Sisters and Their Brother

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All characters are over 18. Everyone has been cleared of any diseases and pregnancy precautions were taken.


We all decided to take a mini vacation and head up to the family cabin. My two sisters and I needed some time alone after our parents died a few months ago in an accident.

My twin sisters, Gloria and Diane, both 20 and I just had to get away and since I am the older brother at 22, I convinced them that we needed to get away and they agreed.

We made plans to drive up the following weekend. The weather was supposed to be nice and warm, great for swimming in the lake, something we all liked to do.

Friday morning rolled around and we packed the SUV and headed to the cabin. On the way up we sang songs, told jokes and had a really nice trip.

The ride was more than two hours but it flew by and before we knew it, we pulled up to our weekend getaway.

We all helped unloading the SUV and put things away and cleaned up the place. Before we knew it, it was lunch time.

I prepared the grill and we all enjoyed hot dogs and burgers and nice cold beers.

After we finished, I asked the girls if they wanted to go for a swim and they said they would like that.

They went into their bedroom and changed into their bikinis and I went to change into my suit.

I searched my clothes but couldn’t find my suit. Then I remembered where it was, on the top of my dresser back home…I forgot to pack it…ugh.

I called out to the girls and told them I forgot my suit. They peeked out of their room and Gloria said, “Well, big brother, what are you going to do now?

I thought about it for a second and replied, “I guess I am going to go skinny dipping.”

They laughed and then they ran out of the cabin and down to the lake. I followed and when I got there, they were already in the water. I quickly shed my clothes and jumped in naked.

I swam over to them and when I got close to them, they started grabbing at me and pushing me under the water. I could feel their hands all over my cock, balls and ass as I tried to get away from their attack. All the time they were laughing.

Somehow, I finally escaped their attack and managed to get close enough to them where I could grab their bikini tops and pulled them off.

As they were flustered, I managed to go under the water and and I untied their bottoms and took them off and held them up for them to see. I then swam to shore, leaving them naked in the lake.

I ran up to the cabin with my sisters chasing after me, yelling and screaming. Their tits bouncing as they ran. I managed to get in the cabin and locked them out, all the time laughing.

Diane said she had to pee so I told her to pee. She looked at me, turned away and I could see pee streaming out of her.

After a few minutes, I let them in. They immediately tackled me and knocked me down as I was still holding their bikinis.

They started slapping me, all the time our naked bodies pressed against each other. One sister held me down while the other one grabbed my cock.

I was laughing so hard but the one holding my cock started jerking my shaft.

I yelled out, “Hey sis, what the hell are you doing?”

She yelled out, “Getting even big brother.”

As I couldn’t move, she kept jerking my now hard cock. I told her to stop or she was going to make me cum.

They laughed as she continued jerking me off. Then I said, “I am going to cum you little bitch.” As soon as I said that, I shot streams of cum into the air as they finally released their hold on me.

They looked at me and Gloria said, “Now, we are even.”

I laid on the floor, cum still dribbling from my cock as they walked away.

I got cleaned up with a hot shower and the girls followed, then we all sat around having some wine and snacks, laughing at our earlier antics.

Diane was laughing when she said, “Sorry about what we did but you had it coming.” Then Gloria laughed and said, “Well, I don’t know about you brother, but I enjoyed jerking you off. I didn’t know you had such a nice cock or I would have done it sooner.”

I looked at them, smiled and said, “Well, I enjoyed seeing you girls in all your beauty. I never realized how beautiful you both are. By the way, I enjoyed you jerking me off. You could do that anytime and more. I wouldn’t object.”

Diane replied, “So, our big brother wants his sisters to play with him. What do think about that Gloria? meet suck and fuck We have a perv as a brother.”

We went back and forth enjoying each other’s comments and it felt good to laugh again.

We had a nice dinner and relaxed with more wine until it was time for bed. I went to my room and they went to theirs.

In the middle of the night I woke up with a hard cock and decided on a little revenge. I slipped into their bedroom as they slept. I stood over them and started jerking off. When I was ready to cum, I shot my cum onto their lips and face and quickly left.

Well, about an hour later I heard screaming coming from their room. I was hysterical laughing when they barged in, my cum still on their lips and face.

Gloria started yelling, “You fucking pervert. You came on our lips and I licked your cum, you fuck.”

Diane interjected and said, “We’ll get you for this. If I were you, I would sleep with one eye open.” Then they left.

When I woke up in the morning, I did feel bad at what I did. I started making breakfast and when they came in, I apologized and asked their forgiveness.

They looked at me with doubt in their eyes and reluctantly accepted my apology. I made them a great breakfast and all seemed right with the world, so I thought.

After breakfast, the girls said they wanted to go swimming. I agreed to join them. Diane then said, “You know, we had fun yesterday, let’s all go skinny dipping.”

I thought about it and figured why not…nothing wrong with being naked with two beautiful women, even if they were my sisters.

“Ok, I’m in. Let’s go.” I said.

