Siblings with Benefits Ch. 13

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Part one: A close call.

We left Uncle Ray’s house at 7am the next morning. As I looked out the back window Uncle Ray and Malory, who were standing on the porch waved. I waved back, blowing my Uncle Ray a kiss that he returned. Aunt Karen and Jake were nowhere in sight. The two of them had more than enough of us at that point. I sighed and turning in my seat leaned against the door and closed my eyes hoping that maybe I could drift off. We were supposed to drive several hours until we got to the edge of Virginia then stop at a holiday inn and stay until noon tomorrow. Dad was going to drive the first three or four hours then let Mark finish so I was pretty much stuck back here. Needless to say no one in the car was in too good of a mood. Mom was still visibly upset over Aunt Karen’s remark. My father also wasn’t too happy, he and his brother got along well but it was a strain on them that their wives didn’t. I know dad was worried about mom as well, she had been depressed for years after Jacob and every once in awhile it kicked back in. Dad also wasn’t too thrilled with my brother at the moment.

At that thought I opened my eyes and looked over at Mark, who was sitting straight up facing the road, his eyes were open but as usual he appeared to be somewhere other than here. Mark had been quiet since he had snapped and hit Jake. Oddly he hadn’t gotten as upset as he had when he lost it on the bag rather he seemed strangely satisfied as if hitting Jake had served to calm him in some way. Even when Mark had gone to the mall with Malory and I later he had barely said anything, leaving us alone to shop while he sat in a bookstore and looked though some magazines. I felt bad that I couldn’t be with him later that night. Because of what happened with Jake Mark had to sleep on the couch downstairs and I had thought of slipping out of Malory’s room and keeping him company for awhile, but things had gone downhill enough and I didn’t need to add to it by taking a chance. As it was I still couldn’t believe that I had fucked my brother in Jake’s room yesterday.

I asked Mark before I went to bed if he was okay after what happened. Mark had shrugged and said;

“Of course I am that’ll be the day I don’t stick up for my family.”

I had hugged him tight, I don’t care what the circumstances were I had just been so thrilled to hear Mark acknowledge that he had someone other than me and Krissy in his life. I was even more touched after that when just before I went upstairs mom had come down for the first time since the argument with Aunt Karen. At the time Uncle Ray, my Aunt and Jake had also been in the parlor and as my mom came into the room, my brother walked up behind her and putting his arms around her kissed her on the cheek and putting his head on her shoulder gave my cousin and aunt a look that dared them to say anything. The message was clear; fuck with her fuck with me. I was proud of my brother for that, most people say things like that aren’t worth it, but that’s why people get away with things because no one makes them worth it. Takers take until their taken. My brother and I had been taken for years, but no more. Now we were the takers.

This morning though Mark had gone a little too far. As our parents were talking the four of us were standing outside saying goodbye, or at least some of us were, Jake and Mark were obviously not speaking. When Malory went to say goodbye to Mark she hugged him then went to kiss him on the cheek. Part of me had wondered if after the way she had flirted all week she would have tried for the lips but she was playing it safe. My brother however did not. As Malory went for his cheek Mark grabbed her chin and kissed her on the mouth, and not just a quick peck I mean this was a kiss.

Malory seemed stunned at first and started to back off, but Mark wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into him all the while holding the kiss. I watched shocked, but turned on, as Malory gave in, her arms reached up behind Marks neck and I could see her mouth open to allow his tongue to slide into her mouth. Mark slid his hand up her back and into her long blonde hair. I was only a couple of feet away and swear I could feel my pussy gush as I heard my cousin let out a whimper into my brothers mouth as his other hand went up her side and grazed her tit through her sweater.

At that point I became aware of Jake coming up next to me. He called out his sister’s name and to my amusement was ignored; rather her hands had made their way down my brothers back and grabbed his ass. Just then my Mark opened his eyes, stared directly at Jake and winked. Jake went to move past me but I got in front of him and told Mark to knock it off. Mark broke off the kiss although as he did Malory leaned up and caught another quick one before laughing and telling Mark he could come back anytime. Malory then walked past Jake and I, her face was flushed and she was smiling ear to ear. As Mark followed he looked at Jake and said;

“I can’t wait for your sister to come down my way.”

