Shawna And The Hunter Ch. 01

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Shawna waited anxiously for Jacob to get home from hunting with a friend. While she waited she indulged in a fantasy of her younger brother taking her hunting and ravishing her body in the woods. Then she remembered that she hated the outdoors and hunting. So much for that fantasy.

As Jacob pulled his truck up the driveway she noticed that he had a passenger with him. This must be his friend Chris, she thought to herself.

“Hi sis!” Jacob said with a warm smile. “This is Chris, the guy I told you about yesterday. Chris this is my sister, Shawna.”

“Oh hello. It’s so nice to meet you Shawna.” Chris said as he exited the truck offering his hand. Then he turned to Jacob and scolded, “You never told me she was so beautiful.”

Shawna blushed and said, “Jacob never told me how truly masculine his hunting buddy was either.”

Jacob just chuckled a little and said. “Well I guess you two are going to hit it off just fine.”

Then Shawna noticed antlers sticking up out of the bed of the truck. “Oh my god is that a deer?!” she gasped.

“Come take a look. It’s two bucks” Jacob said proudly. “We each got one this morning”

Shawna slowly edged along the side of the truck until she could clearly see the two deer laying in the bed of the truck. Then she saw where the animals were shot and her knees buckled and she was on her way to the ground.

Chris saw that Shawna was about to faint and moved with swift determination and caught her before she hit the ground. He looked at Jacob and said, “I thought you said you hunt every year?”

“I do she hasn’t ever been around it though. It’s a long story.” Jacob said. “We should take her inside and get her some water or something.”

Chris picked her up with ease. He carried her in and gently laid her on the couch. Then Jacob brought her a glass of water.

“Shawna?” Jacob said as he patted her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open.

She suddenly jumped up from the couch and ran for the bathroom. The two guys could hear her getting sick. They both just stood there awkwardly for a few moments. Then they shuffled outside.

“Chris maybe we should go to your house to process these deer.” Jacob said.

Chris said sarcastically, “Oh gee ya think?”

“I should go say something to Shawna.” Jacob said and headed back inside.

“Shawna?” Jacob said through the bathroom door.

“I’m fine Jacob, just a little embarrassed. I guess it was a bit shocking to see them like that. Please tell your friend Chris I’m not really a wimp.” Shawna answered back through the door.

“Well we decided to head over to Chris’s house to process the deer so you won’t have to see it.” Jacob said with genuine concern in his voice.

“I’m so sorry Jacob. I just wasn’t ready to see that.” Shawna said with a quiver in her voice.

Jacob could tell she was really shaken up by it. He could kick himself for being so insensitive to his sister. “No Sis I’m the one who should apologize. I should have known better than to make you look at those deer when I knew you were unaccustomed to the realities of hunting.” Jacob said with real sincerity and empathy in his voice.

Shawna felt just awful after the guys left. She wanted to tell Chris how sorry she was for reacting the way she did. She just never saw anything like that before and it was such a shock. She desperately wanted her mom to get home from work.

Carol Ann came through the door and was immediately engulfed in Shawna’s arms. Her head was buried in her mother’s shoulder and she was sobbing.

“Hey baby! What’s all this?” she asked her daughter.

“Oh mother I’m so embarrassed!” Shawna said. “I fainted and got sick when Jacob and Chris showed me their deer!” Still sobbing.

Carol Ann couldn’t help but smile a little ,but patted Shawna and told her not to worry too much about it. “These things happen, and your brother knows that some people are more sensitive to that sort of thing than others.”

Being a good mother she knew the best thing was to get Shawna thinking about something else. “So what was Chris like?” she asked changing the subject.

“Oh, I guess he was, well very manly.” Shawna said. Then she said. “He seems extremely masculine.”

“Is he handsome?” Carol Ann asked pointedly.

“Well yes, I guess, but there’s something more to him than looks. Something almost animalistic.” Shawna said kind of wistfully.

“Well now I’m truly intrigued.” Carol Ann said with a hint of something visceral in her voice.

Shawna picked up on this right away. “What do you mean by that mom? Are you thinking of going outside our little arrangement? How do you think Jacob would take it?”

“Oh baby, you can’t tell he’s growing bored and restless. He may welcome a change of venue himself.” Carol Ann said very matter fact.

Shawna knew her mother was right, but that didn’t make it any easier. She was truly in love with her brother and never wanted to lose him. The thought of it frightened her and made her sad beyond belief.

