have their own climaxes.

Soon they were all sprawled out on the floor trying to catch their breath. Kat was especially having a hard time since Ashley had used the sensitivity of Kat’s clit ring to enhance the intensity of her climax. Leaving the personal trainer turned dominatrix weak as a kitten and barely able to move. Still Kat Kat knew she needed to get everyone in the showers before the orgy started up again. As soon as Kat had somewhat regained the ability to stand upright she quickly called for everyone’s attention.

“Ok all you horny little slave girls that’s enough for today. Hit the showers then your all free to go about your business for the day. Except of course for Heather and Tiffany. Who weren’t able to control themselves on the bikes and now get to clean their Mistress’s studio IMMEDIATELY once they finish showering. NOW GET YOUR ASSES OFF THE FLOOR SLAVES AND GET THEM IN THE SHOWERS BEFORE I TAKE THE PADDLE TO ALL OF YOUR ASSES!”

Kat had to giggle some as she saw saw everyone slowly getting to their feet and starting to make their way to the showers. Kat had grown to love their little whimpers about having to brake up the orgy so soon. Even if most days the orgy just starts up again to moment they get under the shower heads. Still they also were also doing something that Kat had forbidden. Making Kat quickly call out again.


Kat had to suppress her urge to laugh at their reaction to her threat. Most just grumbled some while going to pickup their shorts and sports bras. But a few instinctively covered their asses including Mistress Simone. Who knew Kat was under orders to not hold back on any punishments handed out to her. Especially if they had been earned by disobeying any of Kat’s orders or rules.

Still they quickly had Evey piece of clothing picked up including Kat’s. Who Mistress Simone herself submissively knelt down to present to Kat. After thanking her for this courtesy Kat took her clothes and sent her on her way. Watching her Mistress’s ass moving as she rushed to catch up with the others Kat took a moment to thank God for her good fortune. Even though Kat fully knew at one point in the future this could all be gone and she would be just another slave girl waiting to be sold off at a slave auction.

Made all the worse by the knowledge that the most likely time for Kat to end up on the auction block was getting closer each day. Due to what was required for Kat becoming a full Mistress would be different than it was for Mistress Tabitha and Mistress Joanna. Kat didn’t just need to prove her worth to The Organization but Mistress Simone. Unfortunately that required her to do one of two things. The first was never going to be allowed and the second one was a competition between Kat and Mistress Simone’s other known proteges.

Kat was technically Mistress Simone’s third protege with her having had one for several years and the second one just a little longer than Kat. That one had been working side by side with Mistress Simone’s other protege. Who also happened to be her daughter and the only one of the three qualified to take over Mistress Simone’s fashion business. They were also the ones who dealt with Mistress Simone’s other slaves used in the elicit side of her business. Giving them another advantage over Kat in they both were more accustomed to using the means to accomplish either of the methods of becoming a full Mistress.

Unfortunately as Kat headed towards the showers she knew that she would be having to start being around both of them more often. Not only was Kat now handling some of Mistress Simone’s training needs at her office instead of there at Kat’s studio. Kat was also accompanying Mistress Simone to several of her events alongside the two. Most recently a Organizational fashion show for both slave outfits and her newest dominatrix designs. There Kat had been introduced to the guests as Mistress Simone’s third protege and made to model her dominatrix outfit for the spectators.

Besides being seen by so many people in her dominatrix outfit which by far was the most revealing of those worn by the three proteges. With Mistress Simone’s daughter Sofia in a black latex body suit that covered her entire body like a second skin. The the other protege in a leather teddy while showing a lot of cleavage still covered her. While Kat’s outfit left everything above and below her corset fully visible. So her breasts and pussy were on full display the whole time.

Kat knew that all three also found having to demonstrate their subservient status to Mistress Simone humiliating. Not only were they required to do the whole boot kissing greeting in front of the spectators. In Kat’s case giving the crowd a even better view of her pussy. But they were kept collared and leashed the whole time. A final humiliation came when Mistress Simone took her seat and all three of them were then expected to kneel at her feet.

At least Kat got out of having to pleasure Mistress Simone during the show. Even if this only got her out of one humiliation to replace it with another one. Since it fell on Kat and the other protege to lick Mistress Simone’s boots while Sophia was the one eating her mother’s pussy out. Kat’s tongue swabbed down the sides of Mistress Simone’s boots while Sophia leisurely worked to bring her mother to orgasm. Now problems back stage soon ended this humiliation for Kat.

This back stage problem also led to Kat ending back on stage again. A new slave was being difficult about going on stage in a transparent maid’s uniform. Kat then saw that the slave modeling another slave girl outfit was the same size and suggested a change. The second slave was quicky dressed up in the maid’s uniform while Kat made some quick additions to the other outfit. Besides a ball gag Kat added a steel slave collar and shackles to the extremely revealing outfit that had been placed on the resisting slave girl. Then once it was time for that particular outfit to be shown off Kat personally insured the slave went out on stage by leading her out there by her hair.

While holding the slave in place Kat demonstrated how practical the outfit was for those wishing to showcase a slave before she was sold. Easy inspection of the slave’s pussy and ass were easily accomplished by lifting up the loin cloth covering those sections of the body. Which Kat made sure the crowd got a good look at on that slave when she ripped this piece of the outfit off. Before she removed the top and pointed out the ease that a slave’s breasts could be exposed. Making it extremely easy for those interested to see that part of the slave.

Kat then led the now naked slave off stage to make way for the next outfit being showcased. Now to that slaves horror she ended up making another appearance along with Kat and the slave that had taken her place at the very end of the show. The reluctant slave was now wearing a harness that left very little of her body covered. Yet being seen by the audience was no longer this slave’s biggest concern. Neither was leash attached to her collar firmly being held in Kat’s right hand.

