Sisters Gotta Share Ch. 07

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Thanksgiving came and it was the normal family nightmare that every adult in America faces. Throughout the day, Cindy and I exchanged awkward glances. We made our jocular barbs at each other as usual, but there was a definite shift in our relationship. The sexual tension between us was getting near critical mass, and it was only made worse when we bumped into each other in the hall.

There was nobody else around, and as we passed each other, I grabbed her arm to stop her.

“How have you been?” I asked, caressing her forearm.

“Okay, I guess,” she said. I could tell she was trying to play things off as no big deal.

“I haven’t seen you in a while,” I said.

“We’ve been busy,” she agreed.

“We need to make some time together soon,” I said, moving my hand up to her cheek and caressing it.

She closed her eyes and turned her face into my hand. Her mouth opened and took in my thumb. Her tongue rolled around it the way it had rolled around the head of my cock so long ago, and I was tempted to throw caution in the wind and take her into the master bedroom with total disregard for all the people around.

I pulled my thumb out from her mouth and stooped down to kiss her. She took me in willingly, and our tongues played around with each other for a bit.

Both of us knew we were taking a big risk without much chance for a significant payoff, however, and the kiss lasted much shorter than either of us wanted. We stepped away from each other, and she smiled up at me with her beautiful bright eyes.

“Soon,” she agreed. With that, she turned and continued down the hall.

The rest of Thanksgiving was the usual chore of entertaining cooking, serving, and cleaning. The only other high point was when my cousin Bethany made her surprise arrival.

I had not seen Bethany in several years. She was two years younger than I, and we had been very close growing up. Out of all my cousins, she was the only one that I really enjoyed spending time with.

She was quite eccentric, dressing in second-hand clothes and taking up random causes that I had hardly ever heard about. But she was not the prototypical activist radical hippie-wanna-be; she was always immaculately clean and always approached her newest crusade with a level-headedness that was all too uncommon amongst her peers. She was one of the most intelligent people I knew, and we both shared a passion for writing. Several nights when we were at our grandmother’s house, Bethany and I would stay up reading and critiquing each other’s work. Whereas I was a better technical writer, she always seemed to know the best way to evoke emotions out of her writing.

She had grown into a good-looking young woman. Her time in California (for some cause or another) had bronzed her skin and lightened her long brown hair. She was small in stature, but she was very toned from studying a number of martial arts. Her hazel eyes had a light to them that spoke of how she embraced life and all its challenges.

It was great to see her, and I spent a good deal of time talking to her. She had just gotten into town, and all the hotels in the city were booked, so I offered to let her stay in our spare bedroom.

Finally, everyone left and/or went to bed and I was left alone to my thoughts. Though I had been thrilled to see Bethany, my mind focused on my brief encounter with Cindy in the hallway. We seemed to be cursed to never be together.

I was filled with a lot of different emotions: frustration, lust, disappointment, hopelessness, excitement, and just a general malaise from the stress of another holiday. I realized that what I needed was a good session of writing.

I decided to write a narrative on my recent exploits, starting with the first night I brought Cindy to orgasm. I was amazed out how clearly I could remember the exquisite details: the feel of her skin, the softness of her lips when I first kissed her in her apartment, the electricity that had coursed down my body the first time she touched my genitals.

I wrote several pages mommys girl porno in that one sitting, and I was getting more than a little horny just reminiscing. I had changed into some athletic shorts that were easy enough to cast aside, and I slowly started playing with my cock as I wrote.

I had started writing about that fretful night when it seemed every time Cindy and I got close, something would interrupt us. I was writing about the blowjob she had started to give me when a voice behind me spoke and scared the living daylights out of me.

“That’s pretty hot,” the voice observed.

I spun quickly in my chair as I tucked my stiff shaft back into my shorts, which provided very little help in hiding my excitement.

Bethany was standing right behind me, reading over my shoulder as I wrote and played with myself. I barely noticed, but her right hand was gently caressing the areola of her left nipple.

“Jesus,” I whispered. “I thought you were in bed.”

“I was,” she answered casually. “You know how I get insomnia sometimes. We both do.”

I nodded. Bethany and I had spent many a late night hanging out when neither of us could sleep.

“Did that really happen?” Bethany asked, motioning to the computer monitor.

I was at a loss. Was there really anything appropriate to say at that point? If I admitted it was true, I would look like an unbelievable scumbag. If I lied and said they did not happen, I would still look like a raving pervert.

Either way, I now had to trust Bethany to keep my biggest secret.

