She Kneeled, and Waited

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She kneeled and waited.

Her thoughts drifted back to their last meeting almost three weeks ago. The way he touched her. The way he penetrated her. The filthy things he whispered in her ear as he slammed into her over, and over and over. She shuddered at the thought, a sigh escaped her lips. She grew wetter, but didn’t dare touch herself.

She kneeled and waited. At any moment the door would swing open and her naked body would be on display for anybody who happened to be walking down that particular hallway while he made his way inside.

She kneeled and waited for his footsteps. In her growing excitement every creek, every scrape, every tiny noise made her heart nearly jump out of her chest. Blindfolded, her heightened remaining senses played tricks on her. The more time passed the more she was sure that little bump in the dark was his feet planting themselves in front of her apartment door. That thump was his hand on the unlocked knob the moment before he came in. That quiet shuffle was his zipper and he stood in her hallway with his cock out and ready for her the moment he stepped inside.

She kneeled and waited. And waited. And waited.

She kneeled and waited for him to quietly walk in and close the door behind him. And to press his cock to her lips for her to suck. She would start ataşehir escort by teasing him, she would find the shaft in the dark and run her tongue over the length of him, exhale her hot breath on his balls, graze his tip with a frustratingly light touch, but make him wait for making her wait. She salivated at the thought of his rock hard manhood past her lips and into the back of her throat. She wouldn’t tease him.

She kneeled and waited, and her mind wandered. Her damp pussy felt cool between her spread knees, as instructed. She wringed her clasped hands behind her back, as instructed. When he had had enough of her sucking him he would guide her to her feet and walk her to be bed, perhaps. Or maybe he would throw her to the bed. Maybe he would eat her pussy until his chin glistened and make passionate love to her all night long; or maybe he would pull her hair spank her until she was screaming into the mattress and desperate to be fucked.

She kneeled and waited, and her mind wandered. Any moment now he would throw the door wide, and he would grip her by the hair and guide her mouth down onto his rock hard cock, and any passerby aroused by the chance to steal a moving glimpse into the private life of a neighbor would be rewarded with her nakedness between his legs and the vulgar kadıköy escort bayan echoes of her cock worship radiating into the open hall. He would bend her over the couch a few paces away and enter her from behind. The bumping furniture, would stir curiosity, her labored moans would draw the crowd.

She kneeled and waited, and her mind wandered. Her mind wandered to a crowd quietly gathering in her living room, slipping in silently behind the curtain over her eyes. Unseen familiar faces would stare in shock and awe. Hands would find their way down pants, fingers would creep up skirts and under waistbands. Ignorant to her surroundings she would be positioned are repositioned on the floor, over furniture, her slick cunt pounded from every angle for the pleasure of her secret audience. They would stroke, and finger themselves harder and faster as her orgasmic screams drew closer and louder.

She kneeled and waited, and her heart pounded in her chest. Her mind wandered to the attractive couple in 3C bottomless in her cushy loveseat, her perched on his knee with one arm around his shoulders and the stroking his thick cock, him gripping her tightly round the waist and rubbing her clit just how she liked it with his free hand. She thought of the skinny young librarian type from next escort maltepe door leaned up against the wall with her skirt hiked around her waist and her panties around her ankles, trying not to scream as she rapidly fingered herself and pinched her nipples trough her argyle sweater, her face contorted behind her thick glasses. Her mind wandered to the all-around average, but very handsome man from across the hall seated on the floor with his back against her plush footrest with the very professional looking woman from 7C in his arms, her dress pants around her knees being fingered and groped through her suit until she would push him down, straddle his face, and rip his cock out of his jeans to be swallowed and milked while she came.

Men, women couples, they would all gather around and watch her fuck, and cum, and be cum on; and they would pleasure themselves and each other and love her for giving this night to them. Would they leave without a word and without a trace, would she ever know they were there with her? Or would they stay for the blindfold to be removed? Would she be mortified and run and hide, or would she relish in the moment and spread her legs to rub out one last show before it was time for them to go. Would they watch from a distance, or would they come to her and embrace her, to kiss her mouth, bite her nipples, lick the cum from her body…

She kneeled and nearly jumped out of her skin when the door knob creaked and turned, she opened her mouth wide, quivering all over, ready for anything that was waiting for her on the other side of that door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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