Simply Irresistible

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This story is based on interracial lesbian reluctance, coercion and domination. It is fantasy, for the enjoyment of people who take pleasure in such themes. But if this type of storyline is not for you, thank you for stopping by but please pass on.


Briana, Leah and Aimee had been dancing all night. The combination of the heavy beat pounding out of the sound system, and the lavish amounts of alcohol the three girls had already consumed, had reinforced the high they were already feeling.

This wasn’t their usual haunt, but they had agreed to try it after Aimee had been given free tickets from a colleague at work. What they hadn’t known—until after they had arrived—was that it was a lesbian club. At first, Aimee had wondered out loud if her work friend was sending out subconscious signals to her, but after the initial shock the three best friends had almost wet themselves laughing at the thought.

They were determined to make the most of the experience and why not? The double-tiered nightclub was alive with music and the drinks were much cheaper than other clubs they frequented.

Better yet, there were no guys trying it on with them every few seconds. Yes, there had been a few hungry glances at their limber bodies from other women—unusual but surprisingly sexy—but otherwise they had been left alone to enjoy their night together.

Briana was well aware that while she had consumed too much alcohol, both Leah and Aimee were way beyond their own limits.

They had increasingly acted up as the night had progressed, intent on getting themselves noticed by more and more of the clubs regular clientèle. It was as if they were trying to outdo one another, revelling in the fact that all eyes were on them as they shamelessly bumped and grinded their bodies against each other in the most brazenly sexual way possible.

It came as no surprise when other women gathered around them but it was two black women who took the initiative. They were much older than the majority of the other club goers—in their fifties, Briana guessed—and they cleverly chose the right moment to move in, seemingly intent on separating Briana from her drunken friends.

“You move very well, girl,” the first of the two woman casually called across to her.

Her eyes worked their across Briana’s pert body, making no secret of letting the girl know exactly where she was staring.

Briana wasn’t in the least bit intimidated. She met the confident gaze full on and stared back equally as boldly. The woman’s pendulous breasts were barely contained in her simple black dress and her fabulous bubble butt was moving in that sassy way that only a black woman could pull off.

But before she could think of a suitable put—down, Leah was dancing closer, as if determined to get in on the action.

“We all do, honey,” she shouted back to the woman.

As soon as she had the woman’s attention, she danced closer and casually flicked up the hem of her skirt.

“You like cute white girls, do you?” she asked.

Briana closed her eyes and cringed. That was so typical of Leah. She always turned into a full—on tease when she’d had too much to drink. Pushing the boundaries…

“Hell, yeah…” the woman quickly responded.

She was fully focused on Leah now, a smile creasing her face as the hot looking young brunette swayed in front of her. She always had known how to use that Playboy body of hers.

“A cute little underdressed white thing like you make me and my friends drool at the mouth,” she throatily husked. “Can’t you tell?”

“Me too?” Aimee asked, determined not to be pushed into the background.

Hands in the air, hips gyrating, she swayed her ass more sensually to the heavy beat as she dancer closer to Leah. Her long legs made up for her lack of substance up top and they were perfectly displayed in her short—very short—cream designer dress and heels.

Briana pouted to herself at being squeezed out of the action and wished she hadn’t dressed more conservatively than the others. Yes, her pair of low-rise skinny jeans cupped her ass tightly and her overly tight, sleeveless blouse curved closely around her apple sized breasts.

But despite the plunging neck that presented a teasing amount of her pert cleavage, her two friends had way more flesh on display. And the two of them were acting considerably more provocatively.

“I’m Olivia,” the woman said, turning her full attention to Leah and Aimee now.

Briana’s lower lip quivered. She wasn’t interested in either of these two women, or any women at all for that matter, but she hated missing out on the attention her friends were now receiving.

“Leah,” her friend casually said, still dancing.

Her movements became even raunchier than before as she introduced herself. That was typical Leah. She loved making sure the attention was on her.

“And I’m Aimee,” her blonde friend added, flicked her hair across one shoulder as she wrapped her antalya escort arms around Leah’s neck.