We all undressed and headed to the lake. The water felt nice on our naked bodies. I kidded them that their nipples seemed to enjoy the water as they were hard and erect.

We all swam near each other and on more than one occasion, they felt my cock and balls so much so, that my cock was nice and hard for them to see.

Gloria smiled and said, “Diane, it looks like our brother likes what he sees. Do you think we should help him out?”

Diane responded, “You know Gloria, I wouldn’t mind taking care of his problem, if he asks for our help.”

I smiled and said, “Yeah, like either one of you would do that for me…yeah, right.”

Then Diane swam over to me, slipped her head under the water and wrapped her mouth around my cock and started massaging my shaft with her tongue.

I let out a yell and up popped Diane’s head. She smiled and asked if there was a problem.

I looked at her and said, “No, there isn’t a problem but if we are going to do this let’s go back to the cabin and do it right.”

We all got out if the water and headed back to the cabin.

As soon as we got inside, Diane took me to their bedroom. I sat on the edge and Diane knelt in front of me and started sucking my cock. Gloria came over and started kissing me.

As I was getting my cock sucked, I started sucking Gloria’s nipples. In no time at all, I told them I was ready to cum. Just as I was at that point, Diane stopped, got up looked at me and said, “You can finish what you started big brother,” and left the room with me sitting with my cock ready to explode.

As they left, I heard them laughing.

I got up, still naked and went to them and I smiled and said, “Ok ladies, you win. I won’t do any more jokes on you, I promise.”

We all laughed and hugged with our naked bodies pressed together. Diane said, “Come on, let’s have some wine and get drunk and fool around.”

Gloria and I laughed, looked at each other and shook our heads and we both said, “OK.”

For the rest of the afternoon, we drank wine, had snacks and enjoyed the sight of each other’s nakedness.

Practically the whole time, my cock was hard and I could see wetness on their thighs.

I don’t know why, but I said without thinking, “You know ladies, if I weren’t your brother, I would fuck you both.”

Diane looked at Gloria and said, “Well, why should that stop you?”

Gloria continued, “If we knew our big brother had a cock that big, it wouldn’t make any difference who he was.”

Then, I decided to take a chance. I got up, walked over to them, sat in the middle and started kissing one, then the other. As we exchanged sensuous kisses, their hands wrapped around my cock and balls.

It didn’t take us long before the three of us were in heat. Diane said, “Let’s go into the big bedroom.”

We mobil porno got up and went in and got on the bed. We were all over each other and it wasn’t long before Diane’s mouth was on my cock. Suddenly, Gloria’s smooth pussy in front of my mouth and I started lapping up her juices and sucking her clit. I even managed to slip a few fingers in her cunt and started finger fucking her.

My cock was ready to explode and suddenly, cum shot out of my cock filling Diane’s mouth. I watched as she swallowed every drop.

I then got into 69 with Gloria and as I ate her, she sucked my cock back to hardness.

I then pushed her on her back and mounted her. In a second my cock was deep inside my sister’s cunt, fucking her like a rabbit.

Diane was now in front of me and pushed her nipple in my mouth as I fucked her sister, Gloria.

I yelled out I was cumming and shot a small amount if cum into her cunt just as she was having an orgasm.

We all fell to the side exhausted.

We fell asleep and woke up in time for dinner. We decided to go out to eat at a nice restaurant. I wore slacks and a dress shirt. Diane dressed a little slutty in mini skirt, white top and no bra or panty. Gloria wore almost the same outfit, including no bra or panty.

We went to the restaurant and were seated at a nice table that was private in the back of the restaurant.

The waiter came over, told us his name was Juan and took our order and said, “You are a lucky young man, dining with two beautiful women. I should be so lucky.” Then he walked away.

We laughed and Diane said, “If he only knew.”

Throughout dinner, the waiter took exceptional care of us. I think it was because my sisters clearly advertised their goods.

After we had dessert, we had more wine that the waiter brought over and told us it was on the house.

We thanked him and when he handed us the bill, Diane wrote her telephone number on it with a note that read, “If you have a big cock call me,” and handed it back to him.

The waiter read the note, smiled and thanked us.

We left the restaurant and I kidded Diane about the waiter.

About an hour later, Diane’s phone rang. It was the waiter, Juan. We heard Diane give him our address and she hung up. She told us that he was coming over. We laughed and shook our heads.

A short time later, Juan was at the door. Diane let him in and he handed us a couple of bottles of wine.

We all went into the living room. The girls still had on their outfits from dinner.

Juan sat across from the girls who gave him a great view of their smooth pussies.

It was obvious that he liked what he saw because we could see the excitement growing in his jeans.

We chatted awhile and I said, “Juan, I couldn’t help but notice you look uncomfortable. Why don’t you get comfortable. My sisters wouldn’t mind.

He looked at me and said, “These lovely women are your sisters? You are a lucky man.”

I replied, “Juan, not only are they my sisters but they let me fuck them.”

He looked at me in total surprise.

