Sister Lovers

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When my step-sister came to stay, I thought all my dreams had come true. My parents had separated when I was five, my dad got custody of me and my mom got custody of my sister. I used to see mom quite a lot, but then she moved to Europe with her new husband. My step-sister came back to her home town to go to college and so my father offered her free board at our house.

When I saw her, I instantly tried to forget that she was half related to me. She was gorgeous, a long and slinky redheaded creature with legs that seemed to go on forever and the most perfect pair of firm, succulent breasts that I craved to touch.

We got on incredibly well, having long chats into the night, her sitting on the end of my bed in skimpy nightwear and me hiding my hard-on under the covers. Of course, we eventually ended up talking about sex. She told me all about this older guy in France who’d almost taken her virginity and how she wanted to do it without someone decent for the first time.

I told her how all the girls I knew would give head but not actually go all the way and she laughed.

“I love giving head,” she said, “but I’ve never fucked a guy so I’m just like all those girls that make you so mad.”

“No,” I said, “believe me, you’re not like those girls at all.”

“But I give head to all the boys,” she said, her tongue flicking out over those full, soft lips.

I swallowed a big lump in my throat.

“Here, I’ll show you,” she said, sliding off the bed and disappearing downstairs. She returned with a banana. I could feel pre-cum slick on the head of my cock. I couldn’t believe she was going to do this.

She peeled the banana slowly, and then began to glide her tongue around the tip of the fruit, sucking it slowly into her mouth, moving it in and out over and over, I could see its flesh disappearing inside her and I couldn’t help but picture my cock in its place, her tongue working at my shaft. My hand slipped involuntarily down, rubbing myself, watching her as she fellated the banana faster and faster.

I was stroking my cock in rhythm with her mouth, lost in the moment and I hardly noticed that she’d stopped.

“What are you doing?” she asked coyly.

“What the hell were you doing,” I responded indignantly. “You can’t expect me to sit there like a fuckin’ vegetable while you do something like that.”

“Were you thinking about me sucking your cock?” my half-sister whispered, crawling up the bed towards me.

“I couldn’t help it,” I said, “you’re so gorgeous and watching you suck that banana I wanted it to be me.”

She reached me and pulled the bed covers back. My cock was rock hard and she gave a little ‘oh’ of surprise.

“It’s beautiful,” she said and lowered her head down to kiss the tip softly.

“Jenny, do you think we should be doing this,” I said, my voice a croak.

She ran the tip of her tongue from the head of my cock all the way down to the base, taking one of my balls in her mouth and sucking lightly.

“I think we should’ve done it a while ago,” she said, smiling up at me.

Then she opened her mouth and slid me inside, the warmth and wetness closing around me, bathing my cock in sensation. I moaned and thrust my hips up, pushing my throbbing shaft further into her mouth.

“Oh God yes, Jamie,” she whimpered. “Fuck my mouth, fuck it like you want to fuck my tight little cunny. Push your cock in there, go on, I want it all.” I love it when women bangbross porno talk dirty.

She obviously hadn’t been lying about giving all the boys head; she was fantastic, her tongue swirling all around me as her mouth bobbed up and down, her throat muscles working over my cockhead.

“I’m going to cum,” I grunted, after only a few minutes.

“Cum on my tits,” she said, “I want a little bit to swallow but then I want you to shoot all that delicious cum over my big firm tits. I love rubbing cum into my skin, I want you to cum all over them, treat me like your private slut.”

I couldn’t hold back anymore, she caught the first spurt on her tongue, and then directed the rest all over her pert breasts, spattering them with creamy jism. She ran her fingers through it, rubbing her breasts, squeezing them together, her fingers dancing lightly over her nipples.

I couldn’t resist, I started licking my own cum, tasting it on her skin, sucking her nipples into my mouth. She grabbed my hand and pushed it down into her crotch. I slid one finger into her, surprised by how incredibly wet she was, her tight little cunt just begged me into its slick wetness. I rotated my thumb over her clit, rocking my long middle finger right deep into her and tugging on her nipple with my teeth, teasing the tip with my tongue.