She sexily pressed herself against her friend’s curves as she gave the two women one of her sultry stares. There wasn’t any way she was going to let Leah get in all the flirting time here. She was every bit as hot, raunchy and uninhibited. She began to grind her body against Leah, putting on a show for their admirers.

Briana groaned to herself and turned away a little. Short of acting like her two friends were, she realised that she wasn’t going to get the attention they were getting. And she wasn’t going to demean herself by following their lead.

Leah and Aimee were such flirts, especially after a few drinks, although it was usually guys on the receiving end of their teasing. There was something about the demeanour of these two women that suggested they wouldn’t be so easy to manipulate. Despite letting the girls take the initiative, it felt to Briana that the older women were firmly in control. This was a situation they had encountered all too many times before.

“Good to meet ya both,” Olivia grinned. She nodded at her friend. “This is Precious. You girls must be new around here.”

“We get around,” Leah laughed.

The two friends separated and danced closer to the woman. Hands in her hair, Aimee shimmied closer and closer to Precious. Leah went a step further, moving behind Olivia and grinding her groin into that bubble butt ass. Briana cringed again. This was getting out of hand.

There was something about the knowing look Olivia and Precious exchanged that made her nervous. The situation was developing in a way they were comfortable with, that was for sure.

“Let’s go to the bar,” she suddenly suggested, attempting to defuse the situation.

But no-one was listening.

The effect of the alcohol on her friends was all too evident as they tried to outdo each other again. They were grinding their bodies against their new found friends now, like a pair of pole dancers. Briana shook her head disdainfully. Hopefully common sense would have kicked in by the time she returned from the restrooms. Right now, she needed to get away from all this.

But as she began to work her way through the throng of dancing women, Leah and Aimee barely even realised she had gone.


Briana stared at her reflection in the mirror. She had taken her time in the ladies room, trying to get her thoughts in order. Her head was spinning and even after dousing water on her face, she was still feeling the effect of too much drink. Goodness knows how Leah and Aimee were coping. Instinct told her she needed to get them out of there.

But just as she turned around to make her way back to the dance floor, a sixth sense stilled her movement. For some reason she couldn’t explain, she stepped into a stall, out of the way. There wasn’t even time to lock the door when she heard the outer restroom door opened. The voice that spoke was familiar.

“This way, girl…”

The small space between the door and the frame allowed Briana to see out into the room if she angled her head. Olivia held Leah’s hand and Precious’s arm was linked with Aimee’s. There was no doubt that her friends were well the worse for drink and they were being led into the restrooms like prizes that had just been won.

The sight made her heart beat even faster. So did the thought of discovery. If they decided to check the stalls, she was done for.

A third black woman had followed them into the room but she only had eyes for the unfolding action. She crossed her arms over her ample chest as she leant back against the outer door—keeping guard?—and a wide grin spread across her face as Olivia and Precious took control of the evolving situation.

As if it were two hot guys they were with, Leah and Aimee responded instantly as the older women pulled them into a heated kissing session. It had to be the effect of the alcohol, Briana told herself. Neither of her friends were bi, at least to her knowledge, and yet they were eagerly responding as Olivia and Precious mauled their mouths.

Olivia had Leah pressed against the far wall and her hands mashed the girl’s breasts through her flimsy top as they kissed. Leah had nowhere to go, helplessly pinned against the wall as Olivia’s experienced hands teased her arousal levels even higher and higher.

Aimee was leaning back against the washbasin, her moans bouncing off the restroom walls almost as soon as Precious’ lips began to kiss all down her sensitive neck.

The scene was unbelievably hot.

The women were old enough to be their mothers and Leah and Amy had played right into their hands. They’d thought they were teasing the two women on the dance floor but instead Olivia and Precious had let themselves work each other up.

The older women had known what they were doing, all right. And now they were reaping the benefits. They had manipulated the situation so serik escort that both Leah and Aimee had become easy pickings and the two younger girls were so helplessly turned on they were unable to resist.