Her concern was the cable they used to string her up on the center of the the stage and the punishment tools in the hands of the second slave. Kat figured the crowd paid little attention to the attributes of the outfit being listed. They did however pay close attention to Kat using each of the punishment tools on the helpless slave’s body. Especially when Kat finished the show with the bull whip that had the slave screaming in agony with each strike. The whimpering slave was then left hanging limply by her wrists as the show was concluded and Kat walked off the stage.

Once backstage Kat was immediately confronted by Sofia. Kat was told off for interfering in a matter that she had no business getting involved in. Then for taking a bull whip to one of her slaves without her permission. Sofia then attempted to slap Kat which was a major mistake for her. Mistress Simone was totally untrusting of Sofia and her other protege. So she had never allowed Sofia to have any sort of training on how to defend herself let alone how to handle herself in fight.

Kat on the other hand was a entirely different story. Not only had Kat not had the sheltered life like Sofia. Having got into several fights in her youth. But Master Jason had mandated Kat get self defense training when she went to work for him and some other special training when she first started getting instructions on being a Mistress. Kat easily blocked Sofia’s attempt at slapping her making Sofia even angrier in the process.

Sofia then tried to punch Kat in the face that prompted Kat to take steps to prevent any farther attacks. In under a minute Sofia was pinned to the floor with her arms behind her back and Kat on top of her. Which Kat would admit wasn’t as easy as she made it look in the outfits they both had on. Especially Sofia that latex body suit made getting a good grip on her extremely difficult. As Sofia lay there demanding to be released as Mistress Simone moved in to separate the two.

Kat released Sofia the moment she was told to by Mistress Simone. Stepping back Kat watched as Sofia got back to her feet and immediately turned to her attention to her mother. Kat then watched passively as Sofia launched into a tirade about Kat being punished. Not only laying her hands on Sofia who outranked Kat. But also Kat’s interference with Sofia’s duties dealing with the slaves.

Which Sofia then complained Kat didn’t have the training or experience to handle. Kat had to smirk when Sofia said Kat wasn’t properly trained with the bull whip. As Sofia said Mistress Simone had always refused to give them that sort of training. Sofia then demanded Kat needed an even more severe punishment for using the whip on their slaves without both her permission and the training. Kat had fight to keep from laughing as Mistress Simone set her daughter straight.

Mistress Simone first pointed out Kat did have Mistress Simone’s permission to deal her slaves. Next thing she said was Kat was fixing Sofia’s mistake and she did a good job doing it. As for Sofia cries about her out ranking Kat. Mistress Simone responded that she was the only one who had any such status. Finally she moved on to the issue Sofia didn’t bring up her trying to strike Kat and Kat having to defend herself.

Sofia was sobbing uncontrollably as she pleaded with Mistress Simone to reconsider as her mother finished taking. Mistress Simone then simply told Sofia to shut her mouth. For she didn’t want to hear another word from her until this was over. As Sofia was ordered to crawl ahead of them Kat followed behind as Mistress Simone went to go talk with the audience members. Only now Kat was the only one of Mistress Simone’s three proteges that wasn’t on a leash.

This treatment was the reason Kat was now even more uneasy around Mistress Simone’s other proteges.They both already saw Kat presence amongst them as threat. Yet now Kat was being given preferential treatment making her a even larger target for the two. Especially given that Kat was then the one Mistress Simone had ordered to administer Sofia’s punishment. Later that night night Sofia got to experience first hand how well Mistress Blackthorn had trained Kat with the punishment tools.

Sofia was in absolute agony the whole time she was hanging by her wrists. Especially when Kat used the cane and several different whips on her. Just the sight of the bull whip in Kat’s hands had Sofia pleading for mercy. While she pissed herself the first time Kat cracked the whip. After the fourth or fifth strike of the whip against Sofia’s back she had shit herself.

Sofia passed out after the tenth time the whip struck her. With Sofia hanging unconscious the punishment was ended. She was slowly lowered to the floor and cleaned up. Before Mistress Simone ordered her daughter be kept naked in a cell for three days. Mistress Simone also ordered Sofia’s dominatrix outfit changed.

Sofia’s skintight latex body suit was destroyed in front of her once Sofia awoke in her cell. Once she was released Sofia was then given her new thigh high leather high heeled boots. Leather opera style gloves and a harness similar to the one on Kat’s pony girl outfit. Though while this one had the same straps wrapping around her upper body. This one had the addition of a crotch strap the other didn’t have due to it getting in the way of the butt plug on the tail. This strap went straight down between Sofia’s legs and back up through her ass crack.

Once in this outfit very little of Sofia’s body was now concealed and several things became apparent. First was while Sofia wasn’t drastically overweight she still had been concealing extra pounds under that body suit. Second Sofia was actually better endowed then her mother when it came to their breasts. Mistress Simone’s breasts were a perfect set of firm c-cups that she needn’t be ashamed of in the least. Sofia had at least a set of breasts on the high side of a d-cup. That surprisingly had little sag given their size and the lack of support.

Unfortunately her large breasts now being exposed in all of their glory combined with her new outfit resulted in a new threat being made against her. If Sofia ever tried to strike any of her fellow proteges again she would not only end up a slave. But Mistress Simone would insure Sofia ended up either a pony girl or worse a hucow. While Kat was definitely well aware of what a pony girl was she had never even heard of a hucow. Though based Mistress Simone’s statement about Sofia’s large breasts were perfect for being milked Kat had suspicion of what one was.

While Kat made a mental note to ask Mistress Simone about it once they were alone Sofia fell to her knees crying. Sofia then crawled to Mistress Simone and grabbed her legs before starting to plead. “Mother no. Please don’t Mother. I’ve always been a good girl for you. Please do that to me Mother.”