She came violently, her whole body shuddering, grinding herself against me so wildly I almost couldn’t hold onto her. We kissed hungrily, passionately, lost in each other.

“I love you, brother,” she said, her hand straying back down to my cock.

For two more nights, we ended up fooling around. She’d suck my cock until I came in her mouth and then I’d go down on her until she came against my face. The third night when she came into bed and I burrowed down under the covers to slip between her thighs, she stopped me.

“No,” she said, “tonight I want you to fuck me.”

“Are you sure?” I asked her, kissing her neck.

“I’ve never wanted to fuck anyone else,” she said, kissing my nose. “I need to have you in me.”

“I’ll be gentle,” I said.

“I’ve fucked dildos before,” she said. “So I don’t need to be, um, broken in. But I will be all tight,” she said, her voice all husky. “I’ll be so tight, wrapped around your lovely big cock like a glove, squeezing you.”

She lay back on the bed, completely naked and so beautiful. I moved so I was over her, looking down at her magnificent form. Her hand reached down to take hold of my prick, rubbing it up and down her slit, back and forwards across her tight little hole, making her pussy wetter and wetter. Then she put my head up against her entrance and began to move her hips backwards and forwards. I moved with her, my cock slowly entering her. She gasped as I began to fill her.

“Oh fuck yes, Jamie baby, stretch my tight little virgin cunt with your big prick.”

I pushed in deeper, making her back arch as she thrust her hips forward, my cock sliding further into her slick tunnel until my whole length was plunged deep inside her.

“Fuck yes, I love your big cock right in me, it makes me feel so wanton and slutty, now fuck me, fuck my slutty cunt, ram that big fat cock in and out, make me feel like your sexy private whore.”

I began to piston myself in and out of her. She began to moan and whimper, a litany of lust and whispered commands for me to never stop fucking her, not now, not ever. Her hand moved down to her bangbus porno clit and she began to rub it furiously as my prick sank deep into her juicy little box over and over. She felt unbelievable wrapped around me, her slick velvety twat gliding up and down my throbbing pole.

“I’m going to cum,” she moaned, her fingers dancing over her clit. The words weren’t even out of her mouth and it overwhelmed her, her body writhing underneath me. Her tight cunt rocking wildly against me tipped me over the edge and I came inside her, filling my own sister with my cum.

“Fuck yes, you horny fucker, shoot your cum in my hot little box,” she squealed, “fill me up with your filthy cum, fill your sister’s pussy with your cum, make my cunt drip your jism.”

It was the best possible way to lose my virginity.


Then when my full sister came home as well, it was another shock. I hadn’t seen for five years and in that time she’d grown from an awkward teenager into a beauty. She was bigger than Jenny, but I loved that. I loved big breasts and a curvy body. I’d dated this girl in college who had 38D tits and I’d fallen in love with big girls since then.

Of course, Jenny noticed that I was watching my sister.

“You’re attracted to Susan, aren’t you?” she said.

“She’s my sister,” I protested.

“So am I,” she said, sliding one hand into my pants, “but that didn’t stop us, did it?”

“It certainly didn’t,” I said, kissing her. Jenny and I were fucking almost every night and we got better and better at it, feeding off each other’s desire to enjoy each other in new ways.

“She’s so hot, though,” Jenny said, breaking our kiss.

“Who is?”


“You think Susan’s hot?”

“Hell yes. Don’t look so shocked, you know I’m attracted to other girls. I’ve wanted Susan for ages.”

“We should do something about it,” I said to her. “We could double team her. Fuck her at the same time.”

“I don’t think Susan’s into that kind of thing,” Jenny said doubtfully.

“We can try and convince her,” I said. “If it doesn’t work, what do we have to lose?”

We decided to take her out one night, drinking and dancing. If alcohol isn’t a good weapon of sexual persuasion, I don’t know what is. Jenny and I didn’t drink much, but Susan drank enough for her inhibitions to go flying out the door. We were out on the dance floor, the three of us dancing together. I moved in closer, so that my body was pressed right up against Susan’s. Jenny began to grind against her from behind. My cock was hard and as I moved my body it rocked up against Susan’s stomach. Jenny’s hands were moving up and down her sister’s side, over her ass, brushing the sides of her tits. Susan put her arms around me and pulled my body in closer, so that my cock was pressed right into her. I bent my knees a little so that the length of my erection was right against her mound. At the same moment, Jenny’s hands closed over her ample breasts.

