Simon , the Senator’s Wife

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INTRODUCTION however, one particular family were afforded service over and above this at all times.

This family was the family of Senator Gary Sinclair, consisting of the Senator himself, his wife Susannah and their three adult children, son Justin and identical twin girls Annabel and Clarissa. Senator Sinclair was a politician who had a lot of influence in the local area, and a tall, good-looking, brown-haired man of 48, he and his family were a familiar sight in newspapers, and at social and political events. Senator Sinclair stood for office on a platform of conservatism, old-fashioned morals and good values, a platform that had seen him easily returned to office every election since the early 1960s.

Mrs. Sinclair was a very attractive, tall, slim blonde aged 45, who had passed on her good looks to her daughters, both Annabel and Clarissa stunning 18-year-old blondes who attended an exclusive girls’ school. Justin, aged 21 and an Ivy-league student, was much like a younger version of his father in looks; tall, handsome and with brown hair. The good looking family, looking an idealized version of America, were an essential part of the Senator’s political campaigns. However, away from the media when political opponents and commentators were not around, they were anything but ideal.

Senator Sinclair was an arrogant man, insistent upon getting his own way and making sure people knew who he was at all times. This was never done openly, such as the man blustering and demanding instant attention or asking, ‘Do you know who I am?’ but discretely, with subtlety.

His son seemed to have inherited his father’s arrogance as well as his looks, but Justin was far less discrete about it, looking down his nose at people he thought inferior to himself and considering himself above things such as waiting or manners. Justin also seemed to think that he was exempt from driving laws, speeding and generally driving dangerously in his sports car. Once, he had nearly run into Simon while screaming into illegal bahis the car park in his sport’s car at break-neck speed, but rather than apologize he merely exited the vehicle and walked into the country club without so much as a backwards glance.

The two daughters, Annabel and Clarissa were a pair of absolute little snobs, their blue eyes giving looks of contempt to anybody they considered below them, which of course included all people who worked at the country club. They would rarely so much as speak to anybody who did not reach their lofty standards, and if addressed by such a person would sigh in unison and respond in as few words as possible, rolling their eyes and turning up their noses in a display of disdain and contempt.

The only nice member of the family was Susannah Sinclair, who would always be polite and well-mannered, and would reprimand her kids for being rude if it came to her attention. Unfortunately, her husband tended to over-ride her good work, instilling in their son and daughters that they were superior to most other people.

Joining the family for dinner this evening were the Senator’s two assistants, Hayley and Robert. Simon had encountered them many times before, and cared little for either. Robert was aged in his late 20s, a tall skinny man with glasses and brown hair, who always wore suits. A faceless yes-man and a sycophant, Robert’s standard responses to his employer were ‘Yes Senator’, ‘No Senator’, ‘Three bags full Senator’ and ‘How high shall I jump Senator?’

Hayley, also aged in her late 20s, was the superior of the Senator’s two assistants, a slim and stunningly attractive redhead with long flowing hair, extraordinarily fair skin and green eyes. Her beauty helped mask an arrogant and unpleasant young woman, who no matter where she was gave orders like she owned the place, snapping her fingers to get attention and if needing to explain something, would talk down to the person in a patronizing, condescending manner. The girl lived on her nerves illegal bahis siteleri and spent an inordinate amount of time talking on the telephone, always demanding to use a telephone in the country club office rather than the pay phone. Simon thought that Hayley would love it if she could somehow carry a telephone with her, to make and take calls anywhere and at any time.

Tonight was little different to the many times Simon had served them. Always polite and professional, he gave them the wine lists and menus, and returned to take their orders. The Senator and his wife ordered one type of white wine, Robert gushing to ensure he ordered the same as his employer. Hayley had asked one question after another about the wine list, before ordering a sweet white.

Senator Sinclair and his son, wearing identical shirts, jacket and trousers ordered their food, Justin not even bothering to look at Simon when giving his order. As with the wine, Robert ordered the exact same entrée and main course as the Senator. Mrs. Sinclair and her daughters, who all wore red dresses and contrasting with Hayley, who wore a green dress, placed their orders. Annabel and Clarissa made no attempt to disguise their displeasure at having to address somebody so far below them directly, their much more polite mother giving each teenager a disapproving glare. Simon took Hayley’s order and returned to the kitchen.

When the wine and other drinks arrived at the table, Simon handed them out and was about to depart to serve another table, when he heard Hayley’s voice, and then the snap of her fingers. “Excuse me? Yes you, over here!” Simon turned in time to see Hayley snap her fingers again, and disguising his contempt for the young woman’s rudeness, went back to the table.

“Can I assist you ma’am?” asked Simon.

“I hope so,” said Hayley, her voice taking on its patronizing and condescending tone. “I ordered a sweet white wine, however what you have brought me is a dry white. If I had wanted a dry white, canlı bahis siteleri then I would have ordered a dry white wine. Can you return this, and get me a sweet white; not another dry white, not a red, not a rose, but a sweet white wine like I ordered in the first place? The wine that comes from a bottle with the label that indicates that sweet white wine is inside?”

“Right away, ma’am,” said Simon, taking the wine glass that Hayley thrust at him, Simon noticing the Senator’s wife glowering at Hayley, the woman clearly uncomfortable and irritated.

Retrieving the correct wine, and resisting the urge to spit into the glass, Simon returned to the Senator’s table and placed the new glass in front of Hayley. “Sorry about that ma’am,” he said.

Without thanking him, Hayley picked up the glass. “Let me see if you’ve got it right this time.” She took a sip and gave him a fake smile. “Congratulations, you’ve got it right this time. You’ve poured sweet white wine into a glass and brought it to a customer who ordered sweet white wine. Well done.”

Simon ignored the young woman, and Senator Sinclair, his family and their guests sat talking, Simon noticing Robert gushing, “That sounds like such a wonderful idea, Senator,” at one such political idea the Senator raised.

However, on such a busy night, there were inevitable delays, and soon Justin, Annabel and Clarissa were complaining.

“When is our food going to get here?” protested Annabel to her siblings.

“I can’t believe how slow they are, the service is terrible,” conferred Clarissa.

“That waiter probably lost our order, or the idiots in the kitchen have messed it up,” said Justin.

“Kids, be patient, it is busy tonight, there might be delays,” warned their mother.

“We shouldn’t have to wait this long,” said Clarissa.

“Why don’t I take care of this?” suggested Senator Sinclair, pushing back his chair to get to his feet.

“Gary, no, we can wait like everybody else,” said his wife.

Her husband smiled. “Why should we wait, honey, when we don’t have to?”

“Gary, there are people who were here before us who haven’t received their dinner yet,” said Susannah, but Gary paid his wife no attention, and went over to the restaurant manager.

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