Sister is Changing

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A shorty I spit out for ya. I filed this one under “Incest” while it leans really heavy on “Exhibitionism”. It is absolutely 100% soft-core, ending for some of you where you probably want it to pick up. If that kind of teased ending bugs you, please move on. I may continue with this story later, however, as I’ve been pretty random about which stories I pursue. Hope you enjoy. Cheers!


“Charlie, can you turn off the TV and talk with me a minute?”

My sister was dressed in a long tee, with likely little underneath, I thought. Typical evening wear for her lately, even though her unrestricted c-cup mounds bounced and jiggled freely under the loose fabric. I had gotten used to it, even though she once used to be much more reserved.

Harley was my twin. We grew up in a modest trailer, under the guidance of a single, struggling mother. Dad never paid child support, and Mom did her best to manage the expenses of a three-unit household, on a low-wage job. Harley and I shared a room all the way through high school. Scrimping and saving, we afforded an apartment together while attending college these days. Considering we were so accustomed to close-quarters living, the move to our own apartment was an upgrade, and Harley and I got along better than ever.

Harley had a full ride academically, and only needed to work a few hours a week to help pay the bills. She had always been the brainy one, while I was more the athlete. Unfortunately, a shoulder injury ruined my opportunity for a tennis scholarship, and I had to accrue loans and more work to help keep up. Harley was always kind enough to help me with my class work, even though it was simpleton stuff for one with such a higher-functioning brain. Ever since she was five, Harley had her head buried in books, from philosophy to history to math. She had a particular fascination with Quantum Physics, which was all way over my head.

During the last half of our senior year in high school, my sister’s body began to change, rather rapidly. What should have occurred in her early teens belatedly hit her, and by the time we started college, she was maybe a full B-cup, or a C-cup. Prior to the physical change, Harley had the stereotypical body of a hyper-smart, book nerd, but now she was beginning to develop the body our mother possessed in her early 20s. From old photos and Mom’s own testimonials, we knew Mom was a free-loving hippy prior for much of her young adulthood. After giving birth to us, she settled down to be as good a mother as she could be, while Dad supposedly roamed the country avoiding responsibilities, and any semblance of a stable lifestyle.

Harley and I had only once had a discussion about her physical changes. It was the summer prior to our sophomore year of college. She claimed she didn’t really like what was happening to her, or understand it, she admitted she got a lot more attention from guys at school. Most guys bored her immensely, I knew. I thought maybe Harley had been bouncing the idea around of dating at the time – something she’d sworn off, until after she graduated – but now, almost two years later, my sister still wasn’t dating, and she’d never brought up the subject again.

Using the remote, I switched off the TV and then leaned back against the couch. Harley stood in front of me. With the light shining behind her, her figure was silhouetted under her long tee. Anyone else, and I likely would have gotten aroused.

“Charlie, I had to get fitted for a D-cup bra today. They’re still growing. I’m not doing anything, anime porno and my body won’t stop developing. I’m afraid I am going to have a see a doctor or something!”

“I’m surprised you haven’t already,” I said. “I figured you’ve read up on everything there is about late bloomers.”

Harley crossed her arms. “I have. It’s rare, and it’s not just that. It’s really… well… bothering me. It’s distracting. I used to get so much more work done before…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, come on, Charlie. If your body started sprouting, and you started getting bigger or fatter – or turning into some god-like Adonis, for that matter – you’d be preoccupied with it. Look at this from my point of view. I’m not eating differently, acting differently, or doing anything. I’m just going through some strange kind of late puberty. I probably stand an hour a day in front of the mirror just trying to make sense of it.”

I’d never thought of the consequences, but it wasn’t a stretch to imagine. Harley’s physical changes were unique, and while they were practically unnoticeable from day to day, it was a rapid change over the span of just a few years. I was beginning to feel very sympathetic to my sister’s plight.

“But… lately, there’s something else. I mean, I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I think I have like a heightened libido or something. Especially recently. All the time, I am just horny and it’s driving me nuts!”