Chris was running the amatör porno grinder while Jacob was cutting the meat up. They were getting their deer processed in record time. Then Jacob saw his mom pull in the driveway with Shawna. Chris just snorted.

“Come on man give her a chance. She just wasn’t prepared for it that’s all.” Jacob said in defense of his sister.

Just then Chris’s Mom Vivian came out of the house and said, “Chris you be nice to that pretty young woman.” She gave her son a stern look that told him she means it.

“Yes mam.” He said obediently.

She smiled and said “That’s a good boy.” He smiled too.

Jacob wondered about them. Chris was much older than Jacob. He was a retired Army sergeant. Vivian didn’t seem that much older than her son. She was extremely beautiful even though she was older than Jacob’s mom. They seemed to have an unconventional relationship.

Carol Ann got out of the truck smiling. “A little bird told me my best boy got a big buck today!”

“Oh mom. Don’t over do it.” Jacob said a little embarrassed.

Too late she was already hugging him tight against her tits. Chris saw this and it made him grin. Jacob turned red.

After introductions all around, the two moms began to chat like old friends. They seemed to understand each other on another level the others were oblivious to.

Shawna was hanging back and being uncharacteristically quiet. She even could have passed for shy. Gone was her usual abundance of confidence.

Chris looked at her and she shivered. There was something about him that shook her to her core. Chris asked politely “Are you ok now?”

She seemed to have lost her voice, so she just nodded and smiled. He had a way of making her feel like a small child. Shawna asked herself, What is with me? Why does he make feel like this?

Jacob could see what was happening to his sister and he had mixed feelings. He loved her with all his heart. He also knew that she loved him but there was more to it than that. For the last two years he and his mother and sister had been lovers. Shawna used to be Sean, his brother.

Jacob knew she returned home after a long absence to win his heart. He also knew she was in love with him because he was a safe bet. Transgender people are at risk if they don’t tell potential mates up front of their transformative nature. They can also wind up very alone in a hard and cruel world. So Shawna basically chose to love her brother because she knew he already loved her.

“Earth to Jacob. Come in Jacob. Do you read me Jacob?” Chis was saying while laughing. “Hey man, are you about ready for a pint?”

“Oh, yeah sure. We’re almost finished stuffing sausage. I guess we can take a break before we start smoking it.” Jacob said.

Vivian came out carrying a tray with two pints of Guinness and a pitcher of pina colada and three glasses. “We’ll have drinks all around.” She said smiling sweetly.

“You read my mind mom.” Chris said warmly.

She set the tray down picked up the two pints and handed them to her son and Jacob. Then she leaned down and kissed her son right on the mouth and it wasn’t any motherly peck. She said, “That’s because I know my man.”

“That you do mom.” Chris said without batting an eye. Then he took a big gulp of delicious ice cold beer.

Carol Ann looked at her two lovers and smiled a knowing smile while she sipped her pina colada. Jacob looked at Shawna and thought this could get out of hand quickly.

After a beer and half each the guys left the garage and headed to the back yard to fire up the smoke house. They were going to be cold smoking the sausage they stuffed. So it was going to be a long day.

“Hey man your sister is really gorgeous.” Chris said. “Is she seeing anyone?”

Jacob was caught off guard by the question. “I’m not going to discuss her social life with you.” Jacob replied defensively.

“Cool your jets there hombre. I meant no disrespect. I was just making conversation.” Chris said.

“No man, I’m sorry I just get a little protective over her since she got back home.” Jacob said.

“No sweat dude. I understand. If she were my sister I would probably act the same way. Let’s go get a refill.” Chris said in a relaxed tone.

As the guys approached the back door they could hear the women laughing loudly. As soon as they walked in the laughter stopped. The women were all smirking and looking at each other wide eyed as they all fought hard to suppress their merriment.

“I assume we are the source of yall’s mirth.” Jacob said as he saw his mother and Shawna both roll their eyes. Then all three women just started cackling.

“We’re just here for another pint Jacob. Let these cackling hens be. We’re better off outside away from their conniving ways. Evil women.”

That just made them roar with even more laughter. So Jacob and Chris refilled their pints and beat a hasty retreat to the back yard.

Vivian calmed her laughter and said, “No seriously things between my son and I are anal porno fine. I just think he should have some variety in his life. I thought that maybe Shawna could offer him something different.”

Instantly Shawna went white as a sheet. “No, not me, maybe mom, but not me. I just couldn’t do that to Jacob.” She said somewhat dubiously.

