Sexual Healing

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As the smoke circled up to the ceiling in that bar packed with people, I made my way over to the DJ and I requested the song “Sexual Healing.” I had spent the evening watching this goddess move her incredible body seductively as she put every man under her spell. The gentlemen dancing with her could not have appreciated her beauty. Most of them were drunk or too young to know what an incredibly erotic woman they had the pleasure of being with. As the song came on I approached her at the bar and asked her if she wanted to dance. She smiled. I knew she had seen me watching her and I took her hand and lead her to the dance floor. I stood behind her, smelling that incredible perfume, feeling the softness of her thick hair. I watch her move and shake her ass as we moved together. Slowly I placed my hands around her waist and we swayed to the sound of the music. I took a chance, which was at one and the same time daring, yet potentially stupid and I knew what a risk it was. I gently whispered in her ear.

“You look so hot, so incredibly beautiful. I want to slowly feel my cock slide in your tight pussy.”

As I said that, I softly kissed the back of her neck and she slid my hands up so I could feel her wonderful breasts. Her nipples were hard, and swollen like to miniature torpedoes. I could see them literally trying to poke through the white halter she wore. I felt her grind that finely conditioned ass into me. By this time my cock was hard and swollen, throbbing against the pants I wore. She could feel my firm erection as it teased escort kartal her skirt and ground into her ass. At that point my cock wanted nothing more than to salute her beauty and I told her as much as I whispered into her ear. I told her how I wanted to feel the walls of her sweet, hot pussy surround me. I took a hand and slipped it gently under her skirt. It was so dark in that bar, so packed on the dance floor that no one noticed me, or if they did they merely looked on with envy.

The music continued to play.

“Baby, .I’m hot just like an oven, I need some lovin’.” As it played, I got my fingers up inside of her as far as they would go. I first had to negotiate her silk panties, but once I worked them aside, her pussy was wet and ready to accept my fingers.

I heard her let out a deep moan as we continued to move with the music. Slowly I worked my fingers, caressing and tantalizing her hot clit, which had grown hard at my touch. I felt the folds of her lips and felt the incredible heat and wetness. Her soaked pussy coating my fingers with her sweet nectar. She moved harder and faster, breathing deeply, almost grunting as we moved to the music. When I thought she could no longer take it, I slowly removed them from her hot pussy and I licked them clean.

I looked her straight in the eyes as I slowly licked my fingers, tasting her. She knew I was tasting her wetness and her look portrayed a woman growing more and more excited by the minute. The music played on.

“And when I get that feelin’, maltepe escort I need sexual healing, sexual, healing baby, it’s good for me….”

She turned and faced me and we moved to a slow bump and grind. I could feel her pussy against my leg, wet, hot and longing to be filled. Slowly she humped my leg, gyrating her hips, her skirt riding up revealing the most incredibly fit thighs. I knew she was wet , her clit stimulated by the humping action she was giving my leg. As she fucked my leg, she looked into my eyes. Her eyes looked wild, on fire, full of excitement. I thought about how fantastic she looked as her body moved over my leg. Her cleavage revealing the perspiration from the sexual tension between us. I could feel the warmth of her pussy, her wetness against my leg. I leaned over and kissed her hard on the lips, our tongues dancing and sucking each other. I quickly grabbed her ass and we remained locked in that embrace. By this time we were oblivious to everyone and everything around us. The only thing I could think of was how badly I wanted to be thrusting up inside her.

As the song faded, she quickly took my hand and lead me to the ladies restroom. We almost busted down the door and she quickly chose a stall and closed the door shut. She forcefully pushed me down on the toilet seat and straddled me. We were lost in lust, and in a flash I had my cock out. I grabbed her panties and forcefully yanked them off her body, tearing them like a man possessed who’s only mission it was in life was to fuck this goddess pendik escort bayan straddling me.

Quickly and forcefully I entered her. We shared no words, only grunts and moans and erotic whimpers. We needed no words, we simply needed to fuck. As I thrust up into her, she let out a series of low, guttural moans. She fucked me back, tearing her halter down, freeing her incredible tits. She looked into my eyes as we fucked. I felt her body rocking back and forth. Her silky wet pussy massaged my cock and she moved with more speed, fucking me in earnest. I sucked her tits, biting them hard as we fucked, my cock moving in and out of her tight pussy. She lubricated my cock with her wetness until it glistened. I felt her pound me from on top, her hips bucking and fucking. I heard the wetness of her pussy as she rode me like a champion. I knew she was close and I knew I’d explode soon. We started to moan and groan harder.

Fucking relentlessly I felt her body tense and then she started to come.


I grunted and thrust up into her, meeting her orgasm as my cock began exploding semen inside of her. I pumped and pumped, shooting load after load of hot cum deep into that waiting pussy. I practically lifted her off the toilet seat, her tits bobbing and shaking as we came together.

When the storm ended, we were lost in what had taken place. We spoke no words. We kissed each other and I slowly put her back together, lifting her halter up over her incredible tits. I wiped off my cock and slowly zipped my pants. It was to be sure the most purely erotic and intense moment of my life. Two people, lost for a moment as their animal lust was revealed and ultimately overpowered them. I grabbed her hand and lead her back to the dance floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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