While Kat didn’t blame Sofia for doing this she still stepped in to stop it once Mistress Simone got her leg lose from Sofia’s grasp. Kat pulled Sofia away from Mistress Simone and then had to physically restrain her. Normally Kat would’ve slapped her to get her attention but instead started shaking Sofia while telling her. “Get yourself together and stop embarrassing our Mistress by acting like a sniveling little slave girl.” This seam to get through to Sofia and before Kat released her whispered something in Sofia’s ear.

Sofia looked at Kat in shock but Kat’s only response was to nod her head towards Mistress Simone. As Kat stood up a shudder went through Sofia’s body. Followed by her face scrunching up and her letting several sobs. After taking a final look up at Kat Sofia started crawling towards Mistress Simone. Stopping short of Mistress Simone’s legs Sofia the bowed down and starting speaking.

“Mistress please forgive me for shaming you with my improper behavior. Mistress please allow me to make amends by submitting to an ass fucking with your strap on. So we can put this episode behind us.”

Kat knew from that moment on she should never let her guard down around Sofia. Especially once Kat saw how painful the ass fucking was for Sofia. Still Sofia endured it a lot better than the punishment Kat had given her. Sofia even kissed Mistress Simone’s boots afterwards and thanked her for correcting Sofia’s bad behavior. Though Sofia did collapse to floor crying uncontrollably once Mistress Simone left the room.

Kat who was the only one who stayed behind did give her fellow protege some comfort. Kneeling down and stroking Sofia’s hair Kat told her it was over with now. Kat then told Sofia that never had to happen to her again. So long as Sofia learned her lesson and behaved herself the way their Mistress expected her to. Just before Kat got up and left the room herself she told Sofia.

“You need to get the crying out of her system. Then clean yourself up and rejoin the rest of us.”

It was a little under half hour later when a very subdued and justifiably nervous Sofia rejoined them in the office of Mistress Simone’s slave housing facility. She quickly took her spot on the floor at Mistress Simone’s feet while they started the discussion of upcoming events and other important business. Kat being an outsider to most of this mostly just listened to the discussion. This was mostly about an upcoming show in several months that was very important to Mistress Simone. Mostly since several high ranking officials in The Organization were expected to be in attendance.

Unfortunately this was where Kat’s current problem came into existence. Once she finished her work at Master Jason’s house. Kat then had to go to this facility to handle the training of Mistress Simone’s slaves. This then put her into conflict with Mistress Simone’s other protege Clarissa. Who had been handling that but didn’t have Kat’s education.

While Sofia handled most of the issues dealing with all the pageantry involved. Teaching the slaves to move gracefully while presenting themselves to the spectators and so on. Clarissa on the other hand oversaw the rest of the slaves’ daily lives. Taking care of all their basic needs from feeding, cleaning, and to taking them out to the exercise pens. This also made her the one most threatened by Mistress Simone taking on Kat as a protege.

While Sofia’s position was harder to fill by the two of them should she be enslaved and sold. Giving her some protection from enslavement in Kat’s view. Clarissa did duties that anyone of the three could easily handle. Kat didn’t even understand why Mistress Simone had made Clarissa one of her proteges in the first place. Thus making Clarissa the most expandable and rightfully the most dangerous one of the trio in Kat’s eyes.

As Kat let the hot water flow over her body in the shower she was mentally preparing herself for having to deal with both of them that day. After the morning workout following that first weekend they had been setting up a properly equipped exercise area in one of the pens at the facility. Which allowed Kat to handle training at least a dozen slaves at a time. Which was more than enough for all of the slaves Kat had to get into shape. Along with room to work with the three or four slaves that handle all the makeup and wardrobe for the shows.

All of which Kat had been working with for a little over a week and they were starting to make some progress. Each of the slaves were showing more muscle tone in their bodies and Mistress Simone seamed pleased with Kat’s progress. It was having to document everything that was almost a big of a pain in Kat’s as Mistress Simone taking the strap on to her. Kat was still getting used to identifying each slave by their ID numbers. So every day Kat spent an extra hour or two doing the paperwork to keep track of each of the slave’s progress.

Now they had set Kat up a small office in a storage room in the pen. It only was a small desk two chairs and a small filing cabinet but it got the job done. It was also where Kat seamed to spend most of her time at the facility. Outside of the time supervising the slaves’ workouts Kat would be in her little office with a pile of papers in front of her face. It would be in this office where things would get a little more interesting for Kat.

That afternoon Kat was transferring her notes into each of the slaves’ individual files. Being the end of the week Kat had weighed each of the slaves. Taken several measurements of their bodies. Areas on their breasts, waists, thighs, along several points on each arm and leg. Now Kat normally had one of the slaves helping her. However Clarissa needed them all for something leaving Kat by herself when Sofia paid her a visit.

Kat had insisted on having a window put in the door so she saw Sofia coming long before she entered the office. Still Kat seamed to be ignoring her presence and focused on her paperwork while waiting to see what she wanted. Still Kat wasn’t going to ignore her completely and finally looked up after she had stood in front of Kat’s desk for a few minutes. Sofia seamed to be trying to figure out what she wanted to say when Kat asked her what she wanted? Sofia’s response was in keeping with what Kat had expected from her.

“Your going to create a exercise plan for me.”

Kat had seen her using some of the equipment over the last few weeks. So she knew Sofia was trying to get rid of that extra fat on her body. Just as Kat had considered offering to help Sofia but chose instead to wait until she asked. Only this wasn’t asking for help but demanding it. Kat made her feelings about this clear when she responded.

” First off let me make this point clear. I answer to the demands of Mistress Catherine Simone and not her protege Sofia Simone. If you want something special from me then you ask me respectfully. Otherwise you can leave now.”

