Siblings Explore Together

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Brenda Wilson was half-way through her second semester at the local university. She was 20 years old and majoring in Biology with a minor in theater. She still lived at home with her grandparents and younger brother Tyler. Tyler 19, was a freshman at the same university. Her grandparents, Harry and Gladys Wilson, had taken the two of them in when their parents were killed in a boating accident while vacationing in the south of France. Although the two have missed their parents deeply, their grandparents had created an environment that was welcoming and full of love.

She parked her 2001 Subaru Outback on the street in front of their home. The home was located on a quiet cul-de-sac, in their gated community. It was a ranch style home, trimmed in a deep brown that framed sand colored stucco walls. The lawn was well maintained, with a large oak tree as its centerpiece.

It was just a little past 2 in the afternoon when Brenda walked through the front door. The house opened to a large front room, that the four of them would spend time together watching TV and just enjoying one another’s company. Through the front room, off to right were the kitchen and dining room. Entering the hallway straight off the front room, one came upon the 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Brenda and Tyler shared a bathroom, but each had their own bedroom. She entered her room, which was very orderly and clean, and set her books and purse on the neatly made queen size bed. She left her room to see if her brother was home.

Brenda walked to Tyler’s door, which was slightly a jar, and entered without knocking. They had an unwritten rule, that allowed each to enter without knocking. They both felt comfortable with one another and were best friends. The first thing that one would see when coming into Tyler’s room was his unmade bed. Brenda could not remember the last time she saw his bed made. On the wall next to his door, were two shelves that held his cycling trophies. A sport he took up after the death of their parents and excelled from the start. He was good enough to get a partial scholarship. A window looked out to their side yard. Rose bushes lined a pine slatted fence that separated their home from their neighbors. Just to the left of the window was Tyler’s simple oak desk. The centerpiece of the room was the large burgundy leather desk chair. It was once Grandpa’s Henry’s. When he wanted to throw it out after getting a new one, Tyler spoke up and said he wanted it. It had been in his room ever since.

Brenda could see the top of his reddish blond curls above the back of the chair. The chair was large enough that she could not see any other part of his 6’1′ frame. As she had done many times, she slowly crept up to the chair. Since they were both young, they loved to scare one another. After all these years the excitement of catching the other unguarded was still exciting. Reaching with her left hand she gripped the chair and spun it around.

“Gotcha!” Brenda exclaimed.

“God dammit Brenda!” Tyler said half stunned, half amused. He sat in the large chair, still wearing his cycling kit which tightly outlined his thin but muscular body.

“Whatcha doin’ little brother?” She said as her eyes lit up in delight.

His anger started to subside as he looked at his sister. Quickly, payback was at the front of his mind. He looked his sister up and down quickly. She was always one to live by her own rules, especially when it came to fashion. She wore ankle high black Chucks. Her socks were a deep purple that matched her knee length pleaded skirt. The shirt she wore was a simple white button up. A tweed sport jacket with a matching flat cap finished her looked. Her reddish blonde hair hung straight to her shoulders. Tyler thought her look was cute.

“I have a European history test tomorrow.” Tyler said. He was majoring in history with the hope of gong to law school. “I need to study Bren.” He said using his nickname for her.

“Sounds like fun.” She said. “Hey after dinner, can you help me with my lines? We have our final tomorrow as well and I really want to nail this part.” Brenda’s friend Myron Campbell had written a one act play with only three characters. Brenda played the carefree daughter of conservative parents.

“Sure.” Tyler said and he glanced at her large breasts. Although they were hard to see with her current outfit, he knew they were large. 38DD was the bra he found a couple of months ago in their bathroom. At times he could not help but stare. Unaware to him, Brenda started to notice his glancing. At first it bothered her, but now she barely noticed when he was looking.

“Thanks Ty.” She said and bounced out of his room.

Dinner that night was the usual. Grandma Gladys made ravioli with a nice salad. Everyone ate their share. The two kids cleaned up while their grandparents relaxed in the large room with a glass of wine. It did not take long to clean up. Grandma Gladys had the habit of cleaning up the pots and pans while she cooked. When dinner was over ankara escort there was only the plates and silverware to clean.

