Shared Birthday Fun

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It was July’s birthday and, by amazing coincidence, it was also the birthdays of her son and his twin sister. She was forty this very day, and the kids nineteen. Her husband Johnnie, had organised an afternoon barbeque party in the sun for their many friends, young and not so young. His widowed mother was also staying over with them, helping with the chores and keeping the guests occupied.

Laura was sixty-one, but had kept herself in good shape with a healthy diet, keep-fit clubs, and swimming. So, she looked many years younger, and it was surprising, really, that one so attractive should still be unattached. But that was how Laura liked it. She had no-one to please except herself and was quite capable of pulling the occasional man when she felt the need for masculine company.

There were plenty of opportunities for her to flirt during the afternoon, but all the men were attached to wives or girlfriends. That, however, didn’t prevent her from enjoying the sights of the young men in the pool in their skimpy swim-wear. After several drinks many of them were carefree, fooling around with their girlfriends, pulling down swimsuit tops to flash the ladies’ breasts. The girls retaliated by pulling down the men’s briefs, revealing their cocks for the time it took them to haul them up again. All in good fun, of course!

Lounging on a sun-bed beside the pool, glass of sangria in her hand, Laura had an unrestricted view of the bare flesh. Her sunglasses hid the fact that she was all eyes when the occasional cock popped out – in one case, in an erect condition – to gales of laughter! The atmosphere of sensuousness hung in the air, stimulating her inner desires. She felt the goose pimples on her arms, which had nothing to do with the temperature!

July, the birthday girl, had circulated amongst the guests, wearing her expensive Italian bikini and wrap. It accentuated her figure and allowed her erect nipples to be clearly seen under the flimsy top. She didn’t mind. July enjoyed teasing the men with glimpses of her body, seeing their eyes open wide at the sight of her engorged nipples pushing against the fabric of the bikini top. She was admired by all her male friends, who would dearly love to sink their erections deep inside her! She knew it.

Samantha and her twin brother, James, had been in the thick of the fun in the pool. One of the lady guests who had had rather too much wine, had lost her swim top altogether, displaying her bare breasts, with their dark, wrinkled nipples . Two of the young men had taken a breast each between their lips before she could push them away. There was much laughter and other women were encouraging the men to remove the lady’s bikini bottom.

This was accomplished amidst much squealing from the lady concerned, laughter from the others, and lots of water splashing about. Two of the men lifted the lady by her thighs, against the corner of the pool, pulling them apart. The third man got between them and appeared to have thrust his cock inside her. After much struggling and screaming, the lady escaped. One of the other woman ducked beneath the surface to grab the stiff prick between her lips and suck on it heavily.

Very soon, that end of the pool was filled with half-naked bodies pushing against each other in an orgy of groping and pulling and turning and thrusting, in the heat of the afternoon sun. Two couples were to be seen fucking away on the side of the pool, egged on by their friends. July looked on with a smile on her lips, and envy in her heart. She would like to be fucked herself.

But all things come to an end. Almost the end of the day. Quite a party in the heat of the afternoon sun. After gallons of Sangria, a barbeque, laughter and horseplay in the pool, the last of the guests had drifted away, leaving the garden scattered with the aftermath. Dirty plates, empty glasses and paper napkins scattered around.

The pool was deliciously cool, but Samantha, her mother July and July’s mother, Laura, were sprawled on sun beds, soaking up the last of the summer sunshine. It was still very warm, but not too hot to lie in the open. All three had wet vulvas. Stimulated by the sexy scenes early in the day. Samantha and Laura were still in their swim suits, but not so July. She had discarded her flimsy suit and was now in the nude, allowing her breasts to catch the warmth of the sunshine.

Now, at forty, they sagged a little to the side, but were still full and firm. The nipples and areola were stiff with the effect of the warmth.

The three women were quite tipsy on the drink. Earlier in the afternoon, feeling rather sexy, Samantha had strolled to the bottom of the garden with of one of the guests for a feel of his cock, whilst the others were fooling about in the pool. It was a good size of manhood she remembered, lying with her eyes closed, thinking of the cock. She had jerked him off behind the bushes, whilst he fondled her fanny, rubbing her labia and clit. But he didn’t last long. Unfortunately, the fool had ejaculated taboo heat porno before she could get an orgasm. She had watched every spurt as it gushed from his shaft to his accompanying grunts.