“Do you want me on my knees begging you while I’m at it?” Sofia sarcastically responded further pissing Kat off and making her quickly stand up. This made Sofia start backing up untill her back hit the door. As she frantically reached behind her for the door knob Kat started around the desk. By the time Sofia found the knob Kat was right there in front of her and stopped her from opening the door.

Kat’s right hand slammed into the edge of the door quickly shutting it on Sofia. While at the same time Sofia pressed herself tightly against the door guaranteeing that it now couldn’t be opened by her. Based on the way that Sofia tightly closed her eyes and turned her head to the side. Kat realized she was expecting some kind of an attack from Kat. However Kat wasn’t going to risk the punishment regardless of how satisfying beating Sofia’s ass into the ground would be.

Instead Kat reached up and grasped Sofia’s chin with a couple of fingers on her left hand. Kat then turned her head back around until Sofia was looking straight at her. Kat was about to tell Sofia to forget about ever getting any kind of help from her and to stay as far away from her as possible when Kat noticed something. Sofia wasn’t just afraid of Kat attacking her but she was afraid of Kat in general. The memory of Kat being in a similar situation not that long ago made take pity on Sofia as she started to softly speak.

“So that mouth doesn’t get you in anymore trouble. We’re going to limit our conversation to me asking questions with yes and no answers. Then you will respond by nodding your head yes or shaking it for no. Do you understand?”

Sofia quickly nodded her head yes and Kat asked her first question. “Do you want to be seen by others as you look right now?” As soon as Sofia shook her head no Kat asked the next question. “Are you willing to do whatever I want if agree to train you?” Tears were forming in the sides of Sofia’s eyes as she nodded her head yes.

Stepping back Kat quickly looked her up and down before pointing to the other chair in the room. Kat then gave Sofia her first test to see if she would follow her instructions. “You are going to have a seat in that chair while I finish my work. We will then go see our Mistress about me officially training you. Oh before I forget you will insert the dildo that is attached to that chair into your pussy when you sit down and not say a single word.”

As Kat moved back behind her desk Sofia slowly moved towards the chair Kat had pointed to. As Kat sat down in her own chair Sofia looked at the dildo in apprehension. Before slowly reaching down to move the crotch strap on her body harness to the side. As Sofia slowly started to sit down Kat spoke to her again. “You probably should lube that thing up first.”

Kat then stuck a finger into her mouth and moved it around like she was sucking a cock telling Sofia how she was to do that. As Sofia lowered herself to her knees Kat just sat there watching her. Kat never actually expected her to do it. Yet Sofia’s lips slowly slid around the fake cock as it moved into her mouth. With each up and down movement of her head Sofia started working the dildo deeper and deeper.

After Sofia sucked on the dildo for almost ten minutes Kat told her to stop sucking on it and put it in her pussy. After the humiliation of having to suck on the dildo inserting it into her pussy wasn’t as big as an issue to Sofia as it was before. She still worked it slowly into her as she sat down but it didn’t take very long to get it all inside of her. Sofia still looked at Kat with a defeated expression as her tears freely flowed down her cheeks. Kat looked at her in satisfaction before telling her the following.

“Feel free to entertain yourself with your new friend while I finish up here. Just try and keep the noise down please.”

As Kat went back to work on her paperwork she never expected Sofia to actually fuck herself. But as Kat started working on the last file she began to hear moaning. As Kat got closer to having the file done the moaning was getting louder and louder. Until Kat finally finished and ordered Sofia to stop just as she was on the verge of orgasm. If Kat hadn’t had the same pitiful expression on her face during her own orgasm suppression training she would have laughed at the look on Sofia’s face.

Even so Kat couldn’t help the smug smirk that appeared on her face. Before Kat told Sofia if she was a slave then she would be allowed to orgasm. This was the final straw for Sofia only instead of exploding in anger at being mocked by Kat. Sofia began weeping like a baby about how she couldn’t take it all anymore. Kat could only shake head in disgust as she reached under the desk for the file carrier.

As Kat began putting the files in the carrier she knew training Sofia was going to be an even bigger pain in the ass then she figured. Once the files were put away she pulled her briefcase and gym bag from the file cabinet. Kat put away her notebook and pen in her briefcase. Kat then put her ridding crop away in her gym bag and turned her attention back to Sofia. Walking around to that side of the desk Kat looked down upon Sofia and said the following.

“If you really can’t take this anymore then you only have four choices you can make. One you can try and enslave our Mistress which we both know you can’t do. Two you can try to enslave me which you also are incapable of doing. Three you can try going after Clarissa and you would still end up failing. Or four you can just give up now and beg to become a slave.”

As Kat moved back behind the desk to get her stuff she watched as Sofia’s shoulders slump and her lower her head in shame. Sofia gave Kat a final pleading look before she lifted herself off of the dildo as she slipped out of the chair on to her knees. Kat quickly moved back around the desk as Sofia bowed down to her. Before a shocked Kat realized what was happening Sofia start pleading for her own enslavement. Kat should have known better than to tell Sofia her words were meaningless as long as the bracelet was on her wrist.

Sofia suddenly started pulling her right glove off. Once her arm was uncovered she grasped her Freedom Marker and pulled. As the bracelet broke and the coin fell to the floor both Kat and Sofia knew there was now no turning back. Once again Sofia bowed down to Kat and started pleading for her enslavement. Kat could only shake her head in disbelief as she said the following.

“You poor poor pathetic woman I hope some day you realize how not only foolish but stupid that was.”

Kat then walked back to the filing cabinet and opened the top drawer. Kat then pulled a leash from the drawer before quickly closing it. Moving back to where Sofia was still bowing Kat knelt down by her head. Letting out a sigh Kat reached over and fashioned the leash to Sofia’s collar. Kat then picked up the pieces of Sofia’s Freedom Marker including the coin.

