Sister, Sister, Mean Sister

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I was barely 18, just out of high school the year my sister Florence came to live with Mom and me. Florence was my half sister from my Dad’s first marriage.

I really didn’t know her growing up, just visits maybe 2-3 times per year. She mostly ignored me, I considered her to be a stuck up snot to be honest. She grew up being cared for by my Aunt, after Dad died Mom just couldn’t handle Florence and me both. I was pretty mellow, Florence was a handful, boys, drinking, into something all the time.

My Aunt lived on a farm way out in the country so that put quite a damper on Florence’s exploits.

Now I had to put up with her underfoot all the time. Every morning she would go into the bathroom and lock the door. It would be a solid hour before she came out, plastered with makeup, looking like she was going somewhere even though she wasn’t.

Just a pain in the ass, mostly.

Add in that she seemed to delight in finding something about me to put down, treating me like a little kid because she was 3 years older than me.

My life became simply miserable.

Florence got the big bedroom upstairs, too. That meant I was out in the main room, more like a dormitory than a room. When Dad was alive he logged our place, the crew that worked for him spent 5 nights each week at the house, and they used the big main room. The side bedroom was on the left at the top of the stairs, it had a door. The big room on the right had nothing, no privacy at all.

So on top of everything else, I lost my nice private room, that pissed me off.

One thing about the upstairs was the ceiling. It was just wooden boards, not even painted. The old house was never finished. The boards had gaps about a half inch wide between them. They were probably fairly tight when put in but the lumber was green, so they all shrank some as they dried out over the years.

I knew that from up in the attic I could see right down into the upstairs floor. That was because I stored my toys and comic books and a few other books I didn’t want Mom to know about up there.

The opening to the attic was just a wooden cover, to get up there I had to stand on the bed and pull myself up.

Easy to do, I was young and strong.

So one night I was laying in bed, I could see the light under the door from the room that Florence was in. I had one of my books and a flashlight under the covers, as close as I could get to privacy.

Then a thought popped into my head. I hopped up, quietly, and lifted the attic cover and set it aside. Then I swung my legs up and into the opening.

Being careful to step just on the beams I worked my way across to over Florence’s room. I could see the light from in there shining through the cracks.

Working my way into position, I peeked down and there stood Florence in front of a mirror. She had on blue jeans and just her bra.

I was instantly hard as a rock!

I sat quietly for a long time as she fiddled with her hair, messed around with jars and lotions.

Then she reached behind her back and tripped the bra!!

Her smallish little titties swung into view, they were capped with dark nipples. She lifted them with both hands, turned one way, then the other, admiring herself in the mirror. Then she did something I thought was odd, she pinched her nipples between her thumb and forefinger and rolled them. I could see part of her face from my angle, her expression looked like it hurt like hell?

Then she suddenly stopped, pulled her jeans down and off. I saw her fanny in a pair of plain white panties for just a few seconds, as she walked over the the switch and turned out the light.

I sat there quiet as a mouse until I heard her breathing steady, then I sneaked back to the attic opening ensest porno and slipped down to my bed.

I whacked off furiously thinking about Florence’s titties. I had to do it under the covers, and I didn’t want to make a mess so I had a washcloth I kept handy.

For several weeks, that became a ritual. I watched as Florence sometimes lay back on the bed, rolling her nipples with both hands and squeezing her legs together tightly. A couple of times she rolled over on her stomach and thrust her hand down the front of her panties, I could see the muscles of her ass working as she pumped her hips.

Those damn white panties were ever present, though. I wanted to see her pussy, see what the hairs looked like. I wanted to see if she looked like the pictures of the girls I had in some of my magazines.

Florence still treated me like shit, but now I didn’t mind. I was getting my revenge almost every night.

Then one night two of her friends showed up. One was Kathy, she was older than me, too. She was a little bit heavy, and wore jeans that looked like someone had jumped up and down on her to get her in them. Her blouse was a plain white one, it looked like a man’s short sleeve shirt.

The other one was Janet, she was slender, almost too slender. She had on low cut pants, a halter top which left her stomach bare.

Kinda sexy, I thought.

They all more of less dismissed me as of no importance, off they went to the upstairs room. It wasn’t long before there was cackling, loud noises, it sounded like they were having a battle royal up there.

