Sister Sarah Ch. 14

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As we made our way to the Midwest, I could sense my sister’s anxiety. It was thick, and hung in the air. Like me, she was overwhelmed with excitement, and absolutely looked forward to us moving into our forever home together. After being on the road for a couple of hours, Sarah commented that she had a to pee, so we stopped at Buccee’s, the last one we would see until we came back, if ever we did. I pulled up to a gas pump to fill, and went to Sarah’s door. She was accustomed to me opening her door, and sat waiting patiently. I opened her door and unbuckled her belt.

“Want me to grab your dress,” I asked, knowing I had stashed our things in the very back.

She smile beautifully at me, and turning to get out, replied, “it’s ok, I can manage.”

I took her hand and helped her step down, putting her divine body on display for all to see. She proudly strode to the back and waved her foot under the bumper to raise the lift gate. I followed from a short distance, unable to keep my eyes off of her radiant nudity. She nonchalantly took her dress and slipped it over her head, letting the delicate fabric cascade over her perfect nakedness. She turned, and started towards the store, then turned slightly and looked over her shoulder at me. She had the most perfect smile on her face, and raised a hand to blow me a kiss and then waved her pinky finger at me. The breeze tugged at her flimsy dress, and I grew erect in my shorts as her ass peeked out at me. I felt my shorts begin to soak in the fluids my boner emitted.

Hearing the pump click, I finished up, then closed up the car and went inside to relieve myself as well. In the restroom, I grasped my slippery penis, and drained it. The relief let my cock deflate some. After washing my hands, I went to find Sarah. She was casually browsing the aisles for drinks and snacks. She smiled broadly as I approached her, and as I stepped in beside her, I placed my hand on the short hem of the dress. I lifted it slightly and grazed my fingers between her bare cheeks, barely covered by the dress.

“Naughty boy,” Sarah smiled. “What kind of snacks do you want? I don’t want to stop again until we have to.”

“Whatever you pick is fine by me, my love,” I replied, kissing her cheek.

Sarah blushed, and went back to picking snacks. She got some nuts, chips, and some sweets to keep us nourished, and allow us to travel as far as possible without stopping again. We should only need to stop for gas once more before arriving. We got to the counter, and she deposited her armload of goodies onto the counter. As I waited for the card reader to do its thing, I noticed Sarah watching anxiously, fidgeting with the hem of her dress. I don’t know if she was aware, but her perfect little shaven pussy lips were just slightly visible. Seeing that, my cock jumped, and erupted with more precum. My shorts were white, so this final eruption of fluids made it clearly visible as it immediately rose to full-staff. Sarah noticed, and grinned widely. I took my card and receipt, and grabbed the couple of bags, and we strode off together towards our car, my still-leaking and extended rod leading the way. Sarah put her hand through my arm, and I escorted her across the parking lot. I put the bags in the back seat, knowing Sarah could easily reach them whenever we needed something to munch on, but the only thing I wanted to munch on right now was her delicious pussy.

Stepping in beside me, Sarah reached her hand inside the waist of my shorts, and grasped my rigid pole, and gave it a few strokes. She collected my fluids in her hand, then withdrew, and lifted her hand to consume my sexual offering. My sister had a look of erotic lust on her face as she licked my fluids from her hand, staring into my eyes as though she was going to jump me right then and there. Under different circumstances, she may very well have done just that, but she was more excited to get back on the road. Going to the back of the car, she again waved her foot to raise the gate. As it went up, so did her dress. It was almost as though the car was stripping her, since at the very same time the gate reached the top, so did her dress.

Once again, I saw my gorgeous sister in all of her perfect nakedness, a state of dress which she has fully embraced. My mind raced, and I couldn’t help but think that I know she doesn’t just want to be naked for me and my sexual gratification, or to make herself readily available for me to do as I want with her body. No, it was just natural for her. She has just come to cherish the freedom of being unclothed, and has become uncomfortable in clothing. It’s her preference, and I’m happy to have introduced her to the world of nudism. It started out as an erotic experience, but has developed into a lifestyle. We do take it too far sometimes, I noted as she stood exposed in public, so I would have to say that this lifestyle isn’t just nudism, but exhibitionism. There’s just a certain thrill, an exciting feeling one gets from being completely exposed for strangers to see.