“It’s pretty bad, huh?” I asked, not knowing what else to say.

To my surprise, she shrugged. “Sure, it’s bad, but so what? Everyone likes to be bad every once in a while.”

“Yeah, but with one’s sisters-in-law?” I asked, and then immediately realized my slip of the tongue.

“You’ve fooled around with BOTH?” she asked incredulously.

I nodded silently, and I could not help but grin.

“You go, boy,” she said and giggled.

“No judgment?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I hardly think I am in a place to judge,” she replied.

I furrowed my brow and looked at her quizzically. “Why is that?”

She looked at me as if I had forgotten the answer to a very elementary math problem.

“Hello,” she said. “My brother and I. My father and I.”

Suddenly, it all came back. Bethany had always been sexually adventurous. When we had been kids, we were always playing “doctor.” Though she was two years younger than me, she had been the one to show me how to masturbate. She would later tell me of incestuous encounters she had with her younger brother and her father. I had always assumed that she had made it up just for shock value, but now it finally hit me that it was all true.

“Oh, yeah,” I said. “I guess you have no room to talk.”

“Not really, but it is not something I am too terribly ashamed of. It was fun, and I learned a lot,” she said.

“No regrets?” I asked. It seemed odd to me that she could be so cavalier about it. It seemed like to her, fucking her brother and father had been the most natural thing in the world.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say no regrets,” she said. She smiled and put her hand in my hair, lightly massaging my scalp with her long fingernails. “There was one I never got to play with.”

I was shocked. I had fantasized about Bethany on several occasions, but I had never thought that she had wanted me, as well. Looking back in hindsight, however, all the signs had been there. The late nights, the sex talk, the playful banter…I could not believe how dense I had been.

“Well,” I said, swallowing. I put my hand on her waist and looked up into her eyes. “It’s never too late.”

“No,” she said. “It’s not.”

A new look washed over Bethany’s face, an expression I had never seen before. It was sultry and sensuous, yet serious and determined. I hardly had time to think about it as before I could say another word, she had lifted her blouse and put a breast in my face.

I took momsbangteens porno her hardening nipple into my mouth and bit down on it lightly with my teeth. My tongue flicked across it lightly, and Bethany began to moan. I put my hand on her backside and began caressing it softly; Bethany had always had a nice rear end.

Her hand went from my hair to my other head, jerking the athletic shorts down to unleash my hard cock and stroking it masterfully.

I put my hand inside her shorts and found her pussy wet and waiting. I played with her clit while sucking and nibbling on her nipples.

She moved in front of me and knelt in front of my chair.

“You don’t know how long I have wanted to do this,” she said, and she promptly leaned forward and took my entire cock into her mouth in one gulp. I could feel the head going down her throat, but she was well-experienced. Her muscles remained relaxed and she began sucking on it like it was a Popsicle.

“Oh, my God,” I murmured, sitting back and enjoying the feeling of my dick going down my cousin’s throat.

She pulled off and looked at me, her hand taking over and stroking me cock. With her other hand, she pulled my shorts the rest of the way off. She pushed the cock up and began licking on my balls, taking both of them in her mouth and juggling them gently with her skilled tongue. All the while, her hand worked on my shaft, pumping it hard and fast.

She pulled back again and looked at me. The serious look upon her face was till there. It was almost as if she were working on a very important job.

She her face went back down between my legs, and this time her tongue found my taint and began flicking back and forth on it. I exhaled deeply, whispering her name over and over.

Her tongue went even lower, and before I knew it, I was enjoying a whole new realm of pleasure. She used her free hand to spread my cheeks, and her long tongue began probing my ass. She darted it in and out, she did circles around the rim, she used long stroked up and down the crack, and she did the ultimate: she pushed her tongue as far as she could into my hole, massaging my sphincter with the practiced muscles of her tongue.

I could not hold in my ecstasy. I moaned loudly, suddenly oblivious to the other people in the house. In fact, if the office door had not been shut, several guests would have had a great view of Bethany’s face stuck in my ass.

“Do you like it when I fuck your ass with my tongue, cousin?” Bethany asked between strokes. Her hand was still quickly pumping on my cock, and though it felt so good, I did not feel like I would be coming very soon. Still, her serious demeanor did not change.

“Too fucking right, I do,” I answered. My eyes were closed and I was concentrating solely on the awesome sensations she was giving to me.

I felt a finger prodding my hole next. She stuck it in slowly, and then began pumping it at a moderate pace. Her mouth moved back to my cock. Again, she took in the whole thing with no problems, using her throat muscles to contract and release on the head while her tongue slid up and down the bottom of the shaft.

