Sibling Benefits Ch. 05

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***Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.***


I dreamed about fucking. Not my little sister, but an older woman. She had been my neighbor back when I was in junior high. Those were the heady days of burgeoning puberty. I remembered fantasizing and jacking off to this MILF repeatedly. In the dream I had come to her house and exposed myself, shoving my cock towards her until it was inches away from her face. Mesmerized, she had opened her mouth and calmly took the whole length in.

I slid in and out a few times, then tossed her to the floor, ripped off her bathrobe and plunged my manhood towards her furry pussy.

Then I woke up.

It always ends at the best part.

Suffice to say, I wanted some pussy and I wanted it bad. In a sense, it was probably a good thing that Alyx wasn’t in the bed with me that morning. I’m not such an animal that I would have taken her right then and there… but it would have been very tempting…

I laid back, completely naked, my morning wood standing upright, a bit of precum dribbling from the tip. A few stray beams of sunlight dappled my skin as I reached out and gripped my organ, stroking it languidly. I could tell Alyx was in the bathroom by the sound of the faucet running. Immediately my imagination went into overdrive. I wanted to walk in on her, maybe come up from behind as she was brushing her teeth and press my naked cock against her plump little ass. Hear her gasp and feel her heartbeat quicken as she felt the heat down there, tremble at my need for her….

My stroking pace picked up but to no avail, I wasn’t going to get off that easy. I rolled over to Alyx’s side of the bed, picking up faint traces of her scent. I humped the bed for a moment, reveling in it before getting up. Looking around, I spotted a pair of dark gray cotton panties which I promptly wrapped around my wood. I faced the closed door of the bathroom, stroking myself with my little sister’s panties. I was so lost in the haze of my lust, I didn’t care if Alyx opened the door and saw this. Part of me doubtless wanted that to happen, to see her reaction to her brother using her underwear as a cum rag.

I stopped my masturbation. I wiped the length of my dick with her panties, staining the crotch with precum, then carelessly tossed it away. I didn’t care anymore, I needed relief and there was my sister, just a door separating us. She knew her role the moment she proposed it, I reasoned half-rationally. And in case she wasn’t completely sure after last night, it was best to remove all doubt right now.

I guess even in that lust fueled state, I still felt a tinge of guilt. I didn’t want to subject her to my whims fuck in traffic porno anytime, anywhere, as if she was a sex slave… although the thought had passed my mind, to be honest. But this morning, I needed relief and Alyx was going to service me, one way or another.

As I opened the door to the bathroom, a part of me briefly registered that it was unlocked. And then I saw her and all other thoughts fled. Alyx was sitting on the toilet, her shorts and panties pulled down to her ankles, her nipples stiff and poking out from behind her t-shirt. She gasped and snapped her knees closed, quickly placing her hands between her legs. As if I wasn’t already more than familiar with what lay there. She was cute like that.

She looked up at me, brows furrowed in annoyance, her mouth open to say something suitably indignant. Then I guess her mind registered the fact that I was quite naked and her eyes fell to the terrifically hard boner I proudly sported. Her face reddened quite a few shades deeper. I walked up to her quickly before she could get up and gently but firmly grabbed her shoulders, indicating she should stay where she was. She looked up at me with a little pout, as if to say ‘Now?’. Oh yes, little sister, now. But words weren’t needed right then.

I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock as I looked into her eyes. She wrapped her fingers around my rod and after a moment’s hesitation, began moving it up and down. Just like a good girl.

I bent down and kissed her lightly, just slipping her a bit of tongue. Leaning on her shoulder a bit with one hand, I dropped the other towards her tits, giving them a good squeeze through the t-shirt. I really couldn’t believe I had neglected her pert breasts this long. That would have to be corrected soon… but for the moment, my sights were set lower. That warm, lightly haired pussy needed some attention.

As soon as I touched her lips, Alyx let go of my dick and grabbed my roaming hand. “Stop!” she shouted, looking more than a little flustered. She looked up at me appealingly. “C-can you wait just a minute? Outside? Then I ca- mmf!”

I had slipped my cock in her open mouth. Not all the way, just the head and a little shaft. I stroked her hair and began pumping gently in her sweet, hot mouth. “It’s ok, Alyx….” I whispered huskily. “There’s nothing to hide, now.” I bent low over her and placed my hand back between her legs, rubbing her slit in time with my thrusts in her mouth. She moaned on my dick and the feeling was exquisite.