Vivian was no fool she saw the sheer terror in Shawna’s eyes. Being older and wiser she opted to let the subject drop, for now.

Vivian was a woman who was used to getting what she wants. She figured this was just a little hiccup in her plan to lay with Jacob. She told herself Carol Ann would do for a swap. Knowing her son as she did, she was certain he would go for her big curvy ass. Chris absolutely loved anal and Carol Ann was no stranger to it. So if Shawna wouldn’t play along with her perfect ass her mom would.

Carol Ann saw the fear in her child’s eyes too. She figured ,no doubt, that it had to do with an experience Shawna had told her about before. Carol Ann’s heart ached for her child as she recalled the horrifying tale Shawna had told her.

Shawna hated the silence that she was certain was caused by her reaction to Vivian’s proposal. She wanted to break the tension so she offered a proposal of her own. “What about mom and you Vivian? Mom has always wondered what pussy tastes like. Would you two be willing to try some hot lesbian love?”

Shawna didn’t have a clue that she had just spilled the beans about her gender situation. Carol Ann caught it right away and her eyes grew wide for a split second. That was just enough time for Vivian to surmise the situation.

In Vivian’s mind she calculated, mother, son, and daughter are all lovers. Mother has never tasted pussy. Daughter is not as womanly as would seem.

Being cool Vivian said, “I am certainly game if you are Carol Ann.” Then she reached across the table and took Carol Ann by the hand and guided her around the table and stood. Then she very deftly unzipped Carol Ann’s dress and let it fall to the floor.

Vivian was not at all disappointed by the visage of womanly grace that stood before her. The high waist thong panties and matching lace bra were gorgeous. The woman wearing them was even more so.

Carol Ann reached up and unclasped the neck piece of Vivian’s dress to expose her perfectly bare breasts. Then she helped her wriggle out of the dress to expose her also perfectly bare pussy. It was completely bare of any hair as well.

Vivian stood naked, looking no where near her true age of 61. Her body was exquisite. Her waist was tiny her hips had a womanly sprawl to them and her breasts were still quite firm.

Carol Ann moved in closer as she removed her bra. Then she shimmied out of her panties. The two moms locked lips in the most feminine of passionate kisses the free world has ever seen. They pressed their breasts together nipple to nipple. They were exactly the same height. Carol Ann had long pointed nipples that looked as if they were stabbing Vivian’s flatter rounder nipples.

The two women explored each others bodies with their hands grasping and squeezing hot flesh all over. Vivian placed her hands on top of Carol Ann’s head and gently pushed her downward. Carol Ann allowed herself to be pushed down to her knees. On her way down she kissed all along Vivian’s body paying more attention to her nipples.

Vivian shuttered at the touch of Carol Ann’s tongue and lips on her nipples. This is something her stud son doesn’t pay near enough attention to. Vivian was relishing every sensation. When Carol Ann was all the way down she put her nose in Vivian’s crotch and sniffed deeply. The pungent aroma of Vivian’s pussy filled Carol Ann’s nostrils. This caused Carol Ann’s own pussy and her mouth to salivate.

Carol Ann stuck her tongue in Vivian’s sex and she tasted pussy for her first time. The thrill of undiscovered country swelled up in Carol Ann’s imagination. She was ready for more much more.

Vivian sat down in the recliner and put her feet over Carol Ann’s shoulders. Carol Ann sat on her own feet to allow better access to Vivian’s tulip. Carol Ann licked up one side of Vivian’s vulva and then down the other, teasing at her clit. Vivian moaned and grabbed Carol Ann’s head and pulled her in, placing her mouth directly on her own clit.

“Lick me right here. Push my button and make me come.” Vivian ordered.

Carol Ann obliged her by flicking her tongue rapidly over Vivian’s swollen clit. This sent shockwaves throughout Vivian’s whole body. With each flick of Carol Ann’s tongue, Vivian visibly shook. The sensation of Carol Ann’s tongue was more than Vivian could stand.

Vivian started bucking her hips in rhythm with Carol Ann’s machinations on her sex. In effect Vivian was fucking Carol Ann’s face.

Shawna had been observing and growing more excited by the second. Vivian opened her eyes and could see a small teepee in Shawna’s skirt.

“Is the bone for me or your mom?” Vivian asked looking Shawna right in the eyes.

Shawna anal breakers porno thought about denying it but changed her mind when she realized the cat was already out of the bag. “I will gladly put it anywhere it’s wanted.” Shawna replied.