Mom was gone to work at the restaurant, she worked the 3 to 11 shift 6 nights a week, part of how I got away with a lot of my escapades.

I went to the bottom of the stairs and yelled.

“Hey, ya wanna hold it down a little, I am trying to watch TV!”

“Shove it up your ass, pipsqueak!” was all I got in response.

That pissed me off.

I sneaked up the stairs, avoiding the 3rd step from the top that always made a noise. I hopped up on my bed, then climbed across the stringers to over Florence’s room.

All three of them were sitting on the bed, passing a cigarette back and forth and giggling at the top of their lungs.

It took me a moment to realize that that wasn’t a cigarette, they were smoking drugs! Mom would have a screaming fit if she found out, I knew.

I thought about telling on Florence, but how would I explain that?

“Hey, Mom, I was peeking into Florence’s room from up in the attic…..?”

Yea, sure.

To hell with it, I stood up to sneak back out.

I bumped my head on the rafters, lost my balance for a second, and stepped off the stringer I was balanced on onto the ceiling boards.

I managed to catch myself but not before pushing the board loose an inch or so.

Suddenly it was completely quiet.

“You MOTHERFUCKING little PERVERTED cocksucking little SON OF A BITCH!!” I heard Florence scream.

Oh shit.

I scrambled for the attic opening, was just lowering myself down onto the bed when Florence arrived. She stood here with her hands on her hips, glaring at me, Kathy and Janet right behind her.

“What the FUCK are you DOING, you perverted little BASTARD?” she yelled.

“I was just getting some of my comic books.” I managed to whimper.

“Yea? Well where the fuck ARE they, you cocksucker?” she screamed, looking down at my empty hands.

“I…” was all I managed.

“Let’s GET him!” Florence said, piling into me and knocking me over onto the bed.

I knew I could whip her ass, I was easily as big as she was, but she was a girl, for God’s sakes.

All my life my Mom pounded into me that men did not hit women, it seemed that Mom had had to put fake agent porno up with some of that when Dad was alive.

So Florence was swinging away at me and all I could do was try to block, I was twisting this way and that but her goddamned legs had me clamped so tightly I just couldn’t get loose.

I tried to grab Florence’s arm, ended up with a handful of tit, quickly let go.

“Help me!” Florence yelled over her shoulder.

They did.

Great, now I had all three of them piled on me, no chance in hell.

I gave up, let myself go limp.

“What should we do with this little PERVERT?” Florence asked, panting as she glared down at me.

“Let’s pants him.” One of them said.

That got me to struggling like a madman, a waste of time with the big cow named Kathy holding one arm, Florence straddling me with her damn legs still locked on my waist, then the skinny broad was helping to hold my other arm.

I felt hands fumbling at my belt, Janet was working on that with her free hand. I felt the belt give way, then the catch, down went my zipper.

Florence leaned forward and put more of her weight on my left arm, Kathy had the other one, she was way too strong.

Janet hopped up and tugged, down came my jeans to my knees.

“Oh, God. Check out his boxers!” Florence squealed in glee.

It hit me I was wearing the set with the fuzzy little animals all over them, goddam Mom and her tastes in clothes.

All three of them looked, I turned bright red in shame.

“Pull them down, Janet. We got him!”

Janet tugged while I tried to press my behind against the bed to stop her, that didn’t work. Finally she got them started and stripped them down and off, waving them in the air in victory.

I was naked from the waist down!

“Oh, look! His little thing is hard as a rock!” Florence shrieked with laughter.

So help me I was going to strangle her if I could…just…get…loose.

I felt her weight shift off my arm and started to reach around to throw her off me when I felt her hand clamp down on my balls. That brought me to a dead stop.

“Move and you lose them.” She told me matter of factly.

Kathy let go of my arm but I didn’t dare move, Florence had a solid grip on my nuts.

Janet tossed my boxers on the floor and sat down on the bed. I just lay there helpless.

“Gee, it’s only about six inches but it’s hard as a rock!” she giggled, reaching out and stroking my cock a few times.

I tried to will that to go away, with no success. Florence was now sitting on the bed, holding my balls and looking at my cock, Kathy had scooted down to where she could see, too. Janet was rubbing and squeezing it which wasn’t helping one damn bit.

