Sister Needs Me

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I was reticently excited about the fact that the summer vacation had opened its doors to me, and I would soon be comfortably laying on my local beach, shades adorned, surreptitiously observing the fine exhibition of all kinds of women. The city in which I live attracts a booming multicultural tourist influx over summer, and I can’t say I’m disappointed that many of the female tourists feel unrestrained in the way they clothe themselves on the beach. I say ‘reticent’ because my parents, and subsequently one of my two siblings are deeply involved in Christian living, and to expose my voyeur infidelity so brazenly would needlessly lend to my parents quarrelling over my ‘immorality’. The excitement I speak of was short-lived, however, as subsequent news meant that I wouldn’t so soon be liberally gazing at the beach beauties. My parents had informed me that a trip up north had been planned for 4 days, in part to make the most of vacation time, to bond as a family, and perhaps most pertinently that my young brother, Nathan, would receive the trip as a gift for his 12th birthday. The destination, I was told, was at a town, about 3 hours north, and 1 hour inland to drive. The compound word, “inland”, drilled at my foremost hopes of lazing on the hot summer sand.

Upon inquiring about the benefits of this impending destination, my mum, Jodie, said that there was a large waterpark in the area, and that that would be the primary stimulus of the gift to Nathan. She unsuccessfully tried to convey other points in order to interest me, like bushwalking, book reading, and would you believe she mentioned a church service that I could go to. The more I heard about this trip, the more it sounded like another boring family trip.

As I mentioned earlier, my parents and one sibling, that being Nathan, are associated closely with the Christian church, and as such, spend a lot of time and money ‘giving God what He deserves’. Having sternly turned away from this lifestyle, along with my sister, there is forged a bipartisan separation in communication efficacy and morality between ‘us 2’ and ‘those 3’. It is a strange family division, where, while we all get along fine, ‘us 2’ and ‘those 3’ clearly, yet clandestinely define a relational juncture.

In typical ‘us 2’ style, a parent would communicate something to one of us, and we would share it with the other. Ergo, I approached Hannah, my sister, to tell her about this planned trip, hoping also that she would lavish some mutual sympathies regarding the nature of the trip. Surprisingly, however, she seemed overly excited about the idea of the family getting away in the way that was described to me. At that stage, I knew I would have to bite the bullet, and try to make the adventure as fulfilling as possible. Hannah and I had always been very close and comfortably shared almost anything with her. I even joke with her about how I think she is so sexy and attractive, and that she should be a model. She shrugs it off thinking I’m joking, but only I know that those feelings are all too real.

Hannah, being 19, had been rounding out a wonderful stage of puberty in most guy’s minds. She stands about 5’7″, with long, sheek dark brown hair, and green/hazel eyes that seem so secretive and naughty so often. A cute nose above lips that beg to be kissed. Her frame is quite petite, with a body tone that has been worked at (and attested to because we work out together 4 times a week). Her breasts had finally stabilised after growing to be fuller than her body would suggest, something around the range of a man’s handful. Her blemishless skin is of a creamy alabaster colour, which appears so smooth to touch, and to me, invites a real innocence about her. Hannah’s stomach is what we’d been working on for this summer, so we’d got it from being a moderate roll, to being firm and flat. Her butt is probably the main physical source of adoration on my part of Hannah. She always wears these black tights when we work out, and I can’t believe how her butt cheeks remain taut, overhanging the back of her legs, yet being packaged so tightly in a curve that shouts above her small waist, and toned legs. I can’t count how many times I have gaped at her ass while she skips or squats or runs. Come to think of it now, I think it’s almost impossible that she hasn’t caught me checking her out. She hasn’t mentioned or even shown any discomfort about the way I look at her. In fact, whenever we workout together, she’s always in a really bubbly mood, and can’t help but smile. As a whole, Hannah was my ideal girl, I just knew I had to control my feelings, and make sure I only internalised these sick, lust filled thoughts of her.