I mofos porno was still standing in front of Jake who after glaring at Mark looked at me and shaking his head told me my brother was a real piece of shit, and that his mother had been right when she had told my father that he should send him back to the pound where he came from. Up until that point I had stayed out of the drama, however after hearing that I looked at Jake who I had always been happy to refer to as family and told him that I had come from that same pound. I turned and walked away without giving him a chance to respond. I caught up with Mark as he walked over to the car.

We were met there by dad who was pissed. As we walked up to him I saw Malory with my Uncle. I couldn’t hear what was being said but he was obviously upset. Of course they had seen Mark kiss her. As soon as we got up to dad he waved me over to the porch. I had no choice but to walk away, as I did I could hear dad start up;

“What the hell was that bullshit all about? That’s my niece for Christ’s sakes!”

I sat on the porch stairs and watched Malory and Mark getting yelled at. Mom was standing there looking distraught; Jake was storming down the driveway towards the back door and Aunt Karen was in the window looking as miserable as ever. To think I had always dreamed of having family. After a couple of minutes Uncle Ray had come over and given me a huge hug goodbye and told me how sorry he was the visit hadn’t gone well. He then slipped me a check for two hundred dollars and told me to buy some art supplies. I thanked him and then we both watched as mom went over and got dad away from Mark which I was thankful for as it looked like dad was really laying into my brother, who even from a distance I could tell was getting nervous. Because of his past Mark didn’t take to being yelled at, and it was an effort for him not to get upset. Despite their differences Mark had a lot of respect for dad and was grateful to him for letting him come to live with us so always held back.

All this went through my mind as I watched Mark sit there wrapped up in his own little world. I wondered what dad had said to him. I knew he had probably heard about all of it at once, losing it in the basement even though dad had caused that one, hitting Jake and making out with Malory. I also knew Mark was sitting there trying to pretend it didn’t bother him, but I knew otherwise. Mark was more sensitive than my parents thought. I was just the only one that ever saw it. Reaching over I tapped Mark’s leg and as he looked over gave him one of my trademark huge crooked smiles that he could never resist. Sure enough after a few seconds he smiled back a little sadly, but it was still a smile. I took his hand and gestured for him to lean over towards me. When he did I whispered in his ear;

“Don’t you worry Mark; We got our own room tonight, and your nasty big sister bought a couple of surprises for her naughty little brother.”

I leaned back over to my corner and left him to think about that. Of course this led me to start thinking about tonight, by far a much better topic than the little family drama we had just put behind us. The minute my father had mentioned the hotel last night my mind had gone into overdrive. It’s not like Mark and I didn’t get each other at least a couple of times a week, but most of the time my parents were home and we had to be quiet, not to mention the constant chance of getting caught. We always locked our bedroom doors and the adjoining bathroom gave us the chance to slip in and out of each other’s rooms quickly but still there had been a couple of times dad had knocked on one of our doors and questioned why they were locked. I would just shrug and tell dad it’s because I liked to lounge around in my underwear which would be enough to get dad onto another subject. As far as Mark’s door being locked I winked and told dad that I wasn’t sure but I know he had a stack of magazines in the closet and well you know, once again, enough to get dad off topic.

Tonight would be different though oh yes it would! Our room wasn’t even next to Mom and Dad’s it was across the hall and a couple of doors over. Mark and I would be able to be as loud as we wanted to be. Never mind I planned on using every damn piece of furniture in the room as well as my all time favorite the shower! Then of course there were the surprises I had picked up when Malory and I had gone shopping last night a couple that I had already thought of then one that had come about spur of the moment that was really going to add to the evening’s festivities. Best thing was that since Mark had decided to stay in the bookstore he had no clue what I had bought.

Knowing there was a heated swimming pool and a sauna, I found a hot little two piece black bikini that was going to make my father’s jaw clench and my brother’s drop. The second stop was to Fredericks where I found a smoking hot red lingerie set complete with fishnets. Malory had raised her eyebrows a bit so I moms girl porno told her about Jack. Malory was no prude and the fact that Jack was ten years older than me and hot had her telling me how lucky I was. Not really I thought but easier than telling her that it was my brother those stockings would be wrapped around.

