Sexcation in Mexico 01

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Night 1

This Story is actually a continuation of my first-labeled part 1. You don’t need to read part one first to enjoy this one, so give this a read and if you like it (or if you just haven’t come yet) then try reading part one as well to get a little more backstory. Thanks and enjoy!

I woke sometime in the middle of the night. I was somewhat disorientated, still intoxicated and in surroundings that were different than what I was accustomed to. A rush of adrenaline shot through me, heightening my sense of awareness. Was it all just a dream? Were my memories of the night before just some recollection of a wet dream my mind had yet to forget as I further woke?

As I struggled to find coherency in the entropy of my clouded, inebriated thoughts, I sensed someone to my right. I turned, quickly and anxiously to find Chantel lying there. I felt the warmth of my own breath escape past my swollen lips as an unintended sigh of relief escaped me. Chantel lay on my right while Elysia lay on hers. Both served as proof that the surrealism of the evening before was not simply a dream.

Both were naked and sensually picturesque. Chantel’s tall, athletic body, with her plump breasts and beautiful legs silhouetted below the white silken sheet that was barely covering the three of us. Her dark skin a lovely contrast to it, highlighting the nape of her neck as it gave way. Elysia’s perfect ass so invitingly faced upward through it as she lay on her stomach, with her blond hair tousled across her lover’s body.

The sight settled my wondering mind and a proud, mischievous grin quickly claimed my confused expression. My cock began to swell at the sight of them, and the memory of the night before. As it continued to grow, lifting the sheet slightly, I looked at Chantel. Her beautiful hair was matted from the night’s efforts and she looked so peaceful and yet so sensual at the same time.

I adjusted my position so as to gain some comfort by allowing my dick to be less confined. This caused Elysia to stir, and in doing so, unintentionally pulled the pale silken sheet from her lover’s mocha/caramel colored skin. The silk covered only Chantel’s right leg now and most of her pussy as she lay on her back. The sight caused my partial hard on to become fully engorged, stiffening to its full potential and bulging the veins along its shaft from the outward pressure.

Chantel laid there, her left arm above her head, pulling her left breast into the perfect supple round shape. The slightly cool night air coming in from the open porch door grazed her now exposed nipple causing it to harden slightly in response. Her toned, muscular stomach, stretched tighter from her position, was also now bared, revealing the enticing “v” shape where her torso gives way to her perfect silky smooth thighs and her waiting pussy.

Her clit had begun to recover from its workout the night before and was barely noticeable hiding just above the silken sheet. I had not had the pleasure of paying a great deal of attention to her pussy the night before with anything but my cock and now I was anxiously awaiting the opportunity to do so.

I grabbed the sheet and pulled it a couple of inches further down, ever so slowly as if to tease myself with the anticipation. When it finally kartal escort bayan revealed her beautiful pussy I was in awe. For the first time I got to admire it, in the pale glow of the moonlight creeping past the linen curtains that hung, casting shadows with its modest illumination.

Her pussy was beautifully clean shaven. Her dark pussy lips were open slightly, perhaps from the stimulation of the cool night air, perhaps from pleasant dreams of the night before, or the day to come….. The insides of her labia were a luscious pink, in a beautiful contrast to the caramel tones of the skin surrounding them. I wanted so badly to taste them, to taste her, not second hand from Elysia’s mouth as I did the night before, but directly instead.

I wanted so badly to enjoy the experience of grazing her clit with my tongue, slow and feather light at first to fatten her clit and make it more sensitive. Using only the tip of my tongue to pinpoint sensation at this most sensitive stage, then after her arousal takes hold and she begins to moan, changing my short fluttering strokes into longer deeper ones using the breadth of my tongue to lave the entirety of her pussy lips and clit.

As she sinks deeper into the sensations, relinquishing her body to me, grabbing and tugging at her own nipples and breasts to enhance the sensations, I would swiften my pace. I would plunge my tongue into her pussy, penetrating her with it as far as possible, pushing her legs back into her lovely chest, allowing better access.

Eventually lust would turn to need; she would force her legs back to the bed, feet firmly planted in the sheets so that she could direct the action with a tight grip of my hair, shoving me into her until her needs were fulfilled. Faster and faster id continue, sucking and humming on her now fully stiffened clit, making her crazy with desire and begging me for more.

I love the way different women feel and taste. When you slide your tongue inside of them, some are smooth, some are rough, some squeal with delight, and some moan deeply as if you have found some secret spot unknown to them before. Some grab the back of your head and push you deeper, where others can’t stand the sensation. I couldn’t help but wonder which she would be and I knew that I had to find out.

I pulled the sheet down even farther, and Chantel now stirred, pulling one foot up to her other knee as if to grant me access. I couldn’t resist anymore, and I slowly and quietly took position between her legs with my hungry mouth inches from her perfect pussy. I inhaled deeply, taking in the smell of our sex from the night before and it turned me on even more.

As I took a deep breath I exhaled deeply and slowly, my hot breath a sudden change to the cool air in the room. Her pussy reacted and her lips begin to swell slightly in response. I looked upward to her and she remained asleep, but stirred once more from the stimulation.

I love waking a lover up through pleasure, especially when she is soundly asleep. As you began to please her, her body reacts before her mind does. She reacts instinctively and uninhibited as if very drunk without the loss of physical sensation. Unaware of whether she is in a pleasurable dream, slight blissful confusion escort maltepe prolongs the pleasure prior to her waking. Once she does, her animalistic instincts kick in far before her reason does and by the time the latter kicks in she is in such ecstasy, inhibitions are never a factor.

