Sister Gets Banged Pt. 05

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Pls read my story sequel for better understanding of the character and the story… My story involves my 3 sexy sisters and how I was able to full fill my much awaited fantasy of fucking them story continues…

Next day was a working a day and Ritu got ready wearing a mid-length skirt and shirt, she has also applied kajal on her eyes and were wearing high heels.

Her ass was curving out and I could imagine what a treat that would be for all her colleagues and her boss who has a free access to that round sexy ass.

I told her that she is looking hot, she told me that today her company MD is visiting her office and she would like to create an important impression on him. She told me with naughty smile that she might be late in case she have to meet her MD in person in evening at his hotel.

She told me not to wait for her. I pulled her and groped her sexy ass and told her not to forget to tell me all the details when she was home and do not wash your pussy I will lick it clean. Ritu said my pussy will always be for you my brother.

She left and I continued my day with my work. In the evening when I returned home I started missing my sis pussy. I messaged her what’s your plan she replied back that she is at her MD hotel room along with her boss and will be late. I messaged her to remember her promise, she replied with a smiley.

I watched some TV till 1.00 AM and dozed off to sleep and woke up when I heard main door opened and Ritu walked in. I saw the watch it was 6.00 am in the morning. She looked completely tired with her hair messed up clearly was fucked hard.

She saw me that I have woken up, she smiled and asked what’s up my little brother. I asked her that I have been waiting for her till late but I didn’t knew that she would come back in the Morning. Ritu took off her shirt and skirt and climbed along with me in the bed and said that she was engaged in a round of threesome with her boss and her MD. I immediately pushed my hand under her panties.

It was damp and her pussy was filled with cum and same was coming out also. I like a monster torn off panties and like a hungry wolf started licking her pussy. I asked her who’s cum was this she said she was fucked multiple times by both the men so this is of both of them.

While I was licking her I positioned myself in 69 pose as my dick was hard and I pushed the same into her mouth. I licked and tasted the cum mixed with her pussy juices. Ahh what a sweet taste and feeling of cleaning your sister’s pussy by licking her bosses’ cum. Ritu told me that her MD was all gaga for her ass and he fucked her twice in her ass and came inside.

I moved my tongue to her ass and started licking that too she was tasty there too, I told her she tasted like mango pickle. Ritu laughed and told me that this was 1st time she was ass licked and this feeling is amazing.

Ritu told me to she can’t hold it anymore and wanted my dick inside her pussy, I said that she will ride my cock now as I want to see her boobs bouncing and she can juice me out. I laid back on the bed while she came over me and positioned her pussy on my dick.

With a stroke over my dick she started bouncing up and down and fucking me. I started pinching her nipples and grabbing her boobs roughly like I was fucking a cheap slut or a slut sister. We were fucking like mad animals … she was mourning loudly aaahhh fuck my pussyyy ahhh ahh my pussy will juice your cock out … ahh ahh fuck your sister … ohhh ahhhh Rocky ohh ahhh you arreeee thhe beeest I cannnt holddd annny long pls fill myyy pussy with your cum darling. Ahh ahhh ahhh ooohhhhhhh ahhh and we both came oohhhh ooohh aahhh , she took all the cum in her pussy and wet down from my dick and started sucking my dick and eating my cum… What a slut … what a moment to enjoy.

She told me that her boss has given her a day off and told me also to take an off so that we can enjoy the day and she can tell the whole fuck episode to me. I said ok while and informed my company for a leave when I returned was in deep sleep.

I cleared my pending work at home. Around afternoon she woke up fresh. Ritu was naked she came to me hugged me and thanked me for giving her so much pleasure.

She told me that although she has been fucking around with so many guys but with the rawness she have sex with me was awesome .She said me that was experiencing a new erotic experience altogether.

Ritu told me that if I was not he brother she would türkçe altyazı porno have married me as this will give her a complete sexual freedom to have sex with people and at the same time it aroused her a lot to have a cuckold husband.