Watersports were never really my thing, but I suppose I got caught up in the moment. As I brushed my finger over her nub, I felt a little stream of wet piss full porno splash on my hand. Suddenly I began pumping my cock deeper, frequently bumping into the back of my little sister’s throat. I showed her pussy no mercy as I rubbed frantically, her piss mingling with her inner juices. Alyx tried pushing my hips away in an effort to shorten my strokes in her mouth, but eventually gave up and just hung on for the ride. I think she knew at this rate, I wasn’t going to last much longer. I could feel her trying to suck me like I taught her. It was only with some last vestige of restraint that I kept myself from shoving my cock all the way down her throat.

I closed my eyes briefly, just listening. My little sister’s muffled moans, my own panting, the wet, slippery sound of my fingers over her pussy, and somewhere far, far away, the sound of morning birds.

“I’m cumming.” I gasped. I straightened up, ready for the relief I desired. I looked down on Alyx and she looked up at me, a few tears streaming down her face and her mouth filled with my meat. The sight was enough to set me off. My orgasm was like a flood. As I watched, some of my cum began dripping from around her lips, her mouth filled quicker than she could swallow. I pumped wetly, depositing my sperm deep in her mouth with every thrust so she could take it all in. I slumped, feeling supremely empty, and watched my cock slip from my little sister’s mouth, a few strings of spit and semen still attached.

I grabbed Alyx and dragged her to the floor, hugging her tight. We sat with our backs against the bathtub like that for a while, me just holding her, and Alyx pressed against my chest. Several minutes went by with neither of us speaking. The only sounds were our own heavy breathing and the usual sounds of the morning outside.

I brushed back my little sister’s hair and kissed her forehead. She looked up at me, blinking. I brushed a fading tear off her cheek and simply stared back into her lovely brown eyes, so soft and gentle.

“Alyx…” I murmured, stroking her face softly. “I…” the words wouldn’t come out. I just didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know the right thing to say. Alyx, sweet girl she was, placed a hand on my face too.

“….” she pursed her lips as if thinking hard. She looked adorable. “…you know, I heard guys get real horny in the morning, but I didn’t think you would go and attack your own little sister.”

“Uh… I… er…” Without raw lust to fuel me, I suppose I was just a bit lost. I sighed and my head drooped. “…sorry, Alyx….”

She smacked me lightly on the side of my head and smiled impishly. “I wasn’t serious!” She wiggled in my lap and folded her arms gizli çekim porno across her chest. “Or I would have bit it off.”

I froze up in mock horror, hardly able to imagine such a scenario. Again, I kissed her on the forehead, then just brushed her lips. Alyx placed a finger on my lips then and looked at me a little more seriously.

“It’s you, so I don’t mind,” she whispered, blushing. “…just… not too rough. I’m still getting used to… this…. you know…?”

In reply I gently clasped her head and pressed my lips on hers. We kissed deep and long. After letting go, she glared at my hand.

“…and leave me alone when I’m peeing!” she huffed, disentangling herself from me and getting up.

“Pee’s sterile you know,” I replied with a smile, whereupon I was promptly hit with a pair of shorts and panties, followed quickly by a t-shirt.

“I can’t believe you like that!” Alyx said, standing in front of me, completely in the nude. It was actually the first time I had seen her like that. She was like a vision. My dick stirred.

“…wanna get clean together?” I said hopefully.

She smiled coyly and replied, “GET. OUT.”

I took the hint, but my eyes lingered over her body as I walked out. She didn’t meet my eyes as I took her in, but she didn’t bother covering up either. Already her shyness around me was dissipating. She turned around and lingered in the doorway for a moment, still averting her gaze, but giving me a full show of her goods for a moment and the briefest of smiles. Then she shut the door.

I sighed and laid back on the bed, feeling at peace with the world. I could feel the change in our relationship now. Things were going to become a whole lot more interesting. I closed my eyes and slept lightly for a little bit. I didn’t dream.

When I woke up, perhaps alerted by a malignant presence, Alyx was hovering over me with a very familiar pair of dark gray panties in her hand and a venomous glint in her eyes. In retrospect, white panties would have been a better choice. I quickly leaped up and mumbled something about a shower before dashing into the bathroom. A slight slap at the closing door indicated her willingness to continue using her clothes as weapons.

As I stepped into the shower, I resolved to go easier on Alyx in the future, at least until she could handle it better. She was new to all this, best to ease her in, I supposed. At least she knew to expect some roughness and was willing to tolerate it for me. Lust and love intertwined in my heart as I thought about her.

Today was Friday, so maybe it was a good time to make some plans. I thought about it, my dick stiffening. Friday and Saturday. Prime time to get laid for most people, especially in a college. It was almost time, I knew. I wouldn’t have thought about it before this morning, but after that session, I thought it best to take things to the next level. Maybe not tonight… but soon.


To be continued…

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