She Wasn’t Sure…

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I opened the driver door and threw my purse over into the passenger seat. I had to stop for a moment, and bent my head back to take in the night sky. It was a beautiful evening, with the full moon and bright stars. Just cold enough to need a sweater, but not entirely unpleasant. I heard the sound of earth underfoot behind me, and turned around.

“Oh, hey.” Why was I surprised?

“Leaving?” He said. He stood there in all his glory. He looked like he shouldn’t be here; here being now. His brown hair was long, half of it pulled back in a rough, man ponytail. His chest was broad, his arms perfectly lean but solid. The times I had stood behind him, I could see the muscles of his back moving under his shirt. He reminded me of any movie I had ever seen with Vikings, Celtic warriors, or anything involving sweat, blood, and manliness. I was enamored.

“Yeah. I mean…I just…yeah.” The uncomfortableness of the evening was hindering my ability to form words. I adverted my eyes to the ground, and just stood there. There was a battle going on in my brain, but all I could show on the outside was me standing there in my t-shirt, cardigan, and hippie skirt. I heard him walk to me, but I couldn’t bring myself to lift my eyes to his. He walked up quickly, and then just stood directly in front of me at a distance of about 4 inches. He was only a little taller than me, probably making him about 6’4″, another source of my attraction. I brought my eyes ataşehir escort forward, and I was staring directly at his mouth. He had a couple days worth of stubble, and his mouth seemed to be strained slightly. I could hear him breathing through his nose, and it was a little quicker than normal. I couldn’t look up, even though I knew what would happen if I did, and that it would be glorious.

He just stood there, and I knew he was waiting. He was not going to make this move. It had to be me. I finally got ahold of my nerves, and without moving my head, I flicked my eyes upward. Instantly, his mouth was on mine. Every single part of me erupted into heat. I don’t remember moving, but suddenly felt my back being pushed up against my car. I felt the hardness of his body against me, and wrapped my arms around his waist to pull him even closer. He smelt like fresh washed clothes, and the smell of wood smoke clung to him from the bonfire we were just moments ago standing around. My mind went wild, and I pushed myself against him in an almost frantic declaration of what he already knew: I wanted him.

I felt the hardness of him through his pants and my thin skirt. He made a noise that I can’t quite explain, but it gave me satisfaction. He moved his hand down my thigh, lifted my leg, and gave me one hard, slow rub between my legs. I had no choice but to moan deeply into his mouth, since his assault on my mouth barely gave me kadıköy escort bayan the chance to gasp for air. He then reached into my underwear, not to touch me, but to rip the part of them that wouldn’t allow him access to me, leaving the waistband intact. I felt him reach down to undo his pants, and I reached down to lift up my skirt so it wouldn’t get in the way, all the time his mouth never left mine. With the skirt out of the way, I felt the warm length of him against my thigh, and became afraid for a fraction of a second. At that moment, he broke the contact of our mouths. He was sliding me up the car slightly, eyes locked with mine. He leaned into me, his hands under my thighs, and thrust himself deep inside of me.

I let out a sound that was a combination of surprise, pain, pleasure, and fulfillment. My head had fallen back, and I moved it forward again and made eye contact with him once again. He had gone completely still, and I could feel myself stretching around him. He pulled himself out almost completely, and then again thrust himself powerfully inside me. I couldn’t hold it in, and the sound escaped me once again, but this time it leaned more towards the pleasure. My hands had been on his shoulders, I moved one of them to the nap of his neck to better balance myself against his thrusts. He entered and retreated, over and over, eyes never leaving mine as I moaned like a wanton animal. I could feel my breasts escort maltepe bounce every time he entered me, and the car and begun to squeak a little. I could feel the build within me, and was hoping I wouldn’t come too soon, but wanting to explode into a million pieces at the same time. His thrusting was coming faster, and he was making a guttural noise that did nothing but make me want to ride him violently to satisfaction.

He could tell that I was close, and I could feel my nails digging into his flesh as I got closer and closer. I needed him to see me, and so I reached down to frantically lift my shirt and bra over my breasts. His eyes left mine, and moved down to my chest. His face changed in a way to let me know I had done the right thing, and he started thrusting even harder. Seeing his reaction to me threw me over, and I came hard. He thrust himself hard into me one more time, and stayed there; putting all of his weight into me as he buried his face in my neck. I felt myself squeezing him with each spasm, my hips rocking myself toward him as much as they could under the circumstances. I must have almost passed out, because when I “came to,” my arms were wrapped around him, and my teeth were in that delicious area where his shoulder curves up to his neck.

We were both breathing hard, and I was having an even harder time with all of his weight pushing me into my car. He must have realized it, because he jerked like he had just woken up, and slowly began to ease off of me. His face turned to mine, and a slight smile curved up the corner of his perfect mouth. His hand came up to my face, touching it softly as he leaned in for a soft, sweet kiss. And then he whispered, rather hoarsely, “Don’t go.”

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