I was hard again, we had a deep smooch while she started creasing and very slowly stroking my dick. She told me that she wants to thanks me by giving me body message and a scrub bath followed by a sensual fuck of her ass.

She took my dick in her hand and took me to bedroom, I laid down on the bed. Then she applied oil on her complete body and then applied oil on my body as well.

Slowly messaging each and every part of the body. Starting from my feet and then slowly going up to my legs then creasing my balls and messaging my dick. She took break there and slowly started messaging my erect dick for some time … aahhh ahh I was in heaven. Then she messaged my stomach and chest.

Once she was done she turned me around and followed the same on my back body as well. She took time messaging my ass hole with her fingers, this was for the first time I was experiencing this erotic feeling … ohhh that was sexy .

I would say that no girlfriend can give such a sexy pleasure as your sister can give. Then she turned my around again and started messaging with her body. She was on top of me and rubbing her baby soft body on my body. Her soft and full boobs and shapely thighs rubbing on my body. This was an awesome experience. She thoroughly message my erect dick with her hands and sexy ass.

After this she took my cock in her hand and directed me to bathroom. I was given a scrub bath like a prince by my slut sister. We both enjoyed the bath by rubbing our naked bodies with each other. This is my life’s best bath. We dried each other and moved to bedroom. Both of us were smelling fresh, it was like we were newly married and were on honeymoon fucking day and night.

Ritu sucked my dick for some time and applied a lubricant on to the same. She then got on all four and raised her ass high. I sucked her ass hole once again ummmm it was awesome I had become an ass licker now… with a push I pumped my dick into her ass and she shouted in pleasure ohhh ohh rocky bhaiya , gand marlo apni randi bhen ki… (Rocky brother fuck ass of your slut sister).

I was fucking her with full speed now with lot of aggression. She was talking dirty which was very arousing. Ahh ahhh fuck fuck me myyy ooohhh brother … Ahh ahh ahh oohhh oh gwad this is so nice … fuck mee ahhh ahhh ahhh. Ahhhhh tumahara lund kitna mota hai (your dick is so big) ahhh faster ffffaaasssttteeerrr oooohhhh I said am about to cum in her asssss … Ahhh ahhh ahhh oh ahhh I flooded her ass with my hot semen gradually and slowly I exited her ass… We both collapsed in each other arms.

I asked her to share what happed last night, she told me that her boss introduced all staff to their MD. From starting only MD was ogling at her body he seems interesting and hence was interested in knowing what I do.

Sensing his interest my boss told me to join them for the days meeting. Once our work was over MD invited my boss for a round of drinks to his hotel. My boss immediately asked him if it’s ok to call Ritu along as she is a nice company to be. MD got the hint and agreed.

Ritu got a call from her boss who briefed her regarding meeting at MD’s hotel and told her that this will be a perfect opportunity for her to seduce him for her better prospects in the company. She said she first went to a mall and purchased a short mini skirt and changed into the new dress, then she went to MD’s hotel.

Both the men were already there and were drinking. She said the moment her MD saw her in her new mini dress he was fucking her every part by his eyes. All 3 of them started having drinks with her MD again and again praising her beauty and figure.

This went for an hour and all were feeling tipsy now. Then her boss stood up and took Ritu by her waist to their MD. He told him that as a gesture of thanks he wants to present Ritu as his mistress for the night to make his stay memorable.

She is a great company and it will enjoyable for him. She immediately took the hint and approached her MD for a deep smooch and started creasing his dick over the trousers. He was all erect. He told her boss that he will never forget this lovely gift as he has been thinking about her since morning and fucking her vivid porno will be a true pleasure.

They both went to the adjoining bedroom. He attached her like a wolf attacking a fresh pound of flesh and almost torn her clothes. He striped all his clothes and was jacking his erect dick with his hand.

Once she was naked she went down and started sucking his dick. After some time he said he can’t hold it anymore and fucked her like a beast. He kept pinching her nipples hard and pounded her pussy very hard. He came in her pussy and laid down for a while along with her.