Her mother had not escaped attention, either. But it was more open – just a grope at each other’s crotch in the swimming pool whilst playing and splashing about. Others were doing similar things. Hands cupped vulvas and testicles over the swim suit. Even so, it had helped to fuel July’s desire for more. The age had arrived where she was desperate for sex all the time. She just couldn’t get enough. Lounging in the sun, she allowed her fingers to toy lazily with her clitoris, recalling the sight of the two couples fucking beside the pool, thinking about cock sliding into her.

Johnnie and his son, James, were sitting at the edge of the pool drinking the last of the Sangria. Johnnie looked across at his wife. The effect of the alcohol, the memory of beautiful young women with superb breasts, and the heat, had stirred the feelings in his loins as well. His cock twitched at the sight of his wife’s naked body, her fingers toying idly with her vulva. It never failed to rouse him.

‘How does your mom grab you, James? Does the sight of those lovely female tits turn you on?’

His mind full of the visions of the naked breasts being exposed that afternoon, James turned his gaze onto the three women sprawled drunkenly across the sun-beds. He found all three exciting. At twenty, the sight of any bare female flesh would inflame his thoughts and desires. He couldn’t help it! He took a good look. Yes! His mother had good tits. So did his sister, Sam. Not as large as Mom’s but young and soft!

As he watched, his grandmother struggled to unhook her bra, allowing her mature breasts to flop out. They were large and heavy. Laying back on the sun-bed, in a half-sitting position, the breasts rested on her ample belly, the large areolae with long, distended nipples standing proud of the surrounding flesh. She dropped the bra to the side of the lounger.

‘And how does your mum grab you, dad?’ he asked with a smile.

Johnnie’s eyes settled on his mother’s meaty breasts. It felt strange to think that he had once sucked the milk from those large tits. The puckered nipples were dark brown in a large expanse of pimply areola, which merged into the paler skin of the breast itself. Her belly was on the plump side, but her body was well preserved, and still shapely. She was still desirable! For a guy on heat, that is!

‘I used to watch her being fucked by my father,’ Johnnie admitted. ‘They didn’t know, of course. But she was a bit noisy, and the bed creaked.’ He turned to look at his son. ‘Have you ever watched me and your mom fucking?’ he asked.

James laughed. ‘Once or twice,’ he said with some embarrassment.

‘You know, one of her fantasies during the action, is to imagine it’s you doing it.’


‘Yeah! I think she caught sight of you jerking off some months ago and admired your stiff cock! A son’s erection is a wonderful erotic sight for a woman.’

‘Oh, no! I don’t believe it,’ remonstrated the young man.

‘Fraid so! She quietly watched your reflection in the mirror as you sat on the end of the bed, legs sprawled open, jerking away. You were too interested in what you were doing to notice her watching!’

‘That’s embarrassing!’

‘Why? Nonsense! She had a good rub between her legs to keep you company. Watching your sperm shoot into the towel gave her an orgasm as well. Well, how about it, then?’ Johnnie asked. ‘How would you like to fuck your mom? Just look. It’s almost begging to be shagged! And you look ready to get in there.’

Johnnie was looking down at James’ shorts. His cock was certainly aroused, sticking up like a tent pole. ‘Come on, then,’ he said, standing up, unfastening the waist band of his shorts. His own cock had reacted to the thought of penetrating a woman’s soft fanny. ‘I’ll get her started.’

Dropping his shorts, Johnnie moved between July’s and Laura’s loungers. Kneeling beside his wife, he began kissing her nipples and running his finger tips over her belly. That was always guaranteed to get her started. His hand roamed over her rounded belly, caressing the skin, slipping over the hairy groin before slipping a finger into the crack of her vulva.

With a soft murmur, and without opening her eyes, July pushed her knees apart, allowing her legs to drape over the sides of the sun-bed, exposing the hairy vulva, with its floppy labia hanging from the top of the pink valley of the soft fleshy mound. Johnnie used his first two fingers to open the lips, displaying to his son the vaginal gap, already secreting its honey. She was feeling carefree, with the sangria and sunshine.

James stood at the bottom of the lounger, facing his mom, staring at the wondrous sight of her ample, sloppy fanny, a cluster of crinkly flesh. He watched the secret opening contracting and pulsating, the juices teach that bitch porno seeping from it, surrounded by a heavy covering of ginger curls. He was hypnotised by its little, throbbing jerks. For a virile young man, the sight was sorely tempting.