Kat tucked the pieces into her sports bra and grasped the handle of the leash as she stood up. Kat was still trying to decide what she needed to do next as she looked at all of her stuff on the table. Kat knew biggest thing she need to do was to notify Mistress Simone and she couldn’t do it there. The problem was she didn’t have enough hands to carry everything. At least until she looked down at Sofia and got an idea.

After ordering Sofia to sit up and open her mouth Kat picked up her briefcase. Kat then placed the handle of her briefcase between Sofia’s lips and told her to hold it. Kat next shouldered her gym bag and grabbed the file carrier. Before finally Kat picked up Sofia’s discarded glove. With everything gathered up Kat then led Sofia out of her office by the leash.

Kat felt uneasy moving through the facility with Sofia crawling in front of her on a leash. The closer they got to their destination the more Kat watched everything around her. Kat knew if their roles were reversed Sofia wouldn’t have hesitated to parade her in front of everyone in the facility. Kat on the other hand had chosen to avoid having contact with anyone. So she only saw a few security people on her way to the facility’s medical clinic.

Several of which were now following behind her making her feel even more uneasy. Yet it was the one that rushed off once he recognized Sofia on the leash was what had Kat concerned the most. Turning the last corner Kat was deeply concerned to see Clarissa standing by the door to the clinic. But it was both Mistress Simone and Master Jason standing behind her that really threw Kat for a loop.

Later that night Mistress Kat was still processing all that had changed for her that day. She was now a full Mistress and remain so until she was enslaved or the day she died. Both rival proteges had been enslaved and we’re secured getting ready to undergoing special preparations and training. Mistress Kat had almost become the head Mistress in the household when Mistress Joanna offered to become her subordinate. Though Mistress Kat had got her to agree to them being equals instead.

Looking at herself in the mirror even her dominatrix outfit had changed. The confusion of having a Mistress Catherine and then a Mistress Katherine in the household would have caused made Master Jason make several decisions. First since Mistress Kat was more used to going by her nickname then her full name then she would continue doing so as a Mistress. Not that Mistress Kat minded this but the next decision would take some getting used to. That was her dominatrix outfit having a cat theme from then on.

On Mistress Kat’s head was a headband with pink cat ears and a fuzzy pink tail hung down from the butt plug inserted into her ass hole. The later being just as much due to Master Jason liking them all having tails in their asses as it was necessary for her oufit’s cat theme. For all four of the Mistresses now we’re required to have tails while in their dominatrix outfits. With Mistress Joanna having her outfit modified the a purple and blue tigerstripe pattern. Complete a blue tiger’s tail with purple stripes.

Mistress Blackthorn had a her dominatrix outfit changed the be similar to the zebra outfits complete with the matching tail. It was white leather with black strips of leather shaped like zebra stripes sewed down the sides of the corset, gloves, and boots. With the most notable addition of the white collar around her neck. Now Mistress Kat had been to focused on another change to her own outfit to learn what animal theme was ***********ed for Mistress Simone.

That change had to do to her new gloves. At first glance they didn’t look any different until the claws on the fingertips came into view. Everyone of which had sharp points and Mistress Kat had to be vary careful not to scratch herself or anyone else with them. Which also would be problematic for some of her planned fun that night. Sure Mistress Kat would be getting her pussy eaten by most of the household slaves. However Mistress Kat had come to really enjoy having another woman in her arms as she brought them to repeated orgasms with her fingers.

Mistress Kat would have to work with Mistress Simone about coming up with some claws that were removable for play time. In the meanwhile Mistress Kat would have her old set of gloves ready to swap out with for that night’s coming sex acts. Still lightly running one of her claws over her breasts and nipples showed Mistress Kat they also had some fun possibilities. That Mistress Kat planned on exploring not only that night but over the coming weeks.

Forcing her attention from her reflection Mistress Kat focused on where Mistress Joanna sat waiting on the edge of their bed. While not technically in love with each other they had been sleeping together so often Mistress Joanna had convinced Mistress Kat to move into her room. They still would frequently either spend the night with the other occupants of the household or have the other occupants spend the night with them. But many of nights it would be just the two of them sleeping together in each other’s arms. As Mistress Joanna saw that Mistress Kat had finished her inspection of herself she asked her if she was ready.

When Mistress Kat told her “yes Mistress Joanna” Mistress Joanna stood up and they headed towards the door. Moving down the hall they made it a point to check out each other’s asses and started to add a little more sway to the movement of their hips. Besides being sexy it got their tails to swing back and forth as they walked. By the time when they reached the master bedroom they had more than got the hang of it. Now it was just a matter of meeting up with Mistress Blackthorn in the bedroom then they could be led down to the dungeon by her.

The lights in the dungeon had been dimmed to make it look more sinister as Mistress Kat played with the slave she had just been given. She had been acquired by both Master Jason and Mistress Simone as a gift to celebrate her earning her Mistress title. Currently Mistress Kat had her licking her boots but was about to see how good she was at licking a pussy. The stripes running down the slave’s back and spread across her ass were left behind from Mistress Kat introducing herself to the slave as her new owner. Glancing at the source of the loud sobbing reminded Mistress Kat of more recent events.

Mistress Kat had been expecting one of the household slaves to be her victim during the induction ceremony. However Mistress Simone had arranged a special victim just for Mistress Kat’s induction ceremony. One where there would be no need for acting cold and impersonal with this slave. Neither was there going to be an issue with making her suffer miserably during the induction ceremony. The only issue was Mistress Kat taking things to far and doing permanent damage to Sarah.

Mistress Kat wasn’t even sure she wanted to know how Mistress Simone had managed to have her enslaved. Mistress Kat did know Master Jason had been considering placing a bounty on her. But hadn’t done it due to Sarah’s patron having to many connections. Yet apparently Sarah’s patron’s connections were no issue to Mistress Simone. She somehow was able to have Sarah picked up collared and given her basic slave markings. All the while having Sarah ready to be delivered at a moment’s notice.