Then he went out after wearing his clothes. Her boss asked there MD how was it he said it was amazing experience fucking such a sexy women. Ritu’s boss requested him for his turn to fuck her now, he said go ahead how can I say no.

Then Ritu was fucked in her pussy by her boss as well. Once he came out he told there MD that in next trip he should fuck her ass as she is experienced in getting her ass fucked. Her MD followed by her boss fucked her ass and while dropping her home early in morning her boss again fucked in the car at building parking. She told me that cum which I have licked clean in the morning was mixture of both of them.

I was hard again but she told me to hold my loins for the evening as she will call her friends – Aarti and Sherya for an orgy. My brother will have a variety of pussy today.

I was desperately waiting for evening, as the same arrived I heard our doorbell rang. There came in 4 people. 2 girls and 2 guys. Ritu called me and introduced me to them Aarti was dusky with plump body, huge boobs and a big fat ass.

She was accompanied by her boyfriend Rohan – smart and tall boy. Then Ritu introduced to me to Sherya , she was fair with mango sized boobs puffy lips meant to suck dicks, well-shaped legs and a sexy ass. Her boyfriend name was Amit.

Ritu took my hand and made me stand in between Aarti and Sherya and told me that we both will have a feast , she went to Amit and Rohan and starting rubbing their cocks and asked them boy’s interested in fucking me… one of them started pressing her boobs and other one started groping her ass.

Aaarti and Sherya started creasing my dick which was rocket hard now, sherya leaned forward and gave me a deep smooch. My life have turned into heaven in such a short time. All my life I have jacked thinking of fucking beautiful babes and my sexy sisters, now I was fucking not only my slut sisters but sexy hot girls as well.

We all striped our clothes and went to the bigger bedroom, Ritu took Amit’s cock into her mouth and Rohan started sucking her. Aaarti took Rohan’s dick in her mouth and I started licking her pussy.

She was sucking his dick being on her hands and knees and while I was licking her pussy from back I could see her ass hole and was also creasing her big ass butts. Sherya came forward and started sucking my dick. This was heavenly sex party with room filled with shouting and mourns… Ahh ahh ooohhhh ohhh suck me baby yaaaa lickkk myyy pussyyyy ahhh ohhhh fuucccckk tthiiis is ssooo nice … you aaa a reeal suuucker … succkk thhhtaat… is all you could hear in the room.

Soon we moved, I moved over Sherya and placed my dick on her pussy and pushed it in … ooouch ahhh yaaaaahhh fuck me with that beautiful dick. I started pumping her pussy faster and she started shouting louder … Ohhh rocky ahhh that a big and fat dick … that feels so full ahh I am loving this ahhh yeee fuuuck mme hhard , I could see that Rohan was watching us very interestingly while my sister was sucking his dick. I push a hard stroke and my balls were not hitting her pussy … she was high on sex and her pussy was dipping wet…I could see now that Rohan has also shifted Ritu under her and has started pounding her pussy.

She was sucking Amit’s cock. I pulled Sherya from under me and laid down on the bed and signalled her to ride my cock. Since her pussy was wet my dick penetrated instantly. She looked beautiful riding me in ecstasy.

I called Aarti to place her pussy on my face and started sucking her pussy and fingering her ass hole, she was pushing her pussy deep on my face in sexual excitement. Since we were all fucking a single bed hence there was very less space left between all of us. I extended my hand and started groping boobs of Ritu and started pinching her nipples.

This was the most exiting feeling of pressing tits of your sister while she woodman casting porno is fucking 2 studs and you are fucking there girlfriend. Ahhhh what a fleeing … This was sexual heaven … this is what is the meaning of cuckold. Sherya was squatting very fast now and she shouted ohhhhhh ahhhh maaannn I caaant hold nowww , ohhhh goddddd iiii ammm cummmming … Ahhhh and she came … I also could not hold and with a strong push flushed gallons of cum in her pussy, Aarti also came on my face with lots of fluids flowing.