Chantel was no exception. Her pussy lips began to further pout, exposing her clit to me and I could begin to see her pussy glisten slightly. I leaned in and placed the breadth of my tongue onto her clit. I kept it still, allowing her to feel the warmth and wetness of it. It made her moan slightly, a subtle low pitched approving moan and I could tell she was beginning to enter a phase of lucid dreaming. Her body reacted again and she spread her legs instinctively, further turning me on. My touch caused her to open her legs for more, and more was my intent.

I began to drag the flat, bumpy, wet part of my tongue across her clit, slowly, almost imperceptively and it made her clit continue to perk up, swelling almost like a cock ready for action. I took my time teasing her clit and rousing her from her sleep. By the time my tongue was on its way back down, with the delicate, smoother underside now caressing her increasingly sensitive clit, she woke, and lowered her hands to the back of my head.

She pushed my head deep into her crotch and every time I took a breath I inhaled her musky, sweet sex. I too unable to resist the stimulation began rocking my hips slightly stroking my super hard cock into the silk bed sheet underneath me. Go how I wanted a hot luscious pussy surrounding my cock to be thrusting into right then…

Since she wasn’t about to allow me to pull away at that point, I found her pussy opening with the tip of my tongue and slipped it just barely inside. Her hips rocked with approval and Elysia stirred as we disturbed the otherwise still bed. I wiggled my tongue around, just inside her pussy for a moment, exploring the bumpy delicious folds of the inside of it, and she was getting into it. I pushed my tongue as far in as it would go and began fucking her with it. In and out like a cock, curling its tip every time it was buried as deep in as I could get.

She was getting off on the sensation and began thrusting downward gently onto my tongue with each stroke. Elysia began to stir more, but Chantel didn’t seem to care. I felt a rush of juices come from her pussy, not an orgasm but a rush of delicious lubrication that she too seemed to notice. She grabbed my hair and pulled me to her mouth, whispering “let me taste it, let me taste my pussy” My god I thought I would blow my load right then.

She began to kiss me feverishly, licking and sucking her juices from my mouth and tongue. And as abruptly as she began she again grabbed my hair and pulled her mouth to my ear. “Eat my pussy now, make me cum and cum hard or I will see to it you don’t cum all weekend. Make me cum good and I’ll be sure you don’t regret it.” The forcefulness of her words was a stark disparity from her submissive tone the evening before and I loved it.

I immediately went to work, laving her pussy and clit with my tongue, fast then slow, hard then soft. up then down, left then right, roughly then lightly. Finally as she began to pant faster and faster, pendik escort I pulled her clit into my mouth, and began to suck it and hum to add a slight vibration to her feminine blowjob. I looked up at her as I love a woman to do to me when she is going down on me and saw those beautiful pale green eyes staring at me with wanton abandon.

I never stopped and locked in on a pace she responded to and kept it going. Licking, sucking, and humming. She rocked her hips faster and faster as if trying to fuck my tongue against her clit. Not getting the pressure she desired she wrapped her knees and legs around my head and clamped down hard. I could barely breathe, but I didn’t care.

Her feet encircled each other and rested in the center of my back and as she got closer to her release she used them to push downward, lifting her hips form the bed as if it would somehow push my tongue deeper into her. I kept sucking her clit and penetrating her with my tongue as her movements lifted my head up and down from the bed, until she came…hard.

My ears began to ring as she clamped so hard onto me I almost blacked out. She thrust her hips so far into the air, it looked as if she was in some gymnastics class. And I could feel her muscles tighten with orgasm. When she came, she gushed onto my chin and moaned loudly enough to wake the neighbors. Now I had my answer, a moaner, not a squealer, and damn was she sexy.

When her tension was released by the powerful orgasm, she slammed her hips (and my head) back to the mattress, releasing me from her grasp and groaned for almost a minute with post orgasm pleasure. She cupped her well worshipped pussy with her hand, now trying to dull the sensation as it became too much for her as her orgasm subsided. She curled up into an almost fetal position, twitching slightly in pleasure as the final tiny ripples of orgasm undulated through her, giggling and moaning with each.

She finally leaned over to me and whispered “It’s a good thing Elysia drank a lot last night, or that would have definitely woken her up. Get some sleep, you will need it for tomorrow.” I slowly pulled from her, and took my place back beside her on the bed. My cock was still rock hard, now twitching from my raging lust as I began to lick the remains of her orgasm from my lips. Hoping for some reciprocation, I was slightly disappointed by her words, but the anticipation of what was evidently to come gave me patience.

Sensing my desires, she leaned over and took my rock solid cock deep into her mouth, and swallowed it’s length. One perfectly wet, warm stroke. She gagged slightly at the base, and swallowed to stave off the response. The head of my cock was in her throat as she did, and the sensations of the muscles rippling around it, trying to pull me into her were almost more than I could stand. She sucked it only once and released it.

She then rolled over to face Elysia’s still salacious naked frame, turned her head back to me and whispered “we will pick up where we left off tomorrow, for now, sweet dreams.”

There I was, more sexually frustrated and more sexually gratified than I have ever been, both at the same time, my cock slowly softening as it stood straight in the air. The taste of her orgasm still fresh in my mouth and the smell of her sex penetrating my nostrils with each breath from her juices covering my face. The sounds of the ocean replaced her moans of ecstasy, and the night air replaced the sensation of her warmth on my lips. I could tell I was going to have a great weekend.

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