With his shorts already abandoned at the side of the pool, James’ erect cock was straining upwards, searching blindly for a willing vagina to sink into. His mom had opened her eyes a slit to examine this gorgeous young cock, hard and eager. She loved the feel of strange cock! And this one in particular set her heart beating faster.

Johnnie whispered into his wife’s ear. ‘You’re going to get fucked by James. If you fancy that, just slide down the bed, darling, and offer yourself to him.’

With a flutter of excitement racing through her body, July slid slowly along the lounger until her buttocks reached the bottom edge, her legs hinged wide open.

His eyes never leaving the enthralling, mysterious secret passage, James knelt between the wide open thighs. The opening out of which he had first burst into the world. He was not all that familiar with a woman’s vulva and to see it now in close-up was a revelation. He was entranced by the crinkled flaps of flesh and the dripping vaginal opening.

Of course, James had felt up one or two girls, and had actually fucked his own twin sister, but she had never allowed him to examine her secret valley. He had always thought that unfair, since she was able to examine his equipment to her heart’s content! Growing up together, it had been a natural curiosity for them to experiment. But this vulva in front of his eyes was a most thrilling sight.

As Johnnie stroked July’s tits, and toyed with the nipples with one hand, the other still parting the sex lips, he watched his son take his cock in his hand, and point the end of it at the opening. He knew when the head had butted the vaginal folds by the sudden judder inside July’s frame. A groaning sigh escaped from her mouth. The cock slowly disappeared into his wife’s accommodating slippery flesh. The excitement at seeing his son penetrate his wife was staggering. His mouth dried up as he watched, fascinated. He almost ejaculated there and then.

As he watched his son mount July, he felt a hand grasp his own straining cock. At first he assumed it was his wife, but seeing both her hands between her thighs, pressing the flesh apart, he realised that it must be his mother! Looking over his shoulder, he saw her smiling at him with half-closed eyes.

‘You have a handsome dick, darling,’ she muttered. ‘I’ve often fancied playing with it.’

In an instant, Johnnie twisted round to half-face his mother. Without even thinking about it, he fastened his mouth over her left breast, drawing in the expanse of areola and nipple. Laura took her hand from his cock to untie the bows at either side of the bottom half of her swimming suit, raising her hips out of the flimsy garment. Then she spread her legs over the sides of the lounger in the same manner as her daughter-in-law.

Johnnie’s hand automatically slid into the pubic curls, teasing and plucking them sexily before slipping between the fleshy folds. He was slightly surprised to feel the copious discharge on his finger pads as he played with the labia. Not as long and fleshy as July’s, but thicker. And certainly creamier. Still sucking on the nipples, he heard a sigh escape her lips. A murmur of delight.

Laura’s loins started to twitch. Her hand felt for Johnnie’s stiff cock, beginning to slowly stroke up and down the shaft. Her breathing became rather unsteady.

‘It’s some time since I felt a hand on my pussy,’ she gasped. ‘It’s so lovely!’

Johnnie disengaged from the breasts to reposition himself, kneeling between his mother’s spread thighs. Taking hold of a leg in each hand, he raised them whilst pushing them apart. The mass of dark hair on her groin, with a particularly bushy tuft at the top of the gash, surrounded the vulva which had now spread open, displaying the thick ridges of labia framing the pink valley. The four buds of flesh, hiding the entrance to her center of joy, unfolded to reveal the slippery flesh of her vagina. It was dilated with anticipation, disappearing in the dark depths of her mystery.

Meanwhile, James was busy studying his mom’s genitals, the large fleshy labia clutching at his cock, which was now sliding in and out of her wet, slippery vagina with smooth strokes to its fullest depth. Sighs of delight and whimpering gasps of astonishment accompanied each thrust, as July’s hips rose and fell to match the rhythm. As he fucked her, his hands roamed over her tits, nibbling at the nipples. He wanted to fuck her hard. He wanted to ravish her plenty!

July had often imagined this happening, but the reality was even more mind blowing than her fantasy. She adored the feel of her son’s cock pressing into her, stroking the inner flesh, encouraging the flow of her juices. She was eager for teem skeet porno an orgasm! The two stiffened middle fingers of her right hand rubbed over her clitoris in a fast circular motion. As the cock thrust in and out with powerful strokes, July felt the nerves inside her beginning to tense. Her muscles jerked, pushing her loins away from the sun-bed. She pushed against the cock, concentrating on each little flicker of sensation from within her sensitive vagina. Her muscles flexed, exploring the contours of the hard visitor, fuelling the delicious tensions stirring inside her loins.