This sex nectar was very sweet and tasty hhhmmm.

Once I came to senses, I could see that ritu also had an orgasm and Rohan also came in her pussy. At that moments only Amit showered his sperms in her mouth and face … She licked the max of it. She turned her face and looked at me and with a naughty smile asked my wane lick me clean my sweet little brother.

No one could understand that, moved towards her and started licking Amit’s cum from her face … ommm what a taste to lick clean you slut sister face filled with fresh and hot cum. Then I moved at her pussy with was dipping with Rohan’s cum.

I started eating his cum from her pussy … Ritu was pushing my head deep in her pussy and moaning with pleasure … Oooohhh myy booother , yaa ya suuck mmmee plllssss … Sherya could feel the pleasure Ritu was getting she also pushed Rohan onto her pussy and in commanding voice told him , I also need cleaning of pussy for next fuck… He bowed down and started eating her cum. This was awesome, another cuckold was born.

Aarti started licking my dick and eating my and sherya pussy juices, in some time I was hard again. Once I was finished with sucking Ritu , I pulled Aarti and raised her ass in the air and slapped her butts , than I applied some lubricant on my dick and placed it on her ass hole and pushed it in. Big fat ass was meant to be fucked only … I also started fingering her

pussy and groping her tits and ass cheeks. I started stroking faster now and she was mourning high now … ahh mann this dick is sooo big , youuu will tear my assss ohhhh ahhh ahhh ohh plssss fuuuck mmme hard.. I was stroking my dick very hard … Chap chap chap chap chap , I could not hold and came into her ass… Still stroking slowly with every stroke some of the cum coming out of her ass. I withdrew. She remained like that and called Amit and told him , now it’s you turn, Amit said what??? , She also said in commanding voice to do it now … He leaned forward and started licking her ass hole and eating my dick … Ahh ahh another cuckold was born. Though he didn’t like the idea at first by he liked it later and he was licking the hole clean with pleasure.

For some time we decided to take some break and had few drinks.

Ritu told me that they regularly gets into such orgy but this time there are 3 guys and 3 girls.

3 guys, that stuck me an idea, I told guys that I have a fantasy of fucking Ritu in her all 3 holes. Ritu came near and said you naught brother and kissed me deep. I said I will fill her sexy ass, let Amit fuck her pussy and Rohan will get her mouth.

Amit laid down with my erect dick and Ritu came over him and placed his dick tip on her pussy hole. She pushed herself onto it ahhh he was full in her tight pussy. I came behind her and placed my dick on her ass hole and pushed it with a hard stroke. Ahhh ahhhhhh ohhhhh mmmummmaaa aaahhh thhhhat isss biiig you guys will tear me out… ahhhh we started stroking slowly … puuucch puccch .

Rohan came forward and pushed his dick in her… spuuuur spuuuur her mouth started making noise.

We also increased our stroked … she was riding fast now … ohhhh ohhhhhh ohhhh ahhh ahhhh ahh ohhhhh … She could not speak a word as Rohan has pulled her month deep on his dick.

We all were in awesome pleasure and fucking hard and enjoying this amazing sex session … First Rohan came on her face then Amit in her pussy followed by me in her ass. We withdrew our dick and looked each other. Instantly our eyes had a communication. I started licking Ritu’s pussy , Rohan her ass and Amit her face . We all were licking someone others cum and cleaning our freshly fucked slut.

Looking at this Aarti and Sherya also wanted to perform triple penetration, since I have already fucked Aarti ass I negotiated her pussy and Sherya sexy ass. This was an awesome night and we repeated the cum eating pleasure.

Late at night all the guest left, we were too tired and slept nude in each other’s arms.

Before sleeping Ritu told me that Angeliana and Neha are coming next week and I will be should be ready to have more of pussy share of sultry sisters.

Next episode will be more sex adventures with all the 3 sisters when they visit us.

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