“I’ll meet you in your room in 20 to go over my lines?” Brenda said to her brother.

“See you there.” He answered

Brenda and Tyler have grown close after the tragedy of their parent’s death. Their grandparents have been amazing and always supportive, but the two of them looked to one another for support the first few years. Brenda felt lucky to have a brother that was easy to get along with and gave her the privacy she needed. She returned these favors as well.

Brenda let her grandparents know the two of them would be in Tyler’s room going over her lines. She gave them both a kiss and then walked to her room. Reaching down, she took the scripts from her desk and looked over her lines. She wanted to get this down to perfection. Her friend Myron had worked all year to write this play and she wanted to make it as great as she could. After taking the scripts in her hand she headed to Tyler’s room.

The door was slightly ajar as it usually was. Brenda walked in without knocking. She could see his curls above the back of the leather desk chair. As she walked closer, she could see he was reading from the screen of his computer. Walking softly, she had to suppress a chuckle. Scaring her brother was becoming easier every day. She reached out with her right hand and spun the chair quickly towards her.

“SUPRI…” She started then stopped. Her eyes went wide with shock. It took her a moment to realize what she was seeing. Tyler sat completely naked in his chair and his hand held something. He responded with the same look she had. Brenda saw that he was holding his penis. Not only holding but stroking it as well.

“Bren?” Tyler softly screamed as the first jets of cum erupted from his cock. Landing on his neck, chest and belly, rope after rope of cum flooded from his hard cock. Brenda stood there stunned, watching the action before her. The two locked eyes briefly before Brenda looked back down to his cock that was now slowly leaking from its head. His cock stayed hard.

“Uh? HMM? Oh Uh.” Brenda stuttered. She saw the shock on Tyler’s eyes as his body shook one last time. When she looked into his eyes he looked back. He looked scared, ashamed and something should could not quite place. Satisfaction? She shook her head.

“I, um, will give you a few minutes to clean up.” She said slowly backing out of his room. “I still need help with my lines, so please put it away.” Brenda said with one last look at his cock. When she got to her room she sat down on her bed. “WTF?” she thought to herself. The sight of seeing her brother jerking off was disturbing and…she shook the thought from her head.

She was going to give Tyler about twenty minutes to get things straightened out. It had only been about five minutes since she sat on the bed. Her mind kept replaying what she saw. As hard as she was trying to erase what she just witnessed, the images were still vivid in her mind. She couldn’t understand why he was doing it at that time. Sure, she knew guys jerked off. That wasn’t the big deal. What had her bothered was that Tyler knew she was coming to his room to go over her lines. Was it hard for guys to wait, she thought. Did they just have to do it when it got hard? Did he want it to get hard? Brenda finally stood, shook herself back to reality and walked to Tyler’s room. This time she knocked. There was a brief pause.

“Come in.” Tyler said almost too low for his sister hear.

Brenda was able to compose herself as she entered his room. He still sat in the leather chair but was dressed in sweatpants and an orange t-shirt. The chair was turned towards Brenda and not the computer. She walked to him said hey and handed him a script. They both jumped right into the reading. Both seemed to be acting the scenes while they read. It felt easy and comfortable for both. The earlier entertainment seemed to be gone for the moment. After about an hour Brenda stated she need a break.

“I am going to get something to drink. Want something?” She asked

“Yes, thanks Bren.” He answered

Brenda left the room and went into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of sodas. She checked on her grandparents who were still watching TV. When she got to Tyler’s door, she stopped for a moment. Was he back at his earlier self? Without knocking she walked in. Tyler sat in the chair reading the script. She let out her breath. After giving Tyler his soda, she sat back down and open her can. Taking a large swallow, she set it down on the nightstand. Picking up her script Brenda turned to her brother.

“About earlier.” She said with an easy tone so as not to embarrass him.