Olivia was whispering in Leah’s ear as she turned her around to face the wall. As soon as she lifted her arms up to shoulder height and rested them on the tiled wall, Olivia’s hand curled underneath her dress. Leah’s gasps confirmed it had reached its destination. Her other hand had returned to one of the girl’s ripe breasts, squeezing it as she began to rub Leah through her panties.

The helpless teenage thighs parted even wider of their own volition. She hung her head in growing need, her moans growing louder as her overheated body was teased further into arousal.

Precious was just as dominating. She had Aimee bent backwards over the counter, totally at her mercy. There was no way the girl could resist even if she wanted to. The older woman had already pulled her cream designer dress up to her waist and her hand was inside Aimee’s thong, making her squirm. As she fingered her, she dragged the top of the girl’s dress to one side and began to suck on her left breast.

Briana had never seen anything quite so sexual.

The flood of arousal between her thighs embarrassed her. Here she was, watching surreptitiously while her two best friends were being taken and used by these two black women. Despite the situation, she had shamelessly dropped a hand between her own legs and begun to rub herself over her jeans. She couldn’t help herself.

Every woman had had a fantasy at one time or another about being taken by another woman, right? The fact that Precious and Olivia had had definitely planned this only made it hotter. They had come to the club looking for ‘cute little white girls’ and they had found two of the hottest. And they knew exactly how to take advantage.

Both Leah and Aimee were moaning out loud now and even the plump black woman guarding the door was caught up in the action. She had her legs spread wide and her forearm was pumping back and forward under her dress as she lewdly masturbated herself.

When Leah’s orgasm hit her full force, her cries seemed to trigger Aimee’s climax. But neither black woman let up. They continued to finger their prizes, taking the helpless girls from one climax to the next, until their young bodies were breathless and shuddering.

It was as if they were trying to fuck any resistance right out of them.

It was all too much for Briana. Her trembling fingers worked at the button on her jeans and she dragged the zip downwards. The long sigh of satisfaction as she worked her fingers down inside her thong caught in her throat when she glanced back at the action.

Precious had swopped places with Aimee and was sitting on the counter, her feet on the marbled top as she presented her pussy to the blonde. Leah was positioned on her knees infront of Olivia, who had dragged her black dress to her waist. Neither woman wore panties.

Each woman had a tight grip of their white prey’s hair, tugging them closer, confirming who was in control. In an instant, both girls had their heads firmly pressed between the black thighs. The sight was unbelievably hot. Even the woman by the door was groaning out loud as she masturbated herself.

Whether it was the alcohol, the action on the dance floor, their own orgasms, or a combination of all of those things, but neither Leah nor Aimee were even trying to resist!

Not that Briana cared. She was too caught up in her own needs. Her body temperature had risen to boiling point and slid her hand inside her thong. Her body jumped as she found her clit.

Olivia and Precious were showering Leah and Aimee with compliments now, telling them how good their tongues felt, how they were naturals.

“Just there, girl, oh fuck yeah…”

“Like that baby, dayum but you’re good…”

Their moans turned into groans and then into curses as the action grew even hotter. Leah and Aimee had previously been cute little white girls but now they were hot little white bitches.

When they both tightened their grips on the girls’ hair and began to hump their pussies into their faces, Briana felt faint. It was so demeaning … and yet … so incredibly sexual.

She swung her body around and rested her back against the door. Her own climax was fast approaching. One more flick of her clit did the trick. It arrived suddenly, enveloping her, consuming her, and she bit down on her bottom lip in a desperate attempt to stifle her whimpers.

But Olivia and Precious had no such constraints…

The uninhibited way they cussed out their orgasms sent another climax racing through Briana, almost as soon as the first had subsided. Oh God, she was cumming so hard she thought she might go out of her mind. Her body flinched at each aftershock and she lost track of time as she leant against the wall of the stall, trying to keeping side escort herself upright.

Eventually, when she started to recover and her breathing began to return to normal, she realised that the restrooms were empty.