Now getting Sarah to submit to her will was bit of a challenge and she was no where near being fully broken. Sarah did handle having the riding crop and floggers taken to her better than anticipated. Sarah definitely didn’t like the cane but she went into a panic when she saw Mistress Kat grab the bull whip. Mistress Kat didn’t even need to strike Sarah with the whip to have her frantically pleading for mercy. Mistress Kat just demonstrated how close to Sarah’s body she get while cracking the whip in the air.

Having the whip cracking just under an inch from each nipple had Sarah screaming bloody murder. Her belly button wasn’t as close but Sarah still screamed as loudly after hearing the crack of the whip. Yet when Mistress Kat targeted Sarah’s clit was the final straw. There the tip of whip was only millimeters away when Mistress Kat cracked it. Sarah was begging for mercy while the crack was still echoing throughout the dungeon.

Sarah promising Mistress Kat anything she wanted not to whip her had Mistress Kat tempted to sample Sarah’s exceptional pussy eating skills again. However after coiling up her whip Mistress Kat had a better idea for her former friend and lesbian lover. Not only did Sarah confess to her betrayal but got her to say the reason. Which was Mistress Kat’s bi-sexuality made her be viewed as scum due Sarah’s extreme feminist views and beliefs.

This gave Mistress Kat the goal of getting Sarah to beg for the privilege of servicing all the males in with her mouth, pussy, and ass hole. Mistress Kat first made Sarah a vow that had Sarah crying like a baby. For as long as Mistress Kat owned Sarah she wouldn’t be allowed to be used sexually by any woman. Even suggesting that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have Sarah’s pussy permanently sewed shut and having Sarah’s tongue removed to guarantee it wasn’t possible. Mistress Kat then mentioned by not fucking men the only thing Sarah was good for as a slave was to be constantly tortured.

Mistress Kat then said how if only Sarah was the type of slave her owner could use to entertain male friends and other important individuals she would be useful to Mistress Kat. However since Sarah was such a die hard lesbian the only use Mistress Kat could see for her was as a Pain Slave. Mistress Kat then mentioned if Sarah was useful for something other than a Pain Slave then she would be begging for the privilege of servicing every man present. Instead Sarah was going to spend the rest of her life screaming in agony.

Mistress Kat uncoiled her whip and started to move to restart torturing Sarah. Only as Mistress Kat was bringing her arm back to swing the whip Sarah started to plead for somewhat what Mistress Kat wanted from her. “Please Mistress let the men rape me.” Sarah’s view any sex between a woman and a man was rape always pissed Mistress Kat off and had the whip streaking towards her.

This time Sarah had reason to scream as the whip struck her right breast. Before Sarah had a chance to realize a second blow was coming her left breast was then struck. Sarah’s clit was the target for the third strike and unfortunately for her Mistress Kat’s aim was spot on. Besides screaming louder than ever before Sarah’s knees gave out at the same moment her control of her bladder did. Mistress Kat quickly recoiled her whip and swiftly moved in on Sarah.

Sarah hadn’t even stopped pissing herself yet and was still only being held upright by the chain stretching between her wrists and the ceiling when Mistress Kat reached her. Mistress Kat’s left hand quickly had a handful of Sarah’s blonde hair tightly gripped and used it to pull her head back. Once Sarah looked up at her Mistress Kat then lightly ran one of her claws on her right hand down Sarah’s cheek. Mistress Kat noticed Sarah’s reaction and decided to start running her claws over other sections of her body. As she released Sarah’s hair hair Mistress Kat moved behind her and ran a claw down Sarah’s left side.

Starting at Sarah’s armpit Mistress Kat’s claw softly glided down her side until she reached her hip. Mistress Kat then moved her claw off to the side of Sarah’s hip until she reached her pubic mound. Mistress Kat added a second claw at this point and slowly made her way up the center of Sarah’s pubic mound until she was about to Sarah’s belly button. Until then Mistress Kat had kept those two fingers together but briefly separated them to go around Sarah’s belly button. Reaching the bottom of Sarah’s ribcage Mistress Kat began using the claws on both hands to better torment Sarah.

Two pairs of claws slowly started working their way along the bottom of both of Sarah’s breasts. Before suddenly the claws on the other fingers joined the others as Mistress Kat started whispering in Sarah’s ear. “It’s a good thing for me you don’t understand what a slave like you is. If you had said ‘please Mistress may this worthless slave have the privilege of using it’s body to service all the superior males in this dungeon’ I would be honor bound to stop torturing you tonight. Now I get to use not only my whip on you but also my claws.”

Letting out several sobs Sarah extremely softly said. “Please Mistress may this worthless slave have the privilege of using it’s body to service all the superior males in the dungeon.” It was so softly spoken Mistress Kat could barely hear what Sarah said. Making Mistress Kat poke both of Sarah’s nipples with her claws before saying. “It doesn’t count unless you say it loud enough for everyone to hear.”

Sarah had let out a little shriek when Mistress Kat poked her nipples. Then after letting out some more sobs yelled. “PLEASE MISTRESS MAY THIS WORTHLESS SLAVE HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF USING IT’S BODY TO SEXUALLY SERVICE ALL THE SUPERIOR MALES IN THE DUNGEON!” As the guests began to began moving closer Mistress Kat let out a little laugh. Before then gripping both of Sarah’s ass cheeks with all of her claws and said.

“I forgot to mention this but you also have to actually let them all fuck you. As much they they want and in what ever orifice they want. I don’t think you will do it but I’ll let you down. Then string you back up if you don’t at least have a cock in each hand and one in your mouth right away.”

