Sister in Law Stops By Pt. 02

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I was beginning to sense a pattern here. My wife would leave to run some errands, and not long after she left my sister in law would just happen to stop by.

Last week was no different. I heard my wife telling her sister she was going out and would be gone for a couple of hours. For me this was good news as I could slip into bra and panties and a dress and enjoy the time.

I had just slipped the dress on, a short zip up dress, that was above mid thigh for sure. Having just shaved my legs it looked pretty hot in the mirror, and then the doorbell rang. Looking out the upstairs window I saw my sister in laws SUV. I decided to see what would happen so I stayed dressed.

The last time she stopped by I was in a short robe, now an even shorter dress. I opened the door and invited her in. She smiled warmly as she took in my appearance. “Nice,” she replied as she brushed by me. I swatted her jean clad bottom and told her to be nice. “Oh I will!” she said, giving me a warm stare.

She came in and sat down so I sat across from her. The blue dress I had on was a zip up dress and I had it pulled down to reveal the red bra I was wearing underneath. My teal panties were surely visible up my dress as I sat down, it was quite short.

I watched her eyes drop to between my legs as I sat down. Again her warm smile stirred my feelings between my legs.

“You really like dressing up don’t you?” she asked.

Affirming her answer I crossed my legs and watched her stare up my dress.

“You should dress up more when you come over,” I said.

She laughed and illegal bahis said she would try to remember that next time.

I let my eyes caress her breasts as she sat there and she knew what I was doing. Arching her back she ran her hands over her chest and smiled. She knew I loved her breasts as I was always finding ways to brush against them.

I remembered the month before, we were out at her house and when I came in I gave her a big hug. As I went to put my arms around her I made sure my hands brushed against her tits. She gave a momentary noise then allowed me to pull her into a hug. She is not much of a hugger so I always had had fun with that.

I let my hands slide to the top of her jeans but stopped there. Pulling back I let my hands slide over her breasts on the side. She gave me a long look but didn’t say anything.

I was always doing something like that, and it was appearing that it was paying off.

Now sitting staring at her breasts, and she looking up my dress she said, “You want my breasts again?”.

“You know I do,” I said.

So once again she pulled her shirt up over her head showing off her pink bra which pushed her tits bulging upward.

I moaned watching her and teased the zipper on my dress a little lower.

She caressed her bra covered tits and I began to grow erect, which was obvious under my short skirt. Precum was leaking on my panties as I watched her.

Smiling she stood and reaching behind her back she unhooked her bra and let her breasts fall free. Hers were full mounds of delectable flesh and I ached to illegal bahis siteleri hold them.

She wasn’t done as she unzipped her jeans and slid them off. Seeing her there in just her black hi cut panties forced me to a fuller erection.

Hungrily staring I unzipped my dress and let it fall open. I then reached out and pulled her to me.

She placed her tits in my face and I began to suckle them. Her nipples grew hard in my mouth as I sucked and tongued them erect.

She pushed my dress off my shoulders and pulled it off me. Then she unhooked my bra and tossed it aside.

My cock was fully erect my now, the head sticking up above my panties (women’s panties can’t usually hold a fully erect cock.

She knelt down before me and pulled my dick out of my panties. She then bent and let her lips slip over the shaft and licked the precum of the big mushroom head.

As she slid up and down my cock with her mouth I slid a hand into her panties and caressed her ass. Her moans encouraged me and I slid her panties off her hips.

I slid a finger into her pubic hair that she never trimmed. We had joked about it last time together but it was still thick and wet now. I slid a finger across her clit and into her slit.

Sucking her tits again I continued to finger her slit and clit. Back and forth feeling her clit emerge ready to be sucked, just like a little cock.

I pushed her back onto the couch and spread her legs. I spread her pubic hair and began to suck and lick her clit forcing it out even more. Her juices were flowing out her slit canlı bahis siteleri as my fingers slid into her pussy. I slid my mouth down to tongue the lips of her hot wet pussy. I could tell that she wouldn’t last long so I paused and stood up, placing my cock at her lips.

She slipped down over my shaft and began to suck greedily. I knew at this rate I wouldn’t last long either, so I pulled out and slid my cock into her juicy pussy.

Her hot muscles gripped my and pulled me in. Soon I was balls deep and pounding her cunt. I felt my cum getting ready to explode so I buried myself all the way in her pussy and let my shaft ejaculate into her pussy. Over and over it filled her pussy with cum.

I pulled out and with my cock dripping I knelt and began to eat her pussy. Knowing I was eating my own cum as well as her juices drove her over the top. She grabbed my head and pulled it hard between her legs. Soon her own cum was mixing with my cum and I licked her to a full orgasm.

Once she came down, I raised my cum drenched face and with a smile gave her a long kiss, sliding my cum covered tongue inside her mouth. She sucked my tongue and helped clean my face of cum.

We sat there on the couch in the afterglow of our orgasms and rested in each others arms.

I caressed her full tits and played with her nipples while she absently stroked my cock. We weren’t ready for another round but we were enjoying the moment.

” You know,” she said, “you really have to come to my house sometime.”

Laughing I told her to let me know when her husband was going to be gone for a few hours and I would do just that.

Pulling my head to her breasts she murmured, “He will be gone all morning tomorrow.”

Helping her into her bra and panties I told her I would be there tomorrow for sure…can’t wait.

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