Snapping back into reality, I realized Sarah was watching me as I took in her beautiful naked body. She stood with a hand on her hip, waiting brazzers porno for me to snap out of it. I shook it off, and took her hand to help her back into her seat. As I reached across to buckle her back in safely, I noted how perfectly her breasts heaved with every breath. Blindly fumbling with the buckle, I leaned down and captured her left nipple in my mouth. I gently sucked as I felt for the slot to secure her buckle, purposely taking my time. Her breath drew in as I nursed from her perfect tits. I finally secured her, and released her breast from my mouth. Her hand raised to toy with her nipple, rubbing my saliva around it. As I adjusted the strap to lie perfectly and comfortably between her breasts, I slid my right hand from her knee up her thighs towards her steamy and now leaking vagina.

With my left hand, I reached down to ease the seat back a bit. As it reclined, her legs spread at the same pace. She stared at me intently with lust-filled eyes, knowing I was about to provide her with a bit of pleasure. With the seat fully back, I eased two fingers into her dripping snatch as far as they would go, letting my thumb press against her swollen clit. In an effort to get me deeper into her honey hole, my sister spread her legs even further, and grasped my arm to pull me deeper into her pussy. Her free hand rubbed her breasts, and pulled gently at her nipples. My cock sat ignored and dripping in the confines of my shorts as I finger-fucked my sister in the car. Faster and faster I fingered her, banging my thumb against her engorged clit. Finally, she gasped and came, her juices flowing out onto her seat, and running down between her clinched ass cheeks.

As I withdrew, stepping back to watch her come back down, her breasts heaving and her body quivering, she panted, “I put some towels in the duffel. Can you get one for me?”

Licking her juices from my hand, I silently let my cock lead me to the still-open back of the car. I got a towel out of the bag and thought to myself how perfect it was that my sister had planned for this very thing. Closing the gate and returning to my sister, I carefully and lovingly wiped her dry, then folded the towel so it was dry for her to sit on, and absorb the rest of the juices which continued to trickle from her puffy slit. She raised her ass up so I could adjust it under her. Raising the seat back up, I again adjusted her belt, petting her breasts again. Once perfectly comfortable, I kissed her, and rubbed my hand over her torso, just to feel her bare skin in my hand. Finally breathing normally again, she sighed, and let her body relax, ready to go again.

I closed her door, and went to my side. I started to climb in when Sarah looked at me and just said, “pants.”

Knowing what she wanted, I removed my soaked shorts, and tossed them at her. She caught them in one hand, and immediately began to caress her body with them, rubbing my cock juices into herself. She loves my cum on her body, and asks for it frequently. Climbing in, I started the car, and off we went. My penis was still rigid and flowing, as I was horny as hell having just made my sister have an orgasm in a gas station parking lot.

“I should have gotten a towel for myself, too.” I said, as we reached highway speed.

Sarah grinned at my situation, and unbuckled herself to climb into the back seat. I watched in the mirror at her delicious booty as she rummaged through the bag in the back. She climbed back in the front and into her seat, now holding a handful of random clothes and another towel. She meticulously folded the clothes and towel, and purposefully arranged them on the console. She was nesting, and making herself a place to lay, I quickly realized. Once satisfied, she knelt in her seat, and positioned herself over the console. Comfortable now, she lay her head in my lap, and took my turgid penis into her mouth. With one hand beneath her, she played with her pussy as she gave me perfect road head. Her head was mostly motionless as she sucked me, but her talented oral ministrations made it feel like my cock was a pacifier. She expertly sucked my cock, eagerly encouraging me to baste her tonsils with semen. After only a few miles, I was happy to oblige. Feeling the rush of adrenaline and my balls tighten up, I quickly engaged cruise control, then exploded into her mouth. My sister sucked gently as I fed her my protein, and she swallowed every drop. I felt like I had emptied my entire body into her as she devoured my cum.

Once I had stopped pulsing semen into her eager mouth, she continued to suck with the same intensity. My cock never softened, as she continued to pleasure me with her hot tongue and expert lips. Slowly, she swallowed my cock into her throat. With my still tightened balls against her lips, she began to hum, forcing erotic vibrations throughout my body. She hummed as long as she could until she needed to take a breath, then withdrew to breathe before swallowing my entire penis once again, and starting to hum again. After a few more miles, I was ready to cum again. This time, she sensed it, and held me in her throat as I came. With each pulse of my cock, I could feel her esophagus castingcouch-x porno working my cock as she swallowed, and allowed me to empty my balls directly into her stomach. It didn’t seem like she was going to need snacks for some time, since I had just filled her with semen.