She started fumbling at my fly, tugging my cock out of my pants right there on the dancefloor. Gripping my length firmly, she began to rub me against herself, stroking my cock over her clit through her thin skirt. Jenny’s was tweaking Susan’s nipples, tugging on them through her top as my sister used my prick as a toy, fucking her hard clit with it.

It didn’t take long, but we could hear her cum over the music, a long drawn-out moan of pleasure. It was then that we decided beurette tour porno it would be best if we relocated elsewhere. On the bus ride home, Susan was embarrassed.

“Sorry,” she was mumbling, “I don’t know what came over me.”

“I liked it,” I whispered in her ear, my hand riding high on her thigh, pushing up her skirt so we could see her silk panties underneath.

I took her hand and placed it on my crotch again, curling her fingers around my cock. Jenny leaned over and started sucking me, her tongue so passionate, making me so hard.

“Oh wow that looks so good,” Susan said.

“It’s delicious,” Jenny said, “I love having James’ cock in my mouth. It’s so big and hard and you can taste him when he’s getting really horny.”

“Is he really horny now,” she asked wide-eyed.

“Have a taste,” Jenny said with a wicked smile.

Susan’s tongue moved delicately over my cockhead, licking up the pre-cum that was oozing out.

“Tastes so good,” she said, her hand burrowing down under the elastic of her skirt.

“Susan, sweetheart,” Jenny said softly, “you don’t need to do that yourself. I’ll do it all for you. “

Jenny pulled Susan’s panties aside and started to move her tongue slowly and sexily up and down her wet slit.

“Oh God, that feels so good, sis,” Susan said. “Fuckin’ lick me, lick my cunt.”

It sounded like my sisters shared a taste for dirty talk.

I undid Susan’s shirt, revealing a purple silk bra that matched her panties.

“Look, Jen, I said, our sexy sis loves sexy underwear.”

“God, she’s got great tits,” Jenny sighed, “I think you better suck on your sister’s big jugs, Jamie, you better bury your face in those huge fuckin’ things, suck and bite them.”

“Yes, Jamie,” Susan said as she rocked her crotch against Jenny’s eager little tongue.

The woman in front of us moved to the front of the bus and I noticed where we were.

“Fuck,” I said, “we almost missed our stop.”

We got of the bus and practically ran home. We couldn’t wait to carry on. As soon as we got in the door, I was unbuttoning Susan’s shirt and Jamie was pulling her down to the floor, her head moving between Susan’s beautiful big thighs.

I undid her bra, letting those mammoth tits out and I buried my face in them, sucking greedily on one of her hard little nipples.

“Fuck,” Jenny said, “they’re incredible.”

She moved up beside me and started sucking on Susan’s other breasts. We pushed them together and kissed across her chest, our tongues moving over her nipples as they tangled with each other.

“Stop fucking around,” moaned Susan. “I need Jamie’s cock in me, I need him to fuck me so hard and I need your cunt on my face, Jenny, I need to taste my first pussy.”

Jenny didn’t need or want to be told twice. She sat astride Susan’s face, her tasty little pussy grinding down onto her waiting tongue. I slid my throbbing cock into my sister’s cunt. I was shocked by how loose she was. Obviously Susan had been letting more of those French guys have their way with her than Jenny had.

The image of Susan with her legs spread, fucking guy after guy drove me wild. I began to slam my cock into her, thrusting in and out wildly as Jenny gyrated her sopping pussy on Susan’s face.

“Oh yeah, fuck yeah,” Jenny cried out. “Suck my clit, suck my cunt, fuckin’ shove your tongue in there!” she yelled. “I love you, sis, I love you tonguing my pussy.”

I thought I heard a key at the latch, but I was too busy ploughing my cock in and out of my sister’s luscious cunt to notice.

“What the hell is going on here?” a voice said.

My father’s voice.


To Be Continued…

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