The last addition to my shopping trip came by surprise. On the way back from the mall Malory had stopped off at a liquor store to grab some cigarettes for her mother. While we were in there she picked up a bottle of wine for dinner later. I looked at her and asked her if she had a fake ID and she said of course not why would she need one? Apparently the drinking age in North Carolina was 18. My eyes lit up like it was Christmas all over again! After a few minutes of trying to make up my mind I decided on a bottle of blackberry brandy for myself and Jack Daniels for my brother. Krissy had told me that my brother had taken her to a couple of college parties and he drank this like it was soda. I was a little surprised as I had never seen Mark drink. I was also a little put off my little brother was partying without me, but then again we all needed our little secrets from time to time.

Oh yes tonight was going to be the best ever! Not just the night either, we would have tomorrow morning as well. Dad had already told me he had requested a late check out and given me the “Don’t bother us unless it was an emergency” line which meant good old dad was going to do his best to cheer mom up. That was fine with me! Mark and I never slept late anyway so plenty of time to play. Not to mention the fact I looked forward to teasing Mark in my new bathing suit. I had picked him up one as well so there would be no excuse for him not to go to the pool with me. With those thoughts running through my mind I put my head back and closing my eyes pretended to doze off. After a couple of minutes I “let” my head droop to the side and onto Mark’s shoulder. A few minutes later I heard mom say;

“Oh how cute is that?”

I smiled to myself as I felt sleep begin to take me for real. My parents were so easy.

We hit some traffic and didn’t pull into the hotel until about three. As Mark and dad grabbed the couple of suitcases we would need from the back, I made sure to grab my small black overnight bag. It wouldn’t be good if dad opened it by mistake and found the bottles. We checked in and dad handed me the key to our room. I eagerly took it and after helping mom and dad into their room Mark and I went to ours. I unlocked the door and as we entered I smiled from ear to ear. The room was huge with two full sized beds, an overstuffed armchair that already had me thinking, and a large television. I had brought in my mini boom box and a couple of tapes so we could put some music on later to cover up whatever else was going on in case someone was in the next room besides there was a certain song I wanted to play for my little brother.

I put the radio on top of the tv and dropping my bag to the floor removed my jacket, stripped my sweater off and on leaving my long denim skirt and knee high boots ran over and jumped onto the bed. I rolled over on it laughing. I felt like an excited little kid. I looked over at Mark who had also removed his jacket and was unbuttoning his shirt. My eyes hungrily took in his strong chest and perfect six pack stomach. As he slid his shirt off I made a “Come here” gesture with my finger. Mark came over and getting on the bed immediately rolled me over on my back and getting between my legs leaned down and kissed me. I broke the kiss and smirking at him said;

“Come on little brother you kissed Malory better than that.”

Mark smiled wickedly then proceeded to kiss me hard, his tongue pushing its way into my mouth. I put my arms around his neck pulling him down into me enjoying him lying on top of me. Mark slid his lips from mine and started to kiss the right side of my neck. I let out a soft moan as sliding down the bed a little further he started trailing his kisses down my neck and onto my chest. Mark playfully caught my nipple between his teeth through the bra. I let out a little yelp that got a laugh out of him. My bra unhooked from the front and I reached down and after undoing it held it in place.

“Say please.” I told him.

“Please Megan?” Mark asked. “Please show me those beautiful tits.”

“Yeah? You wanna see your sister tits little brother?”

“I want to do more than see them.”

“I don’t know…”

“Fine then I’ll just take them.”

With that Mark grabbed my wrists and yanking them away from my tits pinned my hands over my head. The way he did it sent a wave of heat through my pussy.

“Oh you bad..ohhhh.”

Still holding my hands down Mark bent his head and sucked my left nipple into his mouth. He was sucking hard, his teeth catching the sensitive flesh. It hurt but at the same time caused my pussy to start flowing. Mark took my arms and placing them together grabbed both of momsbangteens porno my wrists in one of his large powerful hands and holding them reached down and unsnapped his jeans. I tried to move my hands to help but Mark told me;

“Just lie there.”

