Sister in Law Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 The Wedding


She stood in the doorway to the kitchen in a simple flared patterned skirt and jacket. She was talking and gesturing holding a glass of wine with her back to me. The sunlight through the window seemed to shine like a spotlight directing my gaze to her bare legs, It was simple — nothing really astonishing — but I couldn’t look away from those legs. I turned slightly to hide the beginning of my erection, while continuing to stare.

She turned and her face lit up with a wide grin and sparkling eyes. I noticed that she wet her lips as she approached me with arms open for a hug and kiss in greeting. Our lips touched, lingering maybe a beat too long and our hug ended with, “Missed you.”

Though I was surrounded by in-laws and engaged in small talk, I kept her in my field of vision. Our eyes met often enough for me to hope that she was interested in keeping me close as well.

Entering the kitchen to refill my wineglass, she stood with her back by the counter. As I reached the spigot, I brushed against her side and our arms touched. Turning, glass full, I stood beside her letting one hand fall behind her to her delectable backside. I felt pressure on my hand as she moved slightly back into the touch.

Her husband strolled into the kitchen just as she took a step away from me. Seeing him she kept walking out of the room. Our ensuing conversation took me by surprise. Dan had a business trip to the coast and needed my help. Her parent’s neighbour was getting married and she had been asked to represent the family.

“I don’t think she knows how poor business is and that not going on this trip is not an option. Could you help me out? Don’t be angry but I already talked to Jill to see if she would mind. The decision’s yours obviously but she’s okay with it.”

“How does Adelaide feel about all this?” I asked.

“She suggested you actually.”

Pretending to give this some consideration, I asked more questions and found out that the wedding would be in two weeks and within amatör porno driving distance but in the States. We would leave on a Thursday and return Sunday. I agreed to help out saying I’d call later that evening after I spoke to Jill.

The rest of the get-together went without further contact with Adelaide. That night I called their home and Adelaide answered.

“So do we get one room or two?” I started.

“Oh I think two would be fine,” she said using a conversational tone that indicated to me that she was not alone. “Just a minute and I’ll check my calendar to be sure.”

I heard a door opening and closing. “My god, you are going to get me in trouble before we even leave,” she laughed.

“I told Dan I’d call and you can tell him after much soul-searching and uncertainty that I said YES,” I said raising my voice for emphasis.

“Too bad you didn’t call earlier. Dan is on the way out to pick up the kids.”

After letting her know that I was calling from the car, I pulled a u-turn and headed back. En route I called Jill letting her know that I left my glasses back at Dan’s. Ten minutes later I was watching Dan pull away from his driveway in the bay. As his taillights disappeared around the corner, I pulled closer to their house.

Her kiss in the doorway told me that I was not too presumptuous in returning. I kicked the door closed as the kiss ended. She was dressed as before but without the jacket. Her top was a wrap around white that tied at the back. I stared at her legs as we made our way into her family room.

“Wine?” she asked going to the bar.

She returned to the couch where I sat and set the glass on the table in front of me. I stopped her from sitting by gently taking her by her hips. She flushed looking down at me.

“He’ll be back in half an hour so don’t start anything.”

By way of answer, I added pressure to her hips that caused her to make a half turn still standing in front of me. I slid one hand slowly down her side from her hip and below the hemline anal porno to touch that magnificent leg at her knee. My second hand travelled down her other side as the first moved under her dress and up to her thigh. Soon both hands were stroking her legs as she moved back to face me.

She gasped as I fingered the elastic of her panties at her waist and slid my thumbs along the sides to her crotch. She bent to press her lips onto mine with tongues touching briefly.

“Oh!” she murmured into my mouth as I ripped the panties from her body. I held them to my face smelling her deeply and noting their dampness. Both hands cupped and kneaded her ass cheeks as her legs trembled. Reaching between her legs with one hand, my forearm rested along her vulva. As I slowly sawed back and forth, continuing to massage her full ass cheeks with one hand the other traced her crack over her anus.

As she straightened up I slowly moved my arm from between her legs, keeping constant pressure with my middle finger along her labia ending with the palm pressed firmly against her slit pressing onto her emerging clit. The only sound came from the squishing caused from the alternate pressure I applied with my hand.

At her rear my hand moved up and down the back of her thigh and up to her cheek again. Her legs were starting to buckle as the pace of the caresses increased. She looked into my eyes. Her eyes were intent and her face was flushed from to her neck.

With eyes locked, I deliberately moved my hand at her opening up to my lips and touched the tip to savour its saltiness. I moved it back and sunk it into her one time and repeating the earlier action sucked the fluid from it. Her hips were now rocking slowly back and forth. I was now using the edge of my hand wedged at her ass and moved it down into her slit careful not to penetrate each time I withdrew the other.

I now used two fingers to push through her swollen lips and enter her as far as they would go. Despite her urging downward pressure and undulating hips, I removed anal breakers porno the fingers and this time lifted them to her lips. She hungrily sucked them into her mouth and smiled slightly as I removed them.

“Damn!” she said as the headlights shone into the room and garage door opened. We quickly moved apart as I scooped her panties up and pocketed them.

The kids entered first and headed up the stairs after a brief greeting. Dan followed suit by saying that he wanted to shower before he had a glass of wine with us. I barely had enough time to let him know that I had forgotten my glasses at the party.

Adelaide had a frantic expression. I took her hand smiling. Before she could react I had pressed her back against the cushions and had my hand up her dress again. Impaled on my urgent prodding finger, I felt her legs spread. Scooping the dress from the bottom I moved it to her waist and bent low to suck in her swollen lips around my finger. Removing the finger and ignoring her silent squirming protest, I cupped her buttocks in both my hands and mashed her opening into my hungry mouth.

As I sat up again, the water stopped from the upstairs shower. I plunged two fingers into her staring intently into her eyes. Over and over again they plumbed the depths of her wet opening. Juices were flowing now out her onto my upturned palm. She suddenly stiffened as her orgasm overtook her.

I had time for one kiss and to help smooth her dress down before we heard footsteps going from the bathroom to their bedroom. A minute later Dan was walking down the stairs. Adelaide nearly flew off the couch to the bathroom on the main floor.

I sat facing Dan with a raging hard on pressing against my shorts discreetly covered by my jacket carelessly draped over my knees. I made my exit a few moments later letting him know that the wedding was a go and that I would call to find out what hotel we were booked into.

“Don’t worry about that. Adelaide will call. Why don’t you give her a shout during the week and you can figure out the travel schedule. I really appreciate you helping me out. I know that Adelaide is looking forward to this. It should be an exciting time for her.”

I managed to keep a straight face and mumbled something again about being glad to help.

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