Mistress Kat slowly released Sarah’s ass and laughed at her some more. Then while Sarah hung there sobbing Mistress Kat slowly walked to where the controls for the hoist used to suspend her were. Mistress Kat was almost a little disappointed that Sarah actually went through with it. Within the first five minutes after having her wrists released Sarah not only had a cock in each of her hands jacking them off and sucking the third. But she had another man fucking her from behind.

As Sarah worked her way through the half dozen men that descended upon her Mistress Kat made her way to a group of people standing off to the side watching. This group was the household Masters, Mistresses Simone, Blackthorn, Joanna, and Master Donaldson who was in charge of the ceremony. After hearing compliments about how impressive that was and how Mistress Kat did a good job Master Donaldson officially bestowed the title of Mistress upon her. As he done with Mistress Joanna Master Donaldson then told Mistress Kat he was expecting good things from her. Though before he left to play with Sarah along with the others he made it point to mention he wanted to sample Mistress Kat’s and Mistress Joanna’s pussies before the night was over with.

Mistress Kat then listened to everyone close to her telling her how proud of her they were. Then they discussed several other things. Some were Mistress Kat’s plans for Sarah. Which had both Mistress Simone and Mistress Blackthorn excited. Yet they soon told both Mistress Kat and Mistress Joanna they had a surprise for both of them.

Mistress Simone and Mistress Blackthorn then headed to the isolation cells and each came back leading a slave girl on a leash. Mistress Joanna was given a really cute little Asian slave with a very nice little ass and extremely long black hair. Mistress Kat was given a pretty strawberry blond with nice breasts with perky little pink nipples. Both slaves had their names taken from them when they were enslaved and only would answer to their identification numbers. So at some point they would both need renamed but that didn’t stop the two from taking their slaves off to play with them.

Mistress Kat was to busy with her own slave to tell much about Mistress Joanna’s play session. But she did suspect Mistress Joanna’s slave was very good at eating pussy. Based on how loudly she made her Mistress scream during her orgasms. Mistress Kat’s slave also turned out to be very good at using her tongue. But not that receptive to having her own pussy licked by her Mistress but Mistress Kat was going to fix that.

A little over two months later Mistress Kat was back stage at Mistress Simone’s most important Organizationl fashion show. Both Sofia and Clarissa being enslaved had created some problems but actually Mistress Simone’s slave models had stepped up. They then made themselves really useful taking over most of both of the former proteges’ duties. Especially when they got better treatment and some protections against being sold to cruel owners. They really liked not being kept in those small cages anymore.

Now both Mistress Simone and Mistress Kat had also been very busy due to these recent events. Besides their normal duties and jobs they had three newly enslaved captives to get trained on top of several other issues to deal with. Thankfully they also had a lot of help from the Masters along with Mistresses Blackthorn, Tabitha, and Joanna. Not to mention the household slaves giving them a ton of assistance. This made training Sofia, Clarissa, and Sarah a lot easier.

Now all three of them hated the types of slaves they were trained as. Sofia probably suffering the worst physically during her training and Clarissa being the most afraid of this day. While Sarah was in her own personal mental hell with Mistress Kat’s plans for her. Her biggest torment was to condition the die hard man hating lesbian to crave being fucked by men. Ever since the induction ceremony Sarah had constantly been kept right on the edge of orgasm with no hope for release. That was unless she was bent over and fucked from behind by one of the Masters.

Under two weeks later Sarah no longer needed to be kept constantly aroused to have strong orgasms while getting fucked. She also got pretty good at sucking cocks but had been limited to primarily sucking them clean following her fuckings. Now the rest Sarah’s training hadn’t been much easier on her with her suffering several painful punishments and great humiliation. Sarah burst into tears when she saw the first outfit Mistress Simone made for her but so did Sofia and Clarissa. Now with the fashion show nearing it’s conclusion it was almost time for the three to make their own appearances on the runway.

Mistress Kat herself had been the first one to walk down the runway showing off her new outfit. Next were both Mistresses Tabitha and Joanna in their tiger themed dominatrix outfits. Mistress Joanna’s in blue and purple and Mistress Tabitha in red and pink. Mistress Blackthorn appeared next with her zebra themed dominatrix outfit. Followed by Mistress Simone making her first public appearance in her new dominatrix outfit.

In keeping with the household rules Mistress Simone now wore the same corset, gloves, and boots combination that left her breasts, pussy, and ass completely exposed. Not surprisingly she chose the peacock for the theme of her own dominatrix outfit. Her blue corset, gloves, and boots all had a feather pattern stitched into them. Along with having a blue feathered headdress over her hair. However it was the fan of actual peacock feathers sprouting from Mistress Simone’s naked ass that got the most attention.

Mistress Simone had to be extremely uncomfortable just with the size of the butt plug necessary to hold that tail in place. Yet not only did Mistress Simone suffer through probably the longest turn on the runway of any of them. But also took over being the MC for the show without showing any signs of discomfort. Even though the show had been running a little longer than expected. Thankfully for her it was time for the the final three slaves to make their appearances starting with Clarissa.

Her puppy outfit had been made to resemble the markings of the Rottweiler walking beside her as she crawled ahead of Mistress Tabitha on a leash. Besides the paw shaped gloves and knee pads on her boots Clarissa only wore a black and brown corset leaving her breasts hanging down and her ass and pussy completely visible. Only she also had been subjected to hours of tattooing to permanently mark her exposed flesh with the color scheme of a Rottweiler the same as her outfit. Even her face had been completed tatooed black and brown with each of her lips being tattooed black. About the only areas that hadn’t been touched were her nipples and pussy lips which now stood out drastically on her body.