If there is one thing I knew about Harley, it’s her rather jilted attitude towards sex. She just never mentioned it or thought much of it, at least when we were growing up. If I didn’t know her better, I would have thought she was practically asexual. This ‘heightened libido’ was surprising news to hear.

I eyed Harley, looking at her now, and thinking back to just a few years ago when she was a skinny beanpole of a nerd, always wearing a flannel shirt and baggy shorts. “I have to admit, you have gone through a lot of changes. Your ass looks like it is filling out, too. I had a friend ask if you were getting work done.”‘j

Harley smirked. “You’re not the only one being asked that. It’s insulting. As if I would want the body of a bimbo? And my ass isn’t getting fat, it’s just lifting up and getting firmer. It makes no sense. One should have to exercise rigorously to get these kind of results. I know that.”

“You do walk a lot on campus,” I said. “That’s got to work those buns.”

Over ten thousand steps a day, according to her walking app, but Harley still didn’t think it accounted for the rock-hard firmness of her bum. She flicked her tee up, briefly showcasing the issue. I almost choked when I noticed she was wearing no panties. Either she was shaven or just barely had any pubic hair. It was too fast to process clearly.

“Jesus, Harley, you really have changed.” Never did she flirt, and that seemed like flirting to me.

“Oh, please, like you care,” Harley waved off. “I ought to show you my tits. You’d better understand why I spend so much time in the mirror looking at them.”

I didn’t know quite how to respond, when Harley did just that, lifting her tee above two glorious orbs. They were full and round, yet natural in shape and had two symmetrical and perfectly placed nipples capping them off.

“Isn’t this ridiculous? This is the body of a playboy model… a bimbo… not me!”

She was shaven, and by the looks of it, wet. She was just about to drop her tee back down, when I cried, “No! Wait, let me see. I uh… I knew you were asyalı porno getting attractive.. well, uh, hot.. but Harley, damn.”

“I know, right?” exclaimed Harley, eyes wide, while still holding her tee up, so I could see all her naked body.

“You must have every guy on campus on to you.”

“It’s been getting harder fending them off,” sighed Harley. “That’s kind of why I need to talk to you.”

It amazed me that while my sister spoke, she so confidently displayed everything to me. She had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Harley was a smart woman, and she damn well knew she was now as elite as in her body, as she was in her mind.

“I’m not sure how to state this, without coming off crazy, Charlie, but damn it… I kind of want to get this body some action. I may love physics, but I might love cock just as much.”

“Harley! What the shit, girl? Don’t talk like that in front of your brother!”

“Oh, come on, you’re looking right at my bare tits. I know you want to touch them, squeeze them. You’re a guy, brother be damned.”

She wasn’t lying, but I also didn’t want to touch them for the very same reason. It was a conflict, no doubt.

Harley lifted the tee over her head and threw it to the floor. “Fuck it,” she said. “I know you’re my brother, but I never get to flaunt this body.”

“But Harley, that’s of your own doing. You can get sexier clothing or something. You don’t have to get naked in front of me. You can date guys.”

Harley giggled and plopped down on the couch next to her brother. “Come on, please. I know it sounds weird, but just look at me. Tell me I’m hot. I’ll rub my tits for you. Just let me enjoy this for once.”

Harley was pinching her right nipple and biting her bottom lip.

“Oh my god, you’re serious,” I said.

Harley paused, being sure to lean back enough so I could see her body fully. “Look, it’s obvious we can’t fuck or do anything like that. Gross. But exhibitionism is a way to get off. I know I like it – I’m drawn to it – and I’ve read up on it. I need this. If I don’t do this in front of you, I fear I’ll end up embarrassing myself somewhere else… to strangers. Please, Charlie.”

“You just want me to just watch you?”

“Yes, look at me. Watch me.”

“But Harley, sister or not, you’re fucking hot.” She lit up, smiling. “And I’m uh… gonna have a reaction, you know?”

“An erection? So what? I’m horny, too, that’s why I’m doing this.” Harley reached up with her left hand, squeezing her left breast. “Let’s lay down the ground rules.”