Carol Ann pulled her face out of Vivian’s pussy and said, “Oh baby, would you mind very much fucking mommy’s pussy from behind while I try to make Vivian come?”

“I would love to mom.” Shawna said excitedly. She stood, crossed the room and started undressing. Shawna was making a show of it for Vivian.

Vivian watched intently as Shawna untied her sleeveless halter shirt to reveal two beautiful natural looking c cup breasts. Vivian looked in vain for surgery scars. Upon finding none she marveled all the more over the younger’s breasts. Then Shawna unzipped the side zip on her skirt and let it fall. The lacy thong she was wearing had a pouch in front that held the transgender woman’s last remnants of male anatomy, her little cock and balls.

Vivian was impressed with the overall look. She found the combination extremely beautiful. Vivian also liked the more subdued size of Shawna’s cock. By comparison her son’s cock was grossly oversized. Vivian appreciated the delicate features of this lovely creature. She was truly exquisite.

Shawna positioned herself behind her mother then lifted her mom’s ass. She lined her little dick up with her mom’s pussy and then guided her mom down onto her shaft.

Carol Ann moaned loudly as she felt Shawna’s little prick pierce her sex. She was already edged from going down on Vivian. She knew it wouldn’t take much to push her over to climax.

With Shawna fucking her mother from behind, Carol Ann was in too awkward a position to be effective licking Vivian’s pussy.

Vivian ordered mother and daughter to the center of the room. As they moved Vivian got in the floor on her back. She had Carol Ann crawl over her to gain a 69 position. Shawna resumed her position behind her mom.

Vivian said, “Would you put your prick in your mom’s ass so I can lick her pussy dear? There’s lube in the end table drawer behind you. My son the bull tore my ass up without lube the first time he took my ass. Now I always keep it handy.”

Shawna said, “Ouch! I bet that hurt like hell.” Then she quickly retrieved the lube and applied it to her own dick and her mom’s ass.

Shawna sat on her own heels. Carol Ann lowered her ass down onto Shawna’s dick and her pussy down onto Vivian’s waiting mouth. All this put Shawna’s balls right on Vivian’s eyes. Carol Ann lowered her mouth onto Vivian’s pussy and started where she left off.

Vivian licked Carol Ann’s sex with confident expertise that had her moaning into Vivian’s pussy. Shawna caught their rhythm and started pumping her mom’s ass. Shawna giggled at the thought of tea bagging Vivian.

Her giggling must have been contagious because soon all three women were moaning and giggling. The giggling gave way to rapid breathing as they all start to get closer to climax.

Carol Ann started bearing down harder on Vivian’s mouth. She also started fingering and licking Vivian’s pussy with urgency.

Shawna could feel her mom’s ass start to spasm like it does when she is almost ready to come. She picked up her pace to try and match her timing.

Vivian sensed what was happening with the other two so she started an all out assault on Carol Ann’s clit. This sent Carol Ann over the brink. Carol Ann began having a mind numbing body blistering orgasm.

Shawna cried out, “Oh god mom I’m coming!” Then she shot her load deep in her own mom’s ass.

Vivian had a somewhat smaller orgasm and was not quite satisfied. She said, “I hope that’s not all.”

“I’m sorry Vivian, I just lost all concentration with your expert tongue and Shawna fucking my ass. I guess we can go again in a few minutes.” Carol Ann said apologetically.

Vivian replied, “No it’s alright I pushed you too hard. Besides I have something else in mind. Let’s get our clothes back on before the guys come in and feel left out.”

Outside the guys were listening to music and drinking beer. They were keeping the smoker going at a low temperature so they wouldn’t dry out the sausage.

Jacob admired Chris because of his service. He also wondered about him. He watched Chris intently wondering why he never took a wife. He was pretty sure that Chris and Vivian shared a special bond that only a mother and son who are in love with each other could share. That still doesn’t explain the lack of stories of other conquests. Chris had never mentioned a woman in his life besides his mom.

Chris looked at Jacob and said, “What you thinkin ’bout bro?”

“Nothing in particular.” Jacob said lying. “How about we go get some more beer?”

“That sounds like a superb idea. I’m glad I thought of it.” Chris said teasingly. Then the two men headed inside to raid the kegerator. When they came in the back door the women were all sitting at the card table sipping pina coladas and looking way too innocent.

“And just what have you daughters of Eve been up to?” Chris said cheerfully. “No, no, don’t answer that. I don’t really want to know. It’s a rhetorical question. I bet it’s something nasty though.” He said laughing hysterically at his own jest.

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