Silence In The City

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It’s a sweet summer morning. The sun has crept through my window. My windows allow a breeze to caress me that carries the promise that only summer can, exciting and intoxicating. I spend some time preparing for work, slowly smoothing my skin and softening it in preparation for the day. I ease a beautiful, ice green dress over my body. The fabric spills over my curves, covering my body, the feel of silk on my skin.

The same gentle breeze caresses me as I step onto the ferry and take a seat on the bow. I take out the book I have been hoping to finish. The book is a collection of erotic stories; it has been encouraging me to reach out further, dare to try new things. A man boards and catches my eye. He is tall, elegant. I watch him move towards me and I can’t help but stare at him. He catches me staring at him; his dark eyes are boring into mine as he moves closer.

He settles into the seat opposite me. The ferry leaves the wharf and starts to roll over undulating waves. The man is enjoying the trip and occasionally smiles at me. His eyes travel lazily illegal bahis over my body, stopping here and there as thought they were caught in honey. I try to concentrate on what I am reading, but am unable to stop myself from sneaking glances.

As I watch him watching me, the boat hits an unexpected wave, my book slips from my hand slides across the deck, well out of my reach. I leap from my seat to reach the book before anyone else, but my dress catches on the old wooden seating. The fabric rips and I am mortified to see that the tear reveals my thigh to the hip.

My cheeks fill with a blush as the stranger reaches for the book. He looks at the title then at me knowingly, but doesn’t speak a word. He flips through a few pages. My face is burning, I am so embarrassed. His eyes drop for a moment to rest on the exposed skin of my thigh. The ferry has begun to dock and people are starting to move around us.

I being to speak, but he silences me with a finger to his lips. The blood is coursing through my body and I feel that familiar ache of desire. I try illegal bahis siteleri so hard to suppress the feeling. My hands are itching to feel this man; I imagine how his hard body would feel pressed up against me. He passes me the book and whispers the command

“Follow me, don’t speak!” He lifts his finger to his lips again. I remain silent.

He takes my hand and guides me as I follow him off the ferry like a lamb, unwilling to break the spell that silence has created. My body brushes against him in the crowd and I can feel his breath on my skin. We walk for a while into the cool shadows of the city, through some laneways, across busy streets. He is striding out, confident. He pulls me around a sharp corner, slipping through a narrow entrance to a very quiet laneway. I can hear people rushing past, but they cannot see us.

My stranger pushes me up against the cold brick wall, the summer sun hidden from view by the tall buildings around us. It’s obvious to me he has had women in this place before and it only excites me more. His hands travel canlı bahis siteleri over my body, lifting one thigh to fit snugly over his hip.

His hand drops down between my legs and he pulls the slip of lace I am wearing aside. I was so wet from excitement that his fingers slip into me easily. He starts to move his hand against me, and I moving with the rhythm of his hand. I can feel my clit get harder and harder.

I am lost in the moment, with a man whom I do not know. He pushes me harder against the wall, his body crushing me. I can feel his hard cock pushing against me. My back arches as he forces his way into me. He enters me slowly, his cock pulsing inside me, his breath hot on my neck, his fingers bruising my skin.

He starts to fuck me hard and I am biting my lips to keep the sound from escaping. He fucks me so hard that my foot is lifting from the ground – so he catches my leg so that my thighs grip his waist. He thrusts into me over and over, until I come, shuddering with an incredible release.

He releases my legs, and helps me get my balance on the ground. His finger goes to his lips again, the command for silence. He smooths my dress for me, then takes my throat in his hand and kisses me deeply. As he leaves, he looks at again and says “Be on the same ferry tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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