Short and Not So Sweet

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Short and not so sweet.

This one’s all about me.

I pull into the garage and see your car is here. Has she forgotten her phone again I wonder?

I walk into the hall and you are at the top of the stairs.

Oh Boy.

The Black platforms, your tight black skirt and tight satin top. Your hair is up in a high ponytail and you are wearing your black rimmed reading glasses with dark Lipstick. You look like a ferocious librarian.

Hands on hips, legs apart — pushing against the fabric of the skirt, a stern look on your face and in your hand a length of shiny pick cord.

Take off your clothes.

My cock is already hard as I wrestle off my clothes and throw them aside. I stand in the hall naked cock pointing straight out.

….Come here

I walk forward


I lift up my arms and standing in fount of me you bind my hands together. Pulling the pink cord tight it cuts into my skin. You pull on the rope and lead me toward the bed room. I watch your legs and butt flick side to side atop those great shoes. I could cum right there and then.

You pull me past you and again smack me hard on the butt propelling me into the room.

With The smack a shock goes through me like a spark and my heart is racing. On the bed is…

The little back butt plug


And …. a new clear butt plug, bigger güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri than other one by quite a bit.

You walk over to it and pick it up.

The post arrived just after you left and this was amongst it all.

Oh.. Yeah I ordered it the other day. It was on special only $29.95 plus postage. I was going to show it to you when it arrived.

I thought we were on a budget?

Yeah I know… but I was horny.

Well you will have to be punished for blowing the budget wont you?

YesI guess so – I manage with a weak smile.


You pick up the lube and the small butt plug.

On the bed. Hands a knees Money Bags.

I obey and with my arse high in the air you smack me again. Then again. Then again. Then again. The skin on my butt is going bright pink and it is feeling hot, prickly and tender.

You smack me 5 or 6 times more.

You quickly poor a big glob of lube on my arse and rub it around. It is so slimy and sticky the sensation is just wild. Your hands roam all over down to my balls and cock covering it all in a liberal coating of clear slimy lubricant. You grab my cock and while you squeeze it roughly you smack me a couple more times. The wetness from the lube making it hurt a bit more. You say…

It’s hurting my hand.

All güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I can do is groan in response.

You push the bulb of the soft black plug into my bum and it pops inside with ease. My god it feels so good. Four minutes ago I was driving along thinking about my work for the day and here I am arse in the air being fucked. You smack me lightly right on the end of the butt plug and the sensation goes right through me to the tip of my cock. Grabbing the little handle you slowly pump it in and out, stretching my butt hole. I relax and open up a little. But then you walk away and I look under my arm and watch as you grab your jandel from the wardrobe. You walk back toward me with a smile.

Smack the black jandel comes down on my bum. It really hurts but for no more than a split second then the tingling heat ripples right through me. I groan with pleasure.

A few more smacks and I am breathing hard now. It is becoming nearly unbearable.



Smack again this time right on the end of the butt plug sending the shock right up through me and I yelp. You reach out and tug on the little black plug. It pops out of my butt and toss it on to the bed. You then reach out and pick up the new butt plug, the unauthorised purchase!

Did you want me to fuck you with this?

Yes please.

Fine. You asked for it.

You squeeze another glob of lube on güvenilir bahis şirketleri the clear jelly plug.

Tell me if it hurts.


I can feel it against me and you run it up and down over the entrance a couple of times then you push. Slow but steady. It stretches me open, wider and wider and then finally pops into position. I feel so full my cock is hard and taught. My dick is pulsing visibly, my heart racing as I breathe hard and fast.

You tap quickly on the end of the butt plug a few times making me twitch and convulse.

You kneel on the bed beside me and reach between my legs, grab my cock and begin to rhythmically jerk me off. Hard, long even strokes. Every now and then you smack me again on my burning cheeks. And I am groaning loudly.

You reach down and take off one of your shoes and place it underneath me.

Cum on that…. Now!

I cum hard and loud, squirting white onto the shiny black leather of your heels. You run your hand down my cock in one direction in repeated strokes. I am so sensitive it almost hurts but you don’t stop and I twitch and convulse. At the same time you land a couple more hits on my bright red butt.

After squeezing the last drops from my cock then head to the bathroom to wash your hands. I collapse onto the bed and stare at the shoes, a trail of cum sliding down the mirrored side. You return and untie my hands and walk to the wardrobe, change your shoes and throw you glasses aside.

I want those shoes clean tonight.

I pant as nod my head. You grab your bag and head to the door.

Ok Mr Selfish , I am going to buy myself something now!

Then you walk from the room, get in your car and are gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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