Sis Cured Ill Brother

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This is my first story ever and I am definitely sure that you’re gonna like it if you have feeling for incestuous sex. Hi guys, I am Jacky.

When I was 18, I used to play football a lot and because of that I have a great physique but not good in studies. I live with my sister Anna who was 23 and do a job in a restaurant most of the times. My parents passed away 3 years ago in an accident. Most of time I live alone at home and getting bored.

Here’s the story begins.

It’s Saturday night and I had a high fever. I was lying in my bed just like a dead person and feels like somebody put my ass on fire. After some hours Anna get back home. She jumped in my room to assure the condition.

She calls her friend who was medical student in University of California and her friend told her to give a paracetamol and if the temperature doesn’t come down in 2 hours then you should take him to hospital and she gave me medicine. She was just lying close to me in my bed with a deep neck top and a panty only.

As she was tired she fell asleep there only. After sometime my body temperature become normal and I feel lighter.

It was midnight almost and I also feel sleepy so I started waking her up to tell that I am feeling good now and you can go to your room and sleep but she didn’t wake up. I think she was too tired and can’t wake up now. She felt asleep when she was sitting just near my head and giving me a head massage. So I pulled her down on the bed so that she can sleep properly but when I did that her left boobs came out of the t-shirt. This was for first time I saw real big boobs with my naked eyes. It had a tattoo on the upper side written “devil” with an arrow pointing towards pink sexy nipples.

I had a biggest bulge in my boxers till then. My cock becomes a long rock. That moment is like a cute angel is lying with a boob is hanging out and the another one is trying to tear out the thin piece of cotton. I wanted to squeeze them really hard but I have fears but after lot of thinking I got up to a conclusion that I pulled her down then she doesn’t wake up then how can she wake up now. I first touch it which made my blood to go down to my cock rapidly.

After few minutes taboo heat porno of hand job I put my mouth on it and started sucking it. Her nipples were becomes really hard so I started biting it hard and squeezing it like a pizza dough totally forgotten that I am on my sister’s boobs and she was sleeping. With my mouth and one hand I was sucking it really hard and with another I was rocking my 7 inches thing . After sometimes I felt a hand on my head and hear some moans.

I looked up with her boobs in my mouth and found she was looking at me with an expression to don’t stop. Now I lose the another platform to showcase my talents. Now she is moaning loudly in ecstasy with both nipples were eaten out really hard that she also forgets that I’m her brother who is responsible for that loud moans. She climaxed and put her lips on mine and made her tongue attacks and gets a good treatment.

After few long kissing session she came near my ears and told me “this night is going to be best night for both of us” and bites my earlobe. After that she started taking charges and jumped on top of me kissing me in my necks, my muscular chest and she bites my chest really hard and I moaned loudly. After that she took my rod in his hands and asked me “how did you make it possible to hide such a big rod in your little undies?” And put her hot lips on my shaft making it go crazy and rose half a inch more.

Her mouth on my shaft feels like I am in heaven and getting the best treatment of heaven. She takes it full in her mouth to her neck. I could not last long and I shot around 8-9 times in her mouth. Her mouth is full of my white bloods, some of it tells to her boobs and some feed her hunger. She were still in her panties and there were a big wet spot which I want to smell, lick, drink and many more.

I put her down and make her legs wider and smells her panties which makes me go crazy.

Her smell was so aroustic that I started licking her panties like a dog which makes her realising a ton of juices. She was moaning loudly. I removed her panty and saw a golden bushes in a triangle shape. I started licking her clit, go round and round to her lips, put my tongue in the hole which teach that bitch porno is leaking a lot of sweet juices. I made to tongue to go inside as much as possible. It was really hot.

She hold my hairs tightly and pressed my head to her pussy. I cannot breathe. She cumed on my mouth and relised a lot of hot water in my mouth. It was so nice. The taste of her cum is lovely. You all should definitely try this, you will going to love this.

She was breathing heavily. I move towards her lips and give her the smell and taste of her own cum. I put my tongue in her mouth, holding her neck and waist tightly. There was not a little between us. Her boobs were tightly pressed with my chest.

My hard dick is crushing her forest. My lips were tightly packed in her lips and my tongue was inside her mouth. That was a very long kiss I didn’t know how long but one of the longest kiss I ever have. She told me lie down and she sat on top of me.

She holds my dick and directed towards her hole. She rubbed my dick over her wet lips and hole. In the first stroke my dick head goes in and it was really tight but there is a lot of wetness. This time I hit her really hard. My whole dick goes inside and she cried loudly and she stuck her nails in my chest which was very painful for me. My chest get a little amount of blood but then also it was so pleasurable experience with a lot of pains. Her pussy was really hot.

I started giving her strokes after strokes, pressing her boobs pinching her tight nipples and she was moaning loudly in ecstasy. She leaned forward and puts her lips on my chest and bites me, I moaned loudly. She started sucking my lips and bites it and I started fucking her hard and pressed her lips with mine that she can’t moan.

She was trying to moan but she can’t. I tightly held her close to me and fucking her really hard with her lips get sticked with mine. She becomes like furious cat gave me some scratches in my hands and back so I leave her. She was panting really hard and moaning. I stopped for a while. She started jumping on me and told me “Don’t dare to stop now.” I fuck her in rhythm with her. She was closed to her orgasm and after team skeet porno two minutes she bursted all over my hard cock.

She let her down on my chest . Her heartbeat was really fast and her body was shaking hard. The waves were hitting her with full pace for a minute. She kissed me and make herself relax to normal.

I stood up and pulled her up to me. Give her a kiss and she puts her hand on my shoulders and her legs go round my waist. I lift her with my hands on her soft butt which I feels like I am squeezing a marshmallow. I took her to wall and pushed her against the wall tightly. Kissed her. I put my dick inside the heavenly hole and started ramming it up.

As it was so wet, it was going inside with good pace. She was moaning again louder which makes me feel to speed up and so did I. Fucking her against the wall in my hands is my best experience till date. We were kissing biting each other sweaty bodies while fucking her against the wall. I put my finger in her mouth and after that I put that finger in her tight small butt hole which makes her jumped. My middle finger was fucking her ass while my dick was going up and down in her pussy with a great speed. We both were moaning hard and closed to orgasm. And little later we both releases our jets. We both were taking our breathe back just like that position only.

My cum mixed with her cum running down from her pussy to knee. We kissed each other. She told me “I have the world’s best brother.” and gave me kiss on my cheeks. I was blushing now. We both were as sweaty and smells bad as a worker in construction company.

I took my eyes towards the clock and it was 3:47 am. We both headed towards the bathroom, cleaned each other’s body and take a hot water bath in a tub with her. We both were relaxing our body with a pinch of romance. After 45 minutes we get out of the tub.

I rubbed the water off from her body with a towel. When I looked down her pussy were really swelled up and red. I told her that it was swollen and red like an apple. She replies me “because you fucked them really hard and with a great stamina with the biggest banana I had ever for 3 long hours.” and gave me kiss on my lips and take the towel to clean me. She told me “your fingers in my feels like that I am a butter in an hot oven.” We both headed towards the bed naked and she puts her hand and legs on my body , gave me a kiss and we slept.

Thank you guys for reading my story and the story didn’t end here, it’s part 2 will going to come soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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