My dad, Craig, was affixing the final bit of luggage to the roof of our car, and without a sweat, seemed in good shape for being 47. We piled into the car to set off to this ‘holiday’ spot. Hannah and I, being the rather older of the 3 kids, at 19 and 21 respectively, sat either side of Nathan, behind the parents in front. big ass porno I had often wondered why Nathan was so much younger than Hannah and I, and it was only around then that I had suspected he was an accident; an unintended child.

The drive was rather quick, being split by some lunch on the way, and we had arrived at a nice looking villa, which appeared quite isolated amongst a deep nest of trees and bushland, which steeped away not far from the edge of the house. There was no pool, to my disappointment, but upon searching inside, there was an indoor Jacuzzi, which I figured could be fun to hang around. We spent the rest of the day settling in and claiming rooms, before sleeping ahead of the next day’s sojourn to Nathan’s promised waterpark.

Wanting to sleep in more than anyone else, I was the last to get in the car before a short drive to the waterpark at about 10 in the morning. It wasn’t long before we had arrived at ‘Splash ‘N’ Dash Waterpark’. I remember it being a lot bigger than I thought it would be, being in what I thought was a relatively remote area of the country. Upon entering, I was even more surprised by the vast amount of people that spread across the large outdoor space. At a guess, there was about 20 medium to large water rides, surrounding a massive wave pool, which seemed to be popular.

Nathan’s excitement pervaded my inspection of the place when he nudged me, saying that he would go on a particular ride, as he pointed toward it. It was an extremely tall curved slippery dip waterslide, which upon initial scanning, did appear to be one of the more life threatening attractions. It wasn’t uncommon for my little brother to try to appear brave in front of me, which I found cute, but annoying at the same time. I knew however that I wasn’t going anywhere, so I thought I would do the most I could to make it a good time for everyone. And being Nathan’s birthday, I thought I would exert some energy for his benefit. With that, I offered him a race to the wave pool. He took off, knowing that I would give him a head start. He flopped out of his thongs, but didn’t even hesitate to remove his shirt as he bolted forward. In my handicap, I used the time to remove my shirt, revealing a chest which I was deservedly admirable of, leaving myself in some boardshorts, before I childishly rushed after him, leaving a throng of clothes behind us. I had genuinely tried to catch him, but my handicap proved too much, much to the joy of Nath. I had lost any sense of trying to enjoy things, and had entered living in the moment, as Nath and I ventured toward the waves that broke further yonder.

Meanwhile, mum, dad and Han found a place for the family to make a base, which had a bundle of stretch seats, and some grass, with a shading device near atop. I had looked over briefly to ascertain their position, and noticed that all three of them were watching Nath and I catch some waves. I could also see Hannah removing her singlet to show her new bikini, which opened up more than last season’s belly covering one piece. I was proud of her, mainly due to the fact that we had destroyed that kilo or two of fat at her belly.

Nath brought my attention back into the pool by pulling me under the water from below. I was surprised at his strength, being barely a teenager now. Being quite pale, like my sister, I realised after not long that I should go to the base and put some sun lotion on. Nathan, being shirt clad, decided that he would take his chances without Banana Boat Cream.

I ambled over to the base, where my mum was reading some soppy fiction and my dad was reading some ‘religiously inspiring’ book which my mum had probably forced him to read. Hannah had laid back on one of the stretch chairs in her yellow bikini with white dots. She had no book, and was instead basking in the sun and hoping like she always had that her skin would tan. I knew, and I think she did too, that it wasn’t ever going to happen. I sat down on the chair next to Hannah dripping wet, and all three of them didn’t seem to have even noticed me. Hannah had sprawled her grey singlet over her face to protect it from the sun, and I knew that whatever my reason was for being there, I could certainly steal a few glances at her body. Her breasts were sitting very perkily on her chest, and as such, forced her nipples to cause a slight indent in her bikini top. I had never seen my sister topless after she developed, and I couldn’t help but wonder what her boobs would look like unrestrained from clothing. What I did discover in this case, however, was that her nipples sat rather high on her breasts, almost as if they were pointing upwards. For this reason, the cut off line of her bikini must have been so close to her areola, and this was starting to arouse me a little. I decided I should put my mind off it.