I then said, “Come on Juan, Diane wants you to fuck her, so get undressed.”

He stood up and undid his pants, removed his shirt and when he dropped his shorts, his monster cock popped out. It must have been 8″ and very thick and it was semi hard. Diane’s eyes opened wide as did Gloria’s.

The girls looked at me and I just smiled. I then invited Juan and the girls into the bedroom.

I watched as my sisters started removing their clothes for juan. Diane unzipped her mini skirt and let it fall to the floor, exposing her smooth pussy. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, her full tits in view of her guest. Then Gloria did the same. By the time they finished, Juan’s cock was fully erect at almost 10″.

The girls laid down on the bed, with Juan in the middle. As they all played together, I undressed and stood there watching them.

Every now and then my sisters would look at me with a smile on their faces.

I watched as each of them swallowed his cock with their cunts until it was completely in them.

Juan sure knew what to do with his cock and went from one cunt to the other, fucking them.

Their moans got louder and louder and he started fucking them harder and faster. Soon, they were begging him to cum.

He was finally ready to cum and he pulled his cock out, gave it a few jerks and sprayed their bodies mofos porno with more cum than I had ever seen before.

By the time he finished cumming, they were covered in his cum, their face, tits, stomach, hair and in their mouths.

I had only seen that much cum in porno movies.

The girls got up and headed to the shower to get cleaned up.

Juan’s cock was still hard and I just smiled at him.

He said to me, “Your sisters are amazing. Do you fuck them often?”

I replied, “Actually, we just started fucking each other. We are going to be here one more day, would you like to stay overnight with us?”

Juan smiled and said, “I am off tomorrow and I would love to spend the time with all of you but only if I could see you fuck your sisters.”

I replied, “I think that can be arranged but you have to do something for me.”

He answered, “Tell me what you want me to do.”

I replied, “I want you to fuck their asses and cum in them and I want to video it.”

Juan smiled and said, “I would be more than happy to do that…ok.”

The girls finally came out, naked and still damp. I told them that Juan will be staying overnight with us and they just smiled.

We all relaxed, naked and drank the wine that Juan brought.

As it was getting late, I suggested we visit the bedroom. I told the girls that Juan wanted to watch me fuck them. When I said that, they got on all fours and told me to fuck them from behind.

I lined up my cock and slipped in Diane’s cunt and fucked her awhile. Then I pulled my cock out and slipped in Gloria’s cunt and fucked her awhile.

When I was ready to cum, I had them get on their backs and shot my cum on their tits and nipples.

Juan smiled as his cock started to get harder and harder. He went over to my sisters and told them to get on all fours, again. They did as he told them and lined up his swollen member to Diane’s asshole. He lubed it up with my cum and then started his assault on her asshole.

He had to go very slowly but he got it in her ass. She moaned and squirmed, sweat pouring down her. Then Juan started fucking her ass. With every thrust, she pushed her ass back to meet his thrust. Her tits swaying back & forth. She started yelling out, “Cum in my ass you fuck…cum in me…fuck my ass harder.”

Juan went faster and yelled out thst he was cumming and sent stream after stream of cum into my sister’s ass, so much so that his cum was gushing out with his cock still in her.

As soon as he finished cumming, he slipped his still hard cock in Gloria’s ass. He wasted no time in fucking her hard and in a short time, he shot another huge cum load in her ass.

He pulled out of her ass, cum oozing out. It was a sight to behold.

For the rest of the night, it was a sex fest and my sisters got used by both of us.

The next morning we woke up and the first thing I saw was my sisters literally covered in Juan’s dried. They looked amazing.

One by one we showered and then had breakfast.

Juan told us he had to go and I asked him if he would like to spend more time with us. The girls both asked him too, as well. He said he would like that and we exchanged numbers and told him we would be back again soon.

After he left, I said to the girls, “Well ladies, how did you like the weekend? It was different if I say so myself. Are you guys ok with what happened here?”

Diane spoke first and said, “Well, I never thought I would say this, but it was the best weekend of my life. I hope our big brother enjoyed his sisters as much as we enjoyed our big brother.”

Gloria then said, “I never, in my life would have thought I would fuck my brother but I am glad I did and hope that he enjoyed fucking his sisters.”

I replied, “Can I assume we are all in agreement and we will continue this arrangement when we get home?”

Both girls said, “Yes,” at the same time.

I got up, took each one by the hand and we went into the bedroom.

For the rest of the day we fucked and sucked each other. At one point, I pushed my sisters together and made them kiss each other, then I told them I wanted to watch them have sex together.

They smiled and soon they were kissing and hugging each other. Then they got into 69 and ate each other. When they finished, Diane mounted Gloria and they rubbed their pussies together until they both had multiple orgasms.

As soon as they calmed down, I got in the middle and they both made love to me, making me cum a few times before we fell asleep.

The ride home was great with a lot of talk about Juan and future fun with each other.

Oh yeah, one other thing we decided on, no more wearing fucking clothes in the house…

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