Sisterly Love

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Melissa & Sarah had always been close. Understandable seeing as they were identical twins and shared everything growing up. Toys. Boys. And occasionally each other. Now approaching their 30th birthday and Sarah recently getting divorced she could hardly wait until she could see her sister again. Melissa had married her high school sweetheart Tim just after graduation and the two had never looked back.

As Sarah pulled into the driveway Tim came out to greet her. “Sarah, I haven’t seen you in a good 10 years or more”. Sarah gave Tim a big hug and kiss on the cheek then lit up as she saw her sister standing in the door way. “I’ll get your bags” volunteered Tim.

Melissa greeted Sarah with a big hug and kiss of her own. “Tell me everything that happened”.

After a long and tear filled story of how her ex had taken everything she had and left her in the dumps Sarah was actually feeling better to have gotten it out of her system.

“You know Sarah, you will always have us” said Tim. “I know and I love you guys for it”.

After dinner hardcore porno and several glasses of wine the sisters began to tell stories of growing up together. Melissa laughed over how the boys could never tell them apart. Even when 1 of them would sub for the other on dates. “Or in the bedroom” added Sarah.

“I could always tell you apart” said Tim. They didn’t realize he had finished cleaning up and was listening in on the conversation.

“And just exactly how could you do that! his wife demanded. “Would you really like to know?” I knew every time you would send Sarah to finish me off for the night. “How much honesty do you ladies want?” They both decided they had to hear all of it, since they thought they were pulling a fast one.

Well, Tim started. Melissa, you definitely give the better blow jobs. Sorry Sarah, but your sister swallows cum. But Sarah was all around kinkier. Sorry hun. Your sister let me fuck her in the asshole.

The girls just broke out into laughter. “Tim of course we both knew all of this”.

“Did hd porno you know, Sarah asked. That every time you fucked my ass as soon as you left Melissa would lick it and slurp up all of your cum”? “And just so you know, Melissa is not the only one that swallows cum in this family! I used to slurp your jizz out of her juicy little cunt every Friday night.

“Well said Melissa”. Since my husband has already had us both. Why don’t we let him have us both?

With that the two sisters began to kiss strip the other. It was like looking into a mirror. The tits and nipples were exactly the same. The same small vertical slit between their legs. Even their assholes were a perfect match. The only difference was where Sarah was shaved totally bald, Melissa had a pencil thin line of blonde hair just above her clit.

Tim’s cock sprang up as he undressed and both women began to suck him one on each side licking his shaft up and down and kissing as they both took the head into their mouths.

Sarah lay back on the bed as her sister began latina fuck tour porno to kiss and lick up her legs for the first time in a long time. As Tim positioned himself behind Melissa she said “wait…..My slut of a sister isn’t the only one who likes to have her ass fucked”. Tim broke out into a huge grin as he pressed himself into his wife’s asshole.

As the girls turned into a 69 position so they could eat out the other while Tim was buttfucking his wife Sarah began to lick Tim’s balls from time to time. Just before Tim was ready to cum Melissa pulled away and said, Fuck Sarah now. She hasn’t had it in over a year and really needs a good load”.

As Tim slid into Sarah’s bald pussy she immediately began to have her first orgasm. “Oh, God I had forgotten how good it felt to have a cock inside me”. Tim could no longer hold out and unleashed shot after shot of hot cum deep inside Sarah’s pussy.

After Tim had pulled out Melissa dove between her sister’s legs and began to slurp up all of the cum. But, she didn’t swallow this time. Instead keeping it in her mouth and sliding up to give her sister a deep kiss, letting Sarah take the cum from her mouth and swallow all of it.

Totally exhausted, the 3 of them fell asleep together knowing that this was but the first of many sessions to come!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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