I felt her put a second finger into my ass as she began to bob her head up and down in my lap. Her free hand reached up under my shirt and began to twist my nipples. I was in seventh heaven.

“You like me fucking your ass, huh, Aaron?” she said, looking up at me. “You like the way I pound it in there?”

“Fuck yeah, I do,” I replied breathlessly.

“I want you to fuck me now, Aaron,” she whispered, the serious expression never leaving her face. “I want you to fuck this pussy nice and hard, like I’ve been fucking you.”

She stood up and took off her clothes slowly. Her darkened skin on her athletic, toned body looked absolutely stunning. She had a stud piercing in her belly button, and she had trimmed her pubic hairs into a heart.

She straddled me in the chair, looking down on me with the same serious expression. She lowered her pussy down onto my cock, and as I monsters of cock porno felt myself sink into her, I tilted my head forward and sucked on her nipple.

She began to bounce herself up and down on my cock. My hands went around and caressed and massaged her ass while she rode me. Her hands went around her backside and began playing with my balls.

I thrust myself up into her over and over, savoring the feeling of her pussy lips wrapped around my bulging dick.

Without warning, Bethany leaned forward and put her tongue in my ear, but never stopped pumping her hips into me.

“I want you to take this big cock and shove it in my ass,” she growled into my ear, breathing hard and fast.

She dismounted from me and lay on her back in front of the chair. Using the chair to prop up her lower back, she pulled her legs up next to her head and put her ass up in the air.

I stood above her, taking off my shirt and looking down into her asshole, which was stretched open by way of her position and waiting for me.

I bent down and put my face in her ass and began licking it furiously. This elicited pleasured moans from Bethany, so I continued, sticking my tongue as deep in her ass as I could.

“Oh, yes, Aaron!” she whispered. “Lick that ass! Warm me up for that big, juicy dick!”

On cue, I stood above her and used my hand to aim my cock down into her back door. I pushed into her gently, one inch at a time, and took my time to enjoy the tight, smooth feeling of her ass on my cock.

I began to pump my hips into her, slowly at first, but gradually gaining steam.

“Fuck that ass, baby! Pound it into me, daddy!” she begged, looking up at me with that same serious look. I would have found it distracting, but I was feeling so good, I hardly cared about her odd bedside demeanor.

Soon, I was all out fucking my cousin in her ass, pounding my cock down into her like an out of control oil rig. The tightness of her ass was bringing me close to climax.

Bethany used her hand to massage her pussy while I fucked her in the ass. She began to lose the serious expression and take on a pained, yet ecstatic expression.

“Ugh…fuck me, cousin!…fuck me like a dirty little bitch…ooooh….ooooh, yeah! Fuck me so gooooooooood!” she moaned. She came with a few stifled squeaks.

I was about to blow, too.

“Where do you want it?” I asked breathlessly; sweat beading on my back and chest.

“Shoot it in my ass, baby,” she said, the serious expression back on her face.

As I began to launch a good deal of cum into her rectum, I continued pumping into her. When at last I had emptied, I slowly withdrew my dick and lay down beside her. She put her hand back in my hair and rubbed my scalp.

“I have wanted that forever,” I said, still heaving from the effort I put into fucking her.

“Me, too,” Bethany said, smiling. “It has been something on my list for a long time.”

“You have a list?” I asked, slightly bemused.

“Sure,” she said casually. “A list of all the people I want to fuck and how. I started making it when I was a virgin. Then I started expanding it after I lost my virginity to Benny. I remember showing you how to jerk off, and I remember how big your dick was even then. That’s when I knew I wanted to get anal with you.”

I kissed her on the cheek and put my arms around her. “You are one of a kind, Bethany,” I said softly.

We cuddled for a little while, and then she got up, explaining that she had to go empty my deposit in the toilet. I laughed at her.

When she got back, we got dressed.

“How long are you in town?” I asked. “Maybe we could work in a few more of these.”

“I would love to,” Bethany said, “but I am flying to D.C. the day after tomorrow on business. But the next time I am in town, I have some more things I would like to try out with you.”

We kissed good night and Bethany headed to bed. I cleaned up, as Sara often likes to wake me up with a spontaneous blow job, and then headed back to the office. I finished writing about that frustrating evening with Cindy. By the time I had finished, I had grown frisky again.

I climbed into bed that night and nuzzled up to Sara to wake her up…

* * *


Coming Soon: Bethany’s List

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