I went over to our bag and found some sun cream to apply, before spreading it all over myself, yet while I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about Hannah’s lithe big tits porno body glistening in the sun, with her breasts so comfortably resting on her chest. After I had finished applying, I leant over and squirted some cream in her cleavage in fun, and she screamed and sat up, wondering who had disturbed her roasting. She gave me a frustrated look, before swabbing the cream out of her cleavage with her hand, getting up, and smearing it all over my chest and abs. I surrendered to the justice of the situation, and Hannah seemed content to continue neatly dissolving the cream into my rock 6 pack with her hands, and I noticed from her facial expressions that she was concentrating very hard, diligently rubbing away.

Things settled down after that, and we both lay back down to allow the cream to settle before we ventured the park at all. I think Hannah may have dozed off for a bit, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the feeling of her fragile hands pressing against my body. I thought about the way I knew she was enjoying it, and that she was under no obligation to pay so much attention to me.

After not long at all Nathan had come back from his wave pool session and was insisting that both Hannah and I got up and went with him to go on all the rides.

The first ride we went to was a twisting tube of a waterslide, that looked very narrow. We made our way to the top, and waited in a short line, before Nathan diligently sat down on the mat provided, making sure to adhere to the rules, then followed Hannah, who also sat on the mat properly. I decided to take a run up and dive headfirst into the slide, in a sense to rebel against what I thought might be otherwise quite boring. The ride wasn’t so bad, but I would have preferred being back at the beach at home. Nathan was buzzing after that ride, and tried to engage our enthusiasm by grabbing both of our arms and dragging us to the next ride.

Nathan led us hurriedly to the top of a particular ride, called ‘The Duplex’. Basically, it was a large waterslide that stood roughly 140 feet high, and would funnel provided inflatable figure 8 double-rings that 2 people would sit in, along the slide for about 40 seconds. While waiting in line, the dilemma soon became apparent that the ride was for 2, and there were 3 of us. Neither of us wanted to go alone, or with a random park-goer. So the line wait provided ample opportunity to discuss the basic but naughty plan that Nathan would sit in the front ring, and I would sit in the back ring, and just as Nathan and I were being deployed, Hannah would run forward and try to jump on the connecting part between the two rings.

The time had come, and the constant smirk on Nath’s face should have given away to the supervisor that we were plotting something. We boys got into position, while Han intently waited for the right moment before pouncing. The supervisor signalled us to push off, and as we did, according to plan, Hannah zipped across the supervisor and jumped on the connecting part as we were moving down. I remember leaning back as we tunnelled the entrance and seeing the supervisor’s up-side-down head shaking in disgust. The joy that the plan had work was intense, but soon taken over by that of the ride itself. We had indeed quickly raced into a cavernous tube which bent in all directions except up, when suddenly a sharp bend caused Hannah to slide back off the connecting part between Nath and I, and she nestled directly on my lap, wedged in the tube hole. Instantly my joy moved again from that of the ride, to that of my sister’s tight ass resting two thin layers of fabric from my rapidly blood-filling cock. I momentarily panicked regarding the taboo that I would be getting hard from my sister, and that she would be clearly noticing. I decided to bypass that feeling, and enjoy what I had while it lasted. Here I was, instantly becoming quiet when she slid back, while she and Nath continued to scream and laugh so innocently. As my penis began to become larger, it was pointing up at my face, and flattened; split by Hannah’s butt cheeks. As the ride continued, there were so many bumps that slid her ass around my pubic region. All the vibrations instantly set me off, and after not long at all I was completely hard. At that point Hannah became silent. I knew she was thinking about exactly what was arousing me so much. How embarrassing, I thought. Well, there was only a matter of about 10 seconds left on the ride. I might as well enjoy it. I focussed on the feeling I was receiving. I then noticed how she had grabbed a hold of my forearms, and her legs were tightly wrapped around my right thigh. It was certainly as if she didn’t want to fall off, and I definitely did not want her to fall off either. Her smooth, wet legs felt so good being wrapped around my leg. She was so tightly enveloped within my frame in one of the most intense spooning positions.