It wasn’t a request; something in his tone sent another thrill through me. After a moment of fumbling, Mark removed his huge cock from his jeans then reaching down and grabbing the middle of my skirt pulled it up over my hips. The way he did it was a bigger turn on than I could have ever imagined.

“Yeah little brother?” I asked. “You taking your big sister?”

“I’m taking what I want.” As he spoke Mark reached down and grabbing the crotch of my blue panties and tugged them to the side and entered me in one smooth hard thrust.

“Oh yes!” I exclaimed as Mark’s huge cock stretched my pussy to its limits. I swear he seemed harder than he ever had before.

I tried to pull my arms away from him so I could put them around his shoulders, but Mark was holding them tightly. My brother was using the arm that had my wrists pinned to hold himself up, the muscles were bulging from the effort and I found that struggling against him was getting me even wetter if that were possible at this point. As he slowly fucked me Mark reached up with his other hand and started playing with my nipple.

“Oh yeah that’s nice, little brother.”

I yelped as Mark pinched my nipple. At the sound of that my brother started fucking me harder and his eyes seemed to brighten. Once again I tried to push up against him but he was too strong. As I struggled Mark smiled. My brother was enjoying having me helpless the thought should have bothered me instead it set me off, making me want to play as well.

“Oh please don’t!” I exclaimed. “Please stop little brother! Oh you’re hurting me with that big cock! I…OHHHH.”

I let out a long moan as Mark started hammering into me as hard as the position he was in would allow. I wrapped my legs around his hips and thrust myself up into him driving him even deeper. As I did I saw over his shoulder that the heels of my boots were pressing into the soft skin just over his hips. Little brother wanted to play rough? Pinching my legs together I shoved both heels into his sides. Mark gasped and his eyes widened. I pushed again then started to pull them away when Mark looked down at me and whispered;


Another surge went through me as on that note I opened my legs then closed them as hard as I could driving the heels into his side. Mark grunted in pain, but at the same time he started fucking me even harder. My shoulders were hurting from the way he was leaning his weight on my wrists and he was fucking me so hard that like yesterday at Uncle’s it was bordering on painful.

“Yeah you like that Mark? You like hurting your sister?”

“Yes,” Mark answered with an evil smirk. “And so do you.”

“But I don’t want it!” I suddenly cried out as loud as I dared. “Oh please don’t do this to me! Oh please I…”

I was stopped by Mark putting his free hand over my mouth. My eyes widened as he started fucking me even harder. I cried out into his hand once then again, and again. Each time I did Mark let out a moan and fucked me even harder. Mark’s eyes had that wild look in them that he had last night the one he got when he was ready to lose it. But this wasn’t anger this was lust as I lied there under him half dressed, my arms pinned, squealing into his hand the thought hit me.

My brother was getting off on the idea of raping me.

He wasn’t alone. As I squirmed and struggled beneath him, as I wailed into his hand and begged with my eyes I was hotter than I had ever been before. Somewhere in the back of my head I knew this was wrong. Hell I couldn’t even roll over for another guy and here was Mark pinning me down and taking me and not only didn’t it bother me but this nasty girl loved every fucking minute of it! Mark was sweating and his arm was trembling from the effort of holding his weight up. My brother was fucking me slower but it was because he was pulling himself out almost all the way before slamming his cock back in with everything he had.

It was a damn good thing Mark was covering my mouth because at this point I really was screaming into his hand. That was even more of a turn on. I despereately needed to cum, and if Mark could hold off a little longer I was going to. My legs around his waist had my hips angled enough so that the shaft of his cock was stroking my clit I just needed him to go faster. Instantly I knew how to get him to; how I knew I wasn’t sure, it was as if this kind of sex was coming naturally to me.

I changed the sounds I was making into his hands from screams of pleasure into long drawn out whimpers. Each time I let out one of the whimpers I ended it with a sound like a sob. My brothers eyes widened and he stopped those single hard thrusts and resumed fucking the shit out of me. His cock was rubbing my clit faster and harder and I could feel the orgasm building deep inside. I looked up at him and as I let out another whimper squeezed my eyes shut as if I was in pain and replaced the whimpers with all mock sobs. Mark groaned loudly and his arm was shaking so bad I thought he was going to fall on top of me.

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