Shower Streaming

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Daughter POV

Claire stripped down, pointing the camera at herself. She never showed her face or spoke, but her body told more than she ever could say. Teasingly, Claire bent over, exposing her slit to her audience. She stroked her ass, shaking it a bit. Her fingers dipped into the slit, running along the folds until it reached her clit. She moaned as her fingers drew circles, soon she began to reach her edge. Biting a sock to keep from being too loud, she quickly withdrew her hand right before the climax. She stood and shook her finger at the camera, wordlessly saying “not yet.”

She grabbed the camera and tiptoed to the shower, carefully trying not to wake her father.

Father POV

Charlie rolled over in his bed, towards his computer. He couldn’t sleep; his raging boner refused be ignored.

Quickly typing in his usual searches, he found nothing to his interest. A pop-up ad for a webcam girl flashed across his screen. Intrigued, he clicked off the ad and searched for an interesting webcam. He flipped through until he saw one of a young blonde about to step into a shower.

Excited, he clicked on it and released his cock from its cell in his jeans. He softly stroked it, preparing for what was to come next.

The girl turned on the faucet, the water poured down her body, leaving her breasts glistening. Her hair quickly became drenched and dripped down onto fake cop porno her ass. She grabbed a shampoo bottle and popped open the lid. The thick white liquid poured down her chest as it dripped down her head. She giggled as she spread the shampoo around, encircling her hard nipples.

The blonde squat down, readjusting the camera to cover her face. She turned away and held herself on all fours. One hand peeked out from underneath her and stroked her slit. She dipped in and stroked her clit again, this time not stopping. She moaned louder and louder.

Charlie grunted as his hand slid up and down his shaft. He suddenly stopped as the blonde reached her climax. His eyes widened as he noticed her surroundings. Charlie recognized the bathroom around her as he heard a muffled moan coming from the hall.

Intrigued, Charlie sat up and quietly walked to the bathroom where the moans were coming from. He pressed an ear against the door as he listened to his daughter pleasure herself for the Internet.

His cock hardened and strained against his jeans. Charlie cracked the door open slightly and watched his daughter.

Daughter POV

Claire panted as she recovered from her orgasm. Her nipples hardened some more as a cool draft blew into the room. Her clit throbbed as it ached for more release. Claire pushed her ass up higher for the camera as she stroked fake hospital porno her clit slowly. Her clit begged for more and she caved, stroking faster and faster as she approached her second climax. She panted and moaned slightly.

Firm hands grasped her thighs as something shot into her pussy, stretching her thin. She yelped, the painful object pulling back out. Before she could turn around, the shaft rammed her again, and a strong hand held her face down.

“Damn, you’re tight. After all those boys, who would’ve thought that you were a virgin.” a familiar voice chuckled.

“D.. dad?” Claire’s eyes shot open as she struggled to turn her head.

“Mhmm. You’ve been teasing me for so long that I just could resist.” He rammed his cock into her, warranting a loud moan to escape her lips. “See, you enjoy it.”

“S.. stop,” she said inbetween pants. Her body betrayed her as she reached her climax. “Fuck!” she screamed as she came onto his cock.

He slowed, but didn’t stop, and patted her ass. “Your first cock orgasm. Better than doing it yourself, right?”

“No!” she struggled against his strong hands. “No, it’s not better. Get off of me.”

Charlie snorted and pulled out. “No,” he replied, ramming back into her, pushing more of his length into her than he had before.

She cried out in pain. “What the fuck, dad?”

He fake taxi porno slapped her ass as hard as he could and bent forward to firmly grasp her breasts. Charlie gripped her hardened nipples and pulled down. “Watch your language,” he warned. He thrusted back and forth as waves of pleasure surrounded Claire.

Claire had thought about her father in that way once, as she spied on him with a girl he had met that night. That had been the first time she had masturbated. Since then, each time she turns on the webcam she thinks of her father in the other room, which turns her on so much she pretty much comes right away. But she never thought she’d get her wish.

Father POV

Claire struggled against her father’s firm hands that pinned her down. “I want to turn around, daddy.”

Her childhood name for him sent him into a frenzy, flipping her over and leaning onto her body. Charlie roughly placed his lips on her hard nipple, twisting the other with one hand.

With his free hand, he roamed her body, stroking her neck, her chest, her stomach, and, finally, her clit. He rubbed her clit as fast as he could, her body convulsing in response.

Claire’s wall clenched tightly around his cock, squeezing the throbbing shaft until it burst inside of her. She tightly wrapped her legs around her daddy, holding him close. Charlie whispered in her ear, “that’s my good girl; take Daddy’s cum.” His words sent her body more waves as she continued to convulse under him.

“Fuck, daddy. Your cock is amazing.” Charlie smiled down at his daughter and pulled out of her.

He straddled above her, hold his cum-dripping dick inches from her face. “Wanna taste?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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