A big splash then caused the three of us to tumble out of the tube as the ride had ended. I blacked porno felt quite embarrassed, and decided to wade in the exit pool to cool off my boner. At the same time I glanced at Hannah to see how she’d reacted, and she looked at me and slightly tilted her head downwards, and had this grin on her face that said “I know you liked that”. What was less distinguishable was what I thought her look to say “I liked it too”. It was comforting to think that she wasn’t entirely freaked out about what had just happened, but maybe a little awkward. Han led Nathan out of the pool, knowing why I’d need a minute more in the exit pool.

After I’d had enough time, Nathan was keen to try yet another ride. We all moved to an enclosure which had a large painted wall with an arched entrance. On the wall was written “Log Jam”. When we’d walked in, we saw what the ride entailed. It was a dark room which, like an underground train station had two tunnels, but in this case, the tunnels were filled with water, and the train was a fake tree log set on a track that obviously looped back to the start. We could see that the log seated 4, but that other people in front had ridden with 3, or even 2. The front spot had handlebars, and the 3 spaces behind were just spots on the log, and they would have to hold the waist of the person in front to hang on. From seeing how the people were straddling each other and squashed up, I couldn’t help but plan what seating arrangement would be most arousing for me. I decided in the line that it was only fair that we swapped the order of places from the last ride, where I would be in front, Hannah behind me, and Nathan at the rear. I figured that having Han’s breasts squashed against my back would be a rare opportunity to feel their firmness.

With no complaints, we mounted the log in that formation, and to my disappointment, Hannah sat well clear behind me and put her hands at my waist. My disappointment was short-lived, however, when the ride jolted into motion, much faster that Hannah had thought, it seemed. She almost instantly jerked forward and bumped into me as she squealed, and in turn wrapped her arms tightly around my chest. This meant her boobs were, much according to plan, squashed against my bare back. After last ride’s incident, I began to suspect if Hannah, like myself, was intentionally trying to make some kind of physical contact of some sexual nature. The feeling was amazing, nonetheless, and I was again beginning to get hot from it. I noticed the way in which her vice-like grip remained for the whole ride, rather unnecessarily. This added to my suspicion that she was teasing me. After the “Log Jam”, we headed back to the base as if there was no sexual malice involved at all, but we both knew that we were both encouraging it.

Much of the rest of the day was spent going on some other rides, laying on the stretch beds, eating and talking. Han and I got talking about her boyfriend, Callum, who was only 17 at the time. They had been dating for about 5 months, and in that time, Han and I had chatted about him and I learnt a fair bit about him. But for the first time Hannah actually started telling me about some deeper issues in the relationship. She was having trouble describing what she was feeling, but basically was talking about how she felt like she was driving the relationship forward in all aspects, and that Callum was sitting in the back seat.

I asked her “in what ways?”

Hannah sighed and said that she always initiated kissing him and other things.

I inquired further as to what they’d done together, and what the problem was.

Hannah replied that they would begin to make out, and she would start to remove her clothes and offer him her body, and he would oblige naturally. However, whenever she tried to move things on with him, Callum would make up some lame excuse in order to stop. Han mentioned how she had discussed this with Callum, and that he basically said that he wasn’t ready for sex yet. Hannah told me that she suspected it wasn’t a matter of time, but that Callum lacked the kind of confidence and directness a man should have.

In light of this, I implored further still as to whether she was then still a virgin. She looked up at me, quite red faced, and nodded, in such a way that said ‘I’ve wanted to, but it just hasn’t happened’.

I began to think that this new information perhaps complemented the way in which Hannah would be so physically affectionate toward me, as if I were… her boyfriend. I zoomed out of these thoughts, and tried to stabilise myself thinking

‘No. You’re just her brother.’

Hannah continued by saying that she was getting sick of the way how Callum didn’t meet her needs.

It sounded to me like Han was very horny at the moment, and if Callum didn’t provide sex, she basically had had enough. Some more small talk resounded before it was eventually time for the family to head back to the villa.

When we arrived back, all of us kids decided we wanted to try the Jacuzzi out. Nathan was especially excited considering he had never been in one before. Hannah and I looked at each other as if to sympathise with ourselves about having to deal with Nathan’s ever present energy.

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