This was getting interesting. It was still awkward, but knowing my sister, she’d probably thought this through before stripping naked in front of me. “The ground rules?” I asked.

She looked me in the eyes, but I didn’t keep mine locked on hers for long. I was more interested in her body, and didn’t much care if she knew. Lying was impossible with Harley, anyway. I watched her gently squeeze her breasts as she talked.

“Like I said, I’ve had all these changes recently. Not just physical ones, but they’re all related. Let’s face it, I’ve developed the body of a… a…”

“Goddess,” I interjected.

“Yeah, whatever. Bimbo, more like it. At least that’s how I feel in my mind sometimes.”

“Like how you wish you could behave.”

“YES! Exactly. Either I fulfill those needs and put my health and career at risk or I…”

“It isn’t needs,” I said. “Desires. Wishes.”

Harley shook her head and her breasts lightly jiggled with the backroom casting porno motion. “Oh no, brother. I don’t think you can empathize on this. You just don’t know.”

I think I did know. I was now sporting a healthy erection in my shorts and I did little to cover it. I didn’t see the point.

“I wish they were just desires. A few months back I started masturbating more regularly. Now, it’s three or four times a day. That’s how often I crave an orgasm, not just how often I think about sex.”

“You? Think about sex?”

Harley sat up and leaned in closer to me. For the most part, she ignored my raging hard-on. “I know I’ve never been comfortable talking about is sex. Again, my side of the story. For the longest I was kind of plain and unattractive. I had a low libido, too. Sex and relationships didn’t interest me. Now, I can’t stop thinking about it. Sex, especially.”

“Well, at least you’re getting off. Three a day?”

“There’s more, Charlie. I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I might have the feelings and emotions of one who could be classified as a nymphomaniac, one who craves attention through sex. It’s uh.. the kinds of thoughts that enter my mind all the time, I can’t help it.”

Was it ironic my sister was telling me she may have a mental disorder about nymphomania while stilling completely naked next to me, and enjoying it while doing so? I don’t know if ‘irony’ is the word, but it was something.

“I want to try this. If you’ll allow me.”

“Allow you?” I asked.

“Let me use you to get off on my… fetish, I guess you could call it. I’ll get this exhibitionist urge satisfied to some degree. The worst you get is looking at a naked hot chick.”

“Who happens to be my sister.”

“Pretend I’m not!”

“If that were the case, I’d be wanting to do a lot more than look.”

“Well, you can’t,” said Harley. She was pragmatic, to say the least. She leaned back again, arching her back. “But look all you want. Be as pervy in your mind as you want, I don’t care. I’m sure some thoughts we’ll have to keep to ourselves.”

I allowed the awkward silence to pass a while, before finally saying. “Okay, if that’s really what you want, but I have some conditions.”

“I do want it, Charlie, I really do want it. What are the conditions?”

“Some days, I might be too frustrated or horny to put up with you prancing naked around me. At any time, if I tell you to get dressed, you must. Please respect me for that.”

“That sounds fair.”

“But one other thing.”

“Yes?” she asked, smiling as she watched me scope out her tits again. She really was an exhibitionist. My sister, the book-nerd exhibitionist.

“You really enjoy showing yourself, don’t you?”

“Yes, you have no idea how badly I needed this, thank you.”

“From now on, the moment you enter the apartment, you strip. You stay naked, UNLESS I tell you to get dressed.”

Again, my sister is keen. She knew this request was wholly unfair. She had just extended to me the privilege of making her get dressed whenever I wasn’t comfortable with her being naked. However, by agreeing to this, it would strip her of the same privilege. She didn’t think on it long, however.

“Okay, I’ll do it,” she said. “But nothing else. I’m not getting into an incestuous relationship with you.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” I said. At this point in my life, I certainly never had, but damn, if she wasn’t the hottest naked woman I had ever seen up close, perhaps anywhere.

“Since I agreed to your conditions, would you consider one of mine?”

“Yeah? What? Haven’t you thought up enough already, ya bimbo?” I laughed.

Harley laughed, too. “I mean it. No incest. Never gonna happen. But I want to fuck myself while you watch. You game?”

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