“Let go of me.” I demanded.

“Are you done fighting?”

I didn’t answer, I was thinking about knocking some of her teeth out.

Florence squeezed again.

“Give!” she insisted.

“I give.” I said. There was no other possible answer.

Florence let go, I just sat there, my face blazing red, my cock pointed straight up.

Three girls sitting there looking at me with smirks on their faces.

Janet was still playing with it, she actually seemed to be enjoying herself. She reached over and shoved my knee aside, I didn’t resist.

Hell, by now I was half afraid to.

“So how long have you been spying on me?” Florence asked, watching Janet who was now working on my dick pretty hard.

“I wasn’t.” I lied.

“You better tell me.” Her hand started to reach for me.

“All right!..OK! A long time.”

“How much did you see?”

“Pretty much everything..except.”

“Except what?” Florence was smiling now, her voice took on a different fake cop porno tone.

“I..I didn’t see your…you know.”

“No pussy?”

I just nodded.

“Do you want to?”

I nodded again.

“Well, come on ladies, let’s show the little pervert what he wants.”

Janet and Kathy both looked at Florence. Janet kept right on pumping, I felt my cock getting bigger.

“Oh, come on girls. Let’s do it.”

Florence stood up, grabbed her jeans and down they went. She took her panties right with them.

There she stood, black pubic hair neatly trimmed did a good job of covering her up.

Kathy hopped up and laughing pulled hers down too. She was chubby, her pussy lips stuck out of her, completely visible, a scruffy looking sparse brown bush failing to cover her. Hell, she even pressed her knees apart some as I sat there and stared.

“Come on, Janet!” Florence urged.

Janet finally let go of me and stood up, took a deep breath and slid her hip huggers down. There were no panties.

No hair, either.

That did it, my cock twitched and shot off, splattering all over Florence who was standing right in front of me.

“Oh, yuk!” She squealed, jumping back.

Kathy and Janet started laughing which kept on into hysterics, as Florence wiped at herself with the washrag that was on the table by my bed.

MY washrag, I realized. Then it hit her.

“Oh fuck! You little bastard, you jack off into this don’t you? It STINKS!!” Then she darted into the bathroom.

That helped some, but not much.

I sat there in complete shame, my cock wilting. They all pulled their pants back up.

“Did you learn your lesson, dickhead?” Florence yelled, coming out of the bathroom with a fresh wet towel.

I just nodded meekly, sitting there looking down.

They all went back to Florence’s room. It was perhaps two hours later when I heard two of them leave, still giggling all the way down the stairs.

I figured maybe 20 years and a beard and I would be able to show my face in public.

I went back to sleep. I don’t know how long it was before a voice woke me up.


I stayed quiet.

“Danny?” I heard again.

“What?” I answered, shaking off the fog of sleep.

“Will you come in here a moment?” Florence’s voice was soft.

I got up and went to her door, tapped.

“Come on in.”

It was dark in there, just the moonlight from outside was shining in. I could make her out, just barely, laying on the bed.

“What do you want?”

“I was thinking. You could..will you come here?”

I walked over to the side of the bed. I realized she was naked, at least her breasts were.


“Will you…please? Roll my nipples? You know, like you..watched me do?”


“Please, Danny?” Her voice was small, breathless.

Oh, why not, I thought. I sat down, reached out and took her nipples between my fingers, rolled them.

Florence let out a groan, her hands went between her legs. I didn’t see any sign of panties in the dim moonlight. After a bit of that, I felt her hand come down and rub across the front of my boxers.

“It’s OK, isn’t it? We are just half…”

I stood up, pulled my boxers down and off. Then I slid up alongside her on the bed.

She pulled me forward, her legs spread wide as my hands fumbled to find her sex. I let one finger slip inside, she didn’t resist. I leaned forward and sucked on her nipple, as hard as I could. Her head went back, her hips thrust up.

“Do it, Danny! Put it in me..please?” Her voice had an urgency to it.

I rolled over on top of her, slid inside with ease.

“Oh, God. It’s so BIG!!” she mumbled.

Big? Hell, a few hours ago she was insulting me.

What the hell.

We are only half brother and sister. I shoved inside her as deeply as I could go, her hips bucked up and her wet pussy mashed against me.

Somehow, she didn’t seem quite so mean.


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