Finally having finished cumming in my sister’s throat, my cock began to shrink. Sarah applied generous suction as she withdrew, and let my cock loose from her lips with a visible pop. Her action milked every last drop from within me, and she left me almost perfectly dry, save for a slight bit of moisture from her mouth. She kissed me, gave me a beautiful smile, and settled back in her seat. She licked her fingers clean of her pussy juices, and re-buckled herself back in. I watched in awe and wonder as she carefully fluffed the various fabrics piled between us. Satisfied with her work, she turned in her seat, and pulled her legs up onto it before turning to lie on the pillow she had built. She snuggled in so she could sleep as we drove to our new home. I rested my right hand on her body, and she pulled it to her breasts, encouraging me to pet them.

Cupping her warm breasts in my hands, I pressed the buttons on the steering wheel to find a radio station that came in clearly. Finding none, I switched to satellite radio, adjust the volume to a comfortable level, and got comfortable in my seat for the long haul ahead. Sarah purred as I caressed her tits, and it wasn’t long before she slept soundly beside me. As I drove, I stole quick glances at my sister’s naked body beside me, and my heart warmed knowing that the love of my life slept peacefully beside me. As I thought about her, my mind filled with the experiences we were certain to have in the years to come as we lived our lives together as though we were married. I looked forward to spending the rest of my life caring for her, loving her, and making sure that my princess was the happiest woman alive. It was my goal now to do those things and so much more for her, and I thought of what I would do to accomplish that. My thoughts moved to me waking beside her every day, and going to bed with her every night. I thought about buying her a boat so we could spend days in the sun out on our lake, backing in each other’s nakedness. We’d make love in the water, and never wear clothes unless absolutely necessary. I was taking her to a place where she could live her life as clothed or unclothed as she wanted, and I will spend the rest of my days making her happy.

As I pondered my new life with my perfect lover, I noticed that I was beginning to nod. We were approaching Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma, so I started looking for a place to pull over and take a refreshing stroll to wake me. Darkness was setting in, and the sunset was beautiful over the lake. I squeezed my sister’s bare tit, still in my hand, and gently shook her to rouse her from her sleep.

“I need to take a break, sweetheart,” I told her. “I’m starting to doze, but I want to keep going. Let’s take a quick walk to wake me up.”

She silently nodded, and rose to take in her surroundings. I saw an exit ahead that had no signs of life, but indicated a boat ramp and campground. Taking the exit, I navigated to the campground, which was completely empty. I parked on the lot connected to boat ramp, and got out to stretch. My princess also stretched, and waited for her prince to come help her out of the car. The air was heavy and chilly, the temperature having dropped significantly the farther north we drove. I grabbed our zip up hoodies from the back, donned mine, and took Sarah’s to her. As she stepped out, I wrapped hers around her. She welcomed the warmth, and snuggled into me as we slowly strolled down to the lake.

“I love you, J,” she told me.

Kissing her head, I told her I love her, too. As we walked, Sarah slowly woke to full consciousness, and started to become more active and energetic. Our walk around the lake became slightly more vigorous, as I, too, regained some energy, and was again able to focus. We walked hand-in-hand now, enjoying the last glimpses of sunlight as it sank below the horizon. I stopped, and turned Sarah to face me. I opened her hoodie, and pulled it back off of her shoulders, letting it hang on her elbows. I then stepped back to admire the radiant beauty of my naked sister, her perfect body glowing in the fading light. My cock rose to attention, and immediately started leaking. I reached for Sarah’s hands, and held them in mine as I admired her from head to toe. I pulled her to me, embracing her, and kissed her passionately. My arms encircled her body, pressing us skin to skin. My cock pressed into her tummy, depositing its slippery goodness onto her. Pulling her tighter as we made out, her breasts pressing into my chest, I knew I was going to make love to her here on the rocks before we got back on the road.

Sensing my intentions, Sarah placed her hands on my chest, and asked, “are you going to make love to me out here?”

“Yes, my love. I want you. I need to be inside of you.”

Staring into my eyes, she arched her hips away, and reached between us to grasp my penis. I lowered clips4sale porno my body slightly, and she guided me into her waiting pussy. I brought my hands to her bare ass, and pressed my cock into her body. We continued kissing as we stood sexually joined. Very slowly, I began to ease myself in and out of her as we made out. I ran my hands up and down her back and to her ass, where I pulled at her perfect cheeks to get myself deeper into her steamy folds. Sarah started to match my thrusts, driving me deeper into her welcoming cunt. Together, we moved faster, as her orgasm approached.