Clarissa’s black hair had been cut very short slicked back and she wore a headband with her dog ears on them. Besides the little nub of a tail sticking out of her ass hole Clarissa had a rubber chew toy in her mouth. Besides making Clarissa perform several tricks like would be expected from a obedient puppy. Like having her roll over, sitting up, and begging Mistress Tabitha used to chew toy to play fetch. Another aspect of Clarissa’s training was demonstrated next by showing what horny bitch she was.

The audience really got a kick out of watching the Rottweiler mount and fuck Clarissa. Though Mistress Kat was extremely uneasy with how aroused this made Mistress Joanna each time the dog fucked Clarissa. That and they had to watch Chelsea around the dog since she was now wanting to be fucked by a dog. Clarissa on the other hand hated it but like Sarah had been conditioned to physically enjoy being fucked by a dog. Clarissa had two small orgasms while the Rottweiler fucked her and a massive climax when she got knotted.

Then to the amusement of the audience and the added humiliation of Clarissa her appearance in the show came to an end. When Clarissa was dragged back down the runway behind the Rottweiler after he turned ass to ass with her. Mistress Kat was to busy watching Mistress Joanna mastubating to pay much attention. But Mistress Kat later noticed it drove most of Clarissa’s last vestiges of humanity from her. Once Clarissa had been dragged completely back stage it was now Mistress Kat’s turn to take Sarah out there.

Sarah gracefully pranced down the runway whinnying like the proper pony girl she had been trained to be. Periodically Sarah would stop to shake her head sending her long platinum blonde hair flowing through the air behind her. The whole time Sarah would shake her ass slightly to get her matching platinum blonde horse tail hanging from the plug in her ass hole to swing. Now Mistress Kat had been merciful and limited visibly modifying Sarah’s body to branding her.

On Sarah’s right ass cheek a outline of a sitting cat had been permanently seared into her flesh. Along with banding Sarah with the letters “M” and “K” just below the cat. Sarah’s left ass cheek was then branded with the outline of a running horse and the letters “S” and” F” just below it. This was her official classification of a “Stable Filly”. Which was also tattooed just above the barcode on Sarah’s slave markings completing the visible modifications to Sarah’s body.

Not that most of the audience noticed this since they were focused on Sarah’s outfit. Her high heeled pony boots came up to her knees and had the tops lined with tufts of platinum blonde hair. Just as the tops of her opera style gloves only instead of having hands it looked like Sarah had hooves on the end of her arms. These hooves covered the one extreme modification to Sarah’s body. Each finger on Sarah’s hands had been broken permanently rendering them useless to her.

Across Sarah’s body was sequin studded harness that matched the collar around her throat. Like most pony girl harnesses it had straps going over each shoulder to a rings above each of her breasts. There two more straps went around both sides of each breast. Those going between her breasts went to another ring resting between and under them. While outer straps went to rings just below and to each side of Sarah’s breasts.

These three rings were connected by two more straps and had straps leading to rings on the side of Sarah’s body. Before new straps wrapped around her back to a ring in the center of her back. Straps then ran down to rings positioned below the ones centred on the four sides of Sarah’s body. Before being connected again by four straps running horizontally across her body. These lower rings on the sides had an additional half ring then Incorporated to attach a pony girl to a small cart designed to pull a rider behind her.

Master Jason had begun construction of a combination walking trail race track to train Sarah with a cart. Until then they have focused on getting her trained for this show. Which Sarah was performing beautifully with Mistress Kat only having to hold the led rope for show. Once Sarah let out a final loud whinny before prancing back down the runway. Once the two of them were back stage Mistress Simone introduced Sofia as Mistress Blackthorn stood waiting holding her leash.

Several gasps went up from some of the women in the audience when Mistress Blackthorn led Sofia out. Not only due to the fact her leash wasn’t attached to her collar but the large ring in Sofia’s nose. Or the high heeled white and black black spotted thigh high boots with matching opera style gloves. Instead the gasps were thanks to Sofia’s entire body being tattooed white with black spots except her breasts which were tattooed pink. They all then heard Sofia let out moo’s whenever the leash was tugged on removing any doubt about what animal she had been permanently transformed into. Add in the plug in her ass hole with the cow’s tail and a head band with little horns on the sides being the final touches of the transformation into a human cow or hucow.

This left almost everyone shocked that Mistress Simone was ruthless enough to not only to enslave her own daughter but also turn her into a hucow. Yet not only did Mistress Simone have Sofia’s appearance modified but her bodily functions as well. Sofia was getting daily hormone treatments that had not only swelled her breasts to a larger size. But also made Sofia start lactating and requiring her to be milked several times a day. Making Sofia’s transformation into a hucow truely complete.

By also harder to demonstrate to the audience. At least until Mistress Joanna wheeled out the milking station. It was only two vertical bars with another running across them making up a support frame. Along with the milking machine and a clear storage container in the cart everything was on. But the audience watched excitedly as Sofia was bent over the support frame and the milking machine was started up. When the suction nozzles were connected to Sofia’s breasts a round of applause went up due to the look of shame on her face.

Yet it was how humiliated Sofia got when she cried out in orgasm the audience really liked. Like with the other two Sofia had under gone conditioning to become aroused by an aspect of her new life. In her case Sofia was conditioned to orgasm while being milked and now would have multiple climaxes during each milking session. She would have two more as the audience watched the clear container filling with her breast milk. Yet as the milking as concluded Sofia was unhooked from the machine and made to make another turn around the runway as Mistress Joanna wheeled the milking machine away.

Once Sofia had finished her second turn around the runway she was joined by all the others. First Sarah, Clarissa, and all the Mistresses including Mistress Simone. Then by all of Mistress Simone’s other slaves so the audience could see all of their outfits one last time. Once they had finished they all left the runway leaving Mistress Simone alone to thank the audience for attending. Before she strutted back down the runway with her peacock tail swaying side to side with each step she took.

To be continued

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