Briana had found it difficult to sleep. She always did after too much alcohol. But that wasn’t the only reason this time. Her body was still burning from everything that had happened in the restrooms. Her mind kept racing back to what she had seen, seen her friends do.

They had been so eager and so willing….

She had phoned Leah and Aimee a couple of times on her way home and asked them to call her as soon as they got her message. There had been no sign of them by the time she made it back to the dance floor and she wanted to make sure they were okay. They’d never left a club without her before.

It was eight in the morning now and still they hadn’t called. Briana was sure she knew why, of course. They were too embarrassed.

All three of them had had sex after a night out clubbing of course. Which girl hadn’t nowadays? A quick fuck with some guy they had just met—in the restrooms, a car or even a back alley. But this wasn’t the same. It felt … different. Although none of them had any bi tendencies as far as she knew, all three of them had got off—in their different ways—on girl—girl sex.

Ha! Girl—girl sex?

Olivia and Precious were hardly girls. They were mature women who knew exactly what had been doing. This had been planned. They were predators, looking for their prey. And that prey had been teenage white girls. They had found it in her friends…

Why did she find that thought so repulsive and yet so exciting? Her body tingled in response to each question she asked herself and she felt ashamed at her reaction. She was so wet.

She moved slowly from her bed to the bathroom. Maybe a cool shower would help reduce the arousal still flowing through her veins?

She stood there for a long time, allowing the lukewarm water to flow over her body. The problem was that as much as it might clean her flesh, it couldn’t cleanse her mind, no matter how long she allowed it to cascade over her body.

Images kept appearing behind her closed eyes—of Olivia and Leah, of Precious and Aimee. But in these images, she was involved too. And each illicit thought just made her tingle that little bit more.

Her fingers crept along her flat stomach, down into the juncture between her legs, and brushed across her swollen clit. It throbbed in response, catching her off guard. Like water breaking through a dam, suddenly it was all too much. She leant back against the cool tile wall and yanked the showerhead from its perch. When she directed the hard spray directly across her sex, she came instantly.

She arched her hips to feel the intense rush as it slammed through her body. She fell back against the wall and then slowly slumped down to the floor, staying there until the intensity began to fade. It felt so wanton, so sexual, so wicked. Had they been watching, she felt sure that Olivia and Precious would have approved.

Oh My God, had she really thought that?

She shook the thought away and dragged herself from the shower. Every soft touch of the fluffy white towel as she patted her body dry made her gasp. Her appetite had been re-awakened and wasn’t going to easily fade away.

Naked, she returned to the bedroom and sat on the edge of her bed. It was already clear to her that one orgasm wasn’t going to be enough. She pulled open the draw of her bedside table and removed her Magic Wand vibrator.



Twenty four hours—and so many orgasms later she had lost count—Briana was laying on her bed again. She should have been ready for sleep. But she was wide-awake.

She still hadn’t heard a single thing from either Leah or Aimee. They hadn’t answered any of her calls, returned any of the messages she had left, or sent a single reply to her numerous texts.

Something was wrong…

She couldn’t decide what to do. Reporting her friends as missing to the police was a bit extreme. Is she contacted their parents and shared her concerns she’d have to explain what had happened. If Leah and Aimee were safe, they’d be furious with her. Besides, she had already had to avoid some difficult questions when she’d checked around with a few of her friends. Perhaps she should—

The ringing sound of her mobile phone interrupted the thought. When she checked the caller ID, her heart leapt into her mouth.

“Leah,” she cried, her voice a mixture of annoyance and relief. “Where the fuck have you been?”

“Hey, girl.”

Briana froze. This wasn’t Leah’s voice. Far from it. There was no mistaking that Caribbean-style accent.

She drew the bed sheet to her neck, irrationally feeling the need to cover her naked breasts. Her nipples were already hard and erect. From simply hearing Olivia’s voice?

“Where’s Leah?” she gasped, before she could think clearly. “And Aimee?”

“Don’t worry. Your friend’s are fine…”

The older woman’s voice was calm and collected, just like it had been in the club. She even had that predatory tone. Briana shivered.

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