‘Oh, yes! Yes!’ she moaned quietly. ‘This is unbelievable! Fuck me! Fuck me!’ she repeated the demand over and over again.

As July felt Johnnie increase the pace of the rhythm little by little, she focussed her mind on the growing turmoil throughout her nervous system. Weak muscular spasms jolted her limbs. Tension mounted in her legs and thighs. He breathing became unsteady.

‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’

July was now gasping and squirming with the tautness growing in her muscles. The whole of her loins were shaking, desperate for relief. Her trembling legs were straining to reach that ecstatic moment when the tension snaps. It was blissful agony. She desperately wanted her orgasm, yet hoping that the sensation torturing her body would go on forever. It was sheer bliss.

She was whimpering and moaning. Snatching at her breath as Johnnie bounced furiously into her. She was out of control!

‘Oh, my God! Oh, yes! Let me come! Please make me come!’

Her stiffened fingers, frantically grappled at her clitoris, sought the final thrill of the orgasm. But it wouldn’t come! It refused to surface! It teetered on the brink, driving her insane. Her fingers got more and more frenzied in their action. The delightful agony was unbelievable!

‘Oh fuck me hard darling! Hard! I’m coming! Coming! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh shit!’

This was it! Her fingers triggered the orgasm. July’s body jerked violently. Her whole body shook and trembled. Huge spasms, one after another, shuddered her loins and thighs. It seemed to go on forever! July gave a long silent scream.

As his mother lost all control, becoming more convulsed, James felt the tautness begin to grow in his own muscles. Slowly, the tensions focused in his groin as the contractions began to gather. No more than a twitch to begin with, but they soon became spasmodic jerks. Now concentrated deep in his loins, the contractions gathered strength, getting more our of control. They shook his groin so that his hips started to quiver.

Spasms battered at his inside, demanding the release of the pent up, reluctant sperm. But to no avail. Desperation took over. His clenching muscles squeezed hard, trying to force open the flood gates. He cried out in agony as the convulsions racked his body.

As his mother cried out in her ecstatic torment, James withdrew from her. A small globule of starchy sperm emerged from the end of his cock. A second splash surged from it to splatter her belly, followed by a powerful spurt which gushed up his throbbing shaft, to explode over his mom’s tits. A fourth, then a fifth in quick succession. Johnnie’s loins were retching, spewing out their contents to his enormous relief.

As they slumped into each other’s arms, panting for breath after the physical effort, both rather confused by their mutual act of incest, they heard the cry of Laura’s orgasm shatter the air.

On the next sun-bed, Johnnie had not been idle! With the fingers of both hands, he had carefully parted Laura’s dark, slippery flaps to uncover the puckered gateway to her vagina, oozing with thick cream. He noticed that her shining pink clitoris was much more prominent than July’s. It was almost like a small penis, its hood acting as a foreskin. He had never known a clitoris could be so prominent before!

As he contemplated this hot mystery, promising untold joy, Johnnie presented the head of his manhood to the pink entrance. He watched it contract, opening out the willing gateway to her secret haven. The moment of sweet anticipation had arrived! That unbelievable moment when the cock is poised at the entrance to a slippery vagina. He held his breath as the head was slowly inserted into the creamy starch. Johnnie watched his hard shaft penetrate his mother’s thick forest into the syrupy channel. The feeling of the profuse hair rubbing against his shaft was sheer heaven!

Laura was overwhelmed by the almost forgotten feeling. ‘Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!’ she breathed to herself spontaneously, over and over again. It felt glorious! Sublime! She wanted to share the delicious moment, but couldn’t. It was intensely personal. ‘Go on! Go on!’ she urged him softly, ‘deeper, deeper! It’s wonderful!’

When his cock had sunk itself to the full, he felt Laura’s inner muscles flexing on it, to stimulate even further the nerves in the glans. Johnnie started to thrust hard into her warm inside, lunging in and out with extraordinary vigour accompanied by grunts of effort. Laura sighed loudly, crying out for more, eyes clenched tightly, rolling her head from side to side in a delirium of joy, as she pushed against him in time to his own rhythm. She wanted him to hurt her; to crush her fanny, split her open. Her’s was a private paradise.

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