“J,” she panted into my mouth. “I’m going to cum.”

I began to hump into her faster, feeling her body tense, I withdrew from her snatch, and replaced my cock with my fingers. I vigorously stroked her pussy, paying special attention to her clit in an effort to push her over the edge. As her pussy quivered, it gave up its heavenly nectar onto the ground and all over my hand. Sarah collapsed against me, and I wrapped my arm around her to hold her up as I continued to pummel her spraying snatch. After regaining her composure, she was able to stand back on her own feet. Still weak, she bore most of her weight on me. I shifted, and helped her walk to a near by picnic area that was grass-covered. Together, we eased ourselves to our knees. I lay on my back, and Sarah climbed over me, her hoodie still barely hanging on her body. I felt the wetness from her thighs as she gripped my body between them, and lowered herself onto me. Slowly, she sank, and let her hungry pussy be filled by her brother’s cock. I reached up to fondle her amazing tits as she started to ride me. Supporting myself on my elbows, she lowered her breasts to my mouth. Her hands cradled my head as she encouraged me to ravish her nipples with my mouth. Hungrily, I sucked them, licking all around her orbs, coating them with saliva. Sarah moaned as I pleasured her perfect tits with my mouth. I gently bit her nipples, and felt her cunt tighten around my pole with each little nibble.

“Suck my tits, J,” Sarah encouraged. “Lick your little sister’s nipples. You’re going to make me cum again.”

I looked up at her and said, “I love you, Sarah,” and immediately, she came again. She stopped riding me, and just froze as she coated me with her fluids. Keeping myself lodged inside of her, I rolled her over onto her back. Without letting her come back down, I captured her legs in my arms, and pushed them up, opening her pussy to me. I began greedily thrusting into her, causing her to continue to expel her juices. Sarah moaned in pleasure as I fucked her hard and fast. The wet slapping sounds could have been heard from a great distance, along with her cries of erotic bliss.

“Oh my god, fuck me, J. Take your little sister’s tight pussy! My body is all yours, only yours, big brother.”

I slammed her tight twat for all I was worth.

“Cum inside me; make me yours. Cum in my pussy. Please cum in my pussy,” she pleaded.

With a final thrust, I emptied myself inside of my sister’s hungry pussy. Out, then firmly back in with every pulse, I shoved sperm deeply inside of her. I finally collapsed on top of her, exhausted. As we lay there together in the grass, I continued my ministrations on her pussy, but I let her legs back down.

“I love you, my princess,” I said, as I looked down at her.

“I love you, too, my handsome prince.”

Satisfied, I withdrew my cock from my sister’s sopping cunt, and started to get up.

“Can I clean your cock,” Sarah asked, stopping me from rising.

“Of course, love,” I replied.

She let me go, and I stood before her. She sat up, and took me into her mouth. She bathed my cock and body like a cat bathing its baby kittens. She lovingly took her time, making sure to not miss a spot. Satisfied that her job was complete, she lifted her arms to me to help her to her feet.

“Let’s get you cleaned up and back on the road,” I told her.

Together, we made our way to the boat ramp. I took her hoodie and dropped it on the dry concrete, then stripped what little clothes I had on. We then walked out into the chilly water, and I gathered handfuls of it to cleanse her body of our sticky fluids. Sarah started shivering, so I knew I needed to get her back on dry land, and warmed up. I could have spent hours caressing her body with my wet hands, but I didn’t want to lose her to hypothermia. Taking her hand again, I lead her back to the car.

“Let’s get your sweats on, baby girl. You’re freezing,” I told her as she stood shivering with her arms wrapped around herself. Her nipples were so hard, they could have cut glass. Still shivering, she agreed, so I gathered our things from the bag, and helped her dress. After I had her dressed and seated in the car, I let her watch as I got dressed myself. I stole glances at her, appreciating the fact that she was naked under her baggy sweats and barely zipped hoodie. Dressed in similar fashion, I closed her door, and went around to my side. Starting the car, I cranked the heat up. I got a bottle of water from the back, then shifted into gear and got us back on the road. Sarah leaned over slightly and took my hand, and just held it as we drove. Our fingers interlaced like those of young lovers. Silently, we made our say down the road. Sarah reached to change the station on the radio, then sat back and stared ahead down the dark road, occasionally glancing at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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