“Aww Bren. Can’t we just forget about that?” He asked pleadingly

She chewed her lower lip while looking at her brother. Tyler’s face had turned a deep shade of pink. Brenda at once felt bad for her brother and noticed how cute he looked when vulnerable. His face escort ankara was pointed down as he stared at the script in his hand. She could see him grip the paper tightly. For some weird reason Brenda was taking a small amount of pleasure watching her brother squirm.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I know all guys do it.” She said trying to assure her brother. “Gotta do what you gotta do. I get it. But why were you doing it then? You knew I was coming to your room.” She finished and waited for him to answer. After a few moments Tyler sat back and looked at his sister.

“I don’t know.” He said the deep pink color never leaving his face. The two of them had always been honest with one another and shared almost everything. Broken hearts, the first kiss and the loss of virginity. Both were the first the other told. He wanted to tell her but he himself wasn’t sure why he decided to jerk off at that moment. Taking a long pull from his soda Tyler continued.

“I uh, got an email about a new story.” He said looking to his sister hoping she knew what he was referring to and then would understand why and leave it at that. He was wrong.

“A story makes you want to do it? What kind of story was it?” Brenda inquired. Tyler sighed

“Yes, a story can make me want to do it.” He said with more ease than he expected. “It was an erotic story. I get updates from a website when a new story is posted.” He finished waiting for the flood of questions or worse utter disgust from his sister. She just looked at him. He continued. “I started reading it and well one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was cumming in front of my sister.” His face deepened to a bold red before softening back to his natural color. Brenda was still biting her lip before she spoke.

“Cum you did.” This started the both laughing, easing some of the tension. “What was the story about?” Brenda said quieting the laughter. “Can I see it?”

After a brief stare Tyler turned to the computer and pulled up the story he was reading. He motioned for Brenda to join him. She sat on the edge of the bed next to her brother and started to read the story on the screen. It was about a 19-year guy who was home alone. He was at his computer studying when he decided to “rub one out”. The writing was OK Brenda thought and when the author was describing the masturbation scene, she could see why this might turn someone on. Not really her thing, but the details were vivid. As her brother scrolled down, the 19-year-old neared orgasm. He was panting when he heard a gasp and turned to see Mrs. Watkins, the next-door neighbor in the story, standing at his door as he came all over his chest. Brenda’s eyes widened when she read that.

“Were you acting out that scene? Did you want to get caught?” She asked her brother as disgust and desire fought in her head. Her heart raced slightly as she took a deep breath. In her head she knew she should just leave the room and her little brother to his disgusting habits, but her legs were not moving. A heat rose in her cheeks and she felt a little unsteady. Were her nipples hardening against her bra? OH GOD! she thought as Tyler spoke.

“I don’t know.” He said softly “It just happened. I am sorry Bren.” He held his head down as he spoke. “It was a stupid fantasy. I am so sorry.” He admitted, feeling utterly defeated. Brenda stood and left his room and went to hers. They were done reading lines tonight.

Tyler woke up on Saturday morning still thinking about “the incident” as he was now referring to the night his sister caught him red handed so to speak. Four days had passed and neither one of them spoke much. They passed pleasantries and kept up with the dinner conversations. Normally they would have spent a least an hour trading stories of how their day went. But these last few days was mostly spent apart from one another. Tyler felt horrible. He let his cock do all the thinking and now his sister, who he considered his best friend, was disgusted by what he did and wanted nothing to do with him. Grabbing his phone, he decides to send Brenda a text

“How did your play go?”

Tyler hit send and waited for a reply. He wasn’t sure what he was doing, but he wanted to talk to his sister and let her know how sorry he was. The only thing he wanted was to have his sister back. The sound notification on his phone indicated that a new text message was now in his inbox. He looked at the screen and saw it was a reply from Brenda.

“It was amazing! We all just clicked. Thank you for your help. Couldn’t done without ya!” She ended the sentence with a smiley emoji blowing a kiss.

Tyler started to rise from his funk. His sister did not seem to be mad. Maybe now she would talk to him. He went about his day running a few errands and then getting 30 miles done on his bike. After the ride he showered and went to see if Grandma Gladys needed help with dinner and as always, she said no. He set the table and waited for the others. The two of them made small talk while she ankara escort bayan finished the chicken and potatoes. With everyone seated they ate and talked about their week. All four of them laughed as usual and the conversation flowed easily. Tyler felt that things were coming back to normal.

