Shy Becomes an Exhibitionist

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All characters in this story are above 18.

Hi, To tell about me I am shy Indian girl. I am from Kerala one of the southern state of India. Here most of the girls are conservative in nature. The same as I mentioned above I am very shy girl. I live with my mother and father. Now I will tell you the incident that made me an exhibitionist.

It was my cousin sister’s marriage, behalf of marriage two days earlier my parents and I had traveled from city to their village, my cousin’s house was a small one. It had only two bedrooms, since there were too many relatives one room was occupied by male relatives and other was occupied by female relatives. It was afternoon, we all female relatives had gathered in the room which was allotted to females. All my aunties were busy talking about the marriage, suddenly my body started to itch and within minutes my skin started getting rashes, I informed my mom.

Then she bought some coconut oil and asked me to undress so that she could apply some coconut oil to the rashes, but I was feeling awkward because I till then hadn’t even been naked in front of my mom alone but now there were more than eight aunties, but I had no other option, so I removed my chudidar top and bottoms revealing my white set of bra and panties then I noticed that all the eight pairs of eyes were on me, I was thinking how would it feel to stand naked in front of eight all clothed women, then my mom told me to remove my inner wear, then I slowly proceeded with my family stroke porno bra clasp revealing my big breasts for the world then I caught hold the sides of my panties and slowly slid it down revealing my bushy pubic hair and finally my pussy.

Then I started to oil myself without even daring to look up, when I finished oiling I saw that all my aunties had ignored me and started with their chit chats. But I was still on my own feeling of shy, but after some hundreds of seconds the shy feeling which I had earlier had vanished and the thought of standing there naked in front of so many people made my pussy to tickle. After few more minutes my nipples was hard and my pussy was so wet that I was scared that my juices would flow through my thighs. After about an hour my mom told me to take bath, then I headed towards bathroom as soon as I locked the door I directly thrust my fingers into my pussy which was waiting for the attention within few strokes my organism was on the way and for the first time I masturbated and after a while my last waves organism receded. After my bath when I was dressing I felt like why was dress introduced to humans. Then I thought of planning for further such opportunity to get naked in front of people.


After my cousin’s marriage my parents and I returned to our city flat. As usual my father left for his job at 7 in the morning my mother was watching news sitting on the couch female taxi porno when I joined her she switched off the television and asked me was I feeling uncomfortable wearing dress on. I was shocked to hear my mom’s words, but my mom told me that she had observed that how my nipples were hard when I was naked in front of my aunties, by hearing this I felt embraced, then my mom told me don’t feel embraced it is your wish to dress or stay naked at home but you should dress up before your father returns from work. Telling that my mom left to the kitchen. I felt happy and for the first time I undressed there in the hall and stood naked. Then I went throughout the house naked. Afternoon my mom called me for lunch and then I had my lunch naked. My mom told me that I looked beautiful naked. When it was time for my dad to return from work I dressed myself.

Next morning I got up late because I wanted my dad to leave when I got up. I got up from my bed I already had slept naked, so I directly went to the kitchen to see my mom, my mom greeted me by pinching my right nipple then I had my breakfast and went to the living room as I sat on the couch I felt somewhat turned on and I slowly started to rub my pussy there on the living room then slowly I reached for my organism I closed my eyes it was an intense organism when I opened my eyes there was my mom standing there in front of me, I apologized to her, but she suddenly ran her finger through my slit and told female agent porno me it was ok.

Then it was evening, I was watching television then I suddenly heard the main door open, and I was shocked to see my father was back earlier than other days. He stood there on the door step watching naked me this was the first time I was standing naked in front of a man. Suddenly my mom entered the living room and dragged my dad towards their room meanwhile I rushed to my room and wore my dress. When I was back to the living room my dad was sitting on the couch. I apologized to him, but he told me that he knew my problem it was ok for him if I was naked in front of him. I was happy listening to him I didn’t know what my mom had told him. so I decided to give my dad a strip tease, so I slowly started with my top and then removed my pyjama now I had noticed there was tent on his shorts forming, then I proceeded with my panties now there I was standing stark naked in front of my dad his eyes were glued on my breasts from that day I decided that I would never dress inside the house. But the next day it was my period days now there was no other option than dressing myself as I woke up I dressed up and went to kitchen. My mom was shocked to see me fully dressed I told her what was the reason behind the dress. Then I was happy again by hearing my mom’s words, she suggested me to use tampons rather than sanitary napkins. So I bought some tampons from medical store near me and inserted it into my pussy and again I was naked.


Months passed away from the day I started to realize that I was an exhibitionist now there was a need to take my exhibitionism somewhere outside from my home. Then I planned for it and my next story will be written on that adventure …

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