After cleaning up Tyler and Brenda retreated to the family room. Their grandparents were at the card table putting together a puzzle as they did every Saturday night. This one was of the New York skyline. Tyler had changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt before dinner. His sister Brenda was wearing a brown linen skirt that came to the top of her knee. A blue short-sleeve sweater covered the top. She sat down into the chair to the left of the sofa where Tyler sat. After taking off her shoes, Brenda put her feet up onto the matching ottoman and crossed her legs at the ankles.

The two kids were reading as their grandparents silently attacked the puzzle. Jazz played from the record player they all still used. Tyler took a moment to stretch and noticed his sister looking his way. She had a little smile of contentment on her face and he returned the gesture. After reading a few more pages, Tyler adjusted his seat by placing his feet onto the couch and leaned back into the arm. At the same time, he noticed his sister adjust her position as well. When he looks her way, he had to take a double take. Brenda had pulled her legs up into an Indian style position. He noticed that her slightly thick thighs had parted, and he was now looking at his sister’s white panty clad pussy.

A few more minutes passed as he snuck glances at his sister’s crotch. He could barely make out a dark patch at the top of the cloth. As he was looking once more, his sister stretched out her legs and closed off his view. He was afraid to look her in the face, but he knew he had to see if she caught him. When the courage was built, he looked up to see his sister deeply involved in the book she was reading. He silently sighed a breath of relief.

Brenda stood and announce she was getting a glass of water and wanted to know if anyone needed anything. They all declined. Tyler was still reading when Brenda returned. He looked up as she sat down and they both smiled to one another and went back to reading. After about fifteen minutes, Tyler was starting to get thirsty himself. He put his book down on the sofa and started to get up. At that moment his sister adjusted her seating once again and brought them to the same position as before. Tyler watched as her thighs came to a rest. What he saw stopped him from fully standing up. He sat back down. Brenda’s pussy was staring back at him uncovered. The light red patch of hair was a perfect triangle and her lips were shut but were of the softest cream color Tyler had ever seen. He felt his cock start to rise. He then looked back to look at his grandparents. They were too involved with the puzzle to notice anything else. Her looked back to her pussy as the text notification rung out from his phone. He looked down it was from Brenda.

“I guess we all have our fantasies.” She wrote

Tyler looked back to his sister who had now closed her legs. When he looked into her eyes she smiled warmly. His cock throbbed in his pants. Reaching down he held it in place hoping no one could see it. Brenda stood and let everyone know she was going to bed. After giving her grandparents a kiss goodnight, she went to her room.

Tyler sat for a few minutes willing his cock to go down. When it had retreated to a safe distance he stood and went to bed in the same manner as his sister. After closing his door and ensuring it was closed all the way, he sat on his bed reliving the last half hour. His sister flashed him and let him know it was a fantasy of hers. What the hell?! He thought. Sitting there silently he did not know what to do. Getting up he sat in his office chair and logged onto his computer. He thought he would just surf the internet for a while to get his head away from the image of his sister. He was too distracted to find anything of interest on the net. Tyler walked back to his bed al laid down.

Staring at the ceiling he could not get the last couple of hours out of his head. When he tried to think of something else, the picture of his sister’s white panties came into view followed by her delicate pussy. He felt his cock start to rise. The temptation was strong, but he held off from grabbing the now hard member. Her pussy was so beautiful and looked so soft. He could not hold back any longer. With just a few strokes his cock erupted onto his chest as he said “Brenda” under his breath.

Tyler was awoken by a text notification to his phone. He grabbed it and saw that it was 11:48 PM. He had been asleep for about 2 hours. The text was from Brenda asking him if he had checked his email. It took him a moment to get his baring’s. He was groggy from sleep and his mind kept showing images of his sister’s pussy. Swinging his legs out of bed, he stood and went to his computer. After sitting down, he logged on. There were 2 messages in his inbox. The first was an assignment update from one of his professors and the second one was from Brenda. It was titled Hey